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ATMOSPHERE lyrics - Sad Clown Bad Spring #12

Carry Me Home

Original and similar lyrics
[Hook] "Got to change my way of living Got to change my style" [Verse 1] He remembers little bit of his childhood Sometimes bad, sometimes good But he never was one to blame today's grey sky on last week's rain So he see's everything face value Looks grim, it tastes bad too There's nothing to do except dupe, push down the wall and get through it I swear to god it's too stretched Too easy to slip or lose steps And the taller you are, the harder you fall that's why a lot of us crawl Mumma, please don't look now I've gotta walk over people I've took down It ain't as pretty as you probably think It's gonna take more than soap and a sink Tomorrow he'll drink to the guilt of every cheap wooden bridge that he's built Bury those skeletons in his head til you pick him up and carry him to bed [Hook] [Verse 2] Swimming through alcohol and woman Gets some gold spray paint for that lemon Everything he's got is not a given rock bottom on the flipside of top billin Not a victim, fuck the sympathy Figure it out, and kill the bitch in me Poor a little liquor out and call it a victory They said the sky was limit free No, don't trust none of these people Won't give him enough to love me for me so even when they welcome me into their kingdom Can't bring self to believe them It goes, folk hard tryna act like no flaw Turn it up til it burns that stove top Mr know it all, bad boy showoffs Red lights, no stops Mumma, this can't be the boy you raised me to be The drama, depression Afraid that it must be the Daley in me that's crazy Carry me home - take care of your baby [Hook] Don't wanna live like that, no Don't wanna live like that, no

Samba Hop

Buckshot Lefonque
Even if it's jazz in the quiet storm Bebop converted in a hip hop form (Repeat) Visions of a musical plateau Thoughts fill my mind So I draw back and take aim Lyrical shots blast through the darkness When I spark this I leave an undescribable blood stain Hold fast, no need to panic There's no slipping or sliding to the other side I know who I am You know who you are Leave it at that As we go on a historical joy ride No need for brakes No need for gas For now we're living in a brand-new era As long as you're doin' it the way that you wanna Just forget about those threats of terror They're irrelevant My element of rap goes back-to-back With anyone who has doubts That my rhyme skill Helps minds build While lines fill and that's what it's all about Well I'll be Can you see what I see Someone took it to a whole new level and as I think My mind's on the brink Some consider me as a rebel A rap devil Controlled by society The variety wants to see what I'll do to react So, I ease the pain Third eye lets it rain from the brain all over the track So my cause is to find flaws and correct them Dissect them Fill me a note that I wrote That clears and clean the throat Final antidote Reachin' in my bags of tricks I need to fix Gettin' ready for Armageddon There's a villian in my adrenaline dressed in blood And you never wanna let 'em see you sweating What's you bettin' 'Cause the race is beginning to set Gunshots let you know when to ride Yippe kay yeah Hopin' I say something that's wack But I got just more than my pride So, as I release The mark of the beast is erased from the back of my head Can't bear the fact Wanna come attack a man that's black But I'm leaving all the negative fed It's dead

I Know You Know

JUVENILE "Reality Check"
[Trey Songz - singing] Oh, Oh, Oh, Ooh, Oh, Oh Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Oh, Oh put ya feet up in my shoes for a minute shawty peep the way I do how I'm living you steadily trippin, say I'm trickin with the women girl don't make me get to trippin everything is what I'm givin, I know [Juvenile] I know I'm comin home to big fine after my day done all concerned about how I'm feelin and if I ate somethin you always hear the bullshit stories and never say nothin cause all of 'em in search for a man that's why they stay sufferin though you may think I'm from this bitch to the next a nigga be out here tryna get him a check, but I prefer cash for me and you so don't even much get ya nerves bad they want attention and they don't even deserve that girl you miss Juv-E what you think I don't care What you think I'm bout to go sacrifice this shit for that there they wanna catch the biggest fish in the sea-but he ain't swimmin cause he satisfied and ain't lookin forward to other women [Chorus: Trey Songz] I know, you know (I know, you know) just cause they shakin-don't mean I'm takin I know, you know (you know, yeah) just cause they holla-don't mean I follow I know, you know (you know, baby) just cause they throw it-don't mean I'm catchin I know, you know (you know) no matter how long I'm gone-I'm always comin home to you [Juvenile] You gotta believe me, you don't have to police me I be up in the streets makin sure that me and you eat see women try to tease me but I tell 'em be easy my family needs me so I'm goin where my seeds be I can sign ya poster but I cannot intercourse ya they really wanna solider that's why the bendin it over holla at big daddy I'm comin home like I 'ppose ta with a big ole bag of groceries and somethin that we can smoke up we don't need a passion cause me and you is what's happenin they thought we wasn't adaptin now everybody congratin forget all of that yappin as long as we keep interactin and we keep on attractin to each other with a passion [Chorus] [Juvenile] When the big dog is in ya they gon'wanna bother a G wanna leave way at night and come tomorrow with me yup so they can put a nigga business all in the streets out here tellin folks she gotta problem recordin for keeps she got big ?? tryna get me to the place hopin I reconize her curve but I can't even relate now they be at the red light flashin me with they head lights I know how to play it like tell 'em to get they head right I'm not tryna touch her so you can keep ya lil'rubber you too young for me why ya tryna get me in trouble she know that I love her-look we was meant for each other and she gon' act a fool when she with me under the cover [Chorus - repeat to end]


