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ATMOSPHERE lyrics - You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having

The Arrival

Original and similar lyrics
[Slug] [whispered] "I'm not really supposed to talk about this.....but..." With the excitement of a new born Came to join the main event and fight against the luke warm With nothing but they word and they history Take a can of paint and try to decorate their dignity It's not what they anticipated Fuck, it doesn't matter. Put your fists up and instigate it And they can't save the planet Or the children of the pandas Or themselves god damn it I'm just a man that loved rap So much in fact I put every piece of myself inside these fucking tracks What is that, you whisper something from the back? You think your personal attacks Make up for what you lack? I'm just a cat searching for a clean lap To crash in a world hurting, waiting for they turn to take a nap Sorting through bills, fan mail and life threats Wondering why the postman ain't delivered my wife yet They call me Sean, this is Anthony No need to act hard cause we got extended family So I smile while I try to use my words wise Say what I meant just in case this is your first time Via child of the wings tired Smilin' like a couple of fools that the queen hired Can't wait for the vibrate to thicken So we can watch the world tip side. WAIT! Even the dead's getting live It's a little deeper, you can float, come on baby dive! To fall in love with this bitch From the petals on her flowers to the pimples on her tits Fuck the insults. And fuck the compliments Just wanna see the mommy free the honesty and the common sense Stop following the win that you swallow Cause it's too simple to aim for a target sitting on a fence We do it for the candle in the sky Here's a toast to those who can't handle their high You and I, we can swim into the tide And watch these other children lose they mind (I'm doin' fine) And they landed safe and sound Better try to take 'em out before they make your saviors proud So fix your beef, quit actin' like a sheep Either spit your speak or sit there and git your teeth To spread the info to the kin folk Fucking with the climate on the inside of the windows They're here, the baby farmers gonna take it farther Make a mark and break apart your fake martyrs Planted firm, let the planet burn Understand the terms, you don't wanna open up this can of worms I'm trying to keep the prize on the eyeball But people wanna see you fly all to watch the sky fall Who's to blame for your lack of conviction I wasn't drafted, I asked for the mission Put your name on the list at the bottom on an empty line And hold in plain sight what ever gave you the right to question mine? The night prowler, gonna crawl past all the rap politics You can put that on your last dollar Wake up, it's bigger than a pay stub There's the door, get the money, go wash off your make-up [Muffled] And they don't need to love it If you don't wanna give it, keep it Doesn't really mean nothin' Come and beat it 'til it stops breathin' No need to even try to reason When they not leavin'

Makin' Good Love (Remix)

AVANT "Ecstasy"
(feat. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony) [Avant] I'm doin' this for all my ladies I know you thinkin' yo it sound a lullaby right Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, A-V we so sick We about to do this REMIX!! Radio play this [Krayzie Bone] On the highway and it's Friday In my big truck tryna get home to you Stop and get a bottle to pop I'll be off in the night time when we do what we do Best part of my day is when we rollin' it up And we blowin' and we zonin' Feelin' the buzz, plus the love Up till early in the morning Bone Thugs, that's right Let's go have some fun, in-the-bed-room All day (all day) and all of the night I been workin' Now daddy comin' home And I'm lookin' for a little bit of action I be comin' through wanna do that thang Let me bless you with thug passion [Chorus] Girl when we, make, love all night I mean we, make good love all night When we, make, love all night We really make love [Wish] On the way to my honnies Leavin' the club and I'm off that henney baby Hope a nigga understand that a nigga got a plan And I really gotta see this lady Charter plane in Cleveland Hit up my thugs, let 'em know I'm leavin' Four hours, windows tinted Cause you know, how these hoes be creepin' We off, and it's gonna get freaky This weekend, off in my house And I'm ready Just hold it steady, I bet ya I break you off Yes I'm slutty and you know Thugs might get it rough I'm sorry But dont know, you do what you do When you drop that dress with that body My God! [Chorus] [Layzie Bone] Baby we did our thang off in the shower Had me goin' a whole hour Thought I was fair like I was a coward When you hit the streets and you felt this power Of the thang I swang, thangs won't change And I need that lovin' Feel me now baby, you got in the oven All I need is kissin' and huggin' All of the drama you can keep it Ain't no secret, it's real deal Walk-The-Walk Girl gon' and shake that sex appeal I'm still here Always gon' be here, never gon' leave Wanna get down with Steve And you my boo, ooh [Bizzy Bone] Cum at the same time With you, with you, with you, with you, with you Thick up inside you, gristle (ooh) That's eight and half to nine in ya Gushy like Niagara Feelin' my spit ends Amazed because I'm in between your thighs lickin' And other people they be fightin' And I rap fast, so what 'chu think I'm finna do with One hundred and fifty five Seventy one thousand got you paralyzed Cummin' though she's flabbergasted I'm Duracell, and others they just don't last Hittin' the vehicle with homeboy A-vant Let's mash, Cleveland call back [Avant and Bizzy Bone] It's the house, in the boat, in the jeep babe In the tire, in the pool, or the beach babe Get your groove on (gotta get cha groove on) get your grove on [Bizzy Bone] I'ma make you love me baby [Avant and Bizzy Bone] It's the house, in the boat, in the jeep babe In the tire, in the pool, or the beach babe Get your groove on (gotta get cha groove on) get your grove on [Avant] Baby do it to me!! [Chorus 2x] [Avant] And I love the way you feel Girl I love it Throw it on the floor Girl I love it Throw it on the couch

