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ATMOSPHERE lyrics - Happy Clown Bad Dub 8 / Fun EP

They Call It

Original and similar lyrics
[Verse 1] Don't you love it madly when it sleeps in your basement On some gladly-pay-you-Tuesday-for-a-hamburger-today shit? And don't you love the way you can relate To everything your favourite rapper has to say about your hatred? Get a hobby, now why they wanna watch me In some hotel lobby getting sloppy with this pillow built mommy? Probably never be global like 2Pac But the local boys will beat my shit hard in their jukebox Sitting here pretending I'm not tipsy Watching over sensitive hippies use my records for they dog Frisbees Be a good little fishy And book me a ticket to your city so your girlfriend will kiss me I'm the bee that came to pollinate the flower Make a meal, borrow a towel and take a shower It's called love, in return they make bread Pay dollars, make beds, catch buzz, give head [Hook] They call it love and I get plenty of it The rich kids burn it, my broke people dub it They call it hate and I get plenty of it The snakes always wanna put your name where their tongue splits They call it love and I get plenty of it Give hugs to the public, put plugs in the budget They call it hate and I get plenty of it But they know who to call when they want the party jumping [Verse 2] We bust into your system, search through the evidence Opening hoping to find why you love your residence Puts your fists up or put your chips up Advocate, act adult or get your fabric ripped up They said like what? Like they didn't know me Six foot three, ugly mug and a simple flow Like that? Like that! And a bottle of Jimmy Beam Peace, my name is Slug and I'm down with the winning team They wanna kill my steam, I didn't care Just lead me to the Phoebe with the pretty hair Jumping up and down with the passion of a battle Jester of the kingdom, see me mack 'em at the castle Sean is such an asshole! Nah I'm a dickhead Stealing cigarettes from the rest of the mislead Enjoy me, avoid me, do what you must do But man up and understand why they don't love you [Hook] [Verse 3] Looking through your pinhole, who you gonna insult? Atmosphere get up in here, yeah, where'd your grin go? Got a sock full of nickels and quarters For unsupportive cock smokers that wanna ripple these waters You hate to love it, keep changing up the subject Still ain't saying nothing, we knew that you would jump ship Get back inside your magic pumpkin you puppet Cause all you got left in your life is a big 'What if?' No names, this pertains to a flock of you The fuck you gonna do when no one's watching you? Sweep up the fuck-ups, tighten up the lug nuts Let your world turn with no concern for what Slug does I'm not number one, I'm just my mother's son No regrets, show respect, what's done is done I understand why you're so discouraged Now show your love like it was when you was this moment [Hook] "We may not do this recording again, and maybe not give it to fellas again So we hope you enjoyed listening to this album half as much As we enjoyed playing it for you, cause we had a ball"

Bout It (So So Def Remix)

[Jermaine Dupri] You know all we know how to do is keep it hot This is So So See I'm bout it, bout it Now is you with it, with it I don't care how you get your dough Just get it, get it See I'm bout it, bout it Now is you with it, with it I don't care how you get your dough Just get it, get it, get it [Jesse] Girl I've been longing to make love to you Now we're alone so if you're in the mood I will hold you, caress you And slowly undress you Girl that's what I wanna do Well that's what I'm gonna do [1:] Don't you, don't you know I'm bout it If you ain't heard about me Just remove that coat I'mma break you off No doubt girl is you ready Girl is you ready I can take places you've never known before I know you think you know it baby But let me show you more I mean girl I'm gonna satisfy the woman inside of you That's what I wanna do And that's what I'm gonna do [Repeat 1 x2] Coming from 60-644 Keep me, B-R-A-T You ain't heard about me I'm the most shit poppin' dis Ain't no stoppin' it's Dolla, after dolla It's holla when you need a hit So So Def is the clique I claim Westside when I ride, come equipped with game In it quick, 2000 bounce with no range You hate cause y'all wish y'all was doing the same Without the 20 twin-twin's I don't operate right So somebody, anybody pass me a mic I rock for the thug, niggas that sell drugs Ladies in the club that shake it for the paper Those who take new whips and fill them up with speakers I hate the word cheaper I love new sneakers I'm bout it You wanna test me? Undress me The remix with Brat, JD, and Jesse [Repeat 1 till end]

