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Archies lyrics

Everything's Archie

Original and similar lyrics
Archie's Here - Betty's Here Veronica too - Reggie's here Hey Jughead! Where are you? We wanna dance and we wanna sing Have some fun and go adventuring All our friends are here - But it ain't complete We ain't the Archies without the Jughead beat Whoa oh oh Archie's Here - Betty's Here Veronica too - Reggie's here And here comes Jughead - And Hotdog too So Everything's Archie Come on - Let's go with the Archie show!

Insane Killers

INSANE CLOWN POSSE "Forgotten Freshness, Vol. 3"
Why dont you go into the next room and start getting undressed? What's your pleasure? (1st Verse Violent J) Fat Sweaty Betty the bitch ain't nothing new Her moms used to babysat me back when we was two We'd go to the playground and to the skating rink And we'd go under the bleachers and she'd let me hit the stank well uh She moved across town and never came back Until the other day I seen her at the Chicken Shack She said her name was Betty, I can't believe this shit The sexy little girl is now a fat sweaty beeitch She said, Hey, J, tell me how you've been? She had a piece of chicken gizzard stuck to her chin I told her, Hold still, and flicked it off her face and said, Betty, oh, Betty, what you say we leave this place? I took her back to the crib and hit it all night I let my fingers run across the rip of cellulite EWW! It was nasty, but I don't let it bother me She rolled over, fucking knocked the wind out of me I couldn't breathe, she wouldn't stop, I'm almost dead I took the lamp, and bust it on her fucking head We got dressed, I gave her a little kiss goodbye Fat Sweaty Betty, My fat sweaty pumpkin pie (Chorus) Fat Sweaty Betty Tell me when you're ready (x2) (2nd Verse- Shaggy2Dope) Big fat slop of shit people call Betty Flabs of fat on her back, her neck...sweaty Boogers running down her nose all over her lips Can't tell the difference from her titties to her hips But fuck all that, 'cuz I wanna see the neden I had to see the cat, the cheesey cheena cheden Rode my bike to her house, Hey yo, Betty lemme in I'm packing some snack cakes, bitch lemme in. I can hear her coming down the stairs She opened up the door in her motherfucking underwears UUGGHH!! Shit, fuck that I'm turning back But no, the door shut, and shes going for the cake snacks I said, Relax, hoe, I'm here, I'm bu-si-ness you can have the candy, first you gotta wait a bit I need a favor, come on, Betty, drop them drawls. AHH!! I knew it, Betty had balls Oh, no, here comes that ass From the top of the dresser with the yokazuna splash I wish I never came, oh boy do I wish See Fat Sweaty Betty, the sweaty fat bitch (Chorus) (Violent J) [Fat Sweaty Betty] I know you like spaghetti I know you like spaghetti So tell me when you're ready, baby [Fat Sweaty Betty] Tell me when you're ready Tell me when you're ready for a cheeseburger, pizza pie, TV dinner, chicken baby [Fat Sweaty Betty] I gets it all, I gets it all for ya, baby I work at Farmer Jack on the dinner floor, baby [Fat Sweaty Betty] I bring it home, I cook it in a microwave I feeds it to ya, just let me get some stanky skins [Fat Sweaty Betty] 'Cuz I don't care, I wanna hit the cellulite I hit the cellulite for a turkey meal delight [Fat Sweaty Betty] 'Cuz I don't care, you know I'm not afraid to cook Take off your shoes and let me lick your dirty foot [Fat Sweaty Betty] I'll rub you down, I'll rub you down the right way I hear a buzzer, apple pie's in the microwave [Fat Sweaty Betty] I work at Farmer Jack, I work at A P And yes I do, my heavy baby wanna be with me [Fat Sweaty Betty] Ya wanna be with me, ya wanna be with me Ya want some chilli cheese fries in a ??? [Fat Sweaty Betty] You gotta wait, wait 'till the time is right Let me count the purple bubbles in your cellulite [Fat Sweaty Betty] You want some Burger King, you want some Hungry Jack You want some jelly beans, you want a scooby snack [Fat Sweaty Betty] You want some Dominoes, you want a Milky Way You gotta kick it to the sugar daddy Violent J [Fat Sweaty Betty] You want some Lucky Charms, you want some mashed potatoes Let me hit the skins now and I'll feed you later [Fat Sweaty Betty] Because I know, I know you want a Lunchable Something crunchable, something munchable [Fat Sweaty Betty] How 'bout some Taco Bell, how 'bout a pizza slice How bout some chicken fingers and a bowl of Minute Rice [Fat Sweaty Betty]

