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ATMOSPHERE lyrics - God Loves Ugly

The Bass And The Movement

Original and similar lyrics
[Sample] And we know how to make some music And the music ain't supposed to stand still And little bit of, you know little bits of Negro? Into the music isn't enough Music is all consuming, let me tell you... [Slug] You should have stuck with the original plan: To be a little man Should have kept it simple, before the shit hit the fan Give the kid a nipple cause he sucks Take the microphone from his fist he doesn't know how to clutch You wanna treat it like a playground? Well we can joke about your take down And let your pride get hurt when I tug on your skirt Like "Shut the fuck up! Professionals are tryin' to work." And to the people that don't feel us: Fuck em' Don't need em', can't see em', never leave em', never loved em' Stuff em' full of dick till the hole rips And let em' know that's what they get for that ho shit "Ooh my goodness, Slug went up and flipped his style I haven't really heard a mac like this in a while" Bullshit! Still broke and I still fake the smile Go ahead and download my dick to a file Yo, you heard Slug sing his songs about women Like he must be a weak link, I know I can fuck with em' For those who wanna ride, come on, climb aboard I'ma be an asshole for as long as I'm exhorted You either call my bluff or turn the volume up And make noise for the women that swallow stuff And put your hands up if you feel the music Cause all that matters is "The Bass and the Movement" [Sample] I have a friend here who needs to put the brakes on. He's getting old. And if he could put the brakes on time, he'd be coo' The brakes...the brakes...the brakes...the brakes... [Slug] Step, step, step, step, step, step off You know you gotta get lost because you know your soft Huh huh step, step, step, step, step, stepped on Is all you gunna get when you try to test the Sean You need to park that bitch and get a starter kit You might as well hire me to come write your shit At least then nobody'll know who you bit It won't hurt so much when they don't like your shit Silly buddy in a puddle of beer Quit steppin' in my cum and get your gum out your ear "I heard your new song son, yo this your year" Why don't you run along and tell your girl to bring it here You got no balance, combined with no talent Disgraceful, you can catch a face full of phallice Color me callused on a retribution tangent How'd the love die!? How'd the hell you lose the magic? These cats is lazy, layin' down on the job I call Musab, this whole playground'll get robbed Those your props? Gimme that. Your girl? Gimme that. A three pack of Jimmy hats I show you who the skinny mack You can keep the change. Hit me back when you're stable If she give good brains she can play with the halo "Don't worry you're in good hands, I'm a good man. Misunderstood? Nah, just sick of the program." I only speak to put(?) ammonia in the bleach An orphanage, I'm here to get a portion of the piece So play the leach: Suck me dry Dot your "T's", cross your eyes And blow me counterclockwise So either call my bluff, or turn the volume up And make noise for the women that swallow stuff And put your hands up if you feel the music Cause all that matters is "The Bass and Movement" I'll keep this brief, I just wanna say peace And be quiet if you love the police Now put your hands up if you feel the music Cause all that matters is "The Bass and Movement" So either call my bluff, or turn the volume up And make noise for the women that swallow stuff And put your hands up if you feel the music Cause all that matters is "The Bass and Movement" From the top of Fiji, to the bottom of Christina Ricci Big ups if you bought my CD Now put your hands up if you feel the music Cause all that matters is "The Bass and Movement"

War At Home

JOSH GROBAN "Illuminations"
A fallen brother, He's a A fallen husband, He's about to be woken in his hospital bed Doesn't want to rest Just wants to run And he's tired of being told that he's the lucky one A caped crusader, She's a Newborn leader, but You should see her when her daughter's on the phone And she wipes the tears away And she laces up because there's still hell to pay And it sure feels like hell today Today And she says, You see these hands? They're bruised and brown They're yours alone Hold on love We're still going down Hold on love We're still fighting at home The war at home Innocence behind his broken expression He's a child of mercy He's an unlearned lesson And he's trying to wake up From this wilderness his world has now become He's reaching out to those he's running from And he says You see these hands? They're bruised and brown They're yours alone Hold on now We're still going down Hold on now We're still fighting And it's One step forward, two steps back This is all who are marching One step forward, two steps back This is young at home One step forward, two steps back Through the void of the silence You are not alone You see these hands? They're millions strong They are yours now Hold on now We're all going down Hold on now

Shattered Glass

Alexander Heather "Midsummer"
The swirling of dresses, the scuffing of shoes- Should my hair be in tresses? What tie do I choose? - As the hall fills with dancers, and the strings start to sound- We will take that first step, and we won?t touch the ground- (chorus) For there?s only the music, that plays on and on- Yes, there?s only the music, the heartaches are gone- We can stand close together, while the world dances by- Cause there?s only the music, between you and I- Yes, there?s only the music, between you and I A head on a shoulder, an arm ?round a waist, If the weather gets colder, we both will be braced- For what-ever the trouble, we still have a chance- If we hold hands together, and take time to dance- (chorus) The clock hours bending, the hands spinning ?round- From beginning to ending, as dancers we?re bound- With the memories like treasures, all safe in their vaults- When we hear the last measures, we?ll dance the grand waltz- (chorus) (chorus)