ANDRE NICKATINA "Conversation With A Devil: Cocaine Raps, Vol. 3"
(Long live the King) Yo picture God a perfect cut diamond Or bein the motha fucka man without even tryin Livin like I'm dead to the world with tickets yo and refferals My hair is in a perm so I can never have a curl Man it's a bluebird on my shoulder can I kill it? Man wakin up the bacon toast and eggs up in the skillett Man can you feel it? I cut you down like a midget And when you see me make you feel just like a prision visit I'm such a (lizard?) I want the flames in the fire So there it is paint a picture fuck up my desire You said you want style I'll give you style with drug lord flava I make a pimp dance yeah by shottin at his gatas Pickin up the nickles n dimes like Jackal and Hide The bounty is waitin for me up at Mt. Zine It's primetime whos gon shine from the raw rhyme Picture a rollercoaster up in a boss mind Real playboys have wings in the sky Silently cryin out man please don't die Man gettin to the thick of it all Man picture the brods Man tellin ya call But hopin ya fall Sayin my name like King James no pad adriatic I'm paranoind but really don't panic The life afta they say it's colder then the packers All and the damn money in the world is not a factor Man true indeed Upin the game with a mouth ta feed I make a 360 spin homie rollin the weed Roll the weed Roll the weed Long live the king We take a sertain situation to run an organizarion Man bustin like a (?) patient Cooperation man seven years is what hes fakin Now hes even more gangsta cause hes rollin with da nation Now (?) yourself Then I will talk like greedy Gretchin Man hear the confession of my priffesion Is Secession of illegal weapons Up in a dot daytona My mexican girl she drank two coronas And she know about the ayatolah I'm movin through the clouds Youd better hold me down I'm smokin weed and I'm g'd and ready ta clown I love ta see you drown You know I spit it To get it To flip it To sell it To air mail it to yo town I'm like electical current The playa reffereant (?) councourent Because it's gonna hit the furnace Man pitches the pictures of me Picturin the bitches And all up here sayin write the scriptures It gets worse Cause mentally you're cursed You're livin in a verse Sometimes it hurts but baby yeah you know it works Long live the king Long live the king


NEXT "Rated Next"
(feat. Naughty by Nature) Ha, ha, Naughty I can make ya go Uh huh, na na na na [Next] [1] - I've got it, you wanted it all I've got it, you needed more I've got it, if you want it all Just come get it, I've got what you're waiting for I've got what you're waiting for I know that you wanna come see me Let me freak you down completely tonight Come on and talk to me baby Stop frontin' cuz I know you wanna jump on it I could show you things you never knew Two people could do, oh If you let me come inside tonight Girl, I'm guarenteed to satisfy Penetration 'till the morning light It's alright girl, I'll rock your world And make you wish for the next night I got what you're waiting for [NBN] Now here we go I say I kick looking all rich Like ya'll picked six in lotto Money and menage is your motto We follow with bottles Of Henney and Remy, the gang and Uncle Vinnie Get plenty, more like Demi Come and get me Are we eye to eye and are we mouth to mouth Cuz the way down town's a hop skip and a bounce Ya see I'll penetrate ya inner space After a winner date, dinner date Ain't no way, no where, no place I'll spend a day Penetration [Repeat 1] Uh, na na na na Make ya say uh Uh, na na na na Make ya say uh uh Uh, na na na na Make you say uh uh uh Uh, na na na na The way you kiss it when it's thick It's guarenteed I time it right When big is you gonna feel it From your ass to ever tight You into bondage and ass smacks You're rough boo Yo style is why you tell me to cuff you When I fuck you The way you suck, ooooh Makes me always wanna touch you And I don't pay for ass The way I fuck I want a buck too Who needs a swinger, the thug or a malingerer, boo You don't need a man, that's you and T-Boz With them fingers but I ain't mad if you gon' touch yourself Cuz with this you ain't never got to fuck yourself See, I'm your water man in your big cahona You know when they sayin' packers run with a bullet That ain't no rap list Piling punanies, one frontwards, one backwards On a broke ass mattress Fix up and ask me how I like it hot I go uh uh uh, menage-a-tois Penetration [Repeat 1] Some say I'm from rags to riches From snitches to fishes Who's the man Shit I even got bitches after my bitches From bitch to butch I'll fix the tooche With one look You be beggin' the three leg nigga to push We had what four three hosematic who fought from pork He was an heir from dook he even ate pussy At the orgey for me After they boned us they road us in two lex's and a Lotus Other bitches showed us All they zoota's and those E riches are bogus Penetration [Repeat 1 until fade]