White Man's World

2PAC "Makaveli - The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory"
I ain't saying I'm innocent of all this I'm just saying This song is for y'all For all the times I mess up when we mess up Dear sister Got me twisted up in prison I miss yah Crying Looking at my nieces and newphews picture They say don't let this cruel world get yah Kinda suspicious, Swearing one day you might leave me for someone thats richer Twist the cap off the bottle I Take a sip And see tommorrow Gotta make if I have to Beg and Borrow Reading love letters late night, locked down, and quiet If brothers don't recieve their mail Best believe we riot Eating Jack mat Staring at walls of Silence Inside this cage Where they captured all my rage and violence In time I learned a few lessons Never fall for riches Aplogizies to my TRUE sisters Far from bitches Help me raise my black nation Reperations are due Its true Caught up in this world I took advantage of you So tell the babies how I love them Precious boys and girls Born black in this white mans world and all I heard was [Chorus] Who knows what tommorrow brings In this world where everyone lies Where to go No matter how far I find To let you know That You're not alone Being born with less I must confess Only adds on to the stress Two gunshots to my homies head Died in his rest Shot him to death and Left him bleeding for his family to see I pass his casket Gently asking Is there heaven for G's My homeboys doing life Begging mama be stressing Shedding tears When her son finally ask that questions Where my daddy at Mama, Why we live so poor Why you crying Heard you late night Throught my bedroom door Now do you love me mama Why do they keep calling me nigger Get my wieght up, with my hate and pay 'em back when I'm bigger Still thugging in this jail cell MIssing my block Hearing brothers screaming all night Wishing they'd stop Proud to be black But why do we act like We don't love oursleves Don't look around busta (you sucka) Check yourselves know what if means to be black whether a man or girl we're still struggling in this White man's world [Chorus] (we must fight) Who knows what tommorrow brings In this world where everyone lies Where to go No matter how far I find To let you know That You're not alone So tell me why you changed Choosing new direction In a blink of an eye My time away just made perfection You think I'd die Not gonna cry Why should I care Like we holding on to love Thats no longer there Can you please help me God Bless me please Keep my seeds healthy Banging on my enemies Bleed While my G's healthy Hoping they bury me With ammunition, weed, and shells Just in case they trip in heaven Ain't no G's hell Sister sorry for the pain That I caused your heart I know I'll change If yah help me But Don't fall apart Rest In Peace To Latasha, Little Yummy, and Kato To much for this cold world to take Ended up being fatal Every women in America Especially Black Bear with me, can't you see We're under attack I never meant to cause drama To my sister and Mama Will we make it To better times In this white man worlds [Chorus] [Along with revolutionary talking]

Who Run It

THREE 6 MAFIA "Hypnotize Camp Posse"
DJ Paul: Who run it (x15) Chorus: DJ Paul (4x) These bitches ain't runnin'(runnin'), shit but y'all mouth Cause the first hater step, the first hater get tossed out DJ Paul: These niggaz got plenty ammo, but they ain't got plenty guns I'm bustin' out of these cars, got the hoes on the run I'm hearin' plenty of words, but ain't no actions to boot We can do some straight war for war, we can do some stickin' and movin' We can meet in the middle of these streets or in the middle of this rain I can pop your chest, blast the glock, or pop your jaw diamond ring Bitch don't hate me hate the bank, or snatch the G's that I take Or hate my shiny wristband, and big ass rims I rotate See people flip when I'm comin', got some of 'em sick at the stomach They wonder what I brought in, they wonder what I got comin' Niggaz I'm comin' like this, off in your mouth like a bitch Test me when you think I'm in, I'm bringing water, I'll start it Juicy J: What's this It's that player that you love to hate, always see come out the bank Always have to mention my name, when you high on that drank Catch you with this boy you can't, cause you know I'm holdin' rank When you see the platinum Rolex with the ice it make you faint Through the streets now have you heard, out the Mafia droppin' birds Runnin' from the nazi cops, tossin' out the bags of herb Ain't afraid to pop the steel, hollow tips to make you feel If you wanna punk me out, pop these niggaz in they grill Chorus: DJ Paul (2x) Crunchy Black: I can't take any more, I'm bout to explode I'm bout to overload, I'm bout to kill boy All I wanna know is where the G's at, where the Ki's at Keep it easy, you don't want to get speedy All on this muthafuckin' boo, nigga boo Get on your back so we can get up soon Stab you in your heart with a hard fucking poon Nigga boo, nigga boo Lord Infamous: Scarecrow's on it, I'm still hungry, stoppin' for a platinum supper Wipe it easy, some black founded, crooked ass set'll be eating rubber Casue if they skit-skat, gun 'em all down, even ghost towns Splish-Splash, brains on the ground, with a cannon round Ball bat, bash him in his back, beatin' bitches down Battle like blaze from the cross, that he never found Catch a close encounter from the anarchism of these A-bombs Chemical reaction cause the venom shot in to his arm Chorus: DJ Paul (3x) Gangsta Boo: Here we go, all you weak ass hoes In my face like you my friend Triple Six dropped in again, time to make ends Dope game , my game, hoes lame, it's a shame How that Gangsta Boo is runnin' the click up on you bitches man Fat cat, what I be, packin' how you love that Fuck a platinum plaque, gimme money, where the dollars at (Blap, blap) We dare them to stack it for 10 G's (Where you from?) Black haven is where I be on my P's Koopsta Knicca: Parents beware, watch out for your children This the one that'll lock 'em in the basement Some of them talkin' so rugged, some corrupted ugly pussa-pussa Cause the fuckin' all my niggaz, Koopsta tryin' to tell ya somethin' Peter-Peter, pussy eater, one of them fucked by Koopsta Knicca Lord, I done some sins, cause she married, but I don't know that nigga Figured he is a killa, so he figures he'll watch us fuckin' Put them muthafuckin' slugs upside that thug, cuz, oh my Chorus: DJ Paul (til fade)