Say No More

Innosense "So Together"
Nikki: I don't care what you say, say, say, say, say, say, say All: Say, no Say no more Ow ow oww, ah ah ah ah ah ah ah Veronica?: Innosense is here, don't say no more All: Ow ow oww, ah ah ah ah ah ah ah Veronica?: Innosense is here, to rock the place y'all All: Ow ow Veronica?: Here we go Nikki: I've come to tell you what's on my mind Baby I have changed I don't wanna keep playing no games I keep telling you time after time That I, I, I All: I don't care what you say I don't care what you do 'Cause I'm never coming back no more Never coming back for sure I don't care what you need I don't care how you feel So say (say) no (no) Say no more All: Ow ow oww, ah ah ah ah ah ah ah Veronica?: Innosense is here, here we go now All: Ow ow oww, ah ah ah ah ah ah ah Veronica?: Say no more All: Ow ow Veronica?: So whatcha wanna do? Jenny: You didn't care much for what I felt Treat me like a jerk Babe, when I was hurt I was alone talking to myself (c'mon) But now I, I, I Chorus All: Ow ow oww, ah ah ah ah ah ah ah Veronica?: Innosense is here, don't say no more All: Ow ow oww, ah ah ah ah ah ah ah Veronica?: Innosense is here, to rock the place y'all All: Ow ow I don't care what you say, say, say, say, say, say, say Oh baby Don't say (say) no (no) Say no more Say no more Ow ow oww, ah ah ah ah ah ah ah Veronica?: Aw yeah, whatcha wanna do? All: Ow ow oww, ah ah ah ah ah ah ah Veronica?: Whatcha wanna do? All: Ow ow I, I, I Chorus 2x All: Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah Ow ow

Executioner's Dream

JEDI MIND TRICKS "Violent By Design"
[movie sample] " you don't fuck around with the inifinite There's no way you do that... A painted hill has two sides, the kind you can touch with your hand The kind you can feel in your heart Your soul, the spiritual side; And you know, the worst of the the spiritual" [Jus Allah] I'm leaf-twistin, but still kill your whole belief system I speak wisdom, translated to street diction A past victim of the government for grapple Now I slash you, I'm the slave wit snapped shackles After cash rules, a-alikes move wit me We murdered the fakes involved in the three-sixty Eighty-five face the truth, you're too dumb You burn and failed attempts reachin the sun I grab you and squeeze until your pores bleed Manipulate the earth that you formerly believed Even after you're buried underneath the soil Send a message to hell, nobody grieve for you Your physical mass is converted into ash Allah's wrath is engraphed on your epitab Spend eternity wit the underground forces Your screams echo in deaf ears of the remorseless [Chorus x2] "You don't even wanna test" "Uh-uh-oh, you wanna kill more, God bless" [Ikon] The raw mangler, seven angles of Angular Strangle the pagans who stayed in the pages of Diameter Rhyme shatterer, with nine rhymes I'm hackin you The author will scorch ya with the torture of Josef Mengele Sended you to the squared circle to meet me To beat me won't be easy, you'll face thesis of Meche Blood'll apease me, raps are prehistorical Cerebral of cathedral that leads you into the oracle I'm horrible, I burn wit no time to react Rewind DAT's so fine I pull spines out the back In time I crack minds that's what the brain desire Messiah pulls as Mariah into the rain of fire Barb wire around pagans that read the Bible Genocidal and liable to just cleave your spinal Final hours, the forbidden fruit they fond as Iris Study rappers, bringin wackness like Abolo scholars First in line to try to battle me, I left him limbless Tragic rappers just a fallacy, I left em skinless Beginners, keep your distance because we might be vicious You can find me wit Louis Logic drinkin pints of Guiness "You don't even wanna test" "Uh-uh-oh, you wanna kill more, God bless" [J-Treds] Aiyyo when I rhyme Fortunatley I possess a Jedi Mind So the force is with me (When I rhyme) Son it makes me spit a fresh one So when Treds is done, even a athiest will say I blessed him And when my jam bang, better cop that Fuck all these players who can't hang, get a jockstrap Cuz we drop bombs, better be scared Cuz it's either hop on or be prepared for us to lock horns We engage, when the pen sprays we wage war And then you know what they say, when it rains it pours So face us, cuz you can't change the laws of nature We independent, it's competition callin us major We major threats who deliver, so place your bets We'll bring it minus the Moet, Rollies, and Avirex We just spit shit too amazing, just shit That when you face it you'll see it's a must-win situation Ain't no second chance (anyway), not next to the champs Because it's our freestyle that's gettin grants from the NEA We well in doubt versus these rappers we tell about (Cuz us and them) Difference between takin a L and a bow [Chorus x2]

