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Animaniacs lyrics

Nifty Fifty United States And Capitals, Yakko, Ani

Original and similar lyrics
And now Wacko Warner with the fifty US States and their Capitals, Baton Rouge Louisianna, Indianpolis Indiana, and Columbus is the capital of O-hi-o. There's Montgomery Alabama, south of Helena Montana then there's Denver Colorado, and Boise Idaho. Texas has Austin then we go north, to Massachusetts Boston and Albany New York. Tallahassee Florida and Washington D.C., Sante Fe New Mexico and Nashville Tennessee. Elvis used to hang out there a lot, you know. Trenton's in New Jersey north of Jefferson Missouri, You got Richmond in Virginia, South Dakota has Pierre, Harrisburg's in Pennsylvania and Augusta's up in Maine, and here is Providence Rhode Island next to Dover Deleware. Concord, New Hampshire, just a quick jaunte, to Montpelier, which is up in Vermont, Hartford's in Connecticut so pretty in the fall, and Kansas has Topeka Minnesota has St. Paul. Juneau's in Alaska and there's Lincoln in Nebraska and it's Raleigh out in North Carolina, and then, there's Madison Wisconsin and Olympia in Washington, Pheonix Arizona and Lansing Michigan. Here's Honolulu, Hawaii's a joy Jackson Mississip-pi and Springfield Illinois, South Carolina with Columbia down the Way, and Annapolis in Maryland on Chesapeake Bay, They have wonderful clam chowder. Cheyenne is in Wyoming and perhaps you make your home in Salt Lake City out in Utah where the buffalo roam. Atlanta's down in Georgia and there's Bismark North Dakota, and you can live in Frankfurt in your own Kentucky home. Sa-lem, in Oregon, from there we join, Little Rock in Arkansas, Iowa's got Des Moines Sacramento California, Oklahoma and it's City, Charleston West Virginia and Nevada Carson City. That's all the capitals, there are!


NELLY "Intro"
(from Bait soundtrack) CHORUS: (Nelly:) I am the king of the city Top down windows up Puffin' like Ditty Riding cross the hatas face mad, team gritty Honk your horn twice if your misses lookin' pretty Repeat chorus (Nelly:) Well if you run wit' your niggas Then I walk with my killas You will never have a woman Head as long as I'm the dealer What you fella (uh) You sure you want some I run wit' slum, cats play like they bums Money in large sums, navigators and guns Baby mamas wit' sons Ain't afraid to let you have it If you trick with their loved ones Oh I mores no, no (you tripled your fare) You best get on your mark, get set, go, go My jagged edge will leave you my death is so, so Type of person continue short sit in the front row Get your hands out my pocket You don't want just blow, blow The only bird I get wit' more is the doe-doe They be like oh, oh It's what they screamin' from the back Play Nintendo, is when I hit'em with the ax Put your gun away And you might live to see another day Come in head, run and done, bustin' like andele Repeat chorus twice (Keyuan:) So now you got a range (Boy I been had wheels) Aiyyo you think you gotta little change (Yeah my dirties love me truly) I remember you use to shoot that thang (Ya never knew me) Ya use to clam gangs (uh-huh) (City Spud:) Yo, when I ride vo-cal it's either Tim's or Knight When I step in my Prada I'ma rock the ice When the Tics do a show I'ma rock the mic Born in New Jack City like Wesley Snipes Drive a SS M.C with racing stripes Fronted two P's of L.G, flip it twice Hang 'round with cats who bust and they don't think twice Nothing but dome shots no coming back twice All I knew was hustling and rolling the dice Scraping the dimes for whole orders of china-men rice Now I sacrificed my life for publishing writes Hoping everything gonna be aight (Murphy Lee:) St. Lunatics at the super bowl Top roll gettin' super blow Rams on the 24 second down two to go Now we hear the Louie tho It's two below hundred degrees I'm drivin' about 103 With a S.T.L hat on Top down holdin' a blunt You know I'm smokin' wit' the windows up I be the young dude Chief into kung-fu, with sun-do Come through, Beenie Man You don't really want to How come you, think you can I'm from the city where The muddy Mississippi might sink you man I'm getting brains in the Range With the brains blown out With TV's, the wood grain and Them thangs rolled out Repaet chorus twice (Ali:) It's like a hot day in July Just bangin' when I fool guys It's the credible, edible, federal when I'm high On the hills on the lane 64 Chevy the brains Blown, gone, spread foam, wood, and chrome How you doin' mama my name is Lee I be the fabulous M.C you heard of St. Lunatics word up I'm like OK , all the sun out Ice down but I still pull a gun out Feel that, bow down It's real rap Verbaly peel a cap as I stomp dem out Toe shake 16 bars of earthquake If I do the whole song boom It's Vietnam You see it wrong So I'ma gone leave you alone Put my mind back on Who I'm gone to take home Ya might get jumped Grab a cell call me tall Need some Air Max 'cause dem boys Bobbin' like stone, and a... Repeat chorus twice (Cedric The Entertainer:) Ya ready for this, it's Ced let-me-entertain-ya Wassup, representing on wax Talkin' on record like P-Diddy I'm just here hollering for The Kings of Comedy You know too sharp Steve Harvey, Burnie B. Mac, Keepin' it on the D.L Hugley Repeat chorus to end

