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APARTMENT 26 lyrics - Hallucinating


Original and similar lyrics
Bruised Bruised, but I won't tell about that I can't escape the monotony of hate And forgivenesss can not become me You can not come back to me I won't sink to this (wonderful) The tongue is in the cheek If only my will was not so weak You're so wrong, I'm not the one You're so wrong, and so wrong At least I think I've learned a lesson 'cause I can look back with retrospect But not to ponder, and not to wonder Chorus: You are so wrong I couldn't build it up to take it down And I get you're so strong I couldn't build it up to take it down Hands appear at night I feel as though I've been awake for days I shed my skin, and I shed my sleep chains Look the other way as you come my way You look slimmer and your breasts look better than ever What the fuck? No one ever sees, no one ever hears All they can do is breathe, stop the touch Chorus (2x) Chorus (2x)

No Way

Jim Boyd "First Come Last Served"
Everyday I learn Of a new direction that I must go in And it's everyone's concern Cause they all tell me on television That I must find out before too long That their way is right and my way is wrong Cause I'm not the same I don't play the game But I've got to listen Or I won't fit in they say Chorus: No way When I look out my eyes I see the things that I need to see But I'm told they tell me lies Cause we don't agree politically And now I must find out before too long That the money's right And my color's wrong As the morning news plays the biased blues But they won't admit cause It just won't fit on the page Chorus: No way Bridge: And I've been listening to this crap For so long without a say Sing a different song It don't mean it's wrong Won't you listen here today Chorus: No way

Truth Or Consequence

Chapman Steven Curtis "Real Life Conversations"
Steven Curtis Chapman Galaians 6:7-8 The T.V. said just make sure you're old enough And let your feelings tell you when it's right What went wrong? She thought it was really love Now she wonders why she just can't sleep at night Was it worth the price she has to pay Chorus It's either truth or consequences, there's no other way Push truth aside, the other takes it place Well, you can close your eyes But that won't make it go away The truth or consequences must be faced The headlines say our world's in a lot of pain Huurt from all the selfishness and greed What went wrong? Like sheep all have gone astray We'll reap what we sow, don't be deceived His truth's been given and it's there before us Written on the page and in our hearts Chorus As sure as God made the sun to shine He made the rules we must all live by He loved us too much to leave us alone To our own devices Repeat Chorus

Listen To Your Heartbeat

Authors Composers : Thomas G:son Henrik Sethsson I wanna know What you feel inside Is something wrong Why did you leave last night Is it all just a game Oh, tell me why we can't be lovers I do believe In the two of us That you and me We are the only ones And we were meant to be true So, tell me why we can't be lovers How could I be such a fool I thought I already knew it all, but I know I was totally wrong CHORUS : Listen to your hearbeat It will take you higher Follow your emotions I know you'll get stronger Listen to your heartbeat Your feeling will guide you Hold on to devotion I know it's inside you How will I know If you're fooling me Maybe I'm wrong But it seems, to be like it's all just a game And I just want us to be lovers We had it all in our hands Just like those all happy ends I still don't know why But we lost it somehow CHORUS One more chance to make a try Nothing left to do for you and I CHORUS Listen to your heartbeat

Ten Girls Ago

Graham Parker "Struck by Lightning"
Intro: E A E A E E A E Buster turned round to me And said hey kid you must be joking E A C#m You got an attitude You think you're funny but you're choking hey hey A E Back every word that comes out of your mouth (Ten girls ago) E A B You thought you had something to laugh about CHORUS E A E A But it was just a crazy thing The wrong act in the wrong circus ring E A E A The sweet pain of a needle's sting Ten girls ago, ten girls ago Eddie and Burt sneaked out the back And threw up before every scene The camera rolled and my life Flashed before me just as if in a dream A dog was leading me round on a chain Ten girls ago I kicked it but I ended up in pain CHORUS 2 But it was just a crazy thing Flying an airplane made of string Sweet pain of a needle's sting Ten girls ago BRIDGE C#m A B C#m7 Wrap it up in a paper cup Put it in a bag for me C#m A B B7 Get yourself another dog Ah you're barking up the wrong tree Guitar break Same as intro modulated to F# B F# And now I stand a hope in hell Of not ending up in the bottom of a well A place where all lost souls must go When they don't know where their life is going And now life glows with a life of its own Ten girls ago I would have told you my chances were blown (then) CHORUS I (then) CHORUS 2

If You Need Me

DOLLY PARTON "Eagle When She Flies"
Intro: If you need me, I'll be gone The bed's still warm where you just left But it'll be colder where I've slept I've always been where you needed me But I ain't the fool I used to be You come home all hours of the night The fragrance on you ain't old spice Tonight when you come draggin' home And find you need me, I'll be gone 1st Chorus: I'll be gone like the moon when the sun comes up Gone like the dew from the buttercup Gone like a woman treated wrong If you need me, I'll be gone So, what am I still doing here? You've been doin' me wrong for years Tired of pickin' up and puttin' out I'm leaving you lock, stock, and house So, bye, bye, baby That's it, I'm packed I'm a'leavin' now, but I'll call back And leave this message on the code-a-phone Sayin', if you need me, well, I'll be gone 2nd Chorus: I'll be gone like the moon when the sun comes up Gone like the dew from the buttercup Gone like a woman leavin' home If you need me, I'll be gone Repeat 2nd Chorus I said, if you need me, I'll be gone Tag: If you need me, I'll be gone I said, if you need me, I'll be gone

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