Hey Luv (Anything)

MOBB DEEP "Infamy"
(feat. 112) [Prodigy & 112] come here (112) listen listen listen come on (ooooo) yo-yo (luv you ... need you...) (let ride, lets ride) [Prodigy] Yo..hey luv i wanna hold you and talk to you, put my arm around ya shoulda and walk wit chu be that one headed sherif give my world to you, i kno that nigga dont be doin what he supposed to doi got much more to give than homie do, and you so fine i just wanna roll wit chu you a queen bitch, ya need a king to close to you ya need a nigga like P that just flow wit chu, and i gotta try cuz anything possible, and you just might see things the way i do i just wanna get next to you, friends wit you burn hundreds wake up in the bed wit chu i luv when you walk how that body move, pardon my mouth IM just bein honest boo i would pay for air time just to vole wit chu kisses and hugs till the next time you swing thru [CHORUS] [112] (So many things) So many thing that i wanna do wanna kiss wanna touch wanna taste of you (Wanna taste of you..oooo) Cuz i only wanna be with you you, Girl you know anything that cha need i got it, Million dolla shoppin spree i got it anything that cha want i got it..You kno i got it (ask P) you kno i got it [Havoc] Ma, i want you in the worst way, and i aint thirsty or nuttin but when i say sumtin boo, i go hard for the one. Hit my cell, imma take you out to eat, and kill any misconception that you got of Mobb Deep throw that bug in ya ear and its about time cuz a nigga like me. Been wantin you for years. bump heads here and there, but neva got the chance, best to those who wait once i get up in them pants aint no one minute man, suppose to be wit him betta change those plans anything you gots to do, lot to screw. He must be out his monkey ass mind how the hell he gettin tired of you let me light that fire that yah body desire, get yah back to bein sexy, single free like mya. cuz i treats em right, you kno how i rock in where ever you at girl I'm on the next flight (sooo many things that i wanna doooo) [Chorus] [Prodigy] sit back i got this, babygirl ya straight fo'sure rest a sure you in the arms of strength Baby i die for my love ones make no mistake IM not that man i keep my gun on bake [Havoc] And its a cold world,yah man dont undastand yah pain and i kno you gettin tired of the same ol' same he expect to keep you locked, wit that 5 caped ring lets coop that ol real whil 112 sing. [Bridge] 0o anything you want and anything you need lets make this tuff uff and come wit mee hee o0o anything anything you want and anything you need girl ill come running.... [chorus Till end]

I Dont Wanna Go To School (Revelation)