Downtown Assassins

Snoop Doggy Dog "Tha Doggfather"
INTRO:(*mobster Corleone talking*) VERSE ONE:(DAT NIGGA DAZ) Yeah Vision 88 kilos of cocaine smack-dead in your face The street value of that is what you dream to make Run an illegal business,racketeerin Smugglin,doin things from handin a gun,is what they fearin Bodyguards and hitmen like some Al Capone shit Heavy artillery got the cops on my dick Different locations,spots where it takes place If you show them my money,your ass is gettin f-laid There's four major games that run the city of G's The violators,the Gambinos and the Corleones and me The violators and Gambinos they run uptown Me and my cousin Corleone we run downtown Murder's an everyday thang in the city Where you gotta plot chips,jag robberies and do in its Tanadian Nay,the charge of the weapons Hit from verandahs and do a thing unexpected So we plan a plot with an Uzi and 10 shot Buck em till they all drop,circle round the block Let em have it as soon as they come out Unload on their ass,commence to takin them out! INTERLUDE:(DAZ talking) Throughout the streets of Long Beach The streets was infected with drugs,dope pealers and addicts Gangs have taken over 75% of our town as the young youth behaviour is outrageous with crime They feel no remorse whatsoever, as the law enforcements have tried to stop the trafficking of drugs from coming into our country, but they can't The murders have increased more than 95% and the drug amount of which they make is more than 700 million dollars Now wanted by the IRS and we will convict them of tax evasion VERSE TWO:(TRAY DEE) I had no choice or remorse for time for puttin it down Niggas know the scoop is stupid if they come from my town I been around since the Jumpstreet makin it pop Young crook keepin hook,nigga,shakin the spot Had to be a standout not to get ran out Look for help,you help yourself cos there's no handout Since the city Long Beach is only G's and hos You hold on ya heat but them fiendish foes Trust,bust,be aware and I ain't ya curse Cos the niggas that I dared to (?agank?) the first Think I might be deceased 'fore I reach my calling As long as I'm haulin my heat I'm stallin I bring it to ya hard from the streets of life Where niggas get rewarded to grief for strikes Don't speak on the creep,mo' fools is listenin And war story glory ain't worth the riskin Real niggas still get a mob like respect If you represent ya set,till ya bite the deck Who I be?I'm the Dee,nigga check the file Under G you will see not to sweat my style I'm takin em out! INTERLUDE:(Corleone talking some more) VERSE THREE:(SNOOP DOGG) I come through blastin,me as a Downtown Assassin Mashin,may they rest in peace in they caskets Shoot em down in front of Hassans Should've known from the gate,who's the baddest? In my zone,Don Corleone wanted For the murder of forty men Ordered to hit and watch him kill again and again From the U-S-C,I shift ki's,a 120 plane rides Multiplied by G's,87.3 million in a matter o'months Big business and big dollars is all that I want I blaze up to celebrate,new empire to make Toast till we all die,till we burst and break From knives to guns,from the rich to the slums We ran outta dope,I don't think so son While I be gunned by a mark from the enemy park From daylight to reach dark and all the clucks a'spark From when I pick em off like darts Stab em in they hearts Make an example,what I said,ya end up dead Spayed the wall with graffiti like hogs for all my lost Doggs Never reach until I see the blue sky till I die All I ever want is to be left alone Me myself,me my dope,me and my chrome Got paid by cops and judges,I budge when I buzz I got the City of Long Beach goin crazy for drugs OUTRO:(Corleone capping it off)

