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ASAP ROCKY lyrics - Long.Live.A$ap


Original and similar lyrics
[Verse 1] I swear this famous shit just happened overnight For sure these hoes was so uptight, but now they so polite All I see is fake love, smiles, and overbites But I’m pimpin’ nigga, Dolemite I remember when, I was like ten, maybe nine Ricky had a deuce-deuce two shotty pumps with a baby nine Busta had the rhymes, Puffy had the Shyne Bone thugs had more thugs but that was the shit, that made me rhyme Wassup, what’s on your mind? Hol’ up, I’m feeling fine Locs got me blind, thuggin’ like I’m Eazy-E up in his prime Another young nigga with a attitude I guess that’s why the crackers kept me after school Roaches on the wall, roaches on the dresser Everybody had roaches but our roaches ain’t respect us On the park bench playing checkers, sipping nectar Girbaud jeans with hologram straps and reflectors We had cookouts and dirt bikes and dice games and fist fights And fish fries and shootouts like one SIG with two rounds And click left two down, that’s four kids but one lived Left three dead, but one split, that one miss, that one snitch That’s everyday shit, shit we used to that Add it up, do the math with your stupid ass Don’t view me as no conscious cat, this ain’t no conscious rap Fuck the conscious crap, my mac’ll push your conscience back I do this for my culture, penny, nickels in the sofa Mommy watching Oprah, daddy in the kitchen whipping soda Cook, connect, named Sosa, Spanish chick by Ola hit it in the chocha With the Testarossa, hit Daytona, fuck the law, we soldiers I’m bout it bout it, nigga ain’t shit sweet about me The baddest bitches on the block be even speakin’ bout me I’m so thuggish ruggish bringin’ ruckus, knuckin’ if you buckin’ Young and thuggin’, buggin’ showing out in public, but you love it [Bridge] I only got one vision, that’s for kids in every color, religion That listen, that you gotta beat the system, stay the fuck out the prisons They try to blind our vision, but we all got children and siblings You my brother, you my kin, fuck the color of your skin [Verse 2] Back once again Chilling in the back of the ‘Lac with a pass or the gin Finna ask can I pass to her friend, Then a nigga smash, I’ll be damned if I ask her again Gold slabs on the ‘Lac when I spin, Then it’s back to the back of the Benz, Lean back in the back with the Henn And a crap when I tap that that then attack, Never tax, never that that, max on the ends Spend ends, I remember way back when, A motherfucker used to have to borrow cash from my friends, friends Just to put a snack up in the fridge When I’m on, I swear to God to pay you back Now the kids all look up to me, them bitches wanna fuck with me My idols say what’s up to me, from ugly to comfortably Suddenly [Outro] It all changed man It was just like yesterday Times was so ugly And now I’m comfortable I just only can thank God Suddenly Everything changed before my eyes By my surprise A$AP

Ahh Shit

JEREMIH "Late Nights With Jeremih"
[Jeremih] Ahh shit, ahh shit, ahh shit Nigga feeling good, she did Dammit I should, alright Now I’m fin to blow, green lights And this is how it goes Yolo, yo ho, on that, fo sho Bet that shawty wet, I’m rocking her robo Heard she like it going deep May I take her photo No referees up in the ring Yeah I prefer them low blows Her shit pop, paw paw, fo fo I cuff her ass I’m no cop, but she call me robo Never had a four loco, never had a 4 loco But when they po' me up a fo' I'm leaning like a cholo Gone yeah, gone yeah, even on my own man You kid, i’ma type of grown man You rent, i’ma type of own man Your girlfriend up on me, swear he don’t know me Now I’m all in her shit, now like roman Now tell me how many licks does it take to Break her, put her to sleep and bout time now she wake up I’m fresh of a flight from the heat to the lakers And still on a high off these trees from jamaica [Hook: Jeremih] Ahh shit, ahh shit, ahh shit Nigga feeling good, she did Dammit I should, alright Now I’m fin to blow, green lights And this is how it goes [Fabolous] Digest, I just, live in that projects Now I’m in that penthouse, salute my progress Respect that process, admire my guess Fuck being modest, nigga admire my goddess Cause she bad, that’s obvious She thick, that body is Probably is, hot as Abu Dubai is And it’s going down like Elevators to where the lobby is Into 9 I’m on that brown like bobby is It’s my prerogative, I can show you how to live Every little step you take will be in shoes Guiseppe makes My tender roni, the one and only Fuck me two times in case the first one get lonely Ahhh shit, now we fucking talking Oh is we talking fucking, but what you suckers talking? I keep buying rides, like I suck at walking The models money talk, I said what you suckers talking huhh? [Hook]

