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ATMOSPHERE lyrics - Headshots: SE7EN

Advanced Communications

Original and similar lyrics
[Slug] It's always good to have that extra reinforcement... Looking forward to it (Very much so) Looking forward to it (Very much so) Looking forward to it (Very much so) Take my hand (Advanced communications) Take my hand (Advanced communications) Take my hand (Advanced communications) The candles flicker, you handle your liquor The nerves quiver, wish my band had some stickers that I could give ya Blistered, from a, endless list of complaints Tainted, consumed, fainted in a room full of paint fumes Fell naked, but tell me how far can I take it Ingrained in my brain, hold the pain like it's sacred Snow fall covers all, that's immobile I try to bring the plow, but it tends to come out boastful Kill the sayer-hatin', and kill the flavor-fakin' Partake in that forsaken game, FUCK YOU and your neighbor's sake Now waken [Beat slows down] The early bird apprehends the circuit Gotta catch the train, ma, gonna join the circus [Beat changes] [Chorus: Slug (Repeat 2x)] Call it love, call it skill, call it what you will, I don't give a fuck just call us up so we can build [Slug] Yo, I got your interest, pessimistic, guinea swined Over exerted emotion to he point of feeling fine Inner mind travel: when I awoke, the feet hurt Scared to drive, scared to fly I wrote the speaker wired When the rival is desired I'm smiling at the fire that's contrived in and inspired in the eyes of desire When it cries, "Take me higher!" I look across the globe and fantasize of what's dope and drop my low Set baby, with the head gravy Better get lazy, cause if you step, you get wrecked baby Yet maybe I should feed'em line like trout Put my rhymes in they mouth, that's what I'm about Truth be told not from the new or the old I'm from the now watch me while I make your whole crew explode Super nova style, hold your pin to the mat From the grin to the chin to the limbs to the back In a fist full of steel I express how I feel Blinded by work searching for the best kind of deal Gotta find the angle in a circle of hopeful Apply a choke hold and set the locals running in ovals [Chorus: Slug (Repeat 4x)] Call it love, call it skill, call it what you will I don't give a fuck just call us up so we can build [Slug] Advanced communications Sluggo! Yeah, this is Aaron Umm, newel, I mean, I mean, yeah I mean, like uhh, I don't have anything in the mail yet, man And I'm like, eager to do my verse again and stuff because because I've been taking testosterone pills like, hi Where is it? Give me a call And, uhh, if you caught me last weekend on your phone from my cell, umm, yeah I was kinda, piss loaded drunk and stuff, and I can't even remember what I said But my girlfriend had to remind I called you Anyways, nifty huh? Peace out, honkey, bye-bye End of message

What Now

JOHN CENA "You Can't See Me"
[20 second instrumental to open] [Chorus: female singer] I... will get by Touch the sky, time to fly, 'til we die [Tha Trademarc] For what it's worth I see the purpose of life I see below the surface and the version that you know and hold is not right Hahaha, man I oughta just laugh The only darkness ahead of me's the shadow I cast in my path (What's that?) That's the weight of my craft I breathe easy, and let my chest slowly contract And write rhymes to inform baby not to uplift If you wanna make it all, you gotta persist (yo put me on) Yeah, all that talk's a waste Cause I can read a man's thoughts by the way the lines cross his face Hold five, everything live And I vibe, ain't nobody thought this day would arrive But I balance my talents with a hope and a drive And ride beats dog, that's where my focus derive And keep notepads and vocab, that's my guide And if I got legit beef, I don't let it slide - what now [Chorus] [John Cena] My brain is impossible to thinkin philosophical Hustle in my blood, that's the only thing that's logical The only thing I gotta do to stay on or stay strong I ain't stoppin 'til I own the field that y'all play on Desperado - eyes like a bird of prey Cold soldier - crack snap your vertebrae No heater - flow sweeter than Cohiba Cinnamon dip, spice ride in the cinnamon whip Quite wide on the benjamin clip Might slide but we ain't gonna slip - no way If the meek shall inherit the earth, guess what? Y'all get the globe if they measure in, lyrical worth Trademarc flow first, make the mental work Fuck a verse - I rearrange your dental work And when it pop off, we not soft We like the Bentleys; y'all just the Chrysler knockoffs [Chorus] [Tha Trademarc] But that's life, yeah you hearin me right It's like I had to find the black of night come back to life with master insight that shine bright - I'm always learnin My burden, to blow up gifts like this, I must endure the slow burnin It's sort of strange, my philosophy's changed I take chances, jump before the water's in range And never wait for safe answers so if all that remains is lookin back at my life it never seems like I wasted glances Man it's all a big game, that's why it doesn't mean a thing That I get money and fame, it's all the same if you call me Trademarc or if you know my real name Marc Predka ain't attached to ego He's a hero for the average people, a blessing Who transcends the essence of a poet with a street flow It's not lip service I don't speak to hear myself talk And I don't wanna be a teacher; I'm grateful for all I've been taught [Chorus]


La the Darkman "Heist of the Century"
[Intro: La the Darkman] Gun rule. We gon' make this spicy. It's La Trapacanty right here. You know? And we gon' do it like this. Yeah. Darkman. [La the Darkman] Yo, yo, watch the Corleone give neck ties and puff bones Stick arabs for the crystals like Indiana Jones Witness, La, hands of stone, on this action packed odessey Majesty, livin out the golden book prophecy Unstoppable, Iron Shiek of rap speaks Blaze a tree in the street, blue and grey benz jeep Tazmanian, rebel, new Wu tycoon Two thousand-five lyrics, you'll catch on soon New entrepreneur, no match to go to war On tour, blowin smoke out the four by four Enjoyin life, I don't know a man who live twice Cee-Lo, king, rollin dice, holdin Glaciers of Ice Playin ninety-seven matten at the loft of Manhatten While I get blitzed and rich, watch him run short flicks With a bad chick, La been raw since eighty-six On the block, new kicks with chalk and skunk mitts Son, i'm fortunate to still be here, shells is close City Lights, La The Dark, stay conceilin the toast Cuz thieves who decieve get loot the most But thieves that see me are left Holy as the Ghost [Chorus x2: La the Darkman] For that lucci, it's all about that lucci For that lucci, it's all about that Gettin money in many ways in these lasy days With Venom written wisdom, I have to say crime pays [La the Darkman] I'd rather die if I'm not livin fly, Now Y Can't get a job with a corporate, fuck it, I'm gettin high Suicide commited in cells, dwellers square as hell Children can't have a chance with impairable bells Sufferin in a jail, I only recognize a soul Reach one with a cold force, gon' be the one that have to be told Behold the son of God with a scroll Flame throwin lyrics, niggaz better stop, drop and roll Lyrics is gold, Darkman pushin up in the land Hit a spot fot a Rolex watch, two thousand grams Now dip, cuz loose lip shorts ain't shit But in this drug rap, I bang like the Bloods and the Crips Guns and clips seen to make my state rotate Stayin close to a hornet, drinkin, bustin that jake Holdin my weight, now a purchase 'bout to case When I coke 'em and drop 'em it equal Cali earthquakes I escape, baggin worth, pawn porcelain plates Get ill like Al Capone after sniffin that ape And my state from the halls of Hell Sing-sing stick a spear through your chest like an ear and an earring [Chorus] [La the Darkman] Niggaz and sneakers and over-night night crawler creapers Cake junkies on the Jones plannin a heist to get ya speakers In that Acura, same soldiers attackin ya Desert camellion, no civilian, better know as Dracula Seven, I'm 'bout to see about a half a mil' With twenty niggaz perfectin in Kung Fu skills And fuck bitches, they only want they name on my will And all you half-ass rappers, kid, you need to be killed My shit is ill, the eels gave birth to my friend I represent on all tracks like the number four train Maintain, it's all about the cheese you gain I get the studies, then the money and the bitches, fuck the fame [Chorus]