No City

AESOP ROCK "None Shall Pass"
[Verse 1:] For want of a nail the shoe was lost For want of a shoe the horse was lost For want of a horse the rider was lost For want of a rider the battle was lost For want of a battle the kingdom was lost And all for the want of a horse shoe There is a hole in front of the shovel, shovel in front of the brawn Six billion gorillas for whom the graves yawn Each withered his mule-ish days to choose his tool of trade Dueling blades that cue the cruel charade and fuel the flames If you would clue the crew into the civil Just get the food and land like you the man who flew the coop over the pit-bulls Dash back flashy to compassionate nano police Sat beneath an avalanche and jagged and nautical seas And I would stop the violence more than I was Pontius Pilate Cops and robbers riot by the vows of noxious sirens A is gullible he figure all man equal no brainer Take it his friends and neighbors didn't cater Moms raised the babies through a very church-y eighties Sunday mornings reinforced the waiting gates of Haties And he brazen but apparently infernal bound now For when a man had coughed recite his wrongs he wouldn't bow down The punishment should fit the reasons you must punish him Never puncture skin or pull the colored rugs from under them Two opposing mother ships shall not employ the gunner's deck Cause brotherhoods of public good do not employ the unctuous in you Observing how the giveth is disproportionate to the taketh away decide to maketh his day All the stoic odium glowing a coal holster When he coulda stood easily in the tub juggling toasters [Chorus:] No mountain too high No city too far No coma tonight No city tomorrow No fire too live No city too charred To treaty to sign No city to guard [Verse 2:] I pick the phone up with a grown-up mode approach Skin crawlin off the drawl and now it clawed the awkward tone up I'd known it wasn't roses but hoped it was less corrosive Coast in to the focus of the grossest diagnosis like Holmes, the barnicles that chew upon the flesh of man Have clued into suitor's capital to a beggars hand Comfortably, sung a stubborn legacy of gluttony With carnivores that burrow like hunters into the blood and meat Umm, what?!? The chinny chin up and the city picked her sinning pen up let her numb the spitting stigma Along came a spider sold her eggs to any buyer Now the shooter in back is six legs wider than the driver If you make no friends on the way to the top rung There is no secret handshake club I do not give a fuck But know the cancers make the olive branches obviously standard So when they extend from the yachts and mansions drop your cannons All kings hang em for the cliff side drip dry Will he clip to zip line or slip for his final dip dive If he live, will he survive the milligrams of middle ground They pump into the pinstripe pentagrams over tinsel town Or kill a man who trickled down the city with his scissors out as sickles Dipped in military hells bells and whistles Riders to the east Now the wild tribes Thank you for the peace on earth and mercy miled high [Chorus:] No mountain too high No city too far No coma tonight No city tomorrow No fire too live No city too charred To treaty to sign No city to guard And all for the want of a horse shoe

Ant Rap

ADAM ANT "Prince Charming"
Adam Ant/Marco Pirroni Put some wax on the trax and slide on onta here hane hane hane hane hane hatchets in the corner ears to the ground improve to the groove get down to the sound buttons and bows and bleu blanc rouge all things lively must be used liberte, egalite, au jour d'hui c'est tres tres tres voici l'opportunite nous Incroyables I got the moves they got the grooves summoned the Gods and they all approved bad vibes akimbo on the shelf bit of a rap thing going for myself this gold on the teeth's no sense at all it only matters when it's on the wall I'm standing here with my four men let's start that rapping thing again: Marco, Merrick, Terry Lee, Gary Tibbs and yours truly in the naughty North and in the sexy South we're all singing I have the mouth in the naughty North and in the sexy South we're all singing I have the mouth I have the mouth So tired of anarchists looking at me don't need their credibility destroy, they say, defy! condemn! as long as you don't destroy them with twenty years of drugs and drink I thought the time had come to think about standing up and saying that It's tragedy and such old hat I'm standing here with my four men let's start that rapping thing again: (I got) Marco, Merrick, Terry Lee, Gary Tibbs and yours truly in the naughty North and in the sexy South we're all singing I have the mouth in the naughty North and in the sexy South we're all singing I have the mouth I have the mouth these happy feet are all we need summoned the Gods and they all agreed these feet won't stop they're in such a hurry I knock it on the head and I go for a curry staying sober can be neat get drunk on these here happy feet keep on trying to pin me down why a title for your sound? I'm standing here with my four men let's do this rapping thing again: I got Marco, Merrick, Terry Lee, Gary Tibbs and yours truly in the naughty North and in the sexy South we're all singing I have the mouth... and I have the mouth and you have the mouth and they got the mouth

Sheffield: Sex City

PULP "Intro"
Intake Manor Park The Wicker Norton Freshville Hackenthorpe Shalesmoor Wombwell Catcliffe Brincliffe Attercliffe Ecclesall Woodhouse Wybourn [At this point, Candida starts talking...] Pitsmoor Badger Wincobank Crookes Walkley Broomhill Oh! [Candida, quoting from some book] 'I was only about eleven when this happened. We were living in a big block of flats with a central courtyard. All the bedroom windows opened onto this court, and sometimes in the middle of the night, in that building it sounded like a mass orgy. I may have only been eleven, but no-one had to tell me what all that moaning and yelling was about. I'd lie there mesmerised, listening to the first couple. Invariably, they'd wake up other couples, and like some kind of chain reaction, within minutes the whole building was fucking. I mean, have you ever heard other people fucking, and really enjoying it It's a marvellous sound. Not like in the movies, but when it's real. It's such a happy, exciting sound.' The city is a woman Bigger than any other Oh, sophisticated lady Yeah, I wanna be your lover (not your brother, not your mother, yeah) The sun rose from behind the gasometers at six-thirty a.m. Crept through the gap in your curtains And caressed your bare feet poking from beneath the floral sheets. I watched it flaking bits of varnish from your nails Trying to work it's way up under the sheets. Jesus! Even the sun's on heat today; the whole city getting stiff in the building heat. I just want to make contact with you Oh that's all I wanna do I just want to make contact with you Oh that's all I wanna do Ow Now I'm trying hard to meet her but the fares went up at seven She is somewhere in the city somewhere watching television Watching people being stupid, doing things she can't believe in Love won't last 'til next installment Ten o' clock on Tuesday evening The world is going on outside, the night is gaping open wide The wardrobe and the chest of drawers are telling her to go outdoors He should have been here by this time, he said that he'd be here by nine That guy is such a prick sometimes, I don't know why you bother, really. Oh babe oh I'm sorry But I had to make love to every crack in the pavement and the shop doorways And the puddles of rain that reflected your face in my eyes. The day didn't go too well. Too many chocolates and cigarettes. I kept thinking of you and almost walking into lamp-posts. Why's it so hot (Peace garden!) The air coming up to the boil; rubbing up against walls and lamp-posts trying to get rid of it. Old women clack their tongues in the shade of crumbling concrete bus shelters. Dogs doing it in central reservations and causing multiple pile-ups in the centre of town. I didn't want to come here in the first place But I've been sentenced to three years in the Housing Benefit waiting room. I must have lost your number in the all-night garage And now I'm wandering up and down your street, calling you name, in the rain Whilst my shoes turn to sodden cardboard. Where are you [Candida:] (I'm here!) [Jarvis:] Where are you (I'm here!) Where are you (I'm here!) Where are you (I'm here!) Where are you (I'm here!) Where are you (I'm here!) Where are you That's all I wanna do. I'm still trying hard to meet you, but it doesn't look like happening 'cos the city's out to get me if I won't sleep with her this evening Though her buildings are impressive and her cul-de-sacs amazing She's had too many lovers and I know you're out there waiting And now she's getting into bed he's had his chance now it's too late The carpet's screaming for her soul, the darkness wants to eat her whole Tonight must be the night it ends Tomorrow she will call her friends and go out on her own somewhere Who needs this shit anyway And listen I wandered the streets the whole night crying, trying to pick up your scent Writing messages on walls and the puddles of rain reflected your face in my eyes. We finally made it on a hill-top at four a.m. The whole city is your jewellery-box; a million twinkling yellow street lights. Reach out and take what you want; you can have it all. Gee it's so hot tonight! I didn't think we were gonna make it. It was so bad during the day, but now I'm snug and warm under an eiderdown sky. All the things we saw: everyone on Park Hill came in unison at four-thirteen a.m. and the whole block fell down. The tobacconist caught fire, and everyone in the street died of lung cancer. The grunts from the T-reg Chevette; you bet, you bet, yeah you bet. Mmmmm. Yeah. All I wanna do is make contact with you. Tomorrow, are we gonna That's all I wanna do... I was trying hard to meet her but the fares went up at seven She was somewhere in the city somewhere watching television Watching people being stupid doing things she can't believe in Love won't last 'til next installment ten o'clock on Tuesday evening The world was going on outside The night was waiting open wide The wardrobe and the chest of drawers were telling her to go outdoors He should have been there by that time, he said that he'd be there by nine That guy is such a prick sometimes Yeah Jesus! Oh baby babe I wanna I wanted to tell you that there's nothing There's nothing to worry about because we can we can we can we can get it together oh yeah Oh we got it together tonight yeah we made it.

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