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ASA lyrics - Bed Of Stone

Moving On

Original and similar lyrics
I had to run away and hide Something happened in the middle Of the night I came inside without a sound Suddenly my life was turning upside down All that I could feel was pain And strangers came and took my soul away Like a deadly hurricane I know my life would never be the same [Chorus:] Where do you go when you're by yourself Who comes along when you cry for help I know I can't change the past But as the river keeps flowing I'll keep on moving on I'm hoping for a better life Praying that nobody's story Turns out like mine The only thing I know is fear Even those with good intentions disappear All that I could feel was pain And strangers came and took my soul away Like a deadly hurricane I know my life would never be the same [Chorus x2] The earth's been done My spirit is broken He gave me the reason He left me with questions Where do you go when you're by yourself Who comes along when you cry for help I know I can't change the past But as the river (As the river) I'll keep on going on [Chorus x2] I'll keep on moving on (Where do you go when you're by yourself Who comes along when you cry for help) I'll keep on moving on I'll keep on moving on

River So Wide

PHIL COLLINS "Dance Into The Light"
If we can cross at the place that divides us. cross the river, the river so wide, if we can smother the pain that's inside us, deny the demons that wait bu our side, we can find, find the light Our nights are filled with the light of the same moon, we share the comfort of the same stars. Our days are bright with the light of the same sun, that don't matter, can't you see what we are, what we are, what we become Keep our sights on the way ahead, don't look back, it won't help us now. The storm we left so far behind seems a dark memory that starts to fade, but till we see the light we will not be safe. We all sink or swin in the same ocean, break our skin and we will bleed our minutes pass with the same motion, we face the same danger, we share the same needs, we're all the same, you and me. Keep our sights on the way ahead, don't look back, that won't help us now. Upstream, the river gets too wide so we must build that bridge right here, 'cos if we wait we will not reach the other side. See under that clear blue sky the winds of change are blowing hard and long, and they'll not stop to rest 'cos the change is gonna come Our nights are filled with the light of the same moon, we share the comfort of the same stars. Our days are bright with the light of the same sun, that don't matter, can't you see what we are, what we are, what we become Keep our sights on the way ahead, don't look back, it won't help us now. 'cos upstream the river gets too wide and if we don't build that bridge right here, right now, you know we'll never ever reach the other side.