21 Seconds

MEGAMAN: Megaman up first 21 seconds oh shit I ain't got no time to smoke this Hold this, yo g Go by in a blacked out TT Megaman can bring two gats easy Seen in stores an mister wanna jack me, jack me Say come step to me, The last thing that you saw was icy Bitch Say niggas wanna see nigga, get rich But niggas don't really want me get to be rich Say niggas wanna see nigga, get rich But niggas don't really want me get to be rich ASHER D: Asher D's never fading Second in stay song till I'm bathin B - A to the D's never phasing I wanna tell my enemies if we're racing So Solid they're amazing In few g's we're bound to be laced in Addicted to this life that we're tasting You blame me for the life you been wasting? You hating, girl there's money to be making Act a MC an I'm a raking Smoking mac g's like a Jamaican So when you lookin at me you start takin Creating MAC: Thug of the family, who could I be? M wit the A to the C that's me Thug of the family, who could I be? M wit the A to the C that's me M - A - C still thuggin Shot Benz in a rave while I'm clubbin Ladies come around an they buggin Make g's like if I was robbin Player haters they are Watching an they're plottin an they're watchin my scars Watching an they're plottin an they're watchin my stops Watching an they're plottin an they're watchin my crops Never gonna stop Never gonna stop (chorus) KAISH: I got 21 seconds to flow I got 21 seconds to go Cause if you like me let me know Let me in the studio I got 21 seconds before I got to go Did you see me on the video, oh no Did you see me on the video, oh no So if you like me let me know Let me in the studio I got 21 seconds before I got to go Did you see me on the video, oh no Did you see me on the video, oh no So if you like me let me know Let me in the studio I got 21 seconds before I got to go 21 seconds, t - t - t 21 seconds, t - t - t 21 seconds, t - t - t 21 seconds, t - t - t LISA MAFFIA: I got 21 seconds to bounce the mic I got 21 seconds to say what I gotta say Cause you don't like me anyway Now I won't hesitate So Solid Crew is here to stay We're gonna get far to the top of it Cause I, g - g, g - g, twenty Cause I, g - g, g - g, twenty Cause I, only got 21 seconds FACE: Some a them are slippin a Some a them a grudge me a So Solid vampire Seen it on the tele ah They is getting popular Ha, whaaaaaaaa? Someone chat shitina No disrespect an your dress is my tickina Raise up the deadina Worship the devil Red is my best colour So Solid we are players, instigators Gimmie a girl an make her famous I send her back to you, she get in papers 21 seconds to get papers SCATT D: Who wants to please set your mind free Cause I got the key Turn em off an all my pain can u feel me Drinks set up change like the weather her 21 secs, the more better I, you, don't know You, you, don't know So Solid Crew we run the show An if you don't know please lemme know Please lemme know S'can't be no snitch No need to go to the feds to get rich I jus lay on the track An inside the hit An get paid all day long (Chorus) HARVEY: Every lyric I do Every lyric I say Every lyric I rock Every lyric I play Every lyric I make Every lyric I break There's always a snake Wanna get in my gate, way Through the tunnel 21 seconds an you're in trouble You better move on the double Wanna double my cash Wanna double my dough 21 seconds Harvey's gonna flow an if you step on my toe we're still gonna grow when I'm on a high when I'm on a low when I'm on a rave when I'm on a roll Hype it up whooh ROMEO: Turn up the base line I got 21 seconds to chat this line in time First of all I'm gonna big up the ladies Lookin slender an fine Mmm, mine Don't gimmie no deadline Gimmie some more time Gimmie 29, seconds to chat this line Other MC's, wait in line How old are my 21, I got 21 seconds till my vocals done 2 multiplied by 10, plus 1 Romeo done (Chorus)

