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Animaniacs lyrics

I Am The Very Model Of A Cartoon Indiviual

Original and similar lyrics
Yakko: I am the very model of a cartoon individual My animation's comical, unusual, and whimsical I'm quite adept at funny gags, comedic theory I have read From wicked puns, and stupid jokes, to anvils that drop on your head I'm very good at fancy dances, I can even pirouette Then smack the villain with a fish; I know my cartoon etiquette I can make my face all mean and really give you quite a fright Then make up with flowers made of real exploding dynamite When in a jam, I just yell stop and villians in their tracks are froze Then I sneak up, and utter start and take my hands and honk their nose I am quite proud to be in such a hierarchial progeny From Daffy Duck and Tweety Bird to Babs and Buster Bunny To suit my mood I can call forth a lot of different sceneries Like outer space and desert scapes and Himalayan eateries From this bag here why I can pull most anything imaginable Like office desks and lava lights and Bert who is a cannibal Yakko,Wakko and Dot: You see in matters comical, unusual, and whimsical We are the very model of cartoon individuals!

I Won't Have It

PENNYWISE "About Time"
A model brother a model dad A model citizen has somehow turned out bad Pledging allegiance to another flag Lifelong devotion to a man they think was far from mad A written word from they think their peers A little propaganda they became white warriors Bred on deception and bred on fear They don't hear the barrage of lies That pass right theough their ears When your head feels like its real close to imploding And your life is revolving around hate All that shit your brain is overloading With help from papers and magazines Another sheltered boy chooses what he will not see Views so distorted how can this be When the love for hate is the basis for reality Another headline anotehr bash Another harmless victim beaten up and not for cash Insanity well when will it end if you don't give it up You'll never have the chnmace to make ammends You cannot keep it all inside You've go You got a bullet in your head It's time to make a stance now make it A bloody picture, psychotic dream Choosing to follow the worst lesson in all history Just get a future yeah get a life cause if you don't Instead of mourning there'll be celebrating when you die

Miss Fordham Road (86 87 88)

[Verse 1: Action Bronson] Beauty Dior, Cherokee, Pinky Roxy Reynolds bouncing on the steps, slinky Give her something white and filled with cream -- twinkie Leave her blinded semen in her eyes -- blinky So it seems Can't even believe I used that flow I'm outta Queens Off the hooker strip boulevard of dreams Runways are getting trains stealing credit cards and schemes She was laying on the floor with honey mustard on her sleeves I said get up then she got up, get up in this whip bitch We bout to smoke this pot up plus I got some white You could be the first to taste the product, just a little dirty Had the body of a model, sent a message in a bottle Tell my man set the bed up, he built a wooden room quick Went to the tool shed, got on his hammer, nail, and screw shit Now we livin' lavish eaten salmon on a cruise ship Laying in a hammock getting hammered with a jew bitch [Hook: Ea$y Money] We want no drama, come here mama Dale y mamar (yo come here baby girl) Please don't get so wild, keep the chrome cal Te deja explotar (don't get bodied homie) Eso te mata, cool it papa Echate pa' tras (move back gimme space) I'm up in my zone, hoes pass tha ron Esto ta cabron (shit crazy) [Verse 2: Action Bronson] Yo just roll my dutches, prep my outfit for the party Spray my body with aromas, got the ladies actin naughty Fine fabric delegates my people far from celibate Hardly delicate highly skilled with much intelligence Walk in the place jacket hangin' past the calves Play the shorts in every season corner schemes get turned to math on some 5 in the mornin' shit, she looking flyer than anyone on that bitch Ocean high yeah I'm on that shit muthafucka [?] when I'm on that shit Pop pop tops of the Clicquot time to raise our glass up Right out the bottle, with a model, with amazing asses Wipe off the ashes, 16 flavors [?] butter Rose out the gutter, we stand around lenses shutter Ladies grindin' all up on my dickie Cause we gorgeous we forage the forest I'm destined for greatness we ballin regardless I'm heartless so baby tell me what you wanna do (I wanna suck it 'til my mouth's filled with cum from you) [Hook] [Verse 3: Action Bronson] 20 below the bitch seen walkin' the strip With that pink gloss on her lip And that big cross on her tits And she frontin' like she religious but stay stalkin' a dick Goin right at the head like some steamed crawfish n shit She know up in the club for years fuck for bagels Her face is weathered like the rain that fall in April And in her pants she got a loaf of bread You know the yeast she never go to bed She rather dope or head I just don't get it cause Mercedes was a honey All the ballers wanna fuck her buy her mink and give her money Her facials disappearin' and her nose is always runny Dentistry is twisted like the grill that's on a monkey Lower body skinny, upper body husky Call em linebackers she's a character a junkie Still, she pop it and the people throw the pennies Plus I'm here to watch her give the team a bunch of hennies cuz [Hook]


JEDI MIND TRICKS "A History Of Violence"
[Verse 1: Vinnie Paz] I am the annihilator put apocalypse on lines of paper We can go toe to toe and see who's rhyme is greater I don't think you ever wanna step inside the chamber I don't think you wanna see inside the eyes of Vader Couldn't comprehend the force that I bring I'm like Rocky Marciano when he walk in the ring A stork in the ring you cowards soundin' soft when you sing But I'm as angry as a motherfucker caught in the bing It's awful to bing but I'm a warrior and standin' tall And I ain't stoppin' like an arab in Isreali war Ya'll some broke motherfuckers you can barely ball I'm eatin' my fam eatin' cousin we can share it all Money the root of all evil I don't care at all Now me and Jus is back together we ain't scared at all We 'bout to do it all over like it's 99 The puerto rock, the moreno and the itali-an [Verse 2: Jus Allah] These are the last days, black plagues, mass graves Half the slaves, aids, cascades, black parades Backpack strapped grenades, brazen acts of rage, accolades May as well have rang the bell at the gates of hell That's a Dave Chappelle, you must hate yourselves Chasin' your tails, wastin', debatin' whales Read your mail, were tracin' your paper trails I'm incredible, unforgettable, undetectable impeccable, thee inevitable Unprofessional, unscheduled rebel, disheveled, unsettled, unleveled You're the friend of a friend, I'm the beginning and end Model citizen, you just model the trends, you just follow your friends While my opposite twin, two sides hydrogen one oxygen [Verse 3: Vinnie Paz] When I'm rhymin' your jaw drops Making everyone of your thoughts stop I'm God while ya'll are wrestlin' over pork chops Devil had ya'll thinkin' we was there when that ball dropped I ain't gonna front I strapped with the doors locked Now I walk around this motherfucker with 4's, ock Big enough to put a fuckin hole in the law, ock That ain't somethin' that you wanna explore, ock Unless you want the army come and kick in your door, ock Unless you wanna end up bloody and wet Fuck China's government and what they done to Tibet We from Philly where the sun doesn't set Where the motherfuckers rob you with a gun to your neck Where you shook motherfuckers wouldn't come to the vet Where your Jordan's gettin' vicced when you come on the set Where corrupt cops plant a fuckin' gun in your vest Where we retaliate by puttin' fuckin' one in they chest

Booty Bop

Uh-oh uh-oh, uh-oh Rule one, gotta have her shaped like a bottle Two, then you gotta walk like a model Three, then you gotta show me you can wobble Work That Thang Rule one, gotta have her shaped like a bottle Two, then you gotta walk like a model Three, then you gotta show me you can wