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ASKING ALEXANDRIA lyrics - The Irony Of Your Perfection

Bitter Revenge, Sweet Tragedy

Original and similar lyrics
One chance, One shot One bullet in the back of my head And it came from the bottom of your heart You couldn't find the words to tell me So you went and found some bullets and shot me What better than the kiss of a 9mm To promote the heartbreak? Goodbye to the paramour notes We used to be such a finely scripted romance But now you're all alone in watching me drown in our Last tragedy that you so proudly painted Oh God, how the bullet meets my lung Just like the love it takes my breath away Oh God, well now it's ended But the last laugh belongs to me; listen up This is my bullet of envy This mess, the cracks in your heart That's what you've created This the heartache that only you've invented Oh God, how the bullet meets my lung Just like the love it takes my breath away You're pulling the trigger, pacing the bullet against my heart Screaming the point 4 so I can have a head start to exit But I'll break back through with my bullet of envy My bitter revenge before your sweet tragedy Oh God, pull the trigger Oh God, the pull of a trigger Say something more To preach the sudden silence My last words before your Gunshot

Melt My Heart To Stone

ADELE "19"
Right under my feet is air made of bricks It pulls me down turns me weak for you I find myself repeating like a broken tune And I'm forever excusing your intentions And I give in to my pretendings Which forgive you each time Without me knowing They melt my heart to stone And I hear your words that I made up You say my name like there could be an us I best tidy up my head I'm the only one in love I'm the only one in love Each and every time I turn around to leave I feel my heart begin to burst and bleed So desperately I try to link it with my head But instead I fall back to my knees As you tear your way right through me I forgive you once again Without me knowing You've burnt my heart to stone And I hear your words that I made up You say my name like there could be an us I best tidy up my head I'm the only one in love I'm the only one in love Why do you steal my hand? Whenever I'm standing my own ground You build me up, then leave me dead Well I hear your words you made up [Album version:] I say your name like there should be an us [Live version:] So I say your name like there should be an us I best tidy up my head I'm the only one in love I'm the only one in love

I'm Back (Freestyle)

All we know is to smash up the furniture, board up the house. Gotta keep the zombies and the vampires out; but when the moon's full and you feel yourself change, things will never be the same. I let lose in the fucking game with a werewolf growl, its the only thing you can do and its staring you down. And I'm airing you out, in the night with a rusty aithblade. When I'm bustin glass I'm sorry it must be that way. You might see me with a bottle I wont give you three wishes, ain't no genie in this bottle just a bunch of mean liquid. And consider it your child point him out if he snitchin. Be rightous as any god, and evil as three sixes. Its rediculously calm waiting for the good pictures. You don't got me on your record that just isn't good business. And I'm wearing skinny jeans I'm too big for my britches. If murder by any means on this mission and you're fishin for a minnow in a lake with a crocodile in it. When they see me flow their eyes come poppin out. Finnished what you started don't go droppin out just because you heard me and you think you got no option now. I'm optin out of fuckin with your lame brains claiming you're important. I hit you in your main vein you wish that you snorted. I'll import it to your main frame, blame noone for it. if pain is beauty I must be gorgeous. I'm fucking nautious read it in the blood. I lost most of my friends to the needle or the gun. See the suburbs crumblin, rumblin the stomach of the beast you get eaten you plummet a hundred feet. I am JJ Demon that's my motherfuckin name oh you must have been thinkin about some other fuckin lame talkin chain against your jewel snatch, right over your body get your crew back to tag to slide off to this body. Kamikaze pilot flying in the booth and I'm killin everyone if I gotta die with em too. Its what I do, resurrected every morning comin back from the dead for your head swing your axe like a lumberjack. I'm bringin that hunger back were under attack walking dead. Blow that motherfuckin house up they're tryin to get in, sew your motherfuckin mouth shut for tryin to spit I know everything about ya, you're lyin again. If at first you don't succeed you ain't tryin again. You'll be dyin you'll die twice you'll be dyin again. I'm just plannin my retirement Ill expire you and a can of gas and a fire that won't let the firemen in. I'm reppin phili all crazy you see me actin calm but were really all crazy; sippin grey goose through a silly straw, really off balance I just wanna stay loose, do you feel me dawg? I am here to stay, no I will never ever slack, when I steal the ball away you will never get it back. Sound stupid when you talk, sound clever when you rap. Just quit that's a motherfuckin feather for your cat. Rats still tryna steal the cheddar from the trap. Instead of gettin cheddar in the trap. You are witnessing the beginning for you its the beginning of the end. Kill him dead like a zombie with a bullet in his head. Bullet in his head ..bullet in his head ..bullet in his...