WU-TANG CLAN "Iron Flag"
[Raekwon the Chef] So yo yo all I want to do is just tell them cats On the real, keep your game high man, keep it up Word up, never stop your goals man, yaknowhatI'msayin (For real baby) And, yo son, on the real I'ma get a sneaker just like y'all [Ol Dirty Bastard] I need help Because the black man is God The government is after me And the worst is, black man is the Devil I need help So this is to bring everything in the Someone help me please universe within the light Someone help me! Understanding They already did 2Pac My children, all six billion humans Biggie Smalls on the planet Earth Someone help me! Regardless of who or what, I love you Someone help me please! Word is bond, I love you Ahh! I'ma groupie for life, about nine wife All the babies are mine, save a child life No more doctors deliverin my babies Stick in pins killing me slowly To the President you say I'm a welfare fraud you motherfucking right! Let's burn this dark house white! Insecure about my ding-dong, married to Babylon My queen lookin at me like a pawn! [Raekwon the Chef] Splash the worst rehearse a verse Flashdance on the universe Televise the work Network Shop til your neck hurt Whattup Dirt, nine diagram phoenix on your sweatshirt Thirty-thousand went bezerk, it's like clockwork Rockport Mr. Raw God, hold the fort Collect thoughts, elect sports, sideswipe, by the white horse French cut, gleamin in the Benz truck, whattup Tellin my mens what Ten times platinum and we ends up draped out, jumpin out a cake, now throw your tape out Furniture style, holdin the mic we got it laid out Mind iodine Einstein remind mine People swam nine didn't know they own kind wrong time Denim rap, competition quick, handle that Suckin the jim hat, pervertin on my raps'll get you slidapped Mix drink Cuban Link lizink, flip a to zinc Plus, expensive like a roman mink, now think [Ol Dirty Bastard] An ugly thirty-six chamber degree, what, you wanna rhyme Deep bring 600 ABC through the love white hate line I'm telling you tornado, 42 billion thought travel The year 90's parallel, controls to the wakes I dig woman's stomach swell, my borough is dark Many lights UFO kites, Benjamin Franklin got it right Abraham I stuck your cherry tree Your white head came out my black pussy I ran Rip Van Winkle on all fours Mountains twinkle twinkle star, Tarzan in a jar And then came out Jane Flintstone in my gravel pit [Method Man] Kill the chatterin, niggaz bust shots, keep em scatterin Blood splatterin, on point like a javelin Fuck battlin, you cats is only good for babblin Imaginin yourself, as the God space travellin Round the seven rings of Saturn Got my sword plus the Abbot in the chamber, nine in the clip At the gatherin, we left you staggerin, yo it had to been Hot Nickel, who broke bread, at the Vatican Stick a pin, in a citizen, mental food, got us diggin in My compliments to the chef M-E-TH like amphatimens, yes stick it to the veteran Blaow blaow! Blown to death, take your medicines I put the sick in your mu-sick with Osirus Bound to blow like a bad sinus [Ol Dirty Bastard] Stay up at night don't sleep on your morn Rest in the day because it's sunlight Reverse thought psychology [Prince Rakeem] Child wild adventures walk trillions of square inches Ten percentage try to drain me of my mental strengthage Heavy wattage knowledge cleans blood clottage, and retardage I refine the garbage logic exterminate your cottage [U-God] Thirty-six anger, dirty language is the stranger The mangler, the honor roll singer righteous finger When we shine-a, we always find a never minor major Hard to spot we dangerous with our behavior [Prince Rakeem] Australian Venezuelaen illegal aliens Chameleons all catch the feelings we revealing Killer bee keep your mind at ease, lay back like Adam fuckin Eve Four thousand years in the garden, puffin trees [U-God] I aim slang I maintain, through the main vein The answer came clever, when we do greatness through trial and error Mile of terror motormouth, let the odor out Fumin greater, the temper in my spine huminator The super grass childish blast sleepy eye stash The hashish masterpiece, Osirus is the virus This split second splash, severe drop is near pop There's fallin teardrops, now is it worth your career

My Oedipus Complex

KID ROCK "The Polyfuze Method"
I need somebody won't u help me, I need somebody won't you tell me who I am I need somebody please please help me, I need somebody u must tell me who I am I've been livin a lie so long it seems I've lived a life time. If u could see what I feel it would make your ghetto lood like heaven And I believe it stems down from my family situation, I never liked my old man, I couldn't stand to be around him Sometimes I sit all alone just starin at his picture. My heart turns to stone and I think of this (Chorus I)U never loved me u never held me tight, instead u shook me like a beast to wake me up at night u tried to make me think that your ways were best, when all I was was an outlet for all your stress Life it's the ultimate sin, A game with no rules that you're expected to win My personal hell's hidden with a grin Dad take the stand and let the trial begin U said that oil and water don't mix though it seems cool. Keep with your own and don't fuck up our gene pool U should've went to school like your bigger brother, but you played the fool with a different color Runnin ship with a whip, I tried to keep up but I kept getting tripped Money made u so wise, how could u look thru my face and not see your own eyes Do as i say and not as I do, but I can't cuz when I look in the mirror I see u And oh the pain how it hurts, it was always your home and your business that came first U said a man is as good as his word, but your mind was closed and mine never herd They say the nut don't fall far from the tree, look at u then look at me... (Chorus II)U ain't nothin to me u've never been to me, And all u ever gave a damn about was money see So now fuck u man you ain't shit to me, And it's the day that I die of this hate that I'm free Now I know growin up son that it ain't always been easy, and I know at times I was not always there for you We never spent much time just talkin or havin a good time, but understand growin up son I never had a dime So I worked my ass off and I put myself thru college, and everything I have to this day u know I built it all Oh I wish I could go back and change the years that's lost between us, I wish I could take back some of the things I said to you Son I said I'm sorry... Son I said I'm sorry but still u resent me so. Son I said I'm sorry and why do u resent me so (Chorus III)I always loved u I always cared for u, just never wanted U to go thru what I've been thru I tried to raise my fuckin family just the best I know, and now I'm hated like the devil and for what I don't know Dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!


