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Aslan lyrics

Lucy Jones Part 2

Original and similar lyrics
Lucy Jones Part 2: The Sun is out today Lucy tries so hard to find something to say And that's not good It's not too late she said You've got to learn to love yourself before anyone else. Start lovin' yourself. Chorus: I'm so glad you understand me now So glad that you found me When everything I ever did was so wrong I'm so glad now. The girl I used to know hides behind herself Cause she's got nowhere to go And she told me so. She wants to continue It's too late now to break out a smile Cause you used to be so wild. Repeat Chorus I hope she finds her way I hope the sun comes out to stay I'm so glad she understands me It's always the same she said Oh what a pain in the head Nothing has changed she said. Lucy's back to stay She's got no need to hide Repeat Chorus End I'm so glad now It's sad to end this way But Lucy's got no more to say.


Lost And Found
When you first begin your journey, You're not sure of who you are And the lessons that you're learning They don't seem to take you far And you just can't keep from stumbling Though you try so hard to stand And the truth can be so humbling When it's just beyond your hand As though youth were my invention As though love lay undefined To stay young was my intention To stay free and unconfined And so I held my pride above you Oh, yes, what a fool was I Holding back the words, I love you, And letting out the word, Goodbye, and Chorus: I was wrong to let you go I was a child and I did not know About the love we both could have given And now you're gone so far away I hope I see you again one day But if I don't, I hope I see you in heaven Well, I was foolish in those younger days To think they'd never end But life confused me with its changing ways And I just could not comprehend All the magic of those moments Lost, now light footprints in the sand And while I'm standing here remembering It's so hard to understand that Chorus Now I'm sitting in this garden In the middle of my day And my memories fade and harden As the years, they slip away And I've been looking in my mirror At the age around my eyes Time is such an early laborer Precision is its neighbor They lay my body in the ground But let my spirit touch the sky Chorus I hope I see you in heaven

Wide Awake

I'm only human, what a lousy excuse but we're playing a game now, I'm meant to loose consider me dangerous, consider us a crime when I fall asleep now, I can't close my eyes chorus: wide awake, I'm wide awake and I say I don't know how, I don't know when (repeat 1 more time) it's you versus me now, just the two of us hard to tell the difference between hated and lost we can't stay together, we can't stay alone a night full of pleasure, to scream and moan chorus repeat chorus, repeats until fade

Nayibs's Song (I Am Here For You)

Lately my son I've been confused Don't know what to tell you 'cause it's all such bad news Lately my son I've been discouraged I look around and it fills me with worry What kind of world can I offer you Where will it all lead, do we have the sense to make it through? I've tried to figure it out, to have an answer I can tell you But all I can see, all I can see (chorus) Is I am here for you, and you are here for me It's an ongoing process I will take care of you and you will take care of me If were gona make some progress (verse 2) Lately my son I feel ashamed For many things that have happened and are happening again Really my son I thought we'd learned From what I see around me it's a very tough world But all I can hope is that you take it as a challenge To create somthing new that will take you far, I know that you can manage To scatter some hope, 'cause it's not to late to repair the damage The only way it can be, is so easy to see repeat chorus (bridge) You gotta believe, never be afraid to dream But follow it through, 'cause it won't get done unless it comes from you Gotta make it all work, for the ones that are coming after you Though hard it may seem, gotta believe repeat chorus

Hope Your Dreams Come True

Daisy Chainsaw "Eleventeen"
Hello I'm you're saviour you're such individuals everyone agrees it's going to feel so good now I'd pay a high price to feel nothing at all I hope all your dreams come true {chorus}(repeat) you're sympathy I don't need my brick wall it stays up it took so long to build {chorus} people all need a hero to touch they're souls is easy I hope all your dreams come true (repeat) If they don't what will you do?

Sweet Lies

BERES HAMMOND "Love From A Distance"
Intro: Now Jack is the mack and he comes around every Monday, oh Tuesday and Wednesday, Every day of the week And even though I try to tell you that I love you from the bottom of my heart You had no place for me, It's all vanity now Chorus: You fell for one a them sweet lies The ones you don't want to believe in When your heart's not hearing What your brain is saying And you're weak in the knees Another sweet lie The kind you don't want to believe When the heart's in doubt you got to stay out Verse 1: Now the wine and the roses Stop coming around sometime ago But you won't admit that so, you pretend I know it's hard to look your best Wearing that same old shabby dress So you stay at home, waiting by the phone Repeat Chorus Verse 2: Now it gives me no pleasure to say I told you so, It's been hard to keep it low Knowing the things I know Maybe in another place and in another time Under different circumstances You will find happiness, so I suggest Don't take foolish chances no Repeat Verse 3: Repeat Chorus

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