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Anneli Drecker lyrics - Tundra


Original and similar lyrics
Oh, my heart Why did we part? Life has lost it's bloom I am sunk in gloom I've been such a fool I have been oh, so cruel Sleep has gone Grief has made me wan I am stooped from woe And my head hang low How can I go on? I am woebegone Oh, this hurt Longing Hoping you'll send word All my thoughts are blurred Broken is my heart Oh, why did we part? Hiding when I'm not dreaming Hiding when I'm not dreaming

Educated Fool

HOOBASTANK "Basketball Shorts"
As I roll over in my bed, the same old thoughts run through my head What are you getting up for I look outside, the night still rules, an incarcerated fool And my prison cell is school So I open the door to my new day, bad thoughts should go away But the morning is so grey How am I supposed to understand a word they're going to say? My mind's just not awake Today's the day I break away from this life of monotony And I arrive and kick my way to class, sit down Head down on the fake wood Instructor starts to speak about the time when man was ape And though I'm trying really hard, my mind won't cooperate It tells me where I should be, in the sun where life is carefree That's when I say, can I just go away and learn some other day? Cause I can't live by the rules established by the school An educated fool People always say to me, go to school so you can be Listen hard and fill your mind's potential, or lack there of But sometimes I'm not in class just cause that I will not pass He walks around and stops at me, my letter comes after 'E' A, D, doesn't matter much to me A, D, doesn't say shit about me A, D, doesn't matter much to me Cause A or D is not me

Thank Youse

Del The Funky Homosapien "No Need For Alarm"
[TALKING] A problem? Yeah I got a problem. Cause. . . I been waitin for how long for this shit to come out? Now this the tricks and treats shit ya know? Now all y'all motherphukkers that listen to it and I'm sick and tired of this shit because... all you wack motherphukkers keep comin out with records! And guess what I'm about to do? Guess what I'm 'bout to do?! I'm 'bout to catch you out there. . . and chopyourmotherphukkinheadoff!!! Who's the jester? Under pressure? Not me! I hate emcees a lot, flee Escape, I'll tape your mouth closed Dispose of your flows The ones that you chose Don't compare Where is your other shit? When I discover it I'm shovin that shit Right back in your mouth, And start with another kick Good riddance Suds of blood like the Red Sea splashes When I smash kids Ashes and cremations We wait in The torture chamber Of course you blame a Brother like Del for murder Word up, on a mission It's in my heart Rippin fools apart You dart and dash But I'll remove your heart fast With my bare hands Stashed it into their plans I'd like to see it pulsate in my palm Squeeze it, squish it Eat it with a biscuit For breakfast You're next if You step with Your bright ideas I might apply years Of rhymin Til the time when I blind men With a flash of light I'll blast you right In the corneas I'm warnin ya's So take heed to that Before you bleed, in fact I'm keepin niggaz outta my head Outta my head Instead, they bled They dead, call the Feds [Chorus (4x):] This is how you're treated (this is how you're treated) When my rhyme's completed Niggaz get defeated (defeated!) I wanna push and shove Take off the kid gloves Tearin the terrorist Where a fist Holds a dagger Stick it in your stomach and drag your Insides across the ground Get 'em at the lost and found At the police station I'm patient I won't get you yet So no sweat You're no threat I bet I can belt your brain When my scalpel felt your brain You convulsed No pulse We lost him Cost him his life Phukkin around It's too easy to buck 'em down Let 'em drown Face down in a toilet Take his brain and boil it Watchin who I tell cuz they'll spoil it They might reveal My anger is real Keep your lips sealed Or yo might be the next to keel over or Murderous Refer to us When you feel the need To bleed your chicken feed Yeah, plead for mercy Before I burst free I'm blood thirsty When it comes to who disturbs me I make your life complicated Emcees get ground and grated While they waited In the lobby It's my hobby It'll prob'ly be me Who sees your knees Buckle- Phuk you And your duck crew I'ma pluck you from safety When I break free [CHORUS (4x)]

I Got It Honest

Aaron Tippin "Greatest Hits... Then Some"
(Aaron Tippin/Bruce Burch/Marcus Franklin Johnson) It ain't nothin' but a small frame house on an acre lot It ain't that much diff'rent from any other house on the block And it may not look like we got all our share of the promise But at least one thing's for sure, I got it honest Roll out of the sack every mornin', head on down to the mill Give 'em all I got for eight, 'cause that's the deal If you'll check out my paycheck Well, you'll see that there ain't that much on it But ev'ry single penny I'm paid, I got it honest I never had to hang my head in shame For puttin' a price tag on my name Never turned my back on what I believe Or let my heart be ruled by greed 'Cause buddy if I didn't earn it, I don't want it That way I can always say, I got it honest Now you ain't looking at some dude That was born with a Silver spoon in his mouth And I might seem like some kind of low-life To that high-falutin' crowd But I'm plain spoken, straight talkin' And damn proud of what I have acomplished Some folks appreciate that and some don't But, I got it honest Now when I die, I may not leave my kids a fortune But I hope they know'd my life stood for things that were important And I'll hand out the same sturdy old values of my daddy and my momma It made me every ounce of what I am and I got it honest I never had to hang my head in shame For puttin' a price tag on my name Never turned my back on what I believe Or let my heart be ruled by greed 'Cause brother if I didn't earn it, I don't want it That way I can always say, I got it honest Friend there ain't no doubt about it, I got it honest

Melody Lee

Melody lee, a broken man and a broken dream It must have been a change of heart Your life was cruel they called it art Melody lee, you need a nuke to set you free You know you can't cheat tomorrow If you hide any sorrow Melody lee, you gotta find your secret enemy You're on the run with nowhere to go If you die someone to know Forget your heart, you need not stay A second longer than today Melody lee, a broken man and a broken dream It must have been a change of heart Your life was cruel they called it art


The Cheetah Gurls
I thought my life'd be perfect Thought My life'd be fine but when u came into my life Boy u changed my mind I loved u so..But i didnt know u were just playing a game,Should have known ur so lame But its no use anymore,so i just lay on the floor and cry My Broken heart...Since we fell apart.. U were so far away..And even today,I still miss u even though..U played me like a fool... but im still broken inside Wish you could have told me,that we'd never ever be, U felt sorry for me U got my hopes up made it feel like a dream but now ur just a thought since i woke up in a scream. I never realy understood why we didnt last but baby boy now,I could say it was a blast Chorus I was such a fool Could'a had ne one else but i sat like a dummie and stuck with u Lemme be...JUst forget about me cuz my broken heart cant take this hurting away..From the day we split apart Chorus2x You came in my life Messed it up then changed my mind boy Im not that kind thought my life'd be perfect,so i thought my life'd be.......fine

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