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ATMOSPHERE lyrics - Headshots: SE7EN

Choking On A Wishbone

Original and similar lyrics
[Slug] This one goes out to all of those that want success Wait, not just the ones that want it This goes to those that feel they deserve it And this one goes to all of those that make the moves and those that have paid the dues To all of those that walk the fine line on the edge To all the heads about to break it loose And you don't want to come close to feeling it Initial reaction like "Yo, I don't give a shh..." After a minute within it, they start to think "Why the hell they didn't get it, did they not hear what he speaks?" They don't know me, it's best that way Let 'em look for tomorrow in yesterday And let me strain my lungs for the love of popping amps Let me spike the ball because I don't like to dance Let me paint a picture on the surface of your mind I got a job at the circus and I quit writing rhymes Now I travel from city to city, life of a gypsy Gravel, grass, concrete, folk law and mystery Yo, looking at my Gucci, it's about that time for me to pawn this piece of junk and try to take some of these finds Fly angel fly, don't ever look back You better scoop that dead rat off the track, go home and cook that Maybe you should trade that Mustang for a Jeep So when you get too drunk to drive, you'll have a dry place to sleep Don't forget what chocolate milk does to the hangover Come on, who you think cut the tires on your Land Rover? Twist the nobs and chew the fat off the shish kebab Ditch the lard that cut my hair and made me quit my job And if I pass before they get a chance to hear me Tell 'em "Kiss my ass" and teach 'em all about my theory [Chorus: 4x] Choking on a wishbone, position blown out the frame Pissed on the remains to mark the spot and spark the flame [Slug] It never settles, the constant grinding of metal against complicated timing, developing my threshold Touching the gestalt with a little reverb and some echo to add extra flavor like pesto Yo, the cards are dealt and now I'm staring at my hand Looking for something to toss, tryna find a spot to stand The anger felt as I look across the land It doesn't equal to the eagerness and hunger to expand Move past, the berry is set, the previous sets carry me through the meaninglessness Here I am with the word extracting nerves Running toward the stage (here we go) to watch the crash occur [Chorus: 2X] [Slug] Put your head on the pillow and shut your eyes Take your mind out the ghetto and touch the sky Then come ease down that much feared trail of blood, sweat and love Instead of flame, crying tears in the rain The blunder game, and it drowned out the hunger pains Numbed the brain and played life like a numbers game Poppa needs a new pair of nuts, cause he lost touch with the last ones fastened to the bottom of his guts Yo, they don't know me, it's best that way Let 'em look for tomorrow in yesterday This child is your fate so let 'em play I bet I know your age and I can guess your weight Wait, wait, how can it be so simple and straight? And why the hell ain't you tripping to make some ripples in the lake? I can't figure it out, for God's sake arguing a lost case as it irritates my prostate, and when I sit home alone I kick over the telephone and catch my zone inside the dial tone [Chorus] [Multiple recordings of Slug talking play together for 38 seconds]

She Moved Through The Fair

Come by the hills to the land where fancy is free And stand where the peaks meet the sky and the rocks reach the sea Where the rivers run clear and the bracken is gold in the sun And cares of tomorrow must wait till this day is done. Come by the hills to the land where life is a song And sing while the birds fill the air with their joy all day long Where the trees sway in time, and even the wind sings in tune. Come by the hills to the land where legend remains Where stories of old stir the heart and may yet come again Where the past has been lost and the future is still to be won And cares of tomorrow must wait till this day is done. Come by the hills to the land where fancy is free And stand where the peaks meet the sky and the rocks reach the sea Where the rivers run clear and the bracken is gold in the sun And cares of tomorrow must wait till this day is done.