Butta Few Co

Kwest Tha Madd Lad "This Is My First Album"
Ursula where you at? Aiyyo Dan where you at? Yo nobody in here but me and Taj July 23rd watch me do it Now.. I flips like a stack of flapjacks from IHOP when I rock If a foe tries to flow I cast the glow like I was Tim ex Ease through MC's like a breeze through the trees He who disagrees please hit the knees complain to deez Well you know the rest but might not know Kwest, pleased to meet you If I defeat you at least you been beaten by the best Yo.. dammmm SKIP I be riding my own dick Those with that fly shit up in they head, get domes swollen quick Competition best pray for repentance, can't mention my name without one of these words in a sentence: Fat, Live, Lovely, Butter -- Bad Nice Nasty Wicked Raw yeah there's a lot of others Don't really know where my flow comes from yo, I just think Open my mouth and mmmmmm there it goes On the real to get with this you must be fast If your rhyme don't shine like mine, I get some bread for your dusty ass You better exit cause boy it gets hectic and I start to flex kid And wipe a big fat booger on your best shit I mean, how can you be expected to step up and wreck shit when the track was fat, but your raps is anorexic? Word to my momma bring drama and get trauma I'm a heavy bomber when I get a little bit of hit of marijuana Quick to let the gun smoke, no joke so don't provoke Ask Gimmy how the slimmy be, cause Gimmy got his neck broke Takin props non stops is how I operate, Hobbes My words stick witcha and fuck witcha like some transit cops So I suggest you find God or somethin, cause like Whitney Houston said You have nothing, nothing, nothing for me! I kept it clean but it coulda got gory You bore me there's the door G period end of story Ooh, I like that.. now let's see what else we can get into Now umm, A is for Apple, J is for Jacks but I got more flavor than that shit so go get your money back The skinny nigga's on the lam, so hold your daughter ma'am I WHAM! I slice that ass so fast you'd think it was a Christmas ham Shit gets flam when I start to rip shop, too large to drip-drop So I pour, the more, hundred proof, type umm, hip-hop Cute like a baby monkey lyrics got to be funky Long and lanky kinky never stinky don't wanna get chunky Pump me when I get out, cause without a di-doubt You think I'm a maniac mobster the way I put hit after hit out My A R man tries to sham, he'll get his heart bit out The company must have been constipated.. ..cause it took em a long time to get my shit out! But now that my product's on the market, it's time for a new flame to spark it, and my target is your ear, I wanna bust lyrical nuts on your drum And I'll be comin on your brain cells when I come Word up, sometimes I swear to GOD I think I'm a nut The type to walk into a room full of diesel niggaz and scream WHAT??!! Smoke a L, drink a Stout, then flip the fuck out Runnin up on homeless people askin, Who's in the house? Slick like Olive Oyl so tell Popeye to go up on the pu-tay I can get peppy or sleepy but not wimpy like Bluto I get scrappy with a script flipped here, a script flipped there Here a script, there a script til you be like, That kid's the shit! I know where my hoes goes when the hoes clothes goes off Go to a show and show my flow off for dough but never flow a doze-off Oh, wanna hear some shit that's funny? I'm SO skinny that if I sent my picture to Somalia, they'd send me money Hula-hoop with a Cheerio and I can probably dodge raindrops If I had dreads I could be a mop, okay enough brain STOP Wear my jeans droopy cause I'm not lacking in the Snoopy Never had a hooptie already got a group of groupies Either catch me girl hawkin, shoppin party stalkin or on the phone talkin, or checkin the latest raps on my Walkman Slide up in the clubs with BUTTER shit on See how many hookers I can hit on If there's a mic I'm like, Can I get on? Finessin with no type of stressin, peeps be requestin Kwest in every session but I gotta ask a few questions before I get in, or I Jet-son, hey yo George How's the spot, is it hot, is it well done, is it raw? What's the four one one on hotties? Do they got bodies? Someone gettin bizem with ism or smoke is there Coke and Bacardi? Is security loose like a hoe or tighter than a virgin? Can I risk bringin a biscuit or can my shorty get hers in? Yo that's how it runs it's all about gettin loot, gun, hons and fun from down sun to up sun Can't forget the lyrics cause that's my bread and butter, I make bread when I'm butter and wicked like a muhhhhhhhhhfucka! The nucca's top choice, even though I got tight-drop voice Rhymes tasty like Duncan-Hines, I puts lots of funk in mines No real reason for this rhyme, but then again it is a rhyme without reason, big up to Southside and Riker's Isle, guess I'll be breezin That's how it goes, July 23rd I flip shit and remember alla that was off the top of the domepiece kid Big shout out to everybody from Southside, 105, 106, Liberty, Suston? Baisley? and all that, and I'm up out this piece Representin kid, representin

So Hot (Remix)

FOXY BROWN "Broken Silence"
(feat. Young Gavin) [Intro - Foxy Brown] Fox so hot.. ya can't fuck wit me Fox so hot.. ya can't fuck wit me Fox so hot.. ya can't fuck wit me Fox so hot.. ya can't fuck wit me [Foxy Brown over Intro] Oooh, Nana - F-O wit the X Pretty boy, Brooklyn Alright okay, alright, c'mon Mmm.. I said it, what That bitch is lethal, uhh.. [Foxy Brown] Whoa.. ohh shit; Na Na come through (Clue, Clue, Clue) Pretty and crisp, y'all hoes pop shit I keep my gun cocked (Clue, Clue, Clue) and my bitch spit Yes, who the ras wan' test me Original, don gargon that bitch I'm the reason bitches ride dick (dun know) I'm the reason why they like cock stiff Fox is the only reason Why them bitch wan' run gwan' buy fake tits like Who the fuck is y'all aimin for If it's Fox, fuck you ain't name me for Like I told you before, I'm B.K.'s illest Dangerous bitch, B.K.'s realest Heat play wit niggaz, clap gun, I rap don gargon Rapper slash model The whole round robin, so don't y'all get suspicious I'm big gun cock Foxy, y'all Likkle Vicious And niggaz feel this.. [Chorus 2X: Foxy Brown and Young Gavin] [F.B.] Ya can't fuck wit me [Y.G.] Na Na, so hot, make you wanna say [F.B.] Fox so hot [Y.G.] So hot, make niggaz say [F.B.] Ya can't fuck wit me [Y.G.] So hot, make you wanna say [F.B.] Fox so hot [Y.G.] Na Na, so hot, Na Na, make it drop [F.B.] Ya can't fuck wit me [Foxy Brown] Uhh, who da ras () chat but sound like who And outta all niggaz I'm like 'Please not do,' uhh Niggaz talk slick then plead to the crew Got some grimy lil' niggaz that'll eat y'all food Nigga, don't talk to me 'bout Fox spit rude I'm the same bad gal, same cocky attitude Like, ain't nothin changed, stunt gal, sick bod' Mash up on mah blood clot Range like 'Ay!' And naan bitch fuckin wit Fox like Whoa; original big gun cock bitch And naan bitch wanna see Fox Naan bitch, wanna see me likkle gun pop Like, and if any bitch step on my crocks Thats a automatic hot one through ya Datsun, seen it Make them niggaz drop they toungues and Before they done make 'em drop they ones Tell 'em any nigga comin can't come for free See I'm three times dough, bitch I'm no joke I'm, one in a million, nigga types too () As long as ya 'Chyna Doll' is indefinitely We H-O-T-T-I-E's, yes Not many can do it like, do it like..() [Chorus - w/ variations] [Foxy Brown] Mhm, I hate niggaz that love to pull rank Can't fuck and when they nut niggaz shoot blanks I'm sorta like Jessica Rabbit Fuck who Bitch don't move without carats, nigga and that's my motto - fuck me today, buy a house tomorrow and I don't feel sorrow, mmm Especially when I wind up my waistline Make them niggaz L.O.I. to the bass line Make them niggaz pepper seed when they taste mine [Chorus - w/ variations]

American Gangster

JAY-Z "American Gangster"
I'm from the 80's, Home of the heroine, Error of the hustlers, uh The world is my custy New rich porter The way I flip quarters Front on all these other rap artists, but me Momma was a mink wearer, Papa ran numbers So it's plain to see, where my whole plan come from American dream, I'm living the life still The way I shine is like a zillion dollar light bill Still I'm grinding, army jacket lining 40 below timbs on, getting my M's on My best friends gone, I seen bad days Still find songs that I hear him on Getting my Mary J. Blige Reminisce on I hear his voice in my mind, like, nigga live on So I get on that fly shit I been on Spin on corners in enzo with rims on But for info, puffin on Endo-Nesia Give me amnesia I ease up, that right, I'm high nigga I want the sky, The world when I'm done I'm give it to my sons Let 'em live it up, split it up, switch it up, Sixes kit it up, man I did it up, done The rest of my belongings belong in the hall of fame, a list of hits next to all my names I came, if the sky should fall And it all goes tomorrow, and they foreclose on the house and auction off all my cars Don't cry for me Argentina, I mobbed the beamer Took trips abroad, got mobbed in Sardina In Ibiza I had pizza in the club Ladies know I'm that guy, they wanna piece of my love Now they wanna ya boy like Mike in his prime Billie Jean the goddamn boy ain't mine And the Roc break up, had the people losing hope Can't lie they had Muhammad Hovi on the ropes Now I'm back in the go mode, back in the go-go's Throwing the diamond up, repping the logo Rose gold rose flow, I'm okay though What Don't kill me makes stronger than before so Here we go and I'm not domino When it all falls down, I'm like Kanye's jaw I might break but I don't fold, till I hold the sky in my hand Yeah that's my goal And then I bid you Freddy Adu Prodigal Child, y'all not ready for the future Then I disappear in the Bermuda Triangle My name will be viewed such Here's to the man that refused to give up I want the sky nigga, Chuuuuuuch