Get Up Get Down

COOLIO "Gangsta's Paradise"
Verse One: Malika Steppin up out the shadows I comes equipped to wreck Hold up just a sec Coolio I'm on deck (Malika) Yes the diction is on point Causin, friction when I flex up the jaw or hit the joint That can actually give a blood mob like Gotti Like the body cool, keep the scrap for the naughty Niggie trippin why you scheme so don't step up with no bullshit See that there it's clip for this stickup on the hip Peep the correct way to get your pimp on Let me hit the bong oh and my mind's quite strong Wreck it nice and proper if it's on I'm finsta to stop her If I'm swingin for the knockout, best believe I'm fit to drop her Ninety-five's on pocket, representin I keep stompin Throw up my fists just like this when I'm mobbin Verse Two: Shorty I killed the last, killed the ass, with my ninety-five drive I'm deep like d-cell with my Crimson Tide, nigga Like Chaka Khan, I tell you something good I'm Hi-C like Spike Lee with a Tale From the Hood You need it, I'll feed it, baby check the size Have you Goin Down like Mary J. Blige When it's popping like this, you can't be a coward Shorty freaks fuckin beats like Adina Howard My squad, is hard, with players, and hustlers No toleration, for fakers and busters Fuckin with me with all honesty You get bombed rap songs coming constantly Bumpin G-15's, Westside scene Killin the competition, while making a fuckin green So ring, around the rosie, and mosey to the Rosie And I want you to know G Chorus: We bust and cuss and kick up dust Don't none of y'all niggaz want to fuck with us So what's the time? It's time to get paid Why you bust your rhyme? Cause I got skills We bust and cuss and kick up dust Don't none of y'all niggaz want to fuck with us So what's the time? It's time to get paid Why you bust your rhyme? Cause that's how I bail Verse Three: Leek Ratt (of 40 Thevz) Watch me swallow this nickel and shit five pennies I'm the loc'est of them all though the rat is kinda skinny How many linny and squidgy think they can see me? I'm from Compton where even in the summer niggaz wear beanies Bustin lyrics sharper than razor blades catch it from head to toe if you're shocked, then amazed, when you see me at my stage show For my stage show beat em up 40 Thevz gettin busy rockin coast to coast Dogs the most rap the hoes then rocks em up Givin it up for hip-hop vicitims how should I drop em and then pop em for poppin like to get what I got, and I ain't got a whole lot of nuthin cuz I been ruffin and scuffin so give it up when I'm bustin or get to duckin cuz I ain't given em nuthin Fools can't get none, so fuck em! Verse Four: PS Let me rock the motherfuckin mic Smoke a whole stick of dynamite, then fight all night I got jabs like a welterweight champion The pocket-pincher purse-snatcher pistol-packin quick to get it crackin Went from jackin to rappin to runnin with a pack of mad men Pull a trick out my sleeve like Aladdin Some fool tried to play me for a punk I had to have him like lunch or dinner, he's just a beginner Fuckin with a winner, number one contender top dog Head nigga in charge runnin with a group of hogs 40 Thevz, MAAD Circle, Cat, and Crowbar Best to put your daughterWack ass rappers get tossed upTrying to come in here with that garbageMy crew see the dopest and the hardest So clear the path or get your punk ass Bogart-ed Chorus 1/2 Verse Five: Ras Kass I peep game and get recognized, biting on the hard liquor toothpick and beedy-dyin Bitch you got dealt, peeled your cap the other way like a reversible Louis-Vitton Gucci belt And ain't nothin crackin For them niggaz steppin up with the funk I'm packin Tinactin Cuz I be earnin stripes in tight bunches All the homies carry nines I carry rhymes with sucker punches What? Tootsie, my knees don't bend Just like that actor Hoffman I be Dustin off men often Jay-walking over your coffin with an eleven shot loss and jaw wrecked that Osten won't soften you're lost and see arson, to exterminate the flyest nigga like Orkin Stalkin lofts men to New York and in between so take caution, leave the flossin for dental hygeine Mental plus my gene equals nasty young bastard The raps be lung mastered takin vinyl virginity Coincidentally I run shit like Walter Payton Niggaz player hatin cause I spoke like a Dayton I hit the face like Ron Carter at the corner when C and B came strollin Blowin niggaz up like when Mookie's stupid ass got caught smokin Figure, your stigma is lack of enigma So bitch-ass niggaz better step, like the Delta Sigma Thetas Verse Six: Coolio We don't give a fuck, fools better duck 39 deep in the back of Wino's truck Like robbin in the paint, fool think I ain't? Your crew is on stank, that's why I'm pullin rank I rev like a motor float ON like a boat to kick a style like Tical from here to North Dakota The ambassador of funk with amps in the trunk And when it's time to rock a mic I won't be no punk I bring death to the evil and power to the people My name ain't Steve Miller but I Fly Like an Eagle Don't play me for a chump, I get around like Gump And I, got more con in my verse than Chuck And you don't want no motherfuckin problems here Cuz I can round up a posse like Paul Revere Your whole crew'll get took out, turned out, shook out Burned up like a cookout, so fools better look out Verse Seven: WC Fresh out the penalty box Sportin a stockin cap, cut off dickies, and some high-top striped socks The freestyle finatic pyschosomatic back at it causin static with lyrics still as tight as a straight jacket The last in line but one of the first to get wit cha bringin more terror to MC's than a Michigan militia Click click boom, nigga fuck your crew It's the chanky hip-hopper, takin over pissin in your stage monitor socket you think that you can fuck with mine in your wildest dreams You best to wake up and apoligize Niggaz penetentiary yearn me cuz I, burn like Parker but anyway, half of y'all couldn't see me with a pair of Blu Blockers The lyrical night stalker stalkin at night in a pair of creased Khakis Chuck Taylors, my pistol grip tight Dub-C, that nigga from Westside MAAD Circle Ay man! Ay ay. What's up Wino? Uh like loc, it's like late, let's get the fuck up out of here Are we out? Yeah yeah fuck it Fuck it, MAAD Circle bitch!