Right Here With Me

JS "Ice Cream"
What do we do What do we say Now that we Finally want to work things out So we can fall in love again Basically, spend with me Night and Day Because I need you in my life So desperately Bridge: Really don't wanna fight no more Let's make it like it used to be So in love we have to be together, everyday Hook: It's been a while Since I seen your face I can't believe you're here with me Right here with me Look in my eyes Can't you see the pain It's over now you're here with me Right here with me Let's take our time Talk it out Cause baby I don't think we knew each other Like we think we did Let's take a walk Hold hands We candle The fire that's been put out I wanna be the flame again Bridge Hook x2 Oh Now that you're here we can start over Make it even better this time for sure I almost gave up on us but love Came around for us again Cause we were meant to be Hook X2 Right here with me (right here with me) Right here with me (So glad you're here with me) Right here with me (right here with me) Right here with me (so glad you're here with me, I can't believe)

Hey Az

AZ "Pieces Of A Man"
featuring Half-A-Mil Nature Half-A-Mil (Interlude) AZ: Ha, ha, ha, new drink, Balley's and Henny you ain't got no Henny, get the Remy you ain't got the Remy, any cognac'll do. . . Smooth criminal shit baby. . . Half-A-Mil: Kaiser Sosa intention Glide in a Hummer wit the flyin' saucer engine Willied out, at my crib in the winter having cookouts Smack by witch, look out I'm like Barnabas, crab niggas tryin' to conquer us They mad cuz we jump outta cabs, and hop on the bus Copin' dust, Firm Clique rock the whole Metropolis Bitches who burn dick won't put a stop to us Niggas who. . . . . . {fades directly into Love Is Love } Love Is Love AZ: See...this is what I mean...when we come together like this incredible things take place... see we connect thoughts to collect shorts, and only the strong survive... I love my black people...we are the future... {Nina Simone sample: Black is the color of my true love's hair, his face so soft wondrous cared } AZ {Verse One} Chop the pie up, four ways, get lyed up Infiltrate, never violate get tied up It's all a chess game, choose sides, the best remains True lies, vibes die when bums infest the game Bogus shit shots, you woke but let your man get locked I love this hip-hop, stock the bank let the Crist pop Peep the next shit, push a big Benz, fuck a Lexus The streets was hectic, so I stacked and made my exit More doe to get, focus my thoughts for me to go legit Ferosious shit, cop a huge castle, on the ocean cliff Imagine that, a few years back, I was baggin' cracks Magnum gats, playin' street corners, commitin' savage acts Twistin' up, nuttin' but love, for niggas sittin' up Hold your own, try comin' home wit out gettin' touched Two for one, laws made foul how they do the young Whose new to come, tried to tell shorty he shoulda threw the gun {Nina Simone sample: Black is the color of my true love's hair, of my true love's hair. } Half-A-Mil {Verse Two} Knowledge the green Wallies, all I see Mama hold math like caller I.D. Chose the path that chose me I'ma tell you like G-o-d told me Greed, lust, hate, and envy sweeped us from Shemtie Keep us from simply, unifyin', organizin' We all are fallin', when we think we all are risin' We pop Crist on the horizon, topless chicks wit thick thighs I'd rather be civilizin', enterprisin', improvisin' Temperature risin', L.O. Heem gave me the guidance Told me leave those 85ers alone, blend wit the wise men That buy 80 G stones, twin Mercedes at homes Fuck a juck, spend 10 Gs alone on chrome When I die they'll take my chromosomes and clone clones Two hundred and eight bones Microchip kits, we most dominant You know what time it is, that's why I exist Jump out of limo, lims, fire the blitz, wise scientist Applyin' this, ?lavi, then wide this I'm survivin' this, quiet tribalness, finalist Year 2000, flyin' the whips 9 cent, mind bent, 1999 rhyme alignment {Nina Simone sample: Blaaaaaaaaaaack is the colorrrrrrrrrr } Nature {Verse Three} We went from, arraignments to entertainment 24 seve, the same shit, playin' the strip livin' dangerous Bottle after bottle, soon became a ritual The patterens we follow, others found 'em difficult I guess it's obvious As to what my hobby is The root of all evil, pollute the scene niggas by the kids Gettin' caught up, the same game done left 'em all stuck I reminisce on V.S. touchin' my fourth cup Me? My only problem is I'm more fucked Knowin' in my heart I can't sleep, till I bust off nuts Weed religion, for all my niggas that beat the system And those bentin', sittin' since Conico Vision Y'all need to listen, it's journalistic Y'all hear the whispers Niggas in The Firm is twisted. Spit that fly shit that earn the bitches Whip the chrome six up the F.D.R. It's blessed we are See I never let 'em strees me god, forever stress free While twistin' up logs of that Nestle Who are you to question me? It's just my destiny To kick back, kill time, and live successfully {Nina Simone sample: When he and I will be as one. } AZ: {Nina Simone sample playing through out} Firm... How y'all want it? Huh? hu... Talk to me... We give it to ya either way... We workin' wit ch'all... This, is for you...Love Is Love... 9-8.... Firm shit.... {Nina Simone sample: Black is the colorrrrr... of my true love's hair... my true love's hair... of my truuuuuuuuuue love's hair. }

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