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ATMOSPHERE lyrics - Strictly Leakage


Original and similar lyrics
Rough, rugged and raw, nobody saw us So I smashed through the windows and dashed with it all Didn't even leave the broken glass Put it all in the van and took it home to stash We don't bargain, we throw darts man No money, pull honeys at the park jam So give it up this is Sean and Ant's stage Yours is on the floor with your permanent mad face You hit last place like you didn't know you would And caught a bad case like you never over stood Damn shame just a waste of track tape I bet them raps taste just like an ash tray You kittens gotta be kiddin' All that hyperbole your spittin' is probably bitten Look at the teeth marks, check the dental records Go take a second to locate them exits, bitch Believe it's time for you to believe it Clean out your desk and turn the keys in It's termination day for these half wits Flappin' them lips from the cradle to the casket You mundane like Sunday traffic About as much threat as a wet book of matches They show me where the mic was, I grabbed it Took the stage and made the fans feel fantastic Atmos follow with the fear Don't be talking off my ear while I'm swallowing my beer Get the fuck outta here with your act Same type of cat that likes to talk shit behind your back Stab it, in your face like what's happening The brighter the lights the bugs come, it attracts em' Nowadays I keep to self so tell your girlfriend to take her eyes off of my belt buckle So fuckin' hungry the tummy rumble Gotta be more then just another monkey's uncle So I'ma get dumb this album And do it like I don't give a damn about the outcome Slide past the trash that's hatin' Slit the tree in half and crack the pavement Wrote graffiti on the mainstream application Was validated enough - we had the ladies masturbatin' After Satan laughs his ass off We'll all love hip hop, we'll all have bad jobs And even there on that assembly line I'll remember to remind you bout your empty rhymes On lunch break I'll battle you for those cupcakes Do it for the love or just to prove you're a fuckin' fake And after I catch a kiss from the receptionist I'm gonna pose like this I don't quit, I never have If you step in the act you better be better then that You can talk your shit like whatever, dag But excuse me miss we need to check your bag huh You're stealin' now give me back my style How does it feel tryin' to piggyback my crowd Say it loud, break it down, take em' out Like "give me this, I'm young, gifted and mixed" Wooooooheeeeee That's what I'm talking about Yo Ant I wanna holler at some friends I wanna say what's up to Plain Ole Bill I wanna say what's up to Puck Los Notivos, Stage 1, I Self Devine Cool Hakim, Brother Ali, Kancer, Mole Man Jimmy 2 Times, Budda Time, BK One Blueprint, The Chosen Few, my man Real Proof J-Bird, Kevin Peacher, Joe Good And my little brothers Jordan and Nathan Yo Sadiq I didn't forget about you man Let's get these swimming pools!

Steel Magnolia

Attendant: That takes a fourteen shot clip You expecting an army? Serpico: No....just the division [Barron Ricks] Yeah, once again, (that's right) We about to attack this (Harlem Inc, Murder Inc) Yeah (Nicky Bond) Jimmy Cagney type shit, Nicky Santoro All my little short niggaz Joe Pesci and all that shit like this yo Fillin out the cards to your eulogy Murder that ass, send my regards to your family, fuck it That's what niggaz get for fuckin with this maniac depressive nigga with aggresion, Smith and Wesson, in his possession Harlem got me like that, too many grimy, slimy niggaz on the take For short cake, we won't hesistate I miss inhabitants who politic in residence for presidents Across 110th, to 55th My covenant is protected, I'm doministic Survival principles my ethics, eastern philosophy's my method Good samaritans need paremedics, so what's your premise I hope you fuckin with Glocks and fo' fifths Wrath's Napolean, so teach your origin, slash wrists Shatter chins, and bust clips Check it, here is somethin you can't understand Steel Magnolia [B-Real] I got the steel magnum, braggin, leavin my toe tagged As I get raggamuffin, no bluffin, the body bagged Breaks all your bad habits, bad blood fanatics Clean up the magic, chrome startin up static Greed means that you die quick, click the vision Greed lies anmbition, five slugs for the mission Seven cause you go to the heaven or hell and dwell to meet your maker, but you met the shotgun shell Buckshots sting like bees, I smoke trees on the hilltops, clubshops and chilling overseas Take in the breeze, Mr. Freeze squeeze the trigger Killa G's got you week in the knees, to take it ea-sy! [Barron Ricks] Steel Magnolia Magnificent guns bust when 'Uzi Weighs a Ton' And yo' Glock spits, consecutive rounds shot from clips spells murder, sound synonymous to burner Leave niggaz ass up, gaspin for air, front seats of truck So who the fuck want me to press on they luck, bastard they son When gats start to hum and whole crowds begin to run Annihilation, destroyin all expectations Have relatives embrace your Harlem hopital, we all patient 5 foot 6, concealed steel, pop more grip With fixed sights that drifted to right, triggers light So relinquish son, I'm to the finish, and you acknowledge Couldn't pop a clutch or light a skyrocket, nigga stop it! Steel Magnolia [B-Real] Steel Magnolia, bury ya, six niggaz carry ya To your final rest area What you worried though, you ain't above that with a slug And your chest beats, blowin out your back, take it easy To your eulogy, open heart surgery Emergency, 911, come in a hurry From the Hills to the Polo realms, stackin the bills I put you under my lo-lo, hit my switch, then kill A bitch nigga steppin on my toes, fuck foes and hoes Get stuck in the ass like Pete Rose I suppose you wanna get wild and throw blows, you chose to get you nose your broke, in a thick cloud of smoke You're like a fat joint, I'm takin a toke, I'm like coke But you ain't smilin, feelin erratic, a fuckin addict To the dope shit, you better hope the shit stop Smooth, holdin the Glock, rockin the hot shit [Barron Ricks] Steel Magnolia Steel Magnolia Steel Magnolia Steel Magnolia

