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ATMOSPHERE lyrics - God Loves Ugly


Original and similar lyrics
And she still wonders why I'm so insecure she giggles because I sleep with the... Girl* can I throw pennies on stage, like can I be a fucking groupie and just fuck you because you're on stage and other girls want to fuck you? Slug* See bands like us don't get groupies Girl* Noooo? Slug* yeah Girl* you guys are full of shit Slug* No it's not full of shit I mean have you guys ever heard our songs I mean basically? Girl* That's what I'm saying Slug* Exactly that's what I'm saying Smile, smile with me, smile with me, smile with me, please won't you... oh look at her she's looking as good as dinner and she's looking back at me as if maybe I'm a winner I'm in my late twenties little girl don't flirt with me I've got the capapbilities to program your circutry You don't have to believe me do yourself a little justice don't let slug undercook your muffins wait wait wait did I just say that I did must be losing it because it almost felt like it might just have some truth in it now back to the platter at hand she said she's twenty-one and quit school to go work for the man a switch up in the plan now she's happy as a chorus cause now she makes rent and now she drives a Taurus unwinding hanging out at the bar, I wonder if she knows that I'm not really a star she seems to be impressed by lack of an ego and my self-aware style, I like the way that she smiles she want to know how I find the words I do I don't really know but I can lie if you want me to angels sing to me in my sleep, I sold my damaged soul for the magic of speech and now she's laughing she likes the sarcasm so naturally I'm asking if she 's got a captain she says a captain what? You mean a man at home the answer is no I came to this bar alone well heavens to betty enough about boyfriends already just trying to keep the conversation petty beacuse as much as I would like to play in the forest ain't no way this girl is going to break into my fortress I've never made a practice of introducing the matress to women that I meet at my own gig I don't know can't imagine anything as alchohol and hormones turning out to be anything big but babys hella beautiful and even kind of bright I got the fire of a vampire inside me tonight might be alright eveything seems tight I've got a good buzz and she's giving me the green light so tell me girl what ya doing after she says hopefully hanging out with my new favorite rapper now wait a minute that's not fair your throwing boulders I can tell by the way your hair touches your shoulders be straight with me and I'll be me with you I can think of some of us that we should do so if you think I'm coming home with you tonight you're probably right you're pobably right a few more beers a couple more laughs undressing my past with the questions she asks yes, I love cactus and I would love to take a bath if I spent the night would you massage my back she's closing in for the embrace and slightly tucks her hand under my face her hair smells so good I got to have a taste where's your ford let's ditch this place and in the parking lot she sparked it off she must be starving for someone to hit the harp I've never been kissed with such passionate bliss porn star damn near tore my lips apart honey slow it up hold it up start the car let's leave this garage le'ts go to your apartment lyndale ave. on the way to the her rest her drunk ass turn to look at me and she says you're so beautiful from the hair to the soles I know, can't belive that I never met you before feels liike I've been waiting for you me whole life she missed the red light we hit a pick-up truck and we both DIED

Lose Your Mind

Huey Dunbar
Lose your mind U know I always cook I always clean, and when you need me baby I'm always seen I give you tender love and care, wash all your clothes That's not so u can lay around these other hoes I'm tired of your silly games No matter what the problem is I'm still the blame ur running game Shica is my best friend and i heard you tryin' to holla at her in the benz (i aint trying to holla) and if i did what you doin' to me then its a crime my friends and family keep telling me that i'm wasting my time and evry time i ask a question u say i'm way out of line and if i ever did wat u doing to me... admit boy You would Lose your mind guy part- u popping house, you pay them bills ,who put you in da' baby benz, look at your wheels, keep'em real, who u kno in 24s make them count like cherrios with plenty o's theres plenty ho's wishin at they pleasure look at how u livin mami i'm lacin u now face it boo the jealous ho's they want your spot they talking slick we cocking whips fo' chocolate they hate it cause we live it up they envy us cause i keep you in the burberry and the 50 plus your the only female or spreedwhale(??) ice bangles from jacob ma you better wake up stop playing games girl act like you grown all that whining and star 69ning on my fone and if i was to leave you alone rite now admit it girl .. Both: you would lose your mind (x8) guy part- girl i see you got it bad like usher got it you in the rush just to cus' fight and fus about it i put the b's(??) in your face and you get the keys to the safe and i put the rocks in your ears lemme freeze in your face i walk through the mall in the realy good cockpit(??) new lockmen's code and shoe shoppin' what mo' could you ask fo'? i keep you in the air with your passport so what you mad fo'? popping me with tricks drinking vadca then i came home with lipstick on my box (kiss) .....

