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ATMOSPHERE lyrics - Overcast!

Sound Is Vibration

Original and similar lyrics
[Slug] I'm sparked, waiting for the dark to hit Cuz when the moon gets above my apartment, I catch fits for starting shit I'm smart with it, I give it that special touch when I push it Cuz I'm also a label rep, and I can't allow no bullshit So shush kid, shush baby! Shut your eyes Lay your head back, shed the fear and let the tears crystallize I wish the flies to land upon your forehead When I extract the essence from your head and leave your body resting moored I left more dead reputations than HIV kings But for every killing there's a reason and its not just emcees, man! I'm watching C-SPAN, waiting for the first state rep To take the first step, to have to kill off to make this world perfect Well lets get shit right, right here! Right now! Right away! Atmosphere motherfucker! If I need to I could fly away I'll grind you and your weak crew into beef stew Serve you with seafood, you can't cloud my vision cuz you're see-thru [Spawn] You need to recognize the size of the atlas You ain't as tall as half this - match this - past what you practice Obviously you can't fuck with my tactics, you bastard Thats why you breath fast bitch - no need to ask [Slug] We dug the fingernails underneath the skin of your scalp, then peeled it Sent your underdeveloped pre-school style on a field trip Now bite your tongue, this is how the mic gets done A whole tree to pick some fruit from, man! You had to choose the ripest one [Spawn] That said it all, it comes from inside ,and how you ride the sound wire when it's live and the vibes feelin right Catchin' the motion with lines, makin' sure your rhyme soundin' tight Your voice should travel without the babble of the average emcee so listen please use discretion when you breath sound is vibration, I choose to use it with a vision and then comes the style and precision... [Slug] No more longer will we hold your hands. Why? Cuz you're too damn old Oh yea, the network called, they told me to tell ya you've been canceled They also said big up for all the support Thanks to your devotion, they now control the world So let your head down and eat the poison with a tall glass of Tang I'm rising past the bang, with smile I'm flashin my fangs I tumble over some, cuz some I don't over stand I got the crowd respond, from now on, I know the plan [Spawn] It's the noise it makes, to generate the passion I have It's the void it breaks, that stimulates when mics get grabbed It takes shape - escapes from these vocal chords I have Atmosphere: music makers from the Rhymesayers lab [Slug] Come now, (?) test the giants, when we apply this Vice grips to your eyelids to make you read the fine print The tyrants that gave you crisis, left you silenced Don't breath a sigh of relief 'till you hear the rescue sirens [Spawn] Supreme, be this team, we got this shit on lock Obviously we hit the gear under upscale rocks So you could knock all you want to but you ain't gettin' in You could try to crash the door but you ain't gettin' in Nigga, what! My definition is raw, I got you all wishin' I'd fall, so things could get better for y'all but I'm tall, and got game, remain the same for the duration Area Code 6-1-2, my present location... [Slug] Atmosphere...embellished with talent and the wisdom not abuse it Blessed with insight, friends and affluences Thats what keeps us dope, what makes us dope is the surroundings Inspiration stems from love and stress compounding Stamina: that is achieved over the course of time in fact, time taught me how to breath, battle, not to court my mind defined as lyricist - the Atmosphericist makin sure you fear this hit every time you hear this shit [Spawn] : Sound is vibration [Slug] : This sound is taken [Spawn]: Sound is vibration [Slug] : and the ground is shaken [Spawn] : Vibration is sound [Slug] : yo, we found your replacement [Spawn] : Vibration is sound [Slug] : now who makes the sound? [Slug Spawn] : Now who makes the music/sound? (fades out)