All I Ever Wanted

Mase "Double Up"
[Intro] Uh uh Get Money all over again Get Money all over again Get Money all over again Get Money all over again '99, Double Up, uh uh Yo, when you look in my eyes, what chu see? A sincere man or just a bunch of G Why second guess, the brotha would last They took a whole clique from the George and the Ave' The booties in Aruba, boats and hoover crafts So if Biggie could love the dough, Murda could love the cash Butter Benz, gave the Tahoe to my other half If she got the Benz then guess what mami have Why dread it, tell the waiter too much ice in the crib Blink's so drunk, he think we singing 'Nights Like This' He say when he grow up he want a life like this Sleep all day and plus you want ice like this? While girls throwin' head I ain't even touch dice I ain't trust Don King, how my trust Mike? I date bull daggers, ain't I don't trust Dykes Need a cleaner nina, cuz they don't bust right I ain't stingy, when everybody see the plush life Buy rims before the benz so I look just right Girls love me try to get the girls that love Mike All I need is cup of Kool-Aid, I got enough ice [1 - Cheri Dennis] All I ever wanted was you for me Cuz that nigga who I'm with don't give a fuck about me And all I ever wanted was to be there for you Cuz that girl who you with don't give a fuck about you You unhappy, and I can see it when you cry You look like your life has just been minimized I ain't your man, I'm your man on the side You just call me when you plan to slide And if you ever feel like you wanna creep All you gotta do is just give me a beep Only way I won't call you back less I'm asleep Gettin' my money or layin' it wit' a piece We hit the block, shop alot She see her man, but she don't wanna drop the top And you know that don't really mean a thing to me Can't no girl ever run game with me You know Mase, got alot of places to be Spots in Ohio, kick in NC And I be wit older dudes and know the rules So if a man pick up I know what code to use [Repeat 1] If you cheat on me, I'mma cheat on you If you don't speak of me, I won't speak of you I'll tell you now, we wait about a week or two Then I know what we could do We could just get our food and stay in Cuz people on the block is hatin' They know your man and know we datin' So we gotta do this just to stay friends (OK) Amen [Both] I lay back, I zone You say that it's on [Mase] Then the girl try to snatch the phone So I knew I was happier home [Repeat 1 until fade]

Tomorrow's Soldier

Vice Squad "Stand Strong, Stand Proud"
A gang outsde the chemsts restless in the night Conversation turns to the war they have to fight Worried passers by too old to understand How k ds in thirty years have gained the upper hand Tomorrow s soldier is on the street Jeans to the knee boots on his feet Tomorrows soldiers first battle is won When his life has only just began The mind of a schoolboy, sees it crystal clear Warriors from down the road, nothing to fear Gone through the basic training, taught by higher ranks Today it's fists and monkey boots, tomorrow bombs and tanks The children don't die from their tribal warring But at twenty one it's a different story The uniform must change, die to save your land The Generals can't see you, they're safely underground Tomorrow's soldier is on the war Hasn't got a clue what he's fighting for Tomorrow's soldier's last battle is fought And his life comes to a grinding ha

