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ANTHRAX lyrics - Armed And Dangerous

Armed And Dangerous

Original and similar lyrics
Trapped up inside here, like lions in a cage I've been a mark of injustice Bound by these chains Can't find a reason, I'm on my own My destiny waits for a sign from me I'm leaving alone I'm out on my way now It's been so many years The chase is my lifeblood I have no more fears Fire, burns in my veins Anger, shows on my face Hatred, it poisons my soul Look out, I'm about to explode Evil ones try to destroy us We're armed and prepared for attack We'll take on the world with the rebellion We're dangerous down to the last Armed and dangerous Am I evil, or am I insane The lion inside of me, is no longer tame A blade in my left, a gun in my right to beat you within, an inch of your life


( Harris / DiAnno ) You walk through the subway, His eyes burn a hole in your back. A footstep behind you, He lunges prepared for attack. Scream for mercy, He laughs as he's watching you bleed. Killer behind you, His blood lust defies all his needs. My innocent victims Are slaughtered with wrath and despise, The mocking religion of hatred That burns in the night. I have no-one, Am bound to destroy All this greed. A voice inside me, Compelling to satisfy me. I can see, What a life's meant to be. You'll never know, How I came to foresee.

Beautiful Tonight

KRYSTAL MEYERS "Make Some Noise"
My eyes have a rosy glaze (As darkness falls) I'm dancing on a razor blade (It's killing me) Such a dangerous attraction I'm flirting with fire A desire reason just can't tame I'm gonna regret this It's the shadow inside my mind And I'm in denial I'm becoming quite a liar Does that make me beautiful tonight? (To someone) In my sickness can you find me beautiful tonight? The moonlight plays against my skin (You found me out) Midnight sometimes is my only friend (Don't leave me now) The hunger it eats me alive I'm falling, dissolving It's crawling into my veins I'm gonna regret this Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, beautiful tonight I don't want to stay this way forever Can you make me beautiful tonight?


[Prevail] My comparative dissention From high as an intense discription Of why the valkyrie fly, calculate The circumference of the sky for future reference Measure it all from bird's eye to add some fuel to my furnace To those who scratch the surface and lace signs of plotonus Expected to strown trajectory of David's sling to Goliath Nor abundance of nouses accommodate my body weight Circle 1-9-7-5 with Instruments of vine and I'll Dine the road of chrisis if it Crosses over to the land of radiogiants Founded by po-pyus and pontious pilots I make garbious my habit to stab it until it's had it Encourage the cutting of Marionette by bayonette To escape the twin maker's cabinet I was born in between 11:59 and 12 which 12 falls into thirteen Prepare the barricades for the running of the ramping While some try to change or exist to its wash cloth soaked in chlorine [Madchild] Much too dangerous Meet the perfect stranger I'm the extreme case of fire and anger The misguided angel with deep routed fears My face shows the years of blood sweating tears Pay attention, this gypsy that deeply senses Evil spirits lurking behind picket fences Embarking darker images and skeletal remains Cold hearted soldier with ice in his veins I'm twice as insane My advice is refrain From confrontation, total annihilation Serenating my princess, gut renching terror See much clearer on my side of the mirror..... Progressing modestly, moderately dichotomy Manslaughter sporadically, automatically adequate Gang up on myself, by myself, but keep me out of it Undoubtedly a lunatic, Battle Axe exclusive I'm utterly repulsive and self abusive Offerings from the gifted I'm swiftly elusive Making fun of myself I'm quadrofrenic mentally Not laughing at me I'm laughing with me accidentally Trip on Swollen Members, keep it on if it suits ya Silver surfing and ride the wave of the future


Grover_Girl "Invisible"
Shallow lights glistening in the moonlight, Momma always said don't play with fire, The burn will make you where you can't escape, Tied down by broken chains, These are the days when you wish it would rain. The fire burns your skin, Leaving its' mark of attack, The only thing that can save you today, Is if it rains an unusual rain. You are cold even though the fire roasts, Shivers make the burning worse, Don't move or you might be bonded to the flames forever, You are the only one who holds the key. The fire burns your skin, Leaving its' mark of attack, The only thing that can save you today, Is if it rains an unusual rain. Quite things creep around you, You think to yourself it will all go away, You are wrong, you are attached to it for life. The fire burns your skin, Leaving its' mark of attack, The only thing that can save you today, Is if it rains an unusual rain. The fire burns your skin, Leaving its' mark of attack, The only thing that can save you today, Is if it rains an unusual rain.

Beneath The Encasing Of Ashes

AS I LAY DYING "Beneath The Encasing Of Ashes"
Reach inside of me Far beneath the encasing of ashes Bleeding red Still showing signs of life Remove the darkness Take me away A Stream of Hope destroy this corrupted cell Purification (Leaving me desolate in the face of perfection) Unable to hide I am drawn to the fire It is this pain that brings me likely do

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