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ASKING ALEXANDRIA lyrics - Reckless And Relentless


Original and similar lyrics
You'll never really find those perfect words, Something more than just, goodbye. It's hard to remember the good times when there's just so much heartache, But they deserve more than that. They deserve more than just one single moment of sadness. So just remember, That when there's enough love in our hearts to burst like a fuckin' supernova, Then there sure as hell's enough love in our heart, to spark that famous smile. We all lose someone at some point in our lives, But don't ever let go of that smile. Hold on forever, Because that's our final dedication.

Not A Worry In The World

ATARIS "Look Forward To Failure"
Do you remember all the things we did And what it's like to be a kid. Being young and skipping school, I guess we must have broken every rule! I never thought those times would last forever, But now that they're gone I'm pretty sure we grew up to fast. I've had my wishes on a star I hope that yours came true. Now all I've got is a memory of you. [Chorus] Not a worry in.. [x7] ... the world! I remember when you moved away, You promised me that you'd be back one day, But times have changed and so have I, It sucks that friendships end With a goodbye. I never thought that frienships last forever. But now that you're gone I'm pretty sure we end up all the same. Still I won't say goodbye. Won't ever say goodbye. And know that I'll always be your friend. [Repeat Chorus]

One Line Wonder

I love you but I can't remember why Stars fallin' from high forgotten sky I was a one-line wonder in my own love song I keep a little journal by my bed Dreams help me find the words I haven't said Like when a little girlie said goodbye to me From behind a screen door I won't see her again I'm sure Didn't I say I need you I tried to move on but I can't I tried to think of bad times Good memories are all I have I love you but I can't remember why I'd love to find a reason to deny I was a one-hit wonder in my own hometown And I guess I might have made a few mistakes But maybe that's exactly what it takes To get a little happy in this big sad world How many have you made And which of those have you laid on down to die Well didn't I say I need you I tried to move on but I can't I tried to think of bad times Good memories are all I have

It's Over

JON SECADA "Same Dream"
Goodbye my love, I know it's late Within these walls, I contemplate Do you remember how we met There is so much I can't forget Girl you're inside of me now Forever a part of me now [CHORUS:] Even though we said goodbye I can't believe it's over Look into my eyes And tell me that it's really over Say we try it again A leap of faith is just a chance Not to give up Not to give in Though we say it's over We got the hearts to compromise This is our time to realize it There is no other way around this We could be crazy, could be wrong So what if we seize the moment Forever is ours to take it [CHORUS] Good bye my love, my only love I know you feel we've had enough But I got a right to make believe That you're the only one for me Don't know how else to say it Before you walk away love

Love At First Light

JOE JACKSON "Volume 4"
It's the crack of noon And i sit here watching you sleeping I only wish that i could remember your name But i know it's written on a matchbook somewhere And maybe i'll find it, and maybe i'll care Or maybe your'll fix me with one of those stares And put up a fight So when you awake i admit i'm relieved When you flash me a smile like a diamond And just for a moment i almost believe In love at first light I propose a breakfast of coffee and aspirin You laugh, suggesting a raw egg or two But oh was it ever so good being bad? Like a couple of vampires, deliciously mad Saying this is the best blood that we've ever had So we drank it all night And it we untangle the webs that we weave Then mayber there's room for more laughter 'Cos just for a moment i almost believe In love at first light Feeling cold You put a robe 'round my shoudlers Smile and pull one of your favourite books form my shelf Let's opens the curtains and let out the dark And if the sun doesn't melt us and there's still a spark And we do something human like walk in the park The spark could ignite So maybe i'm moonstruck, or maybe naive But i know there's a GOd and a Devil So maybe i'm crazy enough to believe In love at first light

I Will Be Your Friend

AMY GRANT "Behind The Eyes"
When every moment gets too hard End of the road can feel so far No matter how much time we're apart I'm always near you I'll be the shelter in your rain Help you find your smile again I'll make you laugh at a broken heart Wherever you are 'Cause I'm never gonna walk away If the wall comes down someday All alone and you feel afraid Be there when you call my name You can always depend on me I believe until forever ends I will be your friend So many people come and go But nothing can change the you I know You'll never be just a face in the crowd And time will show Through the seasons and years I will always hold you dear Never you fear (Chorus) I'll be your rock when every candle burns down low And I want you to know (Chorus) (Final Chorus)

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