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Atomic Opera lyrics

God Of Hate

Original and similar lyrics
I do hate evil And I do hate sin I do hate divorce And I hate this state we're living in ... I Do hate rebellion And I do hate greed I do hate most religious men And I hate this hating hateful killing I Am the God of Hate And My hate is a Holy Flame I Am the God of Hate And my hate is a Perfect Thing I do hate Esau And I do hate death I do hate violence And I hate your whining, waisted breath ... I Do hate the darkness And I do hate pain I do hate the burning stench And I hate My Love when used in vain

Merciless Living

we have come to a time When living is a crime Live minute by minute Cause your life has a limit Stillborn children Vomits and pain Eat or be eaten A law you must accept Lying is a common thing When you try to survive Living hand in hand with death Is a thing you have to learn Don't respect anyone If you won't join the dead Devotion is an unknown world In a world built by hate Everyone have their own Philosophy Dissident persons a fast Reduced to silence No love existing In this terrorism Sentenceed to death We're all guilty Population of insanity Unspoken words Thoughts based on hate Wisdom conquered by anger Reality equals fantasy Pain equals pleasure Deception fills our heads Like clouds fill the sky Future blind for options The entrance to the past seems to be Closed for all eternity Slowly sinking civilization Shiftlessly grasping at what once has been Lost in this maze Growing dark and powerful shadows Eat you from inside That godness will walk the earth again Is too obscure to think Evil versus evil This will end in a holocaust No more belief That the life cycle is forever Don't ever think about progress As our reign is heading for disaster Sleep of ages is closing in Faster for every day Stuck in this quandary No key to the riddle No hope for better life Merciless living

Burning Flag

Marilyn Manson "Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death)"
They want to sell it out but it up dumb it down a good god is hard to find I'll join the crowd that wants to see me dead right now I feel I belong for the first time multiply your death divide by sex add up the violence and what do you get We are all just stars and we're waiting we are all just scarred and we're hating we are all just stars on your burning flag you can point your gun at me and hope it will go away if god was alive, he would hate you anyway my right wing is flapping the left one is gray let's hear it for the kids but nothing they say they gyrate and G-rate on Election Day we got out ABC's and our F U C K multiply your death divide by sex add up the violence and what do you get We are all just stars and we're waiting we are all just scarred and we're hating we are all just stars on your burning flag you can point your gun at me and hope it will go away but if god was alive, he would hate you anyway


[Her] Nights spent succumbing to the brilliance of Blackeyes, feeling the warm embrace of your hand, memories like salt on a wound, dominate my new found spirit land. Seeking wisdom in the darkness hovering helplessly around our pain crying with absence of real tears, like a child born in vein. I can no longer bear to watch you cradling my form. Wrenching out bloody drops of desperation's futile storm. Welcome to the Willothewisp my love. Deaths arduous game. Mocking times insanity foreshadowing years of reign. [Male] Oh my perfect princess, hard and cold as stone. I shall trace your lips with crimson. I'll protect you; they can't have you to bury, to leave me. Slay all who dare touch my pretty doll, it will be bloody paradise, a misanthropes ball. [Female] I hear you and beseech you, find a way to understand. Kill them for my body and be left with grains of sand. Do not waste your life in vain, protecting that which feels happiness nor pain. Willothewisp my love, is forever now what be. Willothewisp my darkened darling can not be taken away from thee. [Male] I feel your essence all around me, and see you dead on our floor. Realize it would kill me to see you dragged out like a rotting whore. The dead are not theirs to take, fuck their reality. I seek revenge. Fuck their stupidity, your death will be avenged. My princess is not their dead slave, to tear apart and fit inside a holy lonesome grave. [Female] Ahh! You torment me with endless worry. A doll is what is left of me, to kill it, insanity! Wake up live your life. Do not waste it in my name. [Male] No! Why? Your body comforts me. Please understand. It is a Willothewisp my love, but at least I would have command. Help! Help! Ahh! I can not take this, my heart was black to all but you, and now you're dead. I need you in any form. I want you. Separation is what permeates the fear of death. Ahh! Ahh! Come back! [Female] My essence is always with you. Hovering over you and what was I of my love and perfect self, I never meant to die. It's all right, do as you wish. I want my body to be with you. [Male] I see them coming, my pulse quickens, my long blade smiles. Get away from her! Bastards, pawns! Die, you are worth nothing, Die!! They are dead as well, now bags of worthless flesh. How dare they try and take you, Ha! Ha! Ha! We are free together. [Female] You shiver like a broken child before me, clutching my cold hand wet with tears, you kiss my hand and lips, and I feel nothing. [Male] A presence looms about me, whispering like morning dew. My perfect death doll princess, I stay here forever with you. [Female] He has won my body, but now he is insane. I reach out to dry his tears, only to find I am like wind to rain. [Both] Willothewisp is torture, deaths arguous game. Willothewisp is hidden boundaries, foreshadowing years of pain.

My Thanksgiving

DON HENLEY "Inside Job"
A lot of things have happened Since the last time we spoke Some of them are funny Some of 'em ain't no joke And I trust you will forgive me If I lay it on the line I always thought you were a friend of mine Sometimes I think about you I wonder how you're doing now And what you're going through The last time I saw you We were playing with fire We were loaded with passion And a burning desire For every breath, for every day of living And this is my Thanksgiving Now the trouble with you and me, my friend Is the trouble with this nation Too many blessings, too little appreciation And I know that kind of notion¡ªwell, it just ain't cool So send me back to Sunday school Because I'm tired of waiting for reason to arrive It's too long we've been living These unexamined lives I've got great expectations I've got family and friends I've got satisfying work I've got a back that bends For every breath, for every day of living This is my Thanksgiving Have you noticed that an angry man Can only get so far Until he reconciles the way he thinks things ought to be With the way things are Here in this fragmented world, I still believe In learning how to give love, and how to receive it And I would not be among those who abuse this privilege Sometimes you get the best light from a burning bridge And I don't mind saying that I still love it all I wallowed in the springtime Now I'm welcoming the fall For every moment of joy Every hour of fear For every winding road that brought me here For every breath, for every day of living This is my Thanksgiving For everyone who helped me start And for everything that broke my heart For every breath, for every day of living This is my Thanksgiving

Father Legatus Of Symbols, Nature And Birth

Dark Millenium
Is that what I seem to see a conceit, An insight in occurrences to ascertain the sun Father knowledge, lead my way... The beauty of the constitution Begets a craving for the search The doctrine is bewitched By the whispering of... god? Follow your spirit to infinity. Release my lungs from breath Banish the holy vow I made Robbed vitality Vaporous nature, scowling eyes... Mortem peragrare On and on, into voodoo-cult. Living through the new born pain Of time and history Dimensions burn their hateful signs On my defenceless skin. The voice I obeyed unsuspecting Belongs to death himself Woeful cries, shrouded in secrecy. I will feel the frost again, There's no end but endless pain; Darkness, show me your disguise Omnipresent sin. Father, honour's lost its worth Being is a lie; Segment of unconscious fear Father... widespread black you'll find As you pulse, again and again In the different hells In the myriads Of your mind Pulse... Bury my soul in the ash of the candles you light.

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