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Let The Guitar Do The Talkin'

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(Kelly Garrett/Craig Wiseman) I was in a band, we were scheduled to appear At a little roadhouse called the Get Down Here A cinder block building with a hand-painted sign Hunkered down straddling the county lines When the crowd rolled in they were a motley mix There were truckers and bikers and locals from the sticks Each one meaner than a cougar in a cage And the biggest one swaggered right up to the stage He said, “We've heard everybody from David Allen Coe To Chuck Berry singing ‘go Johnny go go Got an autographed picture of Elvis on the shelf So tell me girl what you got to say for yourself I let the guitar do the talkin', and the whole place started rockin' My fingertips weren't stoppin' and that big dude started boppin' No need to fuss, stop the squalkin', just let the guitar do the talkin' Now he was over in the corner with a chesire smile The best lookin' seventeen miles Sittin' there makin' my poor heart sweet I knew my chances were a long shot bet Because a boy like that he's heard every line And I've never been the silver-tongue kind But I figured I had me one chance Of gettin' that boy to dance So I cranked up my amp... I let the guitar do the talkin', and the whole place started rockin' My fingertips weren't stoppin' and that big dude started boppin' No need to fuss, stop the squalkin', just let the guitar do the talkin' In a world of too many words Sometimes your point is hard to get heard I think I figured out a little way of getting mine through I just put it on, tune it up and the whole place started rockin' My fingertips weren't stoppin' and that big dude started boppin' No need to fuss, stop the squalkin', just let the guitar do the talkin'

Ballad Of The Bog

Kate Price "The Isle Of Dreaming"
The ruins stood amidst the bog The folk knew not from whence they came A rumor floated in the fog Of a white and wistful, ghostly dame Twas said she prowled the ruined walls And all the while bemoaned her fate Down crumbling, moss encrusted halls Her voice would echo and relate A stronger heard the village tell A tale of spectre, moss and stone From stories heard around the well He would see it for himself alone He found within the haunted place A maiden sleeping very sound With dark hair streaming 'cross her face And falling tangled to the ground He slowly crept up to her side And bent his ear unto her chest And life within her did reside A faint heartbeat within her breast The wind then moved the clouds aside Which made the moon reveal her face He jumped behind a wall to hide As light filled up the horrid place And as he watched with fullest awe An evil mist fell from the stones And uttering words of ancient law It settled down into her bones Her eyes shot wide, she sat upright A flame of yellow burned insane Her moaning filled the frightened night And echoed through the halls again The spectre heard the church bells toll And stopped the maidens sad lament Then with a scream it left her soul And she collpased, her body spent The evil mist then pulled away And whispered back from whenc it came The night seeped back without delay And silence then held court again He knew just what he had to do And left the ruins for behind Twas clear to him as morning dew He'd rescure her or he would die The day was spent in plans and schemes The hour now was growing late Then armed with naught but sword and dream He rode to meet what lay in wait He gathered up the maiden and Removed her to the open air Then lying down upon the sand He took her place and waited there The time was night, the mist arrived And took it's evil, alien shape With lengthy neck and bulbous eyes He realized there was no escape He grabbed the mist, it screamed with hate And twisted in his surly grip He drew its sword and struck its pate And 'cross his glove it's green blood dripped The maiden woke when it was dead And ran into the young man's arms His heart reached out to hers and said I'll keep you safe and out of harm


