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Ass Ponys lyrics - Electric Rock Music

Lake Brenda

Original and similar lyrics
The grass needs mowin' It's thick and overgrown The weeds grow tall Around Lake Brenda I hit the juice Puts gravel in my goose And helps me fall Into Lake Brenda I don't know if I miss it More than I miss you It's hard to differentiate Between the two I don't know how the hell A life could go so wrong A fish jumps from the water Arcs and then it's gone It's getting late I have to cut some bait And sacrifice it To Lake Brenda I must be cursed I guess it could be worse I could be drowning On Lake Brenda

Theyre Dead

Where are all my friends now Acquaintences have come and gone Past along the road of life Familiar scenes and photographs Stand tall Forget Stand tall They're dead Life has had it's up and down In past they'd be around There to lend a helping hand Friends are often in demand Enemies and friends just coexist Jealousy puts me on their hate list Magazins spells truth in my own words Recreate the hell they all deserve Reassured that they've all gone Once I thought they'd be along They live behind a platic mask Such a self assuring task Censored values, empty visions No preditions, no decisions Mother loser living at home Never left the nest to unknown Bewildered in the face of danger Obesely structured fallen angel Mommy dearest is his savior Laughing at the newest stranger Enemies and friens just coexist Jealousy puts me on their hate list Magazins spells truth in my own words Recreate the hell they all deserve


[Johnny] Heroes, larger than life Up on the screen, every night On the late show, oh what a great show [Waylon] Heroes, under the gun Fighting for justice, for everyone And we follow, where ever they go [Waylon] Heroes, standing up tall Taking their chances, risking it all So you know there'll always be heroes [Johnny] Heroes, so good to know So hard to find, sad when they go Like the shadows, on the high road [Johnny] Heroes, ever on track Never give up, never look back Never lay low, oh never grow old [Johnny] Heroes, right from the start They fall in love, straight from the heart So you know they'll always be heroes [Chorus: Johnny] Ride on safe from all danger Where have you been for so long I've been waiting for another star To rise in my night again Give me a reason we all must carry on Like all the heroes have done [Johnny] Heroes, facing the fight Calling for courage, trying to do right When the dust blows, and the light goes [Johnny] Heroes, tried and true One for the other, ready to do It tomorrow, like it was the last show [Johnny] Heroes, put to the test Keeping a promise, doing their best So you know, there'll always be heroes [Repeat chorus] Ride on, ride on . . .


3RD STRIKE "Lost Angel"
You convinced youself you had nothing nothing left to give in this world filled with pain you memore remains i wish i could have said something to meka you change your mind but it's done it's too late know everything is wrong know everything is wrong now that lisa's gone i remember when we used to be friends those high school days are a haze now i'm amazed how the years slipped away memories faded but you were always a queen to me it's so sad to see this loss is a tragedy no lie playing on my sanity now i shed those tears for your family and everyone who knew you loved you what went wrong too young to pass on i cant believe i cant believe that you achieved to relieve yourself a broken girl in a mixed up world walked out the door i hope you found what you were looking for [chorus] turn another page i guess that life goes on take it day by day it sometimes feels so wrong turn another page i guess that life goes on take it day by day [chorus]

When The Bough Breaks

THE AGONIST "Lullabies For The Dormant Mind"
Alone... she was... and we face this journey alone... Helpless and weak, dependent on others' decisions and needs. But who's to say what is right? To protect a soul or to save a life? Is it a plague or a gift -- the ability to create in the way of the Gods? We are instinctual artists. Atlas had nothing on what we've got. When half a race carries the weight of existence and society shuns most circumstances, reputation screams to conform and cast out anything deviating from the norm. The only way to believe your lies is to spread them far and spread them wide. Creation like a limitless universe... but boundaries are what defines your size... Wake up. Remember nightmares by sharing them upon gaining consciousness. A flooded nation is soon to spoil so wave your flags west! Equality will never be attained when blaming Eve for the sins we've gained. A fighter untilthe end -- but sympathy only kicked in once she was dead. The sacrifice of a life, or rather an exchange, instead. Pity, regret and sorrow turned to hope, but even then the newborn winds up dead. Black -- white, wrong -- right. Quite a simple hypocrisy. Since when is an accident a responsibility? If you play God once, I can play God twice. Give me the decision and I'll handle the fight. Materialism now subsides. Tradition exists when no one has the guts to change. Someone asked me what difference One can make, one day. For we're the moss; the Earth -- the stone, so let us do as did the Tree. For silence will long be ignored, and action recognized quickly. What if? I should have... Hindsight always haunts me. A thosand Judases could never stop me. Slings and arrows disappoint and taunt me. But I'm not wrong, and I'll sacrifice everything just because I know the way since the beginning. ...hindsight always haunts me, and then the bough breaks.


Dead Moon "In The Graveyard"
It's a new game, causing pain You know I've got you on my brain It's the kind of hell you'll never know Girls like you just turn me cold But I guess you found my weaker side Resistance, God how I tried But I've got it bad I must confess To tell the truth I've done my best But you treat me like poison Even with the lights on Guess I might as well be dead Oh, I'm in the graveyard Tried whiskey to ease your hex It made it worse, my life's a wreck The pills I took to numb my pain Only brought visions of you again I'd put the noose around my neck But the way I feel, I'd probably break Love must be an evil curse I've tried to fight, It just gets worse Your love is like an endless hell What you do to me you know too well You won't give me the time I'm on the firing line Convicted and disposed You look but eyes are closed

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