Farewell Summer

JOELL ORTIZ "Farewell Summer"
[Joell Ortiz] Yaowa! Lot been goin on these past three months If you don't mind, I'd like to share it with you Let's see, summer of oh-ten Well right before it kicked off I lost a really close friend Last time we kicked it was at a show in Coney Island Fucked with some bitches, I swear I miss my homie whylin That was bad enough news, like I needed to hear more Mr. Marshall Mathers is interested in us four "Us four" being Crooked I, Joe Budden Royce and myself, but I swear it's always somethin When the talks got real, E-1 started frontin Tryin to cockblock but we handled that, it's nothin Listen close, hear it from the horse's mouth, it's crazy The deal ain't finalized but yeah, Slaughterhouse and Shady Shows been gettin better, Highline was retarded When Fat Joe came out New York City went bonkers Styles P came out and put it down for all of Yonkers Even Sean Paul ripped it after twistin up the ganja Closed the show with Jim Jones, you know "Nissan, Honda, Chevy" had the fans Andretti, that's a monster Wish I coulda spit that on the stage at Summer Jam Can't complain though, that verse helped me scoop a couple grand Aside from the music, yeah, copped a new apartment Two bedroom joint, nothin fancy, lil' carpet Marble in the kitchen, cool walk-in closet A paintin here and there, somethin simple for an artist If you havin girl problems I feel bad for you son Well then feel sorry for me cause I had more than one Like E-1 and Slaughterhouse single, I lost +The One+ Before the us and Pharoahe Monch Canada tour was done I argue with her like, "Bein insecure is dumb The only thing that I could get from all these whores is cum" We did the Skype thing in my bunk on late nights Always started cool but ended in the same fight Why I ain't pickin up the phone once again It only takes a second to reply to BBM Baby I don't know what to say Maybe it was the 20-hour drive from Montréal to Thunder Bay Maybe my phone died, maybe I'm sound checkin Maybe I'm on stage goin in for the crowd sweatin Either way it's over, you failed to understand You was dealin with a star, not your average brother man On another note, I got to kick it with my sons Up in Dave & Buster's winnin tickets, it was fun Did Rockaway Beach, played some frisbee in the sun At summer camp they had a Track and Field Olympics and they won I took it down to Miami on the 4th Wobbled out a mansion and did cameo of course Shit I brought to the telly looked like panties on a horse Freak brain, this bitch said "Nigga, ram me 'til I cough!" I gotta call the bitch but yeah, Flex see that I'm focused Droppin bombs like I did to get rid of the roaches Feels good bein Puerto Rican from the pro-jects And countries overseas havin a ball like my cojones This summer I did well settin up for oh-eleven Comin up on a year my granny said hello to Heaven My moms still goin through it, e'ry now and then she cries I'm tryin to bring a different set of tears into her eyes "Free Agent" is FIRE! The world gon' see it's tough I'ma drop the "Yaowa" mixtape with Green to heat it up Shout to ICU, the documentary is nuts Some people on there gone, a lot of memories, but yup Gotta keep it pushin though the ride gets bumpy I'ma keep whippin until I get money Hate to be so blunt, but I came up extra poor Borrowed from next door, couldn't get ketchup from the store The butt of all the jokes cause of the rejects that I wore Matching perfectly with all the V-necks that I tore But nope, not no more, my feet keep the sickest kicks Still doin V-necks but nowadays my shit is crisp I'm comin for the title boys, hope you niggaz rhyme I'm treatin this like high school, "A" game every time Let you niggaz party, go on vaca', I'ma grind 'Til e'ry verse I kick is like Pele in his prime Y'all don't want a war, be screamin mayday with a nine Your thought caliber's no MATCH for this AK in my mind Don't get clapped, like sex with a dirty slut When I'm done with rap, they gon' hang your boy jersey up Cause I done been an all-star on all bars My dad left, and the apple never falls far So I'm gone like a sports car Anyone who think they better is just +Wild+, Draw Four card I did this by myself, no help brother No more sag, I'm comin for that belt fuckers Said my prayers, and God called Joell's number So stay tuned in the Fall, "Farewell Summer"