Stick To Ya Gunz

M.O.P. "Firing Squad"
Intro (sampled): Calling the police, calling the G men Calling all americans to war on the underworld All I need is money, and I'm getting that money tonight Verse One: Lil' Fame Let's take a slide through the ill side of town with this B-Boy Watch out for Jakes, snakes and decoys The streets keep you p-noid Everyday's a new game, we do thangs for new thangs This kid got stopped for like three G's and two chains Yo, I know about these streets I was raised in In my crib I heard villians outside blazin Mad shots was poppin and, I see visions of droppin men Five minutes later some nigga was sprawled out on Hopkinson That's why this +Downtown Swinga+ Ruckus bringa be packin bangers that make your whole shit out of clothes hangers It's only one life to give in, get in where ya fit in The fo'-fo' will cold push ya shit in So keep ya gun breezed for fuckin with these New York Desperadoes We'll bust open your head like avocadoes Heavy artillery in my facility For you snake ass ones I stick to my gunz Chorus: Yo what up? Ain't nothin; is it real? Yeah son What's todays mathematics nigga? Stick to ya gunz! What's the word? Ain't nothin; is it real? Yeah son What's todays knowledge of self? Stick to ya gunz! Verse Two: Billy Danze The most beautifullest thing in the world is a fo'-fo' Desert Eagle Nigga, THAT SHIT IS DIESEL!! Lethal hollow point slugs bust through any object Squeeze it at rapid fire, clear the whole projects I ain't gonna be beefin or eyein you Silently I move violently Me, ain't no reliable see I been chasin and lacin tough guys for days Findin ways to erase em, and place em in the grave If it happen the squad's cappin, I'm in the mix And i'd rather be judged by twelve, than laid by six My kind, on the front line still standin Mr. Billy Danze, and I'll work you with a mini cannon Holdin it down it's the drama lord So you riff, you be lift and laid stiff as a fuckin board Firin squad, niggaz on the run Get props from top notch niggaz that ill bill, stick to they guns Chorus: repeat 2X Verse Three: Kool G. Rap Aiyyo, I represent Queens, on crime scenes a murder machine Put M-16's in niggaz spleens So head for the hills, nigga cause when I get ill it's blood spilled for real I aim my fuckin steel and shoot to kill So grab your bodyshield get ready for the duckin The biscuit that I'm clutchin Puffin like cess but that's the fuckin dutchman Buckin at all you sucka cluckin niggaz that want the ruckus We'll be three niggaz who's clappin but we ain't applaudin you motherfuckers Keep my mack hid up under back, two shots to crack lids Ain't gotta go rush to Toys R Us to get you Cabbage Patch Kids Once I let the laser beams gleam and the red dots are seen, Your whole team is gettin blown to smithereens Queens on the motherfuckin map nigga we stay strapped In fact I let a AK cap push your toupee back Runnin with mad sons gunnin shit up and leave you hit up for the funds Niggaz better stick to they guns Chorus: repeat 2X

We Be About

Arsonists "Date of Birth"
[Verse One: Jise One] You can't handle what I'm about I'm smoked out in Amsterdam With two fans, I'm all about my fam Who's the boss? I used to love Sam My slang is mostly homemade Shoelace to hold my sweat pants They sag to have my balls right Rock chants carry ya weak stand Eat cans of ravioli Ghetto tours flyin on pan am I'm too busy being a man to sucking on any soundscan (Ayo, I bought a land!) Not me, I'm walking these rough lands that you reciting in your jams I observed with sharper image scans Slamdance give it a chance type talk Hailstorm across the face Human thesaurus, rhyme DNA, too many strands! I dare you to try to cram this whole verse walkin on hot sand Covered in coal with no hands Swallow your soul and shitted burnt spam (damn!) It's pretty easy to understand But you don't know this man Lt. doing his thang! (thang!) Manhandle the track to bang! (bang!) Nigga we got swang! Swank mag' beneath my sink I hold rank doing this thang! (thang!) [Hook: Arsonists] What you be about? - sunshine I try to prosper What you be about? - females and lookin proper What you be about? - spit rhymes that gotta rock yo We be about - math We be about - sex We be about - love We be about - life What you be about? - my fam we tryin to live well What you be about? - I'm just Swel, just tryin to be Swel What you be about? - pourin out for those who fell We be about - math We be about - sex We be about - love We be about - life [Verse Two: Swel Boogie] I'm about lights, cameras, action Status, mackin, Paris, relaxin Waxin oooh, the hood what's up, representin, who Brooklyn what Yeah that's me keep movin, never stay boaring I rather ride a bike with a walkman instead of walking and roll up to some freak chicks and start playing and rollin with my peeps to the flicks without paying A hook up is a hook up Dressin dip, that's my lookup And going to the clubs to do the blookup blookup from dusk to dawn then sleep till 4:30 in the afternoon And get ready for more The best time's the summer time, that's cruisin part by the end I done Went to every amusement park and I'm about tellin you to just let Swel be I have my fun and still get to hand in my next LP I be about... (Hook) [Verse Three: Q-Unique] I'm about grabin mics, wearin Nikes I was built to go through the rough shit head on like mountain bikes I'm about bookin world tours and showin up I'm about givin my seed the things I ain't have when I was growin up I'm about 5'9 with a rhyme that'll stand the test of any timeline out the fan base in to shine mine I'm about Puertorican women who make progress with a mind of a college professor and body of a goddess I'm about Krs, Miles Davis, Pearl Jam, and Rakim, Albizu Campos, mayor Guilli.. nah not him! I'm about doing away with trash I'm about two seconds away from puttin my foot dead in a record execs ass I'm about platinum plaques for underground acts Shit, I'll spit on anything from Rocafella to Battle Axe I'm about tellin you what it's about before it's about to happen So be about ya biz 'fore this title 'bout starts to slappin (Hook)