DE LA SOUL "Art Official Intelligence-Mosa"
[Pos] Yo.. we bout to get it (get it) get it (get it) get it (get it) get on down (down) down (down) Yo! We bout to get it (get it) get it (get it) get it (get it) get on down (down) down (down) Yo! Chorus: Pos We run it, HOT! When we over the drums To the, TOP! Cause the bottom we're from We got the, DROP! On your weekend crew cause you're full-time talkin while we peepin your view [Pos] Rahubat(?), you know my name I run my humbleness with fame God-body, nuttin plain while you claimin shepherd that you heard this you, heard this on day first Watch my man, he'll make it worse Ain't no new click, we still Native [Dove] Clothes knit, stitched tight, related that's the way we handle it Pin us up or mantle it We on fire you candle lit Daydreamin, on a rack Get bought worn and brought back We sport rhyme thought real tight [Pos] to gain sizes much bigger Life life well, get mail filled with checks from sales we deliver [Dove] Spend a little, make a little I want it big like white boy wallets Credit delievered, Fed-Excellent To my dot com, we on the web like Charlotte's Hornet, back her up, she too much on it Your plastic ass'll get swiped past the limit see you the type to get yo' cosmetics smeared on pillows all night Chorus [Pos] while we peepin your view while we, peepin your view We got they eyes on lock Let them flock to your wit while I spit after you [Dove] Look ma, I'm still rhymin Baby boy still providin Breakin bread in four states Makin these struggles get gone Private eyes, I see y'all spyin You watch while I clock Fertilize my brain data Makin accounts grow green like the front lawns [Pos] Yo I may be old school but I'm not no old fool Heard out your mouth words flee bout These niggaz ain't nice You just barbershop talkin while we round the world walkin B, you ain't D.M.C. You slip and fall on my ice No lyin, straight shinin I give you supper from my upper diamond You got limbs so climb in [Dove] Yo, soak up what you find-in We too pure for you to try You sniffin maybe's and if's [Pos] And if if was a spliff Man we'd all be hiiiiiiiiigh-iiiiiigh.. iiiggghhhhh.. [Dove] .. but it's not, so sober up You flashin out like you paparaz' You'll need to take a liver shot to feel the heat on how we runnin it, YO Chorus 1.75X (minus last line, 2nd time) [Pos] cause you're full time talkin while we, while we while we lettin you know I'm in a certified rhyme meadow for days If you ask Mercenary bout this shit, it pays Hitting Willie Mays style out the park Mastering in this +Art+ that's +Official+ Your ears absorb this like tears, on a tissue cause my thoughts are dollar bill crisp Distinct like E-Double's lisp L.I. alumni, wonder why I got it Got it? Get a piece Got product that you all should own and not lease Some say drummers play synonymous with ill with wordplay, that keep us all paid like a bill We're the parent company You the sub in my D-I-vision You don't know how.. {*words fade out*}

This Boy Is Smooth

DJ Jazzy Jeff The Fresh Prince "Homebase"
Well I was cool and sitting by the phone and waiting for A ring with a female voice or a date or An invitation to a nightclub for some minglin But ahh My phone started jinglin Picked it up I checked the rolex first I call one of my regulars worst come to worst I said hello But the voice sounded nervous Baby relax fp at your service The girl spoke up and her voice sounded very nice I met you last week at that club called the paradise I said yeah babe I'd like to go their again Get dressed and you better be flossy at ten Hung up the phone and checked the mirror Sort of like esp I could hear her Heart beating encaged with the groove And all I could say to myself was Damn this boy is smooth So I pulled up to the club at the gate where they let celebs in Entre booted a porsche 9-11 then Girls took a look at me and started to break Ladies come down I've already got a date Cruised up front and I was happy to find her Tantalising tasty tune named tanya I said ay yo babe lets not go in the place yet Come on hope in I got luther in the tape deck I kicked the gift and the girl was like silly putty She said lets go some place and chill I said really honey We went to the beach to take a little walk I found out I was smoother than I thought My hands like maverick started to wander Left and right then wound up behind her Face to face and chest to chest and ohh like a spindle of silk Yo this boy is smooth Here it is Verse trace Back at my place The scene was set because I set it before I left Girl im like a tool grab me and use me Where do you want me by the fireplace or the jacuzi I never slipped yo I got my grip like a handle Turn down the lights and lit up a candle A bottle of chilled champagne right beside me Radio booming pumpin the isley Maybe I'll grab her and give her a kiss Or kick her a line on the smooth billy dee tip Or maybe ill take her outside where the pools at Smack it up flip it naa im too cool for that Ahh I know what I'll do Hold her tightly and caress for a little while Make it gentle and slow not faster Pause for the cause and heres a word from the master Yo I'm the j-a-double z-jazzy Smooth as self smooth than I have to be knowing acknowledged recognised that that's the king of the groove and I'm the man that blessed FP is smooth ay yo j take me out

Guitar Town

STEVE EARLE "Essential Steve Earle"
Hey pretty baby are you ready for me It's your good rockin' daddy down from Tennessee I'm just out of Austin bound for San Antone With the radio blastin' and the bird dog on There's a speed trap up ahead in Selma Town But no local yokel gonna shut me down 'Cause me and my boys got this rig unwound And we've come a thousand miles from a Guitar Town Nothin' ever happened 'round my hometown And I ain't the kind to just hang around But I heard someone callin' my name one day And I followed that voice down the lost highway Everybody told me you can't get far On thirty-seven dollars and a jap guitar Now I'm smokin' into Texas with the hammer down And a rockin' little combo from the Guitar Town Hey pretty baby don't you know it ain't my fault I love to hear the steel belts hummin' on the asphalt Wake up in the middle of the night in a truck stop Stumble in the restaurant wonderin' why I don't stop Gotta keep rockin' why I still can I gotta two pack habit and a motel tan But when my boots hit the boards I'm a brand new man With my back to the riser I make my stand And hey pretty baby won't you hold me tight We're loadin' up and rollin' out of here tonight One of these days I'm gonna settle down And take you back with me to the Guitar Town

Shaggy's 15s

Scottie, scottie Scottie, scottie [Andre Nickatina:] Put the phone on ya but it's the booty call And I'm comin' ta bust nuts on all ya'll And I'm out Half a blunt hangin' out my mouth Speedin' like a demon on 101 south I smoke chewy like a muthafuckin' nut Ya got a gram bag get the zags an' roll 'er up It's Andre Nickatina tiger comin' out the cuts Maximum speed drivin' I don't give a fuck Garcia blunt fully hunt down the cat These bitches on the street muthafucka were you at Dippin' on swayze with my niggas from tha set The blunt went out but we ain't done yet Get another one blaze Bitch get paid A welfare that check every 15 days I remember highschool lowfuel and bushy Cuttin' that muthafucka go gettin' pussy Caught up in the madness This freak was the baddest I seen her baggy jeans and her ass was the fattest Ooh it's jenine She licked my dick clean Come right away she got a twomp sac of weed Nigga I'm sippin My potna's got the tay' stay sippin' Talkin about money, hoes, hustlin' and pimpin' I'm over Doja like this fine bitch Shinin' like a car or my news stands smith Cut the fade Hoes get wet from the wave Dancin' in a cage with ass for days It's like this I didn't know you smoke chewy bitch Now bring the yale too so we can fire up a spliff About six My pager's talkin' to me sayin' "shit The battery's low in this son of a bitch" Yeah 15's pound like this 15's screamin' out bitch 15's bumpin' gangsta shit Mind on a muthafuckin' grip [Shag Nasty:] A nigga graped his coat when I heard them 15"s With a new 9 in the waistline of them jeans when I them 15"s Heard them 15's Grab my weed to get keyed when I heard them 15's Fresh out the house about to pop my p's My niggas done swoop me up about twelve fifteen What's the first thing to do but find that weed In that sedan de ville cadilac with' the gangsta lean I gots to pop me a not Soon as we hit the spot So I can hit the ho twice and see how much cash she got Me and 'dre will hop out When we hit the parking lot And get to flossin' on them fools like I pooled up at the postop Jumped out the car and we was feelin' like g's I was broke that day but lookin' like I slang keys But these hoes will neva know Cause them ones will have you fat When you off in one of them clubs and dressing all in black And it was cool I had juice to get in with a strap In case I see one of them niggas from back in the days I done jact In fact My nigga shot done served that nigga a sac And told me that he had 3 mo' niggas posted out back Bring this on Cause right by the back door is my cuzin tone And mr. blunt Ready to give some nike reading lessons to a chump We make them bleed Then leave the seen With them a.r. 15's A.r. 15's [Andre Nickatina:] Man I don't drink cappacino I'm a picses not a leo Can't even strike to reno unless I tell my fuckin' p.o. Drinkin pina colata brooms staring hard at the moon On the eightteenth floor hopin' I can find my room Five star Adictive like liquor at the bar I sell tapes nigga bring it on cash or master charge I gets lower than a den when I'm strikin" on a mission Lookin' for competition Or maybe a couple bitches My style is something deadly like a newport cigarette I'm a street chemist bitch A money hungry pit Like daffey duck I gives a fuck It's mines it's all mines Catch a flight in hienz Cause I'll leave that ass behind Come stick with me I'll bumble like a bee Cause my boo We was cool Back in nine two But check it I hit the party and these niggas holdin weed And I hold it in at my heart and don't wanna leave Yeah what I think not Ya know we hate cops Imagine if nigga bought Every donut shop In the city Fuck it in the muthafuckin' world Greesy like a curl Priceless like a pearl Strikin' like a lighter Bitin' like a biter Bitch did you recognize my whitewall tires? [Shag Nasty:] Yeah man I recognize your whitewall tires, but we got to get this over with You understand me. I'm makein' moves I can't be standing around it might have Been a good day for you, but I'm a tell you it'll never be right. I stepped outside and I was tweaking So tipsy mentally geekin' I seen my nephew he had just got plug He gave me credit he hooked me up with a proper dubb Here come my girl I hope she got a pipe It might of been a good day for you, but for me it'll never be right I must have been geekin' and I stole my mama's t.v. Now my little brother and my nephew wanna see me But I ain't lookin' for them, I lookin' for a triple beam And I'll be back later on cause I heard you niggas got ice cream Something fat never that soda Fuckin with the mexicans ya'll be havin' that peruvian yola Strait butt naked a dobe fiends dream Nextellin' ain't no tellin' when I put it on a triple beam I love that bitch if ya know what I mean But I ain't talkin' bout that skanless, I'm talkin bout that icecream

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