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ARCTIC MONKEYS lyrics - Who The Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys?

Despair In The Departure Lounge

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He's pining for her In a people carrier There might be buildings and pretty things to see like that But architecture won't do Although it might say a lot about the city or town I don't care what they've got keep on turning them down It don't say the funny things she does Don't even try and cheer him up, because It just won't happen He's got the feeling again This time on the aeroplane There might be tellys in the back of the seats in front But Rodney and Del won't do Although it might take your mind off the aches and the pains Laugh when he falls through the bar But you're feeling the same 'Cause she isn't there to hold your hand She won't be waiting for you when you land It feels like she's just nowhere near You could well be out on your ear This thought comes closely followed by the fear And the thought of it Makes you feel a bit Ill Yesterday I saw a girl Who looked like someone you might knock about with And almost shouted And then reality kicked in within us It seems as we become the winners You lose a bit of summat And half wonder if you won it at all And don't say 'owt 'cause you've got no idea And she's still nowhere near And the thought comes closely followed by the fear And the thought of it Makes you feel a bit ...Ill Despair in the departure lounge It's one and they'll still be around at three No signal and low battery What's happened to me


Amil "All Money Is Legal"
Anyday [Verse 1] Call this bitch yor nigga when time is rough I lost a lot when you fell, life is hard to bluff You think its hell where you at Shit its hell on the streets You maintaining in the Bing, I'm surviving to eat Don't think am wilding, flexing whips and stuff Thinking I'm lost laying down Sex for trips and stuff I'll admit it I'm use to the finer things, We had major names even on the minor things Everywhere we went, mad bitches sizing me up You know they tight now, shit I get to drive the trucks But I wish you were spreading it riding it rough I think I miss that more then you buying me stuff Since you got knocked your man tried to hollar at me And those nigga's you stuck, they throwing dollars at me But you know this gaming, and Im just keeping it real Holding you down until you back on the field [Chorus 2x] Feels like I do I feel when feeling down In the ground feeling down It can be most anyday [Verse 2] Don't worry 'bout these streets I'm conrolling these grounds I might slip and miss a V-I but I'm holding it down Got the kids to take care its hard out here And its tearing my heart to play my part out here I seen that snitch and you know I got plots 4 years And your bid make me feel like I got the chair But ain't nobody tapping this I rather tap my own Watching tapes we made while I'm resting alone Wishing you home, pictures of you flipping the chrome What kind of chic will leave her man when he out the zone Me without you is like a stickman without a silencer Got me X-ing off days on the calendar I miss loading the glock so you could control the block I miss watching you work the dogs to tighten the lock Think of the time boo pushing it like a 6 double o You get your weight up I'm a drain you once they let go Chorus [Verse 3] I can see us back on the bricks, me on your shoulder Letting bitches know they wishes to have you are over So you ring your broads while you locked away I know its hard for a nigga on top not to play See Amil's the one you kept draped in ice I'm the one waiting silk down caked in spice Waiting for your calls or my box to vibrate Hoping you want me to come scoop you not being more weight I fell from Gucci sandals back to no name brands From a six and a mansion to beating the sands Staying true make ends meet to have enough for the love I take All-savage and stuff Have a brick where most F.E.D.S. dare to touch Fear none to see the cash, and us popping the clutch Chopping a Dutch-flip cop twice as much living low key A minute then heist and stuff If I have to wait while you gone I'm a take what comes If you don't see cash, know its hard in the slums Cause I ran through the stash and it ain't no funds

Glitches (Feat. Amel Larrieux)

