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Asphyx lyrics

Diabolic Existence

Original and similar lyrics
Born to bow to the altar of the lord Learn and pray Watching you from above to dominate Manipulate with this book Caress an abstraction It's only in your mind Useless denial of reality Diabolic existence The root of evil is you Centuries of inquisition to burn your own mistake Your eyes are the eyes of malevolence Your horns are your faith and your cruelty Your thoughts are corrupted with deceit Honesty was burned at the stake Agonize, brutalize crawl in disgust the end of the truth is the beginning of your fate The horns and the eyes of malice Deceit is the name of the game

What About Us?

POINT BREAK "Apocadelic"
Look into my mind there's version of you i cannot sleep at night for fear of the truth,OH should i take the blame or should i stand in your way or is it too much too late Look into my eyes i'm dazed by the light it took me by surprise your sadness last night maybe it is fate that we made this mistake, Now it's too much too late What about us are you scared enough that you need someone to run to What about us are you strong enough to throw the dream away What about us are you scared enough that you need someone to run to Reality come back to me Look into the past Reflect on the pain did we move too fast while feelin' the strain why are we feelin' this hate Now it's too much too late What about us Baby,got to realise OOh come on you know you got me hypnotised out to control Got no soul at the stage of the game the danger of the roll of the dice playin' around with our lives makin' all the decisions No Alibis Let's feel the flow come on lock the door Don't cuss 'n' tell me some i wanna know about US

The Zamboni Song

Jesus in a Sidecar
Yes you know how some things seem like God's gift Easy come and easy go They disappear before you know it And in the light of this new day dawning We see things a different way With such a price on what we say But I'm so pleased for you I'm so pleased You have all the answers Thanks a million for your thoughts on culture Please feel free to speak your mind Though people say it turns you blind And did you know there's a God here with you He knows what is right or wrong 'Cause he's read the book for far too long But I'm so pleased for you... What do you know about good and evil? So here's a thought while we burn our bridges If the pen's not worth the sword Then pass the gun and praise the Lord But I'm so pleased for you...


TWIZTID "Mirror Mirror"
I've been evicted, erase me from the face of the planet Cause your world got my outlook damaged My minds stuck inside a cycle of depression The reflection Can you feel me Look in the mirror, tell me do you see clearly They have it shattered and cracked, it's so crazy My minds stuck inside a cycle of depression The reflection Listen, I can make the crows talk And have you jumping out a twenty story building And come crashing on the sidewalk You can see it in my eyes cause I never blink And I can read it on your mind every time you think I'm the sick side of circling spells And I'm surrounded for the secrets ofÂ… All the writings on the walls in the cave described us To decapitate the heads of the people who broke trust Beyond the nonbelieving Unforgiven by the sacraments of sin All the way from the beginning I keep spinning Good versus evil, who's winning My mind state taking a beating and still grinning Underground and I'm buried alive I'm resurrected and reflected through the Juggalo eyes This ain't no fucking disguise This is the way that I look And it will all be explained in the book (in the book) [Chorus] I want you to touch the mirror, saying Twiztid inside your mind 17 times Would you survive in a world that's full of hate Or would you live and love then die and be buried and then disintegrate I want you to envision in the battle ground With a light from heaven if I give them hell of the sound Painted in the wind like the stench of the dead Angels with broken wings and devils with severed heads I want you to believe in the realm of the dark Where souls are rotten like teeth and withered like tree barks Screams can be heard, only faint in the sky Demons with false tongues and bright yellow eyes With his flesh being torn, by haunts and ghosts With a flock of and unicorns The monster in the medicine cabinet grows clear Is it me or my reflection that I'm seeing in the mirror In the book (in the book) They'll all be explained in the book (in the book) [Chorus]


A wasteland grows inside my mind As the moons sets before my eyes My dreams are old and milleniums passed by Torn - in a strong reality Born - into the wrong century I am soldier of dark existence I'll last eternally... I am the triumphator In the grip of eternal frost Domination, devastation Eternal damnation ...Not just evil imaginations Drum auf bereit zum letzten Stob Wie's uns're Ahnen waren Der Tod sei unser Kampfgeschob Wir sind die schwarzen Scharen! Eternal Damnation... Und dem Leben soll kein Reich mehr bleiben Total devastation!

If I Die

Killah Priest "View From Masada"
*rain and thunder* [Chorus x2: Sauldin] Now I lay me down to sleep I, I pray the Lord that my soul he keeps If I should die, before I awake I, I pray the Lord that my soul he takes [Killah Priest] If I die, may the sky turn forever grey Neglect the moon of a light, turn the sun beige May the Lord open up every grave Every prophet that was slayed May they roam the earth for thousands days Give 'em a body of a slave May the Lord strike this earth with pestilence and plagues If I ever lay, may they cover me with weed, ash, hip and sage Merry thug raid, may they bust in gauge Merry judge pray, when they lower my cage And my flesh return to wet clay From which I was made, my bones rot and decay If I rest eternal, may the Lords send great inferno Till this day I write my journal Journal, urban journal (Lord) [Chorus] [Killah Priest] Dear heavenly Father The reason why I stand at your gates holdin two revolvers Cuz down on earth I had mad drama Protect my body from the tabernacle of robbers I pray that an angel take my body Before the doctors have a chance to do an autopsy Buryin me near Bob Marley, or even Haley Salassie Surround me by his Israeli posse What I know shocks me, the seven heads of Juliani Six-six-six, illuminati, and Lord makes shorty mummify me I put every word in my diary So in time, every eye can see Send death to the world, that's haunted Kill 'em with torment, let the beast rise, that lies dorment No more life insurance or police warrants, for me [Chorus x1.5] [Killah Priest] When I was born, gynacologists surrounded my womb Now I'm born, archeologists surroundin my tomb They suit me up in perfume, in that small church room Don't cry, I be back to earth soon Felt the fever of thieves in my blood Born to live after the sunset of the world If we die of another man's ignorance Remember Lord, they ain't innocent Before they acted nigger-ish, tasted hell bitterness Swallow my tongue, like a liquorice Though, runnin through his naked wilderness Mad as a jackal, with the dry mouth That prowls the grave at the time of drought Bury me near King David Somewhere in the oasis Fill my body with Godly fragrance May I sleep with the ancient Feed my flesh to the ravens Wish death on every peagan If I finish my night in some gutter with my throat cut By some fake friends who had me doped up Fill this whole planet with smoke and such If I'm murdered like Abrah' May I fall in the arms of an angel Fuck a close friend, they can change too Return to the earth as Gairule, hostin my own funeral Lookin unusual, may the earth choke and spit up my coffin Use my body as an offering, God bless my offsprings (Show him the way) If I die tonight (Show him the way) [Chorus x3]

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