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Athenaeum lyrics - Radiance

No One

Original and similar lyrics
You're telling me things I already know You take me places I never would go And you act so freely Like the world was your own You can do anything you want But don't you leave me alone And no one feels And no one feels like we do When will we learn That nothing is real And everything's changing Except what we feel And out on your doorstep I was all butterflies Cause all of the moonlight in the sky Was no match for your eyes And no one feels And no one feels like we do You're telling me things I don't want to hear But you are my answer When nothing is clear And the music played softly As you whispered a word I had to sigh and catch my breath From what I had heard And no one feels And no one feels like we do


JIN "Say Something"
You know I gotta say something The beginning and the end What's the difference between the two? I mean I'm still tryna figure it out I know one thing I'm just getting started You know all that stuff that happened in the past... I ain't even thinking about that It's about right now And it's about moving forward Check, check Yo, dear God I wonder can You save me? The more it makes sense the more they claim that I'm crazy I had the beef for them to see me this calm Or reality, uh uh no TV sitcom My pure will got me stolen for Grace Eyes closed, salty tears all I could taste All on my knees, fall on my face They say put God first and everything else will fall in the place So I've heard, wise words got me thinking Gotta give it time to let it sink in I sound confused, I know For what shall a prophet a man to gain the whole world then lose his soul For the longest I was ridin' high cruise control In my own mind making up the ruses I go I swear it's not just my imagination I heard a voice guide in me, navigation Is it the route I chose or should I check the stair end Took a couple wrong turns, selective hearing Is it fact or just my premonition? I see what's going on now, high definition Nothing but lies I was living at Wasted like Lay 6 it took me time to get my vision back Learnt to recognize the fakes and the true snakes So call friends, you know the twoface All in my grill like a twofake Still you never find me under pressure like the last drop of tooth pace My mission has never been more clear The Truth has never been more near But I know I can't do it on my own So I pray You give me strength when I lift the microphone All I hear is "Jin, what happened to the old you? " See I could explain but I would rather show you Word, check it out y'all 'Cause actions speak louder than words So it don't matter how I mix, the nouns with the verbs New fans and glad God anointed my style Old fans wanna know "What will I rap about now? " Switch it up, yo I gots to do it The word is "Jin's spittin' out Gospel music" See I prefer the call it "change your life music" All in hopes that one day you might use it Whatever they choose they label it, so be it I proceeded, all I know is I so need it I'm certain that I can't rap forever Before the curtain call I gotta get my act together No surprise the room over my eyes has been lifted My entire perspective has been shifted I can't call it, you can call it how you feel Call it change, call it grow, as long as you call it real I am no quitter My journey's just begun, you are all welcome to follow, no Twitter I know plenty folks that wanna touch the gate to Heaven Never been to Church 'cause they can't relate the reference Ain't no sense in me, preaching to the quire Even with starch arms I'd be reaching to the fire I stand firm, the enemy don't face me No need to wonder, only God can save me

So Gently We Go

Fill my head with Your nonsense You can breathe my breath Till I turn red Close your eyes Try to follow me If you close your eyes You can become me You can park your shoes On my front step Then gently walk barefoot Through my sunken chest I'll shade my eyes from The burning sun But feel confident 'Cause we're as bold As love... and laughter Wake me up when The day is late so I can watch the sunset and go back to bed And dream so real A fantastic stage Psychodramatic means to Uncertain ends I'll scare you blind with My confidence As cool as Jesus And his twelve best friends The reason we can Do these things is that The Earth has told Of an outrageous spring... Remembered We'll meet for breakfast In the sun room The feeling in my soul As sweet as good perfume Leave your sex At the door... come in There's ecstasy for all No need to leave your name Pirouettes We will make in game On the ceiling Movies of our lives will play The reason we can Do these thngs is that Our minds are clouded And we can't see Straight Maybe I've playedv My part But it's a players Art Me and my friends We were just living... playing I've heard the sound That silence makes And I realize the world Can break From the inside out Or outside in On a breath of wind


(Harris/Bayley) I'm running of my time, I'm running out of breath And now it's getting ,so I can't sleep at night in the day, I feel like death I'm getting in far too deep, I feel they closing in I've got to say that I'm scared,I know they'll win Even so, I prepeared [Chorus:] Do you believe, what you hear Can you believe, what you see Do you believe, what you feel Can you believe What is real? Futureal What is real? Futureal Wherever anyone seems to treat me like a freak It makes me see I'm only one who feels That I know that is real Sometimes it feels like a game of deadly hide and seek And when you reading this, then I will be gone Maybe then, you will see [Chorus 2x]

Look To Me

AZURE RAY "Hold On Love"
Lay your head In my lap Let the sound of my laugh Comfort you now, here in the cold Your face gets wet As the drink slips from my hand And the faster I drive, the harder I cry, "Don't worry I'll get us there." And I look down at you, You look up at me We're a real fucked up family We make it home This place is a mess The smell of cologne Mixed with all that we own Not much, I must confess And I hold your hand As you slip from me As I watch your breath I say to myself, "One day this will all end." And I look at you You look at me We're a real fucked up family All night I feel it inside But I know you're right As I begin to pack Without raising your eyes, I hear you sigh Oh, you'll be back Because I look to you And you look to me We're a real fucked up family

Nothing Left

MACHINE HEAD "Burning Red"
Withered away I see it everyday Complacence desecrates The fabric of our lives Emptiness fills inside me Bitterness has denied me Faith that this world Could ever really give a shit When i feel it Come falling I turn you away I hear the things that you found Might leave a face without a sound Don't push my back against the wall This iron strength will never fail Will NEVER Freezing inside This sould has petrified As concrete fills the skies This life in disarray Consequence every action Brings violence from the passions Loneliness the emotion Shivering inside When I feel it Come falling I turn you away I hear the things that you found Might leave a face without a sound Don't push my back against the wall This iron strength will never fail Will NEVER I fell aroused The falling sun For so long I been away For years till now Been holding on For so long I been away I've nothing left for nobody else I've nothing left for nobody When I feel it Come falling I turn you away I hear the things that you found Might leave a face without a sound Don't push my back against the wall This iron strength will never fail Will NEVER

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