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ANTI-FLAG lyrics - The Bright Lights Of America

Shadow Of The Dead

Original and similar lyrics
Tonight, tonight, tonight... I'm gonna stay awake. Safe inside this trojan horse until day breaks. Open it up, tear it up, fuck it up... In the streets runs a river knee deep. Hidden in the blood of our own lies the alphabet of the free. As i walk through the valley in the shadow of the dead, will you remember them? Ce soir, ce soir, ce soir. je vais rester reveille. There is no extinguishing the resistance you betray. The marquis, zapatista, white rose. Can we see the end of a battle unheard? For every name in history there are a thousand more interred. And i can't believe my own eyes. i've seen this sight 100 times. We will be sovereign in the water In the shadow of the dead. Still no one remembers them. We will be free in the cold of the shadow of the dead. Oh, you will remember then. As i walk through the valley in the shadow of the dead, will you remember them?

All Or Nothing

AGAINST ME! "Against Me!"
We can have a day from here, if you'll take your heart put some faith in ideals. The bank line will all turn around and rent will pay itself. You can sleep tonight, little boys in sweat-shops will again be children and tonight they'll eat the lions share. Bombing skies will sing silent and the anger turn to laughter. On the crucifix Christ will turn his head and admit his own sin he was a martyr for. Your shoulders just as heavy there is no mercy from three holes and a bleeding forehead helping my life. Rob the promise and direction given to me. We're bound to self righteous living. Fingers rapping on the counter, patience wearing thin. It's just another work week, arthritis at 18 for a minimum living. Who has time to breathe, catch it before it's over, catch it before it eats you. Hello perspective this is just the human condition. It's universal love my god I think it's spreading. They'll kick you when you're down. Push you down when you're stumbling. Another day of dying is just evolution. You said freedom was a hope away an hand or a hard push. Is this inclusive thinking? We run by a thread, tongue in cheek idealists. I'm not giving up the claim that I can save the world and all I need is my friends.

Last Light Radio 11:01 PM

From the center of nowhere Atop the shoulders of giants Above the creeping fog of disinformation that clouds the American union This is Will 'O the Wisp And this is The Last Light Radio Your last beacon of truth and defiance I've always started my shows by saying that: All ships lost in the night search for the lighthouse on the rock of the enlightened But, for truth seekers out there, the battery is fading and the light is dying I see that freedom has failed us and with no light the night's going to be a long one Woody Guthrie said: "This land is your land, this land is... my land" Great words, but this land is their land now This will be the last time your ears and my voice will be getting together Because, as of midnight tonight, the previously public airwaves will be commandeered for government approved and regulated transmission The last breath of free speech will blow itself out What rises in its place is going to be the wind of thought control Bad guys win folks! You know I don't always play a lot of music on the show, as most of it these days is processed, bubble gum bullshit - churned out by the overlords of doublespeak and made to turn a gray world grayer But tonight I won't go without leaving a message Tonight I've chosen to play the one band the American Fascicrats don't want me to play Tonight I'm going off the air with the music of Hierophant For those of you not familiar, you'll get a taste of Hierophant's music tonight Their message, their light I started you off with Wake Up from their 2009 album Bohemian Grove, their first and most radical Remember what the song says: Don't let 'em get you down The most important truth is love, all you know and all you need to know, as the poet says What was that beauty, what's the difference? Love your family, love your neighbor, love your enemy as yourself Go on loving, it's what humans do best and the one thing they can't kill Got it? This is Will 'O the Wisp The time now is no time The temperature is cold And the news is blue But for now the light still shines Off the same album, this is Triskaidekaphobia That's fear of thirteen my sons and daughters, as in thirteen o'clock You're listening to the last night on The Last Light


End Zone
(Spirits Of The Dead) Thy soul shall find itself crying alone Mid dark thoughts of gray tomb-stone Not one, of all the crowd Into the hour of horror be silent in that Solitude which is not loneliness For spirits of the dead Spirits stood in life before you are In the death around you - their will their will is overshadowing you Therefore you must be forever still The night thought clear shall frown like wounded devil stars shall look right down at the graves From their high thrones replaced in the heaven With light like hope to mortals given As burning fever Which would adhere To you forever Every thought will never banish now vision vanish From thy spirits shall they will pass no more Like dew from the grass the breethe the breath Of God is still mist upon the hill Look how it moves Between the trees Riddle's mistries.