DREAM THEATER "Scenes From A Memory"
ACT II 8) Scene Six: Home (12:53) - Mike Portnoy [Past] [The Sleeper:] Shine- lake of fire Lines take me higher My mind drips desire Confined and overtired Living this charade Is getting me nowhere I can't shake this charade The city's cold blood calls me home... Home... It's what I long for Back home... where I belong The city- it calls to me Decadent scenes from my memory Sorrow- eternity My demons are coming to drown me Help- I'm falling, I'm crawling I can't keep away from its clutch Can't have it, this habit It's calling me back to my home [The Miracle:] I remember the first time she came to me She poured out her soul all night and cried... I remember I was told there's a new love that's born For each one that has died... I never thought that I Could carry on with this life But I can't resist myself No matter how hard I try Living their other life Is getting them nowhere I'll make her my wife Her sweet temptation calls me home... Home... It's what I long for My home... where she belongs Her ecstasy- means so much to me Even decieving my own blood Victoria watches and thoughtfully smiles She's taking me to my home Help- he's my brother, but I love her I can't keep away from her touch Deception, dishonor It's calling me back to my home ...four, four, who wants the hard [A craps stickman is heard ] four?... who wants the hard four?... [calling out various bets during ] ...shooter had one, four... [the gambling and sex sequence. ], four... one and make it the hard way... the shooter... ...coming out for a new player... take your best shot, gambler... ...who wants to come? better hop in... place your bets... who wants to come? [Present] [Nicholas:] Her story- it holds the key Unlocking dreams from my memory Solving this mystery Is everything that is a part of me Help- regression, obsession I can't keep away from it's clutch Leave no doubt, to find out It's calling me back to my home

Keep It Moving

JEREMIH "Late Nights With Jeremih"
[Hook:] Wh... where my cup? City ticket on my truck Man they coulda passed me Damn. that shit Ras B Wh... where my cup? I'm tip now I don't give no fuck And oh - she thought she had me I just figured last week (Waitaminute) Keep It Moving It's my time. I don't need it (Waitaminute) Keep It Moving Even if it's on my own [Verse 1: Jeremih] Him and B... woah Hennessy... flow All these ze... ros I done seen... dough turn hella Industry to industry... hoes Let me see... those I'm just trynna chill And make a little money My nigga D... Rose Now, you ain't seen me Ridin' 'round in a minute But when I'm seen, I got the diamonds on Hatin' ass niggas at the coffee shop Got the nerve to tell me That I'm grindin' wrong Bet his girl would want to come ... want a steak Penthouse up in Vegas -Mandalay. with an ass like "My God"... give it a praise If I smack that, Annie May- It'll be ok just- [Hook] [Verse 2: Marcus French] Damn... drinkin again Tokin' - not thinkin' again I can share your heart in bed, love... Next day not speaking again Gotta keep my wheels, G Yes ma'am- that's why we in a Benz Don't be my reason to vent Slow stroke that ass while the record spins I pulls up, black cherry wet I'm here now, and I mean trouble My checks way more than I thought they would be [?] I been seein' double I used to ride this old Cavalier... Smoked out on the Dan Ryan With the fan flyin' Cause the air was broke I'm good now, but back then I was like- [Hook] [Bridge:] Woah... uhuh... okay... Shutup Drunk text... she call... Tell her (Keep it movin) Sorry, I hope [?] get Better But for me to deal with that right now ... uh... never [Hook]

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