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ASH lyrics - A-Z Vol. 2

Dare To Dream

Original and similar lyrics
Strength, purity of mind Youth, unconcerned with time Overflowing spirit full of life It's all lost Hope, running free and wild The will to never look behind To search for something that you'll never find It's all gone Oh, why do you have to dream so hard? It only breaks your heart Brave in everything you tried To the limits of your mind The hedonistic voyages inside All in vain Oh, why do you have to dream so hard? It only breaks your heart Reckless heart! Rebel spirit! Heights of joy! Challenge what is possible You can change the world Breaking through the speed of light You will have to pay the price Call of danger in the night Chasing falling stars Wonder what became of us? You have seen too much Too much Too young Oh, why do you have to dream so hard? It only breaks your heart

Full Moon

Killarmy "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars"
When I came to you there on that cold telephone pole horror of the night and you came out to meet me and then tell me things and sit down on the porch swings Congratulations you coming home next month Humble as a monk We celebrate with Crystal and skunk The family's large It's hard being God Still take charge come home to a massage A line of credit cards with a Land Cruiser parked in the garage And trying to make up for the times when you was gone Being locked up while my heart was torn You wrote me letters Telling me when you come home things will be much better I mailed you a pair of Tims for a Wu-Wear sweater Up in the penal dipped (?) for the weather In difficult times it's hard to maintain I strive to live in the shelter that blocks out the rain And that rain is pain For stress on the brain will have a nigga insane Forced to stay awake Late nights it's hard to sleep When I peek Cause the kitchen's chopped up (?) they be trying to creep on me Mental explosion when I meditate over by Taca Lake Thoughts remain calm like the ocean Puff a little war potion Everything relates to emotion When I stare at the stars surrounded by trees Sometimes I feel like a fallen leaf Blown away by wind realities Strong breeze, but you're free I took the block off the horn So let knowledge be born Blood brothers forever Killa B's on the swarm Dom P's (?) past, guns blast I recollect on the past On how we ran wild together Chasing cash and ass Small time thing Managing stings for nugget rings Went back far like acorn fights on modern swings Kingpin style, juveniles raised with major flav Tenth grade came went on our own and severed ways Never realized Poppy would die or leave my side Homicide never I visualize better You live forever in my heart son Mentally dunn we roll together No years past I still hear blasts as guns flashed My nigga run fast he sumble to a lifeless crash On the concrete my leg felt weak I couldn't eat let alone sleep This shit is way beyond bone deep Now I sip beers Shed a few tears with our peers Play the rears Do the knowledge through glares and cold stares Yo it's hard kid I swear to my unborn this war's going on Veterans taking falls to young pawns But I stay strong and try to move on And live life to the fullest Rest in peace to the God who took a bullet

We Can't Win

AZ "Doe Or Die"
I wake up to them rapping tunes every afternoon, I'll be home soon I see the board sometime after june. met a couple of convicts, that's way beyond sick it seems they dig my style, cause I be on some don shit. laid back, I ran into some brothers from wayback those that I dig there be others black - i'm real unclear on what he actually says here I don't say jack I stay in tune with the stars sun and moon because behind bars your doomed if your mind can't consume plus spiritual pain can bring forth physical rain and without knowledge of self how else can a criminal change? and being locked up ain't the life of me shit is way too trife for me you're coming home soon sounds so nice to me But you can bet, i'm bouncing out with mad props and if I get chopped, and knocked Baby Pop my world don't stop And in here it makes us all the same for blowing backs out five to fifteen see you in the bean till they max out mis behavin, acting uncivilized like cavemen I witness bravemen, that gave inside(?) minds turn to gay men nobody's playin crimes of prisoners supposed to be preying(?) on some low shit layin sleep get yo ho shit banged in hangin who's to warn you outta the hell these inmates gone through from the 3 halves of a four group(?) doubt if anyone is normal and overall it's hard to call who would try to play you one kid from my tomb caught a carved spoon through his navel nothing can save you even C.O's try to grave you it's painful to even know those that are most faithful, will betray you I lay lo-key cause I ain't heard the least try and get out early on work release praying the system will work with me cause I ain't trying to see three hots(?) and a cot so I rock that ain't my plot baby pop my world don't stop so until that dayi'm discharged and set free fuck who's going sex me, my mind is more based on making my next G now let's see nothing on me as a juvenile no more moving foul, the penile possesses me with a smoother style Blessing my mental with mathematics to map shit, through graphics fuck it, I ain't with hustling backwards So wiser man, with ideas and liver plans more mature and for sure I saw all my eyes could stand sit and try to design these words of mine to define what occurs when you're serving time freshness blurs the mind behind bars, scars are signs of hard times i'm trapping myself inbetween these lines cause I ain't trying to see three hots(?) and a cot so I rock that ain't my plot baby pop my world don't stop


GARY NUMAN "Sacrifice"
So I close my eyes and drift into sleep, But something is here, In the dark, in the dream. Like a cruel wind clutching my heart, I feel more than I see, Like a clue to a nightmare that I can't believe. Then it touches me and I try to scream, And a thought tears me inside. And I will do anything, Anything, you understand? Just to wake up. Sometimes it almost makes me cry. Sometimes it seems to call my name out loud. Sometimes it feels like I'm alone And then it comes for me again. I'm told it's called the un-reality dream. I'm told it's called the great American lie. I'm told that this is like the vengeance of God. I can't believe that God would do this to me. I've known fear many times, but nothing like this. I'm so scared I can't breathe. I know I'm asleep, but I know this is real, And no one can help me here. I'm deep inside something, and I may never come back, And then it was gone, And then I realised that the rush brought it in, And I will never sleep alone again. Sometimes it almost breaks my heart. Sometimes I swear I hear it laugh at me. Sometimes it feels like I could die And then it leaves my dreams again. Feels like I'm fighting the possession of my soul. I'm told that this is called the sickness of need. I've got to cut the sex connection and slide A word of warning to the weary and wise.


Fenrik Lane
Ebony… These are the ways of society. Reach for the sun. There is no sun, you are the lonely one. Ebony… These are the facts, this is reality. They'll drag you down. They'll break your heart and turn your world around Ebony, say you will always find a friend in me. But you must do whatever I say. Now lay down and dream, someone will come and set you free. Though you know in your heart that you are here to stay. The dream that died - was it murder or was it suicide? It left you cold, made you feel so used and old. Ebony, now there is nothing to look forward to. But you may still have to suffer and fight. Now lay down and dream, someone will come and set you free. Though you know, in the end you'll see no light. Ebony, you'll never be what you want to be. Your hopes are gone, you'll never ever trust another one. Ebony, say you will always find a friend in me. But you must do whatever I say. Now lay down and dream, someone will come and set you free. Though you know in your heart that you are here to stay.


Happy Campers
Help! there's a girl in my bed thought's are runnin through my head somethin' must be said I think she wants to spend the night I don't mind but her boyfriend might somethin' don't feel right I won't sleep tonight i know cause I have no self control she don't mind why should i say no how far will we go will we take things slow will she like me tomorrow maybe its all wrong but I'm feelin fine cause i know tonight you'll be mine live for the moment don't think ahead cause all that really matters tonight is lying in my bed Everyone else has gone to sleep I should be countin sheep tryin hard not to make a peep but her skin brushes against mine sends a shiver down my spine call in sick for work tonight find it very hard to sleep probably had to much to drink I hope my breath don't stink our lips begin to touch I want her so much Yeeaaahhhh

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