I'm Back (Freestyle)

All we know is to smash up the furniture, board up the house. Gotta keep the zombies and the vampires out; but when the moon's full and you feel yourself change, things will never be the same. I let lose in the fucking game with a werewolf growl, its the only thing you can do and its staring you down. And I'm airing you out, in the night with a rusty aithblade. When I'm bustin glass I'm sorry it must be that way. You might see me with a bottle I wont give you three wishes, ain't no genie in this bottle just a bunch of mean liquid. And consider it your child point him out if he snitchin. Be rightous as any god, and evil as three sixes. Its rediculously calm waiting for the good pictures. You don't got me on your record that just isn't good business. And I'm wearing skinny jeans I'm too big for my britches. If murder by any means on this mission and you're fishin for a minnow in a lake with a crocodile in it. When they see me flow their eyes come poppin out. Finnished what you started don't go droppin out just because you heard me and you think you got no option now. I'm optin out of fuckin with your lame brains claiming you're important. I hit you in your main vein you wish that you snorted. I'll import it to your main frame, blame noone for it. if pain is beauty I must be gorgeous. I'm fucking nautious read it in the blood. I lost most of my friends to the needle or the gun. See the suburbs crumblin, rumblin the stomach of the beast you get eaten you plummet a hundred feet. I am JJ Demon that's my motherfuckin name oh you must have been thinkin about some other fuckin lame talkin chain against your jewel snatch, right over your body get your crew back to tag to slide off to this body. Kamikaze pilot flying in the booth and I'm killin everyone if I gotta die with em too. Its what I do, resurrected every morning comin back from the dead for your head swing your axe like a lumberjack. I'm bringin that hunger back were under attack walking dead. Blow that motherfuckin house up they're tryin to get in, sew your motherfuckin mouth shut for tryin to spit I know everything about ya, you're lyin again. If at first you don't succeed you ain't tryin again. You'll be dyin you'll die twice you'll be dyin again. I'm just plannin my retirement Ill expire you and a can of gas and a fire that won't let the firemen in. I'm reppin phili all crazy you see me actin calm but were really all crazy; sippin grey goose through a silly straw, really off balance I just wanna stay loose, do you feel me dawg? I am here to stay, no I will never ever slack, when I steal the ball away you will never get it back. Sound stupid when you talk, sound clever when you rap. Just quit that's a motherfuckin feather for your cat. Rats still tryna steal the cheddar from the trap. Instead of gettin cheddar in the trap. You are witnessing the beginning for you its the beginning of the end. Kill him dead like a zombie with a bullet in his head. Bullet in his head ..bullet in his head ..bullet in his...

...And Soon The World Will Cease To Be

AMON AMARTH "Versus The World"
The Northern wind brings snow and ice Humans starve and freeze The Fimbul winter has arrived And soon the world will cease to be Brother will be brother's bane No one shall be spared All will die. None remain That is mankind's share The southern sphere is set ablaze Muspel's fire is set free The sun is on its final chase And soon the world will cease to be Across the western sky he runs A wolf so grim and mean Devours the eternal sun And soon the world will cease to be The North Star falls from the sky Into the deep cold sea The first of all to fall and die And soon the world will cease to be Muspel's flames lick the sky Hidhægg eats the dead The Aesir meet in hall up high And Oden 'quests Mimer's head Land is swallowed by the waves Rocks and mountains break Dead men on the path to Hell And Yggdrasil quakes [Lead Mikkonnen] From the East comes a ship Loke holds the oar A demon army with swords that rip Will join the final war The army of the dead arrives Heimdal blows his horn Calling Gods out to die Before the world can be reborn

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