Twisted Heat

[Swizz Beatz] Aowwwwwwwww! We know y'all can drink 'til you throw up We know y'all sittin' on 20's We know y'all reppin' your hood But how many y'all KILL!!! [Twista] Bounce that ass, load them cribs, let me see the mobbin' niggaz that wanna talk shit Rowdy motherfuckers that be scummy and'll go for the money, ready to ride when they rollin' a lick Thugs with the Chevy's, thugs with the trucks, the real gun runner never run when he bust Henny and he mobs in the front, smoke a 'dro blunt, sippin' with a fifty sack under the nuts Hoes with ass and no gut let me see you jiggle it from SIDE TO SIDE Niggaz if it's static, then pass me the strap, gonna RIDE 'Til MY RIDE All the hoes that'll freak niggaz, with the 'fedi, let's get buck up in the club And all my soldiers, FALL OUT, gangstas, MOB UP All the homies on the block, ante up on the fin, and let's go get us a sack Serve til we got a custom 'Llac, hustlin' packs 'til a nigga bust, then we bustin' back Guys that'll roll them dice and win, Girls with the 'fits that show the skin Real niggaz mind your best friend at the pen, Real hoes let your best friend know about men Cause I be squeezin' ass and'll make a full glass disappear like a genie Move to the LOX and Beanie, while them hoes backin' that thang up on my weenie It's like no nigga in the world could see me when I Ruff Ryde with Drag-On Rollin' up big babies in a Mercedes, if you want herb we got bombs Chorus: Twista (Drag-On) (2x) Gotta kick that shit for the fine bitches and all my nugz For the ones who smoke pot, do stick ups, and ball in our hood What do a nigga say when he sees Drag-On And Twista (kill me) Gangsta (Let's ride), hustla (Feel me) [Drag-On] By know everybody should know, that the kid spit tight, and this kid spit fire light And the bitch I don' fucked like last night, I don't give a fuck 'bout a 2 and a half mic Cause the only motherfucfkin magazine that I read, is when I buy my gun from it How many bullets you could digest in that one stomach, I suggest y'all run from it And the click-click from the calico, I gotta go, make it pimp with a lot of hoes I'm the same motherfucker that's countin' that dough, cookin' that coke to a pot of gold Cause my rainbow, is every color top that crackhead cop I don't care I gotta cap me a cop As long as I got enough money to cop me a drop, pop enough glocks Drag open up dope spots and co-op's in convo at condos Keep the heat up in jeeps, in case y'all creep up on me I run up on y'all in a cab with a meter on me And the only on leavin' is me And the only one bleedin' is you, tryin' to breeze with me All I rock is E-N-Y-C-E, in the NYC with the white T All I really do is R-U, double F, R-Y-D-E, D-R-A-G, to the dash O-N Catch me, smokin' potent, bet I leave y'all, niggaz soakin', with your insides open Chorus: Twista (Drag-On) (2x) [Swizz Beatz] ERRRRRRR!!!! Hold the fuck up! (Slow down!) Drag, Twista (Listen up!) These motherfuckers don't know what's real out here (They damn sure don't) This is volume 2 (volume 2) Nigga, so, get ignorant! Chorus: Twista (Drag-On) [Twista] Whether murder or bouncy beat, my flow be philosophical Smokin' on tropical, achievin' all +Missions Impossible+ When I up the block at you, I'ma pop at you If your momma cry there's nothin' I could do Should not've fucked with Mr. Illogical When I'm in to clubbin', huggin', shake it don't you break it Your booty too sacred, can't take it, wanna see you naked I done drunk a blue motherfucker, so you know I'm lit up Everybody get up, sweat for the Twista, it's a stick up [Drag-On] This where the shit pick up, let me load this clip up, just pour me some liquor Flame-On and Twista, let's see if you murdered who'll miss ya I love the dirty south, that's why I gotta dirty mouth that'll burn you out Tell your bitch I got a dick that'll turn her out, especially when I tell her turn around I don' hurt her now Shit'll come back, and I think it's time to get murdered now I'm tired of silly clowns, spittin' out weak shit, sound like me shit You gon' make me pull a all nighter Standin' infront of your crib with that gasoline and that lighter That way we won't miss ya, Drag-On and Twista (Put it on 'em!) '

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