The Tugboat Complex Pt. 3

AESOP ROCK "Labor Days"
I could make 'em all dance, or I could sleep I could walk with a limp and make your step feel incomplete people are made of match sticks, light this bread a flames note at the craft work door the last smirk of the the Damien mainframe my box cost siphon third rail juice from lost poets inhabit ocean bottoms with a bitter rotten scapegoat pardons (note to self) don't bargain at martyr parliament rallies where participants squeeze your last giggle then whittle sacrificial finalies I can tie my new faces alone, save your knee deep offerings sorta bring puke coughing bunk persona to light (I might) build [?] railroads, find you, and lay tracks adjacent just to scream "fuck off" as the engine pulls out the station what should we do with a thousand drunken sailors? "kill 'em all, locate their family address, release a mailer" (dear sir or madam, your son or daughter's embarrassed human kind consuming booze and gut fuel, till they cruised across the line) I spin gold, your raps are dirty lapsed towards the nursery class act impression of a bubble (yeah I could of been more subtle when polluting paradise gene puddle) man huddles make us look like cool peeps and I'm trying to school sheep towards the right idea {c'ya - [5X]} this basic divine subsidiary bust center syllable logic, fold origami plantation shut this picket fence hang on to your dreams kitten, you'll probably never hear this song let alone sip the mission long enough to listen (I smoke cigarettes down to filter, smoke the filter down to space now I'm gonna roll this question tight and smoke that shit up in your face now if you were to alter masks every time fame circus approaches do you really think your maker wouldn't notice?) Okay, I've died a thousand, and I'll die a thousand more, I leave footprints in fours, two for bi [?], two operate [?] practically caress the utterings of crushed [?] brothers and sisters mothering stickler cabin and madden shit I'll fix the wing for a penny and a parabole, yeah but this friendship sunk with a barrel full of [?] pull I seen guys harbor bad shiners then wonder why the culprits sitting at the their rainbows ending want's garbage bag liners [?] with out the apple seed it's useless (I sat for greed) patched for boredom crafts a castle out of toothpicks (I sat to breath) I breath to hard nearly metamorph castle loose pins now I stand to breath as not to disturb the [?] and I know that's not a story, it no longer turns my stomach hollering wolves in the form of one frustrated culprit but a love tap full of washed up stardom melted trying to milk it win a ticket to right white lines highway sideways [?] one love to the rungs in my ladder, one love to the gathering of laughter bats that hung from my rafters see the jackal met the badger, they were both such fucking bad asses that clashing wouldn't make sense (hence my tape deck) now I ain't gonna name name's, and I ain't gonna drag others in but I ain't about to say that I'm the only cat you got bubbling your lucky, somehow you managed to befriend some good people who will sit and soak the evils you secrete, but why? I'm not really sure (knock the fuck off, kicking his lip across the floor 'til the archival vinyl venom soak the [?] anti-clarity mechanism spit flattery burners fusing a million majesty murders then stole the crown) oh wait that's right, you discovered me right? offered up the peace pipe, and oh It's all cotton candy when Aesop Rock the B light he's actin foolish left in the middle of laying bricks (oh we weren't building nothing but a great wall around these stones and sticks) oh and for the record I've been rhyming since me and Andre thought we could freestyle built foundation out of passion and brother dusty [?] studied dope rappers, vocab expansion, poems and syllable placement your just mad cuz somewhere in there you came and went (I ain't the type to dwell) dismissed it as casually non compatible and bounced obtained status where I could straight objectively critique your after projects like (damn that sounds fresh) or (damn that shit is garbage, what happened? I'm not even laughing) yeah, but the barriers were broken (you choked) you made comments to the wrong [?] who out of respect and honor leaked your program now like were both trying to sit and breath another dawn so my advice to you is when I say just "move on" (move on [5X])

Fuck Wit Me Famo

MICK JENKINS "Trees & Truths"
South side stepping Bitch I'm repping where I lay my head, break my bread Breeding love where hatred fled Fuck with me famo 63rd and Rose We blew a joint like moo and oink them pigs We all on your plate; Tryna get a piece of your lettuce You know they got a dread-head fetish Watch me dip like axle slips on potholes Peanut butters, I pop those Step up the convo Rolling up basil leaves and cilantro Checking out condos Lofty thoughts get awfully awkward Reaching them living with low ends Started with no ends Keeping your conscience open Keeping your content potent Potpourri if your nostrils open Come get a whiff of this coffee Catch the salt if you wanna get saucy You see the swank in the swing for the cream You see the south side in all of it's glory You see the faith and the love for the dream Free be the team Wolf's demon head with a full head of steam South side stepping Bitch I'm repping where I lay my head, break my bread Breeding love where hatred fled Fuck with me famo [SolarFive:] Don't get it twisted I twist it like digits throwing sets So I paint a picture so vivid to get you wet up Now wet up the scene with berettas and beams/ If I sketch up a sceme to get your neck cut in breeze I will tech up the beams Send your set up indeed But my set up was clean so shut the fuck up and breath Feelings ain't feeling. We villians They drilling. I'm hitting with venom And splitting a piff and I'm getting so lifted Enliven with vigilant these symptoms of sickness still live in existence And all my niggas in prison From the sixth tre to the low end Where I hit haze, where they non nigga Where they hit graves The plot thickens No caskets so the plot thickens It's mind different. Devine nigga Divide and try niggas And rise it's mine niggas We ride and die with them South side stepping Bitch I'm repping where I lay my head, break my bread Breeding love where hatred fled Fuck with me famo

Untitled Finale

ATREYU "A Death-Grip On Yesterday"
You put a bullet in my head Turned black thoughts to red This could all end in tragedy I dream of your death, Lay you down to rest I won't look back in fond memory But time marches on like a soldier, are you a killer? I think I know what you are - a thief in the night And though it's taken me so very long to figure you out You're throwing stones, your glass castle is falling down On top of your good times, I'm not interested in working this out You put a bullet in my head Turned black thoughts to red This could all end in tragedy And that's what you are, a sad plastic fucking mess Don't come to me with how your tired, used up and just barely getting by Because I would walk on by and not even, Not even kick you when you're down, Though you would deserve it because you are lower than the lowest dog But this is the part where I say goodbye And let the sands of time blow over us Say goodbye, and let the sands of time blow over us You've never had to crawl, you've never had to see, What it feels like to be so trapped underneath The weight of someone's world, comes crashing down on me I was longing to be free, I put the bullet in you and me [x5] This is my farewell to you and I, This will all end in tragedy Woah, this will all end in tragedy. [x4 with fade out] This will all end in tragedy [x3] This will all end in tragedy.

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