One Time

Gonzoe "If I Live Nothing Happens"
[Poppa LQ Gonzoe] (talking) Yo (huh?) It's me again (ahaaaha) Gonzoe (yeah) I wanna live a little bit (just a little bit) [Gonzoe] Just one time (How many?) One time Just one time (How many?) One time Just one time (How many?) One time Just one time, One time [Verse 1 - Gonzoe] Me and my bitch was the closest My bitch used to help me stack my dope up My bitch too, Look at the game and funk this and smoke with me When there's no weed lightin roaches The same bitch when I'm doin the most and the brokest She right there Awaken me out my nightmares And tell my enemies to fuck off And never ever scared Givin me head anywhere See my bitch never cares about affairs Deceit along with the brain The versace spread laid across the bed Makin love Til the x is gone, bend over the tear Cause I love her Seventeen, came with me and left her mother She's a hustles bitch that's on the under Nigga, in the daytime I look in her eyes and see her lifetime And only on the block, a love like this you'll find [Gonzoe] One time (How many?) One time (How many?) One time (How many?) ha [Chorus - Poppa LQ] (repeat 2X) I know you like to ball Shop and spend cheddar baby (one time) It's automatic and it's all for the better baby (one time) Ain't nothin bringin if you fuckin with me We go L-I-V-E with T-I-E-E (one time) [Verse 2 - Poppa LQ] Now this is what you better do Get your paper collect your revenue Don't let nobody else count your money but you Hope you wanna ball too? Oh what you willin to do? Put your freedom on the line for this criminal crime? Cause the bars and the walls with the peasant design Five hoes on your line shakin' they nasty behinds Droppin with style, forty reptiles Crystal by the gallons Hollin at the stylins Dealin with the violins Trips to the eye lens California wildin to the fullest What you thought? So what you savin' for bro? Your hoe can be bought It's all for sales She want the curls Fresh out of the shells High maintenance Hair done, toe-nails Finger-nails Rockin Shanells Shoppin at Blooming dells Flossin on the bill Uppin and jumpin scrubs At hells and bells Split your male when you went to jail Heaven or hell Chorus 2X [Verse 3 - Gonzoe] I got a gangsta bitch That's why I love her Cover-up my wrong-doings Never lie to me Bring some pies to me Cross country Cause we was hungry She told me don't let it run me Baby let's make it run from you For the love of money And pimpin's smoke on me Shit my bitch was down She want one roll It was lovely and lavish Just like me she had to have it A savage, fuck, was smokin' like a palace She roll with me Nigga, she pimped hoes with me My bitch fucked around Went and bought her own Bentley Then let me drive Blowin me on the 105 Knowin I ain't got no license And this freeway is high But she thugged out Lovin her man's life, runnin the drug house My cartel car rifle, time to bring the guns out nigga I live to see the eyes of our kids And my son, a splittin image, of how shit is One time Chorus 2X

If I Can't Have You

KELLY CLARKSON "All I Ever Wanted"
Hearts break too fast when they're sentimental Won't stay, won't last when it's love at first sight So why are my convictions blinded by your spotlight Can't breath, can't sleep Need some medication I've kissed goodbye to my reservations I know there's other fish out in the seas Not for me I want you [Chorus] If I can't have you Then I don't want anyone I don't want anyone If I can't have you Then only damage has been done, baby We can break these rules If you wanna have some fun If you wanna have some fun Think of all the love that you will lose If I can't have you If I can't have you Heartbeat cold sweat Thoughts slippin' under Can't fight no threat 'Cause there's just no use One look, no hesitation I'm slipping into you Forgive these eyes, these lips you're tastin' No time to waste on an invitation My shame, my self-control has suffered enough And everybody wants to be loved [Chorus] If I can't have you If I can't have you I haven't seen the best that love has had to offer They say perfection's always right around the corner Could be true But if I can't have you [Chorus] If I can't have you If I can't have you If I can't have you Think of all the love that you will lose If I can't have you

Grown Kids Syndrome

PAC DIV "Sealed For Freshness!: Blendtape"
[Verse 1: Like] Listen, she say I'm gone a lot she cry I'm never home she thinks I'm out cheatin She swears I'm tryna to bone she's losin trust in my she goin thru my phone she makin fake pages I had to change my code she ride by my house she sniffin dirty clothes she be like "Like I know you be out with them thirsty hoes" I'm like you buggin out I ain't concerned with those I'm tryna get this bread I'm sick of workin lowers she say I work her nerves I make you nervous oh Ok, that's cool I see you later gotta work some more I'm on this paper chase it's nothin personal but what you offer me is less than what I'm searchin for she talk a lot of shit but it don't hurt no more she gettin fat tryna blame it on the birth control told her plain and simple this ain't gon' work no more I got money on my mind you ain't worth my dough [Chorus:] Money Money make the world go 'round 20, 40, 60, 80 Money, Money make the girls go wild 200, 300, 400, 5 Girl I wanna kick it but I'm tryna get paid, so I'm focused on one thing, my paper, paper. [Verse 2: TiRon] It's kinda funny how you said ain't no good niggas left for the good sistas what's really good with ya at the start you was prayin for a goodie good but now you want a hood nigga, someone with good figures he prolly could get you sprung of the soul clubs and the clothes guzzlin the mo' you say you lookin for a dedicated love you'll never date a scrub a church goin man who's a educated thug it's like your brains all mixed up ya take all issed up but then you claim that you independent no man providin ya cash when we at the movies why we slide to the back when it's time to pay what kinda games you tryna play aim for the finer things fame and designer frames chains and the diamond rings names I be tryna chase can't stop apply the brakes maybe what I'm tryna say is... [Chorus] Baby baby baby I work... [Verse 3: Like] To get you out ya mommas house (and...) To get your lazy ass of that couch To get you to close your mouth and to stop you from yellin at me (fo' real) just the other day you threw melons at me but when my check came you was hella happy (why?) you see what I go thru and after all this I owe you? girl I'm still wearing old shoes hold up did you just order tofu? that's the highest thing on the menu let me guess want me to pay for your friend too (nope) this is cuttin like a ginsu knife to my soul oh you losin control just a year ago you fell in love with the flow now you just like the rap game in love with the dough [Chorus]

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