Bad, Bad Man

JOHN CENA "You Can't See Me"
[John Cena] Aww, you done did it now Chaos you shoulda put this one in the vault man! They not ready - they don't know what's comin man! Oh we gonna drop this on 'em right here Y'all ain't ready for this, Y'ALL AIN'T READY FOR NONE OF THIS! Your boy's a bad man, and we invadin the streets Make unclever rappers scurred, they be droppin the heat Shocked the world, now I'm standin alone I flip fools like them clamshell cellular phones You can't help but nod your head to the track Fuck the watered down rap, we be takin it back Give it to me straight - ain't no chasin it Check yourself in the mirror - ain't no facin it Cause you, playin the role and you plannin to fold This the masterplan, we got the planet on hold We all over the streets like your favorite sneaker Breakin up your sound like a drive-through speaker Everything that I be spittin is strong After I rock, fast forward through the rest of the song We the monkeywrench, that's gonna ruin your plan And don't fuck with John Cena - I'm a BAD, BAD MAN [Chorus 2X: Bumpy Knuckles] With the mic in my hands I'm a bad man Even in a fight with the hands I'm a bad man Livin in the streets all my life I'm a bad man I'm a bad man, I'm a bad man [Tha Trademarc] We devils - rockin ambient levels We set loose among hot tunes to instrumentals And cats got one-liners, I drop several And I think it's funny you choose, losin progress or runnin in place; we makin moves, and y'all settle I rip rappers and take responsibility for makin future hall-of-famers look third rate Y'all are lost for words like conversation on your worst first date and ride beats, creep through side streets Looseleaf notepads that's where rhymes leak Punchlines - man, don't even beg I got knee-slappin tracks, y'all brusin your leg You a rhyme writer - funny man, that's a joke You ain't worthy of bein my secretary man that's a quote I flood tracks like cracks in boats And pussy rappers choked up with they own lines in they throat [Chorus] [Bumpy Knuckles a.k.a. Freddie Foxxx] TURN UP THE MICROPHONE and feed me I'm a beast MC's and they beats is what I eat, 16 I'll leave you in the street My rhymes are sicker than gangrene in both feet It's spreadin up the leg, and headed for the head Your rhymes are whack your style is proof that the brain corrosion is fuckin with your chosen flows, I'm nice with mics My hands'll break your nose like Mikey Tyson Fightin in his prime, one rhyme And I shake up the room one time, BOOM! To the jaw Your face is a coat type raw And the blood and snot they mix, jelly on the floor My love is cop them bricks, belly on the floor I rob you, you soft and you really ain't a problem I solve you, 357 long nose revolve you Acid in your face, bad look, dissolve you I'm a bad, bad man Yeah, check it out It's Bumpy Knuckles baby And I want you to say hello to the BAD, BAD, MAN - C'MON! [Chorus]

Sex And Music

David Wilcox "Underneath"
There's no sense in talking about music, but talking of sex can be done The abstraction of music's confusing; the directness of sex is more fun And the road that will take you to both of them is known for its races and wrecks, so there's less of a mystery in music if we get some directions from sex It's too easy to stop st the surface when spirit and flesh are willing In sex, as also in music, there are layers and levels of thrilling So you've got to be honest and caring, you have to be humble and real but you've got to be fearless and daring, and find all the truth you can feel sacred ground The big machine is moving sacred ground We're standing in the way sacred ground They want to pave it over sacred ground Make it all the same At first you say you'll do it for love, but then you do it with friends but as soon as you do it for money, right there's where the innocence ends. For how will you navigate better and worse with just numbers of people to count? See, the pop charts are just cutting notches for the number of units you mount And when spirit gets lost in accounting, the counting takes its toll. You find yourself craving more numbers; it's the sex-drug of rock and roll. And it leads you to strange addictions like image and marketing spin You're just trying to get them to like you, and how could that be such a sin? [chorus] Well what do you want them to like you for, that's the question to ask Would it help you if everyone knew your face, if that face were only a mask? And why do you want them to like you, what change are you trying to bring? Do you lust after just their attention; do you want them to come when you sing? Do you wish you could capture their beauty, so that you could feel loved for an hour? The power of being attractive, or just the attraction of power? See, sex and music are much the same, we feel with hearts and skin And what you are going to get out of them both is just what you put in. [chorus]


It was painted red the stripe was white It was 18 feet from the bow to stern light Secondhand from a dealer in Atlanta I rode up with daddy when he went there to get her We put on a shine, put on a motor Built out of love, and made for the water Ran her for years, til' the transom got rotten A piece of my childhood will never be forgoten It was just an old plywood boat With a 75 Johnson with electric choke A young boy two hands on the wheel I can't replace the way it made me feel And I would turn her sharp And I would make it whine He'd say, You can't beat the way a old wood boat rides Just a little lake cross the Alabama line But I was king of the ocean When Daddy let me drive Just an old half ton short bed ford My Uncle bought new in 64 Daddy got it right cause the engine was smoking A couple of burnt valves and he had it going He'd let me drive her when we haul off a load Down a dirt strip where we'd dump trash off of Thickpen Road I'd sit up in the seat and stretch my feet out to the pedels Smiling like a hero who just received his medal It was just an old hand me down ford With 3 speed on the column and a dent in the door A young boy two hands on the wheel I can't replace the way it made me feel and I would press that clutch And I would keep it right He would say a little slower son Your doing just fine Just a dirt road with trash on each side But I was Mario Andretti When Daddy let me drive I'm grown up now 3 daughters of my own I let them drive my old jeep Across the pasture at our home Maybe one day they'll reach back in their file And pull out that old memory And think of me and smile And say It was just an old worn out jeep Rusty old floor boards Hot on my feet A young girl two hands on the wheel I can't replace the way it made me feel And he'd say Turn it left, and steer it right Straighten up girl now, you're doing just fine Just a little valley by the river where we'd ride But I was high on a mountain When Daddy let me drive Daddy let me drive Oh he let me drive It's just an old plywood boat With a 75 johnson And electric choke

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