Chorus [Amel Larrieux] You live, you die And spend the years in between asking the question Why you've been through what you been You lose, you win You even pay for other sins But you must always adore the skin you are in [Black Thought] I woke up and it was pouring down rain I put my head on, it really wasn't no thing One of them days I was feeling immune to the pain Threw on, Alice Coltrane, smoked and sang And wrote this flame compused to the rhythm of the droplets And went whispering simliar to gossip The kick slapping at the window glass Slow down the globe so it don't spin too fast Because, I been running like a river since The age of my early innocence It just made me ambitious My grams used to tell me 'Man listen, If you can't burn, don't step into the kitchen' You muscle your turn, the laws of the land viscious We gotta stick to the plan, which is Pursuing true riches, whether we trade stock or wash dishes Throughout setbacks and few glitches The Big Picture's the focus, fuckin being hopeless Or helpless, we not selfish so we wrote this Give it to ya, make you feel good Know what I'm talkin about? C'mon Chorus [Black Thought] Yo from the parquet floors to the fifty foot ceiling I pull the heavy black curtain back, now revealing The sun beneath the velvet, and like it was mine No one elses, embracing the beams yo, I felt it And stood there, feeling it, getting charged Turn me loose upon the streets, a young poet at large Out in the world, up against tremendous odds Some'll let it break em and throw in they cards But my squad remain focus when we goin for ours And we don't, do it for chains or do it for cars And we don't, do it for lames or do it for broads And we don't, do it for fame, we do it because It's for the young black gifted mind Living the story of the most twisted kind Turbulent times swirled around they dome like a turban It gets disturbing, feelin alone in the urban But maintain ya grip for just a little bit I'd tell you it's all good but that's bullshit Let's just try to feel good, yeah...know what I'm talkin bout [Amel Larrieux] A spirit knows we're meant to blow A ? rose by the seat of your soul You past it all and seeds your soul Are destined to grow even after you go Chorus 4x

You're Supposed To Be Feeling Good

Harris Emmylou "Luxury Liner"
(Rodney Crowell) Soul mate I see you down there Waiting for morning To softly be coming I find I'm only in deeper And you'd be a leaver If you weren't so scared Your true love Has made you feel better But look out for later When she makes you feel worse Times change In daydreams and flashes A taste of the past is All I have seen But you're supposed to be feeling good now Cause everybody said you would Honey, does it blow your mind That the prophets would lie You're supposed to be in your prime now Not supposed to be wasting your time Feeling like you're down and out Over someone like me Soul mate The blues are deceiving It keeps us believing We're on the wrong road One side Is just like the other Except for the color And size of the load And just how much it shows

Old Before My Time

There is a long hard Road follows for behind me, Its so cold I'm about to die, Chasing a dream around the world Its got me feeling down Though it use to make me high Looking for answers searching for the truth, In an ocean of lies. trying to find a reason to make the hole thing right, will make you old before your time When I was younger, I thought I ruled the world , It was an oyster at my feet, Dancing to my own drum, fishing out the pearl wish I would have been much more discreet I've lived a lifetime, acting out apart, Its been a long uphill climb, now all the things that use to mean so much to me Has got me old before my time, Wondering aimlessly,wondering down, would it ever be much different now, Remind me of the past, I slip into a dream, funny things ain't never what they seem, [Solo] Living like children, never doing what we are told , Would not hessitateto take to take a chance, That Road behind me now was paved with fool's gold, Its almost time for the victory dance, No more feeling guilty, for things I never did, feeling nothing for my crime , Living like a gypsy , dreaming like a kid, it makes me old before my time... There is a long hard Road, it lies so far behind me...

Blowing Up

All that I know Is that you're scared in the dark Feeling pressed onto mine is bones intertwined The touch of my lips Will climb down to kiss Your head to your thighs Explosions arise But no one's made me feel the way you do When your body is next to mine [Chorus] This is the sound of my heart Blowing up, blowing up I feel it all building up, building up Yeah my head is spinning My body is screaming out for you, you [x2] We take our sweet time From dust 'till sunrise Your heart is beating out with each single touch Your scream fills the night And this feeling inside You're feeling the love, the lust, The skin on our bones become one Oh, but no one's made me feel the way you do When your body's next to mine [Chorus x2] So when she blows in the door There is a fire in me She really set it off I feel it burning free You got inside of my head It brought me down to my knee You lit the fuse now where's the spark I'm chasing Down the line I hope you're waiting for me [Chorus x3]

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