Be Me

EVE "Scorpion"
(feat. Mashonda Tifrere) I'm just trying to be me. . . to be me [Chorus: 2X's] One. . .Cause I really wanna see the world Two. . . Always knew I was a super girl Three. . . Staying laced in diamonds and pearls (to be me) That's the way you gotta treat a girl [Verse One] Uh oh When I was broke cats was like do that Now that I got something cats is like screw that They wish I could've blew that Back with them complaining Spassing, stressed out, not maintaining I move on speak shit so far from so long You the one that made me go forth and go on Blew up called me cherry bomb Changed my hair from blonde Mad cause I can go investigate the whole Gucci line Let me live niggas, did this with my own rhymes Publishing's a motherfucker baby and I own mines Worked hard. . . I deserve the best in life She stay clean. . . I deserve to be dressed up right She spits mean. . . God definitely blessed her right We can all buy diamonds and furs nothing to tell We can all buy the mall with nothing to sell Your career's dead wrong, change your style, wear a vail [Chorus: 2x's] [Verse Two] Mad cause we got shit Dropped what I dropped shit Mad cause we killing it All we do is drop hits Long cash, twenty-one, investigating in stock shit Call the long so I could cock shit Now I'm supposed to down play all the things I want in my life Got my own money now, ain't gotta be nobody wife Only if I want to, not cause I need to Choose the situations I do and do not go through I told you I was gonna make it big, gonna grow This is dedicated to all of the haters that didn't know But they know who it was Haters created my buzz Talking about me made people wonder who she was And I'm here now Going on my second year now Fuck it, we could take it there, keep at a stare down Now I think that my message is clear now That bitch E-V-E singing what you hear now [Chorus: 2x's] [Verse Three] Traveling to me away was Atlantic City Now, float me in a boat in the Atlantic feel me Gotta come to the table with something cause I got mine Gotta spoil Eve royally, not just like pipe line Say I ain't your type (lying), matches make you jelly I said it before, I can fill my own belly Uh, need you for what Get in where you fit in, if you can I'mma keep it comfortable, that's my plan Understand I'm just trying to be me, bubble and Philly bitch Coarse I'mma boss and floss, I ain't no silly bitch Bet she come fully equipped from chips to whip Keys to her own crib, big shit to grip I'm living it down, so ya simmer it down Went from Ooh sheek to Oh I remember her now Niggas couldn't stand her, now they wanna give her a pound Wanna know her cause my feet is planted in the ground [Chorus: fades away]