I Hope I Sell A Lot Of Records At Christmastime

PRINCESS SUPERSTAR "Last Of The Great 20th Century Composers"
Ah yo Santa let's get something clear I'm half Jewish I shouldn't even be talkin about this time of year But I'm near tears tryin to fund my record label career While everyone drinks beer like they at Cheers makin Nintendo bets on debts from bad rekkid deals for real I'm probably next I'm here sweatin my ass off, it's July But by the time this comes out I'll be behind my release schedule and Mariah Christmas will be sellin out- why? I never did nothin bad to nobody I'm still friends with all my Ex's who stole money (Aw honey) Don't aw honey me/Just give me the money please One of those cards with a pocket for cash A big stash or check to cash I'll snatch it before you realize you acted rash and come at me all mad I've been good, well pretty good, at least in my mind Please let me sell a lot of records at Christmastime I'm too poor to afford life size cut out cardboard of me poured into a size 4 with a floppy Santa hat On the record store floor Need ace product placement/Listening Station so while I'm on vacation I got my face On Raisin Brans round the nation I'm impatient need my wax to sell by the cases Like Mase's in God's good graces I'll be gracious Just let me retire with his wages I'm not aimless I wanna be A-list Hang out with someone famous, then my friends and I would all have someone to date us Like Tom Hanks, Billy Blanks, Shabba Ranks or any of the Franks- Stallone, Purdue, Avalon, or Delanor Roo Bill Gates too-(Ew!) It's true, all I gotta do is sell through Go on tour then put out a live record real quick like Frampton or Badu I got a cold, it's gonna be Xmas soon and I'm getting old Hi Tower? Hi it's me again, how many units we sold? You mean we didn't go platinum or like gold? (Beep beep) Oh-that's my Rolls- Wait-- I'm on a payphone please don't even try to put me on hold!! Ok you're all listening to my song that's a good sign So either you bought it, it's on the radio or your friend is sayin 'ha ha listen to this funny song!' That's fine But if that's the case don't even think about the blank tape Take a date with your lazy ass go to Virgin or Other Music they close late And in case you don't make it visit my web site blah blah dot com See old sexy pictures of me, order my record, buy the clean version for your mom Santa, just one hit, one seasonal favorite One tear jerker piece of commercial shit for the ages or just enough to get an agent Watch how fast I'd sell out, get the cash get the hell out Be on VH-1 Where are They Now Eatin filet mignons by the pound Round baby, fat and gettin down baby No need to fit in fancy clothes now baby Hey get the Camera crews off my grounds! Call me flash in the pan, the blonde chick who thought she could rhyme Please, just let me sell a lot of records at Christmastime!


AMY GRANT "How Mercy Looks From Here"
Something happened the other night Right after the show Someone handed me a photograph Of a girl from a long time ago With wind in her hair, sun in her smile Hardly a care and no sense of style She was free Yeah, free Couldn't help myself traveling in time I was back on that stage Hanging on to Denzel Martin guitar While the music played, singing Oh oh oh, oh oh oh Turning around in an old tie-dyed dress Barefoot and breezy, a beautiful mess I was free Yeah, free Now I'm thinking 'bout the days gone by How we change and we don't know why I'd pull out that old dress if I could Spin around, it would sure feel good, singing Oh oh oh, oh oh oh I can hear the music Echo from that photograph The passion and the surrender, I wanna get that feeling back The wind in my hair, sun in my smile Hardly a care and a little wild, singing Oh oh oh, oh oh oh (Oh oh oh, oh oh oh) The wind in my hair, the sun in my smile Hardly a care, a little wild The wind in my hair, the sun in my smile Hardly a care and a little wild I was free, I was free Been thinking 'bout the days gone by And I feel fine

