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Anointed lyrics

Answer To My Prayers

Original and similar lyrics
You are the answer You are the answer to my prayer You are the answer Now I know You were there all the time Those nights I thought no one heard You were embracing my every word What a shame Wish I knew all the while That your love could bring me a smile again And the hurt would end Chorus Your love has given me A warmth that brings me to my knees Through kind and desperate times I know you're there You are the answer to my prayers There are still times I fear I won't make it through But just as you always do You carry me when I'm too weak to stand This is why I'll walk with you for all my life Cuz you've given me one more reason to live To laugh and forgive Chorus I want the whole world to find This kind of love that brings peace of mind No matter where i am You always here me pray Chorus He's the answer, Jesus is the answer For the world today He's the answer, Jesus is the answer Ohhhh

In Harm's Way

Undying love you've given to me Seen in me things I would never have seen I don't understand why you care so much It's all a mystery Time and time again I ask myself What I have done to deserve such wealth The price you paid I could never repay Your generosity Chorus: In wanting to save me In order to save the day Because of love you placed yourself In harm's way It's truly beyond me Left without a word to say What kind of love would place itself In harm's way? What kind of love would place itself In harm's way? When I was down you came and lifted me When I was bound, yes, you set me free Things that you do makes it clear to see It's all a master plan Oh, n greater love that I've come to know And when I refuse, you still love me so With open arms you came and rescued me And erased all the pain Yes all the pain (Chorus) What kind of love would place itself And risk your life for love's sake? What kind of love just takes on all the blame? It seems to be so easy It hurts sometimes but you never let go You will to love in spite of all you know You know, you know (Chorus)


JOHN HIATT "Perfectly Good Guitar"
It is a hurtin' thing you don't wanna talk about it Pain in your heart well it's takin' your breath away You left it in lipstick on the mirror no use talkin' about it Love like this just don't come along every day CHORUS: Somebody just stop calling you angel Somebody just let love get up and go downtown Somebody just stop calling you angel Angel wings out in the snow and mascara running down They called you tookie in high school, you didn't mind it too much Kind of nice to have a nickname, kind of like they thought about it You wish that it stuck with you, didn't have to trade it in on Some crazy lover's pet name, wind up hurtin' so much CHORUS BRIDGE: He peeled the skin off of the world and you stopped breathin' You drew a breath, he sighed, the air was freezin' Two blood-red hearts pumpin' hard out in the open You skinned your knee at kickball Twenty years ago against all hopin' Y'all put that hammer down and drove through love's angel food cake Tastin' every spongy layer and lickin' frosting off the moon Wild-eyed with excitement but childishly disappointed Maybe even tasted better when mama let you lick the spoon CHORUS

Sunday School Rock

Carman "The Standard"
Listen up now ya'll I'm gonna try and reach ya Class is now in session pay attention to the teacher We're goin' through the Book, Genesis to Revelation I'll teach your head how to spread salvation to the nation We'll start with the basics, a checklist for the saints Love the Lord with all your heart and mind and soul and strength To fear the Lord is wisdom, to serve the Lord divine To really break it down just repeat these words of mine CHORUS: I love Jesus...(I love Jesus), Yes I do (Yes I do) I love Jesus...(I love Jesus), How 'bout you?...(How 'bout you?) I love Jesus, Yes I do, I love Jesus...How 'bout you? Grab your pen and paper, the lesson now begins First up Church artillery 'cause we at war with sin God trains us through evangelists, apostles, prophets too Pastors, teachers, five in all 'cause we got work to do Discernment, tongues, interpretation, prophecy, and faith Wisdom, knowledge, healing, miracles, yeah, those are great These gifts are like atomic bombs, they make the Word explode But they just don't mean nothin' unless you know the code That code is... CHORUS The bottom line, the way to win Is up with Jesus, down with sin The Word is clear, easy to see Only Christ can set you free Hide the Word in your heart When you grow you won't depart Grind the devil to the ground Sunday school is throwing down!!! CHORUS I love Jesus, Yes I do I love Jesus...You love Jesus...We love Jesus, how 'bout you? I love Jesus, Yes I do

He Hopes She Knows

He's workin the late shift tonight But his thoughts are not there. There's a girl he's missing her He's got some feelings he needs to share. No matter what he does He just can't forget The times they had And the special night they met. CHORUS And he hopes she knows that there's nothing in the world that he wants more that the love of that sweet girl. She thinks she's the lucky one But he thinks differently to be with her he'd give anything He just wants her to see now that he's found found her there's nothing more he needs He can't wait to see where their love leads REPEAT CHORUS 2 TIMES

Better Off Without A Wife

So this is kind of a little anthem here... All my friends are married every Tom and Dick and Harry you must be strong if you to go it alone Here's to the bachelors and the bowery bums and those who feel that they're the ones that are better off without a wife chorus: I like to sleep until the crack of noon Midnight howlin' at the moon goin' out when I wanto and I'm comin' home when I please I don't have to ask permission If I wanna go out fishin' never have to ask for the keys I never been no Valentino but I had a girl who lived in Reno She left me for a trumpet player But it did'nt get me down He was wanted for assault though he said it weren't his fault You know the coppers rode him right out of town chorus They say I'm kinda selfish about my privacy now as long as I can be with me we get along so well I can't even believe it I love to chew the fat with folks I've been listening to all your dirty jokes I'm so thankful for these friends I do rarely see chorus Hey I've got this girl I know, man She's been married several times and I don't wanna end up like her I mean, she's been married so many times she's got ricemarks all over her face yeah, you know the kind...

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