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Asphyx lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
Hordes of disgust Hungrs, hasty, roaming at night Red eyes leering Apparitions of the darkest kind Heinous rodents The past of the modern agglomeration Living terror Indestructable abominations Symptoms ofthe fulminant deseases The number of infected ones increases Inimical towards the human race Death in it's most efficient way Ghastly creatures Enticed by decayed filth Abjective vectors Crawling in fermenting dirt Seat of infection Wallowing in stinking slime Malicious horror Still unaffected by time Spreading an awful and deadly zymotic Whole parts of mankind contaminated Bubonic plague, immortal enemy Several populations attained Verrucous corpses lie in the alley Mephitic cadavers are rotting away The livin covered with furuncles Vermin, infesting another decade

One Last Thing

Chalked up in a city street Broke glass in bloody scene Young guns that are half my age Baghdad up to Monterrey Cell phones and the magazines Death bombs and the human beings Hate war and diamond rings Nightmares of silly things How does anybody sleep at night? Out of mind but not out of sight Out of love and we just begun Livin large in America [Chorus:] But I found, one last thing To believe in But I found, one last thing To believe in Close calls and we're holdin on Police lines and fire alarms High winds with a heavy fall Dead birds in a parking stall How does anybody sleep at night? I lay in bed and I close my eyes I kind of rest but it starts to hurt Living here is a lot of work [Chorus:] But I found, one last thing To believe in But I found, one last thing To believe in But I found [Transmission:] (Why we's true to breathe in the most righteous breath) (A feeling of heartfelt purpose, and a sense of hope) But I found One last thing (For something bigger than ourselves) [Chorus: x2] But I found, one last thing To believe in But I found, one last thing To believe in To believe in

2 Minutes To Midnight

IRON MAIDEN "Powerslave"
(Adrian Smith/Bruce Dickinson) Kill for gain or shoot to maim But we don't need a reason The Golden Goose is on the loose And never out of season Some blackened pride still burns inside This shell of bloody treason Here's my gun for a barrel of fun For the love of living death. CHORUS The killer's breed or the demon's seed, The glamour, the fortune, the pain, Go to war again, blood is freedom's stain, But don't you pray for my soul anymore. 2 minutes to midnight The hands that threaten doom. 2 minutes to midnight To kill the unborn in the womb. The blind men shout let the creatures out We'll show the unbelievers The napalm screams of human flames Of a prime time Belsen feast...YEAH! As the reasons for the carnage cut their meat and lick the gravy, We oil the jaws of the war machine and feed it with our babies. CHORUS The body bags and little rags of children torn in two And the jellied brains of those who remain to put the finger right on you. As the madmen play on words and make us all dance to their song, To the tune of starving millions to make a better kind of gun. CHORUS Midnight...all night...

You're Only A Customer

Intro: Ha ha, ha ha, Roc-a-Fella y'all Futuristic shit beeotch Uh, what the fuck? How we do. How we do. Uh ha Verse 1: Triple platnum nigga with the solid gold fade All that nickle and dime shit, don't hold no weight Fortune 5, top 5 in the Forbes (you'll see) as you Thumb through the Source I read the Ride report Class C, cold me down with the plastic That's all I Ask Of You, like Raphael Saadiq At the hotel, Nico, robbin' the val suite My people's eyes through the peep hole I'm lovin' you down freak as I Shoot through the city like a rumor Not soon enough, to stop 'em from spreadin' the news Paper headin' read Jay-Z breaths, 80 degrees the only thing to cool them off is a Malibu day breeze Can't sop for the feds, say cheese You know they wanna take a nigga picture Pray for the day to get ya, but I'm a parlay and stay richer for now Jigga hasn't done dirt in a while YOu know my stomach getin' weak from livin' on the streets for real Tryin' to oversee it from suites, orderin' eats At the top where the criminal minds meet That's where the cream is (right) , that's where your dream is (well ain't it?) Hook: You're only a customer (uh) Walkin' in the presence of hustlers You spend money all night long All night long - Mary J. Blige Verse 2: A-yo my youth had a nigga too aggressive I use to speed excessive, both eyes closed No thought infested Hittin' pot holes, cop-o's will snatch your weight But your game most precious Had to rethink things, is pinky ring worth Life on the run and time served in Sing Sing I don't know to tell the truth If I'm pressed for doe, I got to consoul Irv Gotti y'all Irv Gotti: Heads got to roll Jay-Z: I was raised to live, Lord I pray you forgive If not, I just handle it like Jason Kidd What you're facin' is official (it's official) Most cases when I m blazin' won't miss you (won't miss you) Case and point mad bullshitted issue I see it to the end, my writting is so personal My heart bleedin' out my pen, make no mistake aobut me It's only one nigga livin', I got a half a cake about me I got love, to make a nigga die bleedin' is nothin' You make a motherfucker die breathin' then you sayin' somthing, beeotch Hook (X3) More flavor than y'all can image havin' Graphic like Sega, Saturn, traffic like the Bodega It just so happens, you caught me at the the tail end of my dive My brain ain't right from inhaling the work of my life Fuck it, 3's in ya, had to hold D.C. high pissy off Cristle 3 G's high seasoned Bacardy, UV's Blesses my body, we be fresh at the party Play yourself go head if you don't no the ledge It's like spittin' to God Get it in your face fuckin' with niggas over your head Take your time with me, shiftee Use to make Coke stretch like the samplin' a 950 Shit with that, while I'm o a Kawasoki bike At the light, doin' a pike, with a bitch on the back And take flight, my life like it was directed by Hype In 35 slow-mo, with the Rockafella logo Accapoco to Arruba, bay breezes and caviar baluga Very little loot, a loser In the grashish blueish, Les Coup it's the root of evil in these people Hook (X3)

Lord Of The Sombre Reborn

Hail to thee, O Earth and Sea From the depths of the flames, I hear them calling thy names The names of the ancient daimons, the name of the one I'm the immortal, I'm thy seventh son! Nocturnal light - blinded my eyes Hail to thee, O Air and Fire From the top of the hill, carried by the coldest winter chill I, the bringer of the storm, the lord of the sombre reborn I'm the superior, I'm the creature of your filthy spawn It's the night that never ends It's the time when darkness has forever faded It's the night without a dawn It's the time when we inject our spawn O come forth - feel my lifeless body Succubus to bear our children To give birth to the undead A new breed of nocturnal creatures A breed of our supremacy Come my whores and I'll lead you into the night Into an unseen world, a world without the holy light To a place you've never been, where they all live in sin Where I wear the crown, and rule The world from my mighty throne Take my hand, I'll lead you to a place you've never been A place where I am the Queen and rule The world from my mighty throne Something moved in front of me That not even my eyes could describe Creatures born without faces Finally my offspring have arrived Nocturnal creatures of hideous shape They all watch the hex-mark I bear They're all around me, on the ground In the sea and flying through the air

Somebodys Mother

Detroit Marcella
(Marcella Detroit) From where she stands The world is more heartless than grand Over the seas It's easy to think that you're free From the pain Worn and defiled As millions of people stand by And she can't complain How much more can her poor body take? And we're so civilized These dogs of war are never kind Just when you thought that it was safe This lovely human race Does it one more time I've no right to sleep 'Cause somewhere she silently bleeds And history smiles She laughts at the fools who ask why? And we're so civilized These dogs of war are never kind Just when you thought that it was safe This less than human race Does it one more time She must be somebody's mother She must be somebody's mother I know somebody must love her Oh, she must be somebody's mother She must be somebody's mother Someone's lover or daughter Isn't anyone thinking of her, oh She must be somebody's mother!!!!

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