She Got Kids

LYFE JENNINGS "Lyfe 268-192"
[1st Verse:] I know a lot of women gonna hate it but, somebody's gotta say it And so I nominated myself to deliver the news that its hard for a man to choose a lady that already got a baby Although his feelings may be strong Having kids that don't belong to him holding on to him somehow seems wrong to him Exposing them to a man who may one day decide he's tired of the family life And now he's gotta tell that little girl a goodbye lie when he's the only Dad she's ever had in her life I don't wanna take that chance please don't take offense it's just the thought of hurting somebody that was innocent [Chorus:] She got kids And I don't know if I'm ready to give Them the things that they need to live 'Cause if we become more than just friends what I do for her I gotta do for them kids She got kids And I just wanna make sure this is more than just some sexual trip See all I wanna do is prevent those kids from getting hurt again [2nd Verse:] Most men think it but they'll never say it but what if ya'll had another baby And he's accused of choosing favorites, and they're right Would he be wrong for loving his own flesh and blood a little more Is he being human or only being immature who's to say that's why it's better just to wait take love day to day and let love spread its own wings and if it wants to fly away or if it decides to stay it wont be because of any unrealistic expectations ya'll done made and he wont have to pray that little girl ain't awake when he tiptoe out the door so he won't have to explain I don't wanna take that chance please don't take offense I just don't need that kinda drama on my conscience Ohhh ooooo [Chorus] [Repeat]

Can I Holla At Ya

J. COLE "Truly Yours"
Can I holla at you? Lemme holla at you. [Verse 1: Special] Never forget the day I met you We was destined for each other like a, Son to his mother or a sister and brother, man this bond is deep We go a couple years and don’t even speak, but know it’s love though Could never let em’ dirty your name I got the utmost respect for you, Came back home and had to check for you, Word 'round town is you locked down Some older niggas snatched you up gave you a rock now Damn, hey could it be, she like “if you was me you wouldn’t wait for me Living fast you wouldn’t mash the brakes for me” Big city slicker nigga on a higher track Bigger now but when she send a letter always write her back And time revealed, she feels that she settled too soon While she see me go for mines and she admire that We speak about time as if we could just buy it back If only it was that simple, damn I miss you [Hook] Can I holla at you, Can I holla at you, Lemme holla at you, Yeah I know its been a while, but ain’t no better time than now Can I holla at you, Can I holla at you, Ay, let me holla at you Yeah I know its been a while, but [Verse 2: J. Cole] You betrayed me, The day you played my momma you played me Can’t believe I let you in my heart nigga I should’ve, followed my instincts a stranger in my house Only five years old but sensed danger in my house I was too young too scrap you but damn if I ain’t want to I'm blowing up fast and I hope these words haunt you Uh, thirteen years knew you more then my real pops Put me on to ‘Pac, and all the rappers that killed cops Who would’ve thought you’d leave my momma high and dry Last words to a bitch nigga “why you lie?” Feeling bitter so these words might seem jumbled When you left I watched that lady crumble I know by now you probably a old man, But I still I feel I won’t be satisfied until we throw hands For all the ass whoppin's Heard you tryna’ talk to, tell that punk don’t call me You ain’t shit and I’m scared it rubbed off on me [Hook] [Verse 3: J. Cole] I heard you on that shit I hope it ain’t true Was hard to holla at you last time I came through Could barely recognize you, naw nigga this ain’t you Cause you ain’t lookin’ like that nigga that I once knew And plus you act like you don’t know me We was homies, now you call me by my rap name See me do my thing, so you expecting me to act strange Ain't holla'ed but you on my mind nigga I dont forget the good times nigga White tee’s in the club, jeans baggy as fuck Sometimes I look back on my life, that was the happiest stuff You had potential to be monumental, ville mentality You know that old kill or be killed mentality I look at where you at now it’s a, real fatality Cause where you supposed to be is on top, close to me Chasin’ hoes like the old days, But now we overseas, dawg Congratulations on your seat Yo my nigga can I holla at you? [Hook]