Junesong Provision

good morning sunshine awake when the sun hits the sky look up the sounds that surround the day you died she waits for me outside near a hole in the ground in the one way thinking you might get the upper hand dear newo ikkin how's apollo been treatin you? has he been a good boy since the day i left? give him my love and a sweet kiss for his head cause i won't be coming home, when you get this i'll be dead narris and larry, gloria to nowhere sir, i think you better take my hand, and pray we make this one out alive captain, we've lost all systems control then son i'll see you in my sleep is it all you've shared with them that makes us paranoid? is it the dream that one day you might be something you're not? is it all you've shared with us that makes us paranoid? is it the dreams that make us real? we'll miss you and wait for you when you come wrong way, right way what god has been giving me we'll miss you and wait for you when you come wrong way, right way bad luck you've gotta be kidding me i've spent so long sitting down here, paper cut my heart in half and discard the evidence when its yours come send me the last half dowsed in kerosene in a torched, blazed blood bath when boy sets fire god knows you've lost at a cost that has no price when you've purchased guilt stand at attention and make sure you know lines and yourself yet you'd say i'll be home alone again waiting wait for me alright, i'm still a boy down there when you want to promise me that i won't fail you now dear captain send the s.o.s. we're gonna go down

Lookin' At Me

Mase "Harlem World"
[Puff Daddy] Hey yo Mase, you know what I don't like? (Why you over there lookin' at me) I don't like when, you know, I'm in a club (Why you over there lookin' at me) And I'm with my honey (Why you over there lookin' at me) You got, you know, the haters They wanna be tough guys all of the sudden [1] - Why you over there lookin' at me While my girl standin' here Why you over there lookin' at me While my girl standin' here [Repeat 1 while:] Hit you with the ice grill, you know Hehe, cause you boys ain't with you Little do they know, your girl roll harder than Some of yo niggas Dig? [Mase] Now what the hell is you lookin' for? Can't a young man get money anymore? Let my pants sag down to the floor Really do it matter as long as I score? Can't my car look better than yours? Can I have a bad bitch without no flaws Come to see me without no drawers In a stretch Lex with about ten doors? How is murder? P. Diddy name me pretty Did it for the money, now can you get with me? People wanna know who is he, he get busy Spray so much izzy, girls get dizzy Niggas on the block know Mase motto One thing about Harlem World, we all got dough 98' Tahoe, Tommy and a Roscoe Case I'm every chased by a Donny Brascoe [Repeat 1] [Mase] Yo, I can't get mad cuz you look at me Cuz on the real, look at me Yo, it always be the haters that be sittin' in the rear Dissin' every gear, but they better listen here You cats keepin' it real, you cats is on yo own Cuz bein' broke and alone is something I can't condone Plus it won't be long till they send me the dome Sit gently, while I'm on the Bentley phone Why you don't like me? Cuz I'm mad fly and icy? And why you can't satisfy yo wifey And if it wasn't for this Bad Boy exposure CD, TV's, really would I know ya Now me and blink float in the gold Rover So it's only right you get the cold shoulder And if you got a girl, don't be real committed Cuz Mase will hit it, you got to deal with it [Repeat 1] [Repeat 1] Make it hot baby, make it hot (come on) Make it hot baby, make it hot (come on) Make it hot baby, make it hot (come on) Make it hot baby, make it hot (come on) We don't stop [Mase] We was all at the Greek fest, it's hot and sandy I rent scooters, I'm with my family Tank top, flip flop, really nothing fancy But get approached by a girl named Tammy Who looked good enough to be Miss Miami But say, since some her peeps call her Candy Than she starts to ask about Aaliyah and Brandy Tellin' me how she met Puff down at the Grammy's He ain't tell you I was the one with no panties? Boo, you know how many he meet with no panties? Please, tell me something that I don't know Like if we have sex, you don't want dough And if it's not a problem you can meet me at 10 I'll be in room 112 and bring four friends And if you gon' hit me, it gotta be a quickie And please no hickies, cuz wifey's with me [Repeat 1 until fade]

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