Fam (Members Only)

Genius "Legend of the Liquid Sword"
[RZA] Yo, yea check it...yo, yo yo yo Yo, if you think you can fuck wit the Wu Clan Get ya nose swolled up like Toucan If you think you can fuck wit the Wu Clan You get ya nose swolen up like Toucan If you think you can fuck wit the wu clan you get ya nose swolen up like Toucan Sam, and we don't give a damn Bullets soaked in oil so the Tec can't jam Sippin on Carribean RUM, coconut juice Smokin on that chocolate stick Open up two bottles of that brass monkey on some drunkie shit You R B fake rappers suck a monkey dick I'm from back in the days with the Christmas for haze on my back, stripped out black You like that? Seven braids in my head My girl stays in the bed and she love to lay the eggs [Masta Killa] Prepare for the mic onslaught swift with the sword Slick Lord, holdin my weight homing abroad The crowd roared for the peeps playing for the streets I reeped and sewed, scriptures weeved and woved Behold gold for the people equal Fresh on the weekend Wu-Tang, Biggie smalls live at the beacon Backstage drinks on the house the show was bangin Brothers Grey Goosin, Wu was Tanquerayin Allah teaching schools in session The Gods speakin I'm just knowledging Snake handshakes and fake hugs Waiting for the hour to devour and splatter ya heads of powder I'm a slave to the rhythm but never to a mental deaf and power The hour has come We got y'all eleven to one son You done off, too late to break off Tactics are hazardous to the health, bomb stealth Rifle stay M-16, know what I mean? Know what I mean? [Break: Masta Killa (both)] Yo just what we (stand for?) Loyalty What we strive for? Righteousness What we live and (die for?) Strictly fam members only Yo (strictly fam members only) Yo, yo just what we (stand for?) Loyalty What we strive for? Righteousness what we live and (die for?) (Strictly fam members only) (Strictly fam members only) [RZA] Ayo ayo Great minds think alike We used to drink all night Think about things thats wrong and how to make it right Ice cold bottles of brass, time flashes A hundred blunts passes Before the God asked us What's the square miles of the planet? Why is the axis slanted? How much is covered by water? How much is granite? True-I-Master-Equality God body be flowing like the chi energy inside your artery Faithful as a polished rock against a tank The force of my wheel still kill shooting blanks Just from the sound alone ya heads blown Still scorin in the red zone you best of head home or get thrown to the dead zone Son we need to ill, interupt the Grammy show and teach the kids [Break: RZA] Yo Just', what we stand for? What we strive for? What we live for? What we give for? What we die for? Strictly fam members only Strictly fam members only [GZA] I grew up around block parties ready to rock Behind a roll nigga wit my rhyme on cock First shot first nigga who had shit to pop My bad weather blew the feathers off a hundred flocks Seventy precent goose, thirty duck Get stuck if each link in ya chain is truck Can't come in this rhyme cypha wit nine snipers Charged off the juice from the pied pipers Walk around B-Boys, DJ's, MC's Through rap, never thinkin their ways of TV It was strictly all about about magnificent rhyme clout The R.E.C. Room, two dollars with the flyer, three without Now his wigs pushed back, name's removed off the plaque Too wild to reanact, with tax Thats the price to pay, my goal is to aim and spray My night is the same as day [Chorus x2: RZA] Yo Just', what we stand for? What we strive for? What we live for? What we give for? What we die for? Strictly fam members only Strictly fam members only

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