Chinese Guy Vs Retard

Brandon Dicamillo
chinese: Doh yes do watch me cuz what i will serve you will fuck you up now hah. No burgers no fries, just chicken chow mein on your fucking thighs Have a load if you want you'll shit your ass got the aj's P's and you gottem fucking fast Horrible shit pains you feel when i serve you my general sow meal. When i give you the fucking thing you will scream and you'll think you have to ring a fucking to complain. Bitch what was your name? 'Ehren' I dont care about that you're insane. chicken chow what and beef lo mein. Got that shit so don't complain. hot daym how wow . so kung pow. spicy ass shit shitted out in a towel made of ice while my ass so twice. i give it to you all fucking nice. meow. meow like a cat and fuck a dog. i cook 'em both up and put them on a platter and give you a log, a log is a bill, a log is a cheap chinese chicken chew. Yeoww, lemme feel that flow, lemme give it to so low. And if you want cheese steak, get the fuck out, cuz we don't got that shit, we got wing wow. Yea you got the shit anyhow, egg foo yun and poo poo platter on your mom. Get it any way you want serve it up or just get the fuck out 'cwunt'. Oh. goong chow, goong tsi chu mah. lemme give a tip for you all. and when i come through, i show you how to do the shit that i serve up clean to you. ho all of the sudden i'm on the fucking cover and i feel like an egg roll's coming for my meal. i pull something out and puttin something in, and now it's pouring all over gwhite go chin. Yes wide load got it pourin down her face and we all fuckin laugh in the way that we talk another language that they just don't know and I talk shit to your ho. Hey.. look at you bitch, shut the fuck up. that's what i say now i refill your cup. with another bit of piss tea, that's what i give you piss milk from me twist my tittie. hot daym, here's a sword ma'am. let me cut off your ass, i send it back to japan fed ex next day. Now your ass fucking gay. Yes you bend over and must obey, these are the words Rake Yohn willll say. Ho now, ho hey. that's why we got to give this away. retard: Deehh now i'm here and im hungry cuz you started talking bout fuckin cheese munchies. Retarted anyway but 2 plus 2 is 55 and that's what i say. reverse it, square root. here's a fuckin tree branch it grows in a square. i take off my pants and down goes there is my fucking underwear, underoos, underdudes, underexcuses i dont know what im saying but that rhymes with juices, pouring out my lip and im retarted, don't get this dumb ass retard started.. Iiiii just farted... and it smells like 'chit.' So all you preppy bitches, go to hell and think quick. Neooow you dont like the smell of my ass? chinese: no way no man, no thing no anyway no han. retard: well it's my turn... Bran: it was my turn. Bam: what happened Bran: it stopped.


ANI DIFRANCO "Red Letter Year"
Lately I've been glaring into mirrors picking myself apart You'd think at my age I'd thought of something better to do Than making insecurity into a full time job Making insecurity into an art And I fear my life will be over And I will have never lived in unfettered Always glaring into mirrors Mad, I don't look better But now here is this tiny baby And they say she looks just like me And she is smiling at me with that present infant glee Yes, and I would defend to the ends of the earth Her perfect right to be, be, be, be So I'm beginning to see some problems With the ongoing work of my mind And I've got myself a new mantra It says don't forget to have a good time Don't let the sellers of stuff power enough to rob you of your grace Love is all over the place There's nothing wrong with your face Love is all over the place There's nothing wrong with your face

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