Wavy (Seamix)

[Verse 1 - Kano:] Don't hate me cause I hustle hard Took a back seat, yeah I'm Rosa Parks Now I'm on a mission like Katy, fuck that, Tom Cruise I'm so wavy, call a man monsoon See me in the club, champagne, pop that Ace, I'm a king, call that pontoon Beat's so cold, maybe I should get Double on it I should get Double on it (bluku) Ruffneck, don't make me get stubble on it Cut cheques, don't make me get Russell on it Old school, don't make me get pukka on it Black man's radio, don't get me Chris Tucker on it Can't touch the swagger, MC Hammer on it So much plaques like I'm Westlife, nigga But they say Dolce & Gobbana on it [Verse 2 - Lady Leshurr:] Don't hate Lesh cause my rhymes are hard Roley on my wrist now that times are hard I've got lyrics for the clubs, always by the bar [?] Trust, I stay in designer garms Your girl gets tapped like a nice car Yeah, tap tap tap tap tap, she's a tapper Gyal a get folded like a bandana But I don't care, take the piss out of my bladder Standing ovation, her face is a clapper like (Knock knock knock knock knock) she's a clappers So don't blame me for it Blam, blam, I shoulda got Jme on it [Hook - Kano:] I'm wavy, I'm, I'm, I'm wavy I'm wavy, I'm, I'm, I'm wavy I'm wavy, I'm, I'm, I'm wavy I'm wavy, I'm, I'm, I'm wavy [Verse 3 - Jme:] Fam, man's high quality, man's WAV-y You man bounce like an MP3 But us man, we're 24-bit AIFF-y You and your crew are low bitratey Bitratey See me online, yeah, I smile in my avi Jump in the whip and the iPhone will connect To the iDrive cause man's tech-savvy Please remember, if you diss a member Of my crew, yeah, any of us I will dismember you and bury the parts And then disappear on the ferry to France Durag from day, yeah, I'm on a braze ting 'Nough man must've thought I was on a waves ting But if I cut my hair now, rudeboy It will make headlines like durag strings [Verse 4 - D Double E:] Like bisto, everything's crazy, I'm feeling wavy, man The way I'm wavy, you think I'm a crazy man I'm feeling like there's nothing that can phase me If I fall, somebody save me, I'll reward you for your bravery Cause, cause I don't wanna look silly in front of this lady I'm tryna draw her but she's acting shady, is it because I'm wavy? Maybe Is it because I'm smelling all hazy? Eyes in a slit like a Chinese baby Red, and they're moving lazy, I'm wavy, man [Hook - Kano:] I'm wavy, I'm, I'm, I'm wavy I'm wavy, I'm, I'm, I'm wavy I'm wavy, I'm, I'm, I'm wavy I'm wavy, I'm, I'm, I'm wavy [Verse 5 - Sway:] Back up on the wave, it's Super Swah 'Bout to take over again [?] the sounds of a cool guitar No Liv but I'm rolling with Kane And we're running these clubs like Lumina On a different high like "guten tag" Came face-to-face with Jupiter And he was looking at me like "now you the star" Man don't know me, [?] I cop cop cop, man, I'm Axel Foley If it ain't about cash, don't phone me Gotta hand out [?] Deliverance, you could call me [?] You could call me the pastor too Cause I've been acting nuts from Adam I should get a BAFTA too Underground but I never catch the Tube Back on YouTube, I'm back with Tubes I'm going on cold rappers are going on Twitter So the only thing they're getting is an attitude Funny how they call me Derek Cause I smacked it then I spat at you Plus I used to rock that Union Jack bandana too [Hook - Kano:] I'm wavy, I'm, I'm, I'm wavy I'm wavy, I'm, I'm, I'm wavy I'm wavy, I'm, I'm, I'm wavy I'm wavy, I'm, I'm, I'm wavy

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