Mowf Of Madness

Danja Mowf "Word of Mowf"
Chorus: Everytime Mad Skills and Danja Mowf combine emcees lose they mind (one time) Yes my crew be the baddest! (two time) Come and enter the mouth of madness! Danja Mowf: Hey yo (why) it's so hard to explain. once in a while you lose control of your brain don't know who you effin with, nga abstain ... thinkin you can take me? Wake up Dana Dane! Puff your mary jane and drink your champagne. Claim to bring pain but you chicken chow mein. Danja Mowf runnin for prez, I campaign for jobs in Hobb's End. Both: Enter Sutter Cane! Mad Skillz: Every word that I utter remains on your brain rip it with a boxcutter and lick the bloodstain the effects of you listenin to mine can result in the permanent loss of one emcee's mind. one time is all it takes, eliminate fakes. bubble bed jackets hold you captive like straight the mind czar givin your cerebral scars. got ngaz rippin walkmans off runnin right in front of cars. Danja Mowf: Go 'head and open up my rap book, look upon the page witness every stage of your life at every age seein that you're wack produced an insane rage now you fightin like Johnny tryin to get up out the cage. Who can it be? Corrupting all of humanity? They don't have a clue that it's me ... causing insanity as quick as you can count one two and-a three it's you and it's me, nga! (chorus) Mad Skillz: Fuck rockin cuz I'm nice enough to wet it. Ill enough to set it. Blow it out the frame without takin the credit. Introduce you to para and his main man medic. sanity subtracts when the mad mowfs spit it, get it? Danja Mowf: Got it. All of my time was allotted to makin sure your brain rotted till you act retarded rock it till a nga rip his arm out the socket coroners searched his body found my tape in his pocket Mad Skillz: Watch it! I got concoctions in cases to make emcees strangle they djs with they own fuckin shoelaces. Hypotize em talkin on the celly, meet em at the top of City Hall, tell them ngaz they R. Kelly. Danja Mowf: I believe you can fly! Why? It's the curse of Mowf of Madness placed up in the verse call the nurse nah, it's getting worse! Too late call the hearse all around the universe ngaz divin headfirst Mad Skillz: into empty swimming pools. your life ceases. Head meets concrete, skull cracked into eight pieces. I fill up the pool and walk on water like I'm Jesus. To make you see what you didn't see, that's my thesis. unleashes, hey it's horrah, horrah, SP-1200 techniques to make you not wake up tomorrah MPC you it later, sayonarah! you're missin for kissin the mouth of the madness. Listen, (chorus) 2x Mad Skillz: Mic sadistic. I'm sick, The first to admit. rappin in your ear in a cipher with some cyanide spit I'm lit. Yo Danja (yeah), ngaz shouldn't bite I make voodoo dolls out of emcees I don't like. Mouth of Madness, down for the set crack both of your legs, nga, while you doin your sound check. Instead of letting your life decay I let you wake up for the rest of your life (when?) on the same fuckin day. Danja Mowf: Yo, well I won't be as nice in sleep you won't be falling you get no peace, Clarice, The labs keep on calling. Infected with this musical disease. They found you screamin please! butt-naked in the mall wearing skis, down on your knees looking for your keys, insane sayin rain was to overflow the seas, and all the S.O.B.s would drown in the flood. You broke down soaked down cryin tears of blood. Mad Skillz: I trade those tears for fears and watch em shout pull your lip over your back of your head expose your mouth. Rip your throat out, another point scored. got ya eatin milk and mic cords with a broad in the psych ward. Danja Mowf: A mind is an awful thing to waste, why waste it? I'll take and I'll baste it then I'll get a spoon and taste it. You listened to the track when you should have just erased it. but now you lost your mind press rewind nga, face it! (chorus) 2x


FIELD MOB "From Tha Roota To Tha Toota"
field mob, i'm shawn J and him, thats boondoc i represent the south, and thats the way i'm a keep it if u got game then peep it, its the southern way i wouldn't have it no other way, so mutha fuck what the others say, love it or leave. yes its hard but its fair, gotta hustle to get it keep grindin and grindin, and soon u will get it, the struggle is in me, thats how i had to live, thats why i'm actin like a nigga that ain't never had shit, mashin the flo master to the floor, petal to the metal hear the dual pipes roar, wanna be a balla shot caller, twenty inch blades skinny benny tryin to get paid chorus we them country ass niggas from the bottom of the map, ridin heavy big bodies and vogues we drink cheap liquor smoke sticky sweet swishers and boy we love fucking them hoes(repeat) damn real i'm a country ass nigga, shawn show no shame bare-foot on your block selling rock cocaine georgia boy from the south spit when i talk, smack when i eat, from the field pimp when i walk whoa, lil daddy he ain't even not ready field mob come ridin a stretch box chevy, follow me now, i'm a take you where the good dope at call it butter where the hood folks at, in the gutter stay low, keep movin nah you can't stop them boys infrared dot your du-rag and tanktop that guerilla coke grown suburban word with more grams than a old folks home now this the way i slang dick every which a way, best get your bitch and pray she don't wanna get with J but if i do mack your bitch, you just shit outta luck like leprechaun laxative chorus i get sick if i ain't home in the south u can hear it in my voice watch i get on the track and ride like a rolls royce and lean in it, spit sixteen, supreme splendid tipsy from tangueray with tangerines in it they say the south slow, folk whats the speed limit? nah, fuck the speed limit these bustas need gimmics the game like a skinny girl pussy, deep so deep, you could park a limosine in it all in my green tinted, d's in it chevy caprice in it on mean 20's paint shinin like oil sheens in it leanin on white blunts, so fresh so clean in it it ain't sprite or water then don't u drink in it 6:15 in beatin up your spleen in it tricks dream to be in it, just to be seen in it flex, mug mean in it whe

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