[Chorus: Eminem] I don't wanna go to school (I don't need no) I don't need no education (education) I don't wanna be like you I don't wanna save the nation Daddy NO I just wanna live my life (I don't need no) Everyday a celebration (self-control) One day I'ma leave this world I'm waiting for the revelation [Bizarre] I wanna kill myself I'm still debating In front of a Baptist Church masturbating Praying to Satan Think I'm crazy cuz I smoke crack Live on B with the mac In a two family flat (f**k it) Tired of getting hit in the face with a broom My mom's on her period My dad's in my room I got ten rocks and I need to get out I snort 'em in five minutes In my own damn house My poor grandmother God bless her soul The b***h got AIDS She was waiting to die of a cold There's three things to keep me from being a Nazi I'm black, a fag, and my dad's Liberace [Kon Artis] No matter how bad the beating I went to school cheating My dad whooped my a** at a PTA meeting Skipping school, I had to have nuts just to do it Gat born and became truant When I had the gaul to go I just get into it I was lured into corners by this peer pressure s**t How would you feel if you was held By the tip of a barrell Getting threatened to get your skin Ripped to bone marrow Bet suburban kids Never got rushed for their apparell like me Outcast Last to cla** First to leave When the teacher called on me Best believe I had something up my sleeve [Eminem] I been raised and labeled as crazed My mother wasn't able to raise me Full of crazy rage An angry teenager Nothing could change me back Gangsta rap made me act like a maniac I was boosting So influenced by music I used it as an excuse to do s**t Ooh I was stupid No one could tell me nothing Hip hop overwhelmed me To the point where it had me in a whole 'nother realm It was like isolating myself was healthy It felt like we was on welfare but wealthy Compelled me to excel when school had failed me Expelled me And when the principal would tell me I was nothing And I wouldn't amount to s**t I made my first million and counted it Now look it A f**king drop out that quit Stupid as s**t Rich as f**k And proud of it Thats why... [Chorus] [Swifty] I was raised with a rifle and mask Steadily beating my psychiatrist's a** Just for asking about my past I was never on that punk s**t f**king around could get your beloved abducted Smothered in blood quick You couldn't pay Swift to give a f**k Crazy like my father It must have been poison in that nigga's nutt Far as probation f**k peeing in cups I violate it anytime Let 'em see the blunt I grew up steadily masturbating inside a cell Drunk as hell Having conversations with myself You could tell I wasn't leniant A disobedient lynch That slaped teachers b***h I'm not reading it You don't know what dogs go through A little nigga sipping liquor With my old dude What the f**k you gon' do? I'm quick to curse you I told my mother that I'ma hurt you If you ever again mention a curfew [Kuniva] Look My family ignores me and I don't like that They don't even listen when I tell 'em I'll be right back This nice beautiful house of mine It don't mean s**t Cuz you know Daddy's a drunk And he don't clean s**t And yesterday he hit me like a grown f**king man I couldn't stand up to him I just ducked and ran I'm sick of this I wish on Christmas That I can get a loaded four fifth And put a f**king end to this I got no friends and I can't get a b***h Only thing I have is dirty magazines and sticky fingertips Nothing to smile about I'm about to lose my mind Got me an automatic nine Now I'm wildin' out [Proof] when schools over Pupil or people to shoot through Kids going cuckoo With a two-two Since my friend is this new dude In his high school Losing his noodle Learning people don't like you The football jocks is Spitting on him Pop all the kids in school that's now picking on him Burn out youngsta niggas now hitting on him And his teacher in his English cla** keep flipping on him And now he's grounded with no allowances For drinking forty ouncers Cuz he was caught by his councellers And why the f**k I gotta ride the bench coach? Already got expelled for wearing a trenchcoat All I ever seen is (Violence, violence) Told me to deep silence Stop batting my eyelids It's apparent that my parents weren't parents at all That's why I blow out my brains And swear it's raw [Chorus: Eminem]

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