When I Do What I Do

Lil' Rob "Can't Keep a Good Man Down"
Everybody asks me what, everybody asks me who Everybody asks me why I do what I do I walk around the town with a paper bag that's brown With a beer inside of it cuz I drink a lot of it I like to get lit so everyday I take a hit And I don't give a shit just what you make of it Don't bother me, won't bother you What the hell you trying to do? Get up in my mix, why you wanna fix someone who ain't broke I must have done something right I take flight day and night and try to make my shit tight Like that bandana on your arm, I'll scar you like a needle I'm sick of you fucking people talking about me like I'm equal Like I make shit real severe, I'll make you all disappear But right now I'm not ready to serve twenty five years, to life That's not something that I'll do for you I do what I do when I do what I do [Chorus] I do what I do when I do, when I want to When I do what I do I do what I do when I do, what's it to you When I do what I do I do what I do when I do, when I want to When I do what I do I do what I do when I do, what's it to you When I do what I do Make sure my head is shaved so I throw on brand new blades Don't leave home without my shades and some money I just made Pantalones big in size, cuz inside there's a big prize You think you're bad like me? I'll believe that when pigs fly I kick back under lamps, do what? No, I bust raps Just call me el maldito, flying like an eagle Waiting for release so, bumping like the Misos I got a lot of primos, not to mention mi amigos On the bicicleta on the way to the marqueta That's where I said I'd meet the vato, my conecta Give him some feria in exchange for some yesca The one hitter quitter, spinning my cabeza But don't call me druggy, because that word is ugly I just smoke marijuana, any time I wanna There's no change in me, can't turn my brown eyes blue I do what I do when I do what I do [Chorus] I always kick up dust but I always keep my shoes clean People say I'm too mean, what the hell do you mean? They say when I drop rolas Lil' Rob controla As if I didn't know, tears on you pillow Don't know if I know enough, know enough to call your bluff Why you wanna school me? Fool you cannot fool me The truth is in your eyes, the window to your soul You say you got pedo, puto just let it go Before you get too deep and you start losing sleep Got you weeping like a willow, break you like a window Spinning faster than my cd, so fast that you can't see me Black boots, black Dickies, white shirt and my beanie Got eyes behind my head, I stab back-stabbers dead Put them all up in their place, they catch a case up in their face Hey you know it's true, but what is it to you I do what I do when I do what I do [Chorus]

Sun Comes Up, It's Tuesday Morning

COWBOY JUNKIES "The Caution Horses"
Sun comes up, it's Tuesday morning hits me straight in the eye guess you forgot to close the blind last night Oh, that's right, I forgot, it was me I sure do miss the smell of black coffee in the morning, the sound of water splashing all over the bathroom, the kiss that you would give me even though I was sleeping, but I kind of like the feel of this extra few feet in my bed Telephone's ringing, but I don't answer it 'cause everybody knows that good news always sleeps till noon Guess it's tea and toast for breakfast again maybe I'll add a little T.V. too No milk! God, how I hate that Guess I'll go to the corner, get breakfast from Jenny She's got a black eye this morning, 'Jen how'd ya get it?' she says, 'Last night, Bobby got a little bit out of hand' Lunchtime. I start to dial your number then I remember so I reach for something to smoke and anyways I'd rather listen to Coltrane than go through all that shit again There's something about an afternoon spent doing nothing Just listening to records and watching the sun falling Thinking of things that don't have to add up to something and this spell won't be broken by the sound of keys scraping in the lock Maybe tonight it's a movie with plenty of room for elbows and knees a bag of popcorn all to myself, black and white with a strong female lead and if I don't like it, no debate, I'll leave Here comes that feeling that I'd forgotten how strange these streets feel when you're alone on them Each pair of eyes just filled with suggestion So I lower my head, make a beeline for home Seething inside Funny, I'd never noticed the sound the streetcars make as they pass my window Which reminds me that I forgot to close the blind again Yeah, sure I'll admit there are times when I miss you Especially like now when I need someone to hold me but there are some things that can never be forgiven and I just gotta tell you that I kinda like this extra few feet in my bed

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