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Atomic Opera lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
The flowers in your hair have all withered The tears dried in your eyes and filled with sand The toys we built for play have overcome us It doesn't seem like a world without end I try to stir from the slumber and the vision I try to rise from the poison of the dream I try to hold on to the things I should believe in I try to remember the things that I believe The freedom in the air is polluted And free love is a never ending need I hear people praying for the future But it sounds like like they're talking in their sleep I try to run from the anger and the reason I try to figure out what's wrong ... It looks like a fever to me Makes people do crazy things It's got to be a fever dream

Black Eagle

JANET JACKSON "Unbreakable"
(Once you know You can't not know) Do you know about the black eagle Let me tell you about the black eagle Strong and powerful king of the sky Protecting all things with his watchful eyes Faithful creature to the most high What are the visions that he holds You never know Unless you've been there You never know Unless you've been there Beautiful soul I haven't met A spiritual connection I'll never forget Your precious life Incredible Sharing his love that is meant for us all Come outtta the shadows into the light Free to imagine the future you like Soaring above all of your boundaries Yes the day will come Just remember when you're overwhelmed Dream and take some time to love yourself Believe you're free to do whatever you want No no more room number four You never know Unless you've been there I'm singing this love song to show my support To the beautiful people who have been ignored With blind eyes and cold shoulders attacking them Invisible people they won't let fit in Let's open our eyes to the true barriers Stereotypical things are the worst Stand face to face with the real ugly truth How would you feel if that was you? Because every life matters (We all need to do better) So we all should try (We all need to do better) A smile A kind word Or extending a hand Helping someone to feel human again If we never start It could be you on the other end You never know (We all need to do better) You never know (We all need to do better) You never know No no You never know

I Believe

DIAMOND RIO "Completely"
Every now and then soft as breath upon my skin I feel you come back again And it's like you haven't been gone a moment from my side Like the tears were never cried Like the hands of time are holding you and me And with all my heart I'm sure we're closer than we ever were I don't have to hear or see, I've got all the proof I need There are more than angels watching over me I believe, I believe Chorus That when you die your life goes on It doesn't end here when you're gone Every soul is filled with light It never ends and if I'm right Our love can even reach across eternity I believe, I believe Forever, you're a part of me Forever, in the heart of me And I'll hold you even longer if I can The people who don't see the most Say that I believe in ghosts And if that makes me crazy, then I am 'Cause I believe There are more than angels watching over me I believe, I believe

Good Enough

Hold on you got the wrong guy And I'm wondering why you don't seem to see The job at hand needs a better man But for some crazy reason you're calling me Overwhelmed and underprepared It's written on my face I'm scared But I then I hear you call out to me. [Chorus:] You don't have to be Good enough This love is for free And it's more than enough I will be your strength In all you say In all you do My love will make you good enough. You don't have to be capable Just be available to follow where I lead Whatever, whenever, wherever Oh, you'll never believe all the things you can do through me So when the big world makes you feel small Hold your head up high and walk tall 'cause this is where the good news begins. [Chorus] Blessed are the poor They will inherit the earth And the weak, in him you'll find your true worth He says come all you weary Come get closer to me You don't have to be good enough. [Chorus]

Living My Dream

KING LIL G "AK47 Boyz"
[Verse 1 - King Lil G:] People say they love The way I do my hustle They love the way I treat my people How I'm stayin' humble This is to my fans I never told you this I never got a chance to tell you But I owe you this I hope I get a chance to meet you We could smoke to this And we could talk about life And where to go from this You going through some drama We got things in common My success is the reflection Of negative comments And negative people Who say I don't deserve it I guess I gotta break it down On how the fuck I earned it I never paid to get on songs With a famous person Recorded songs in my garage Even on my birthday Late nights I had no help No record label I told you I it did by myself Recognition On a independent scale I wish freedom To my homies in jail [Hook - Carolyn Rodriguez:] Smoke the finest of trees I'm flyin' so free And feeling the breeze And finally I'm.. Living my dream This is what I prayed for Living my dream I'm so grateful [Verse 2 - ISuppose:] Yo, I was 19 strugglin Thinkin' bout givin' up Thinkin' life as a shorty Shouldn't be so rough Mama said get a job Daddy said he needed funds for the rent Move forward Haven't looked back since I remember back then Everybody said I was dope Then time pass & I was broke And everybody lost hope Now its back to the block Dealin' coke Chillin' with the hustlas Lost faith in my dreams I knew that I was fucking up Pockets had a hundred bucks My heart had a lot of pain Told the world my story And it hasn't been the same Now I'm travelin' the world Breakin' bread with my team Woke up from a nightmare Now I'm livin' my dream So here's a middle finger For the ones who said I couldn't do it And a toast for my fans worldwide That bump my music Without you I'm useless Always know what's you're worth I don't sign record deals Cause I rather sign a shirt [Hook - Carolyn Rodriguez] [Verse 3 - Self Provoked:] Yo, myspace, myspace When my face was first seen And heard music player Playing my verse I learned many things in the game And dick riding wasn't one Seen the fan base grow My haters learned to love But not all I write on the flaws that I have done Commit to staying true Never glorify the gun If sidetracked My fans remind me to drop something Reminiscent bout the shows And the other fun things A crowd full of people could make A different city feel like home Especially, when I hear them chant On a high note Can't be an idol but an example Of all the obstacles We got yet to trample I'm planting all my seeds Along this game never wrote The outcome is all these ears That allow me to grow And as the number keep growing I swear to you That I won't ever fall victim Of losing sight of my conscious mind [Hook - Carolyn Rodriguez]

The Day After The Revolution

PULP "This Is Hardcore"
The dust has settled, replaced the bulbs in all the lights. I guess I'll get no sleep tonight. A revolution happened. Oh, sorry you haven't heard We are the children of the new world. If you're quiet you can watch if you like. They say the future's beginning tonight. Whole empires will crumble. Civilisations will fall. Lie on the bed, hear the sound of it all. No anger, no guilt & no sorrow: it sounds unlikely, I know, but tomorrow you will wake up to find that your whole life has changed. Although nothing looks different a revolution took place. I love the way you do it, I love the way you put them on. You know the answers but you get it wrong. (Just to confuse things). Why did it seem so difficult to realise a simple truth The revolution begins & ends with you. Now all the breakdowns & nightmares look small. Now we decided not to die after all. Because the meek shall inherit absolutely nothing at all. If you stopped being so feeble you could have so much more. The answer was here

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