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Animaniacs lyrics - Variety Pack


Original and similar lyrics
miss flameil:Yakko, yakko:yea miss Flameil? Miss Flameil:I want you to multiply...47 times...83. yakko: 7 times 3 is 21 wich as you know is just two 10's plus 1 and so we put the one right here and we carry the 2 one left to the top of the tenths place right next door, and we put it on top of the number 4, wich is really four tenths that we multiply times 3 in the ones place and that's why, we now have 12 wich we add to the 2 that we carry to get 14. see how easy that was, Ho ho it's multiplication, yes math education, hey Albert Einstein said that it's so easy to do, it's simple it's breezy, it's fun and it's easy, so buy a calculator, you can multpily too. and now the second digit! 7 times 8 is 56 wich as you know is just 5 tens plus 6 and so we put the 6 in the tenths place, left of the one, carry the 5 like we did before, to the top of the tenths place next to the 4 then multiply that 4 times 8 to get 32 see isn't this great, then we add the 5 that we carried before to get 37, then add once more, straight down to get 3901. isn't this swell, oh lets give multiplication a standing novation, Issac Newton multiplied a couple times two, times, two, times two, it's simple it's breezy, it's fun and it's easy, just buy a calculator, and study this stuff later, maybe someday you can multiply numbers, 2..3..4..5..RECESS.


J Live "Apokalipse"
With or without the mic when my mind gets phonetic The mouth gets kinetically energetic its simple as your alphabetics My words you mark and never mock long as my name has been Jean Jacques I keep you open like your pupils in the dark. Dogs bark at the gate to negate what I create Still I write rhymes regardless of the stop signs In tough times or nice times For shade or for sunshine Throughout time all times have been the right time, to recite mine To mankind Who wants mine, come get mine You best combine minds Before you cross that fine line And say who is so called inclined Press rewind You'll find if you're blind, you can't see How this defines and redefines M U S I C Who I be H I P H O P, you know we As them strangers That some wish they could be or not to be Impossibly As it transcends from hte pen, to the key to the mind You will find an emcee, good enough to envy As long as I'm alive It'll send me to that next shit That some just can't get wit' or F with My almamada tolf you that it don'y quit kid, it don'y start until it all seems to be so easy Chorus: Easy, Emcee is my ambition, The incredible, lyrical and original emcee is my ambition Who in their right minds thinks they can put a stop to hip hop If it don't stop till I stop And I don't stop till it stop Fake emcees that soak props like rag mops must get dropped Risin' to the top of the bottom That's how I got 'em If your hearts glass ceiling is my mind's glass floor Whose style do you suppose Reaches higher plateaus While you kick those sellout flows In hope to sell out shows But get your spots taken easy as the wind blos J remains repin all the heads whole steppin Whose style shall be the illest With or without the weapon With or without a doubt I maintain with just the facts Improving skills with or without the record contracts And yet still If that beez the case my presence was a gift in its own right So I remain strong Long as Hands cap on Snare drums tap on J's word stays bond And cornballs who rap get snapped on Live lyrics will be just that Just phat Just right for all those who feel my flavors tight I'm dedicated to the flow The only way the true lyricist could ever make it seems so easy Chorus As I reserve the right to renovate the Raw Shack with lyrical scaffolds Heads are battled as tracks are travelled You're unraveled Or should I say unrapped in this world where mics get checked and all cornballs get slapped Alright rhymes get rewritten No bullshittin Perfected JL run point and stays on it Mastered styles look back and laugh at first drafts Freestyles make toes wanna paydownponit Do anything but lay down on it Anestesiatics get trapped like rats in attics To craftmatics but then transform like skilled wax to insomniacs with my name in your almanacs infact I let my glory be that never ending story Like those that still inspire since seven albums before me Cause yo From this old school comes a new degree Yet to be mastered till longevity seems to be so easy

Carry You Around

how pleased can one sun setting make you if you humble yourself to it? how grateful can you realy say that you are just to be here and live through it? and when beauty asks a question how often do you reply? how often do you wonder about life on the other side? on the other side of sorrow on the other side of rage on the othe rside of ok ok at all in any way imagine what loneliness will drive someone to do now multiply that times me and multiply that times you now imagine what it would take to make this all happen again and just when you think you're gonna cry multiply that times ten you are distracting me from all other activities and i know the fact of your presence will dominate my memory of this restaurant this table this day and this town cuz i carry you, baby i carry you around

Nothing At All

David Byrne "David Byrne"
Lord knows we've become scientific It's nothing special at all Sometimes everything gets big and nothing is small We can live here every day We can be here whenever we play And the knife is near at hand I cut myself to see who I am Reach inside, but I still can't touch The policeman inside Baby Jesus, Holy Moses! He can stop on a dime I guess there's just too many supposes For me to put out that fire Skin so soft, feels so light Guess I'll stay home tonight From the Rockies to the Rio Grande Big shadow falls across the land Had some money, but it's not enough To keep me in line We made love in a shower of stars I had a vision in my backyard I saw a car drive across the sky Behind the wheel, look there, it's you and I Looks like we're gonna get outta ourselves tonight Looks like What do you suppose? Was it nothing at all? What do you suppose? Was it nothing at all? Those good times, good times we had Were they nothing at all? Did I sleep a little too late? Or am I awake? Shake your body till the fear is gone Like it was nothing at all It's so easy, so easy, so easy Hey, it's nothing at all So easy, so easy, so easy Hey, it's nothing at all

You Know My Name

There been many times when I couldn't see What you had in store for me and There been many time when I didn't know Which way or where to go Times I walked around head hanging down Full of insecurity Wanting to find out what this life's about But you told me to wait and see cause [Chorus:] You hold the stars in place Order time and space And yet you know my name You hold me in your hand help me understand Your love will never change Cause you know my name I've wondered why every time I try I just seem to loose my way Nothing's making sense and at my own expense It's a heavy price to pay But your always there taking all my cares So ready to be my friend Every where I go I know There's no place you haven't been [Chorus] As I walk this road I'm not alone your always beside me my life you own my fear is gone cause now I believe You know my name your love never changes It's always the same [repeat] [Chorus 2X]

On My Own

Michael Mcdonald "Sweet Freedom"
(Burt Bacharach & C B Sayer) So many times Said it was forever Said our love would always be true Something in my heart always knew I'd be lying here beside you On my own On my own On my own So many promises Never should be spoken Now I know what loving you cost Now we're up to talking divorce And we weren't even married On my own Once again One more time By myself No one said it was easy But it once was so easy Well I believed in love Now here I stand I wonder why I'm on my own Why did it end this way (on my own) This wasn't how it was supposed to be (on my own) I wish that we could do it all again So many times I know I could have told you Losin' you, it cuts like a knife You walked out and there went my life I don't want to live without you On my own Once again This wasn't how it was supposed to be (on my own) I wish that we could do it all again (on my own) I never dreamed I'd spend one night alone By myself I've got to find out what was mine again (on my own) My heart is saying that it's time again (on my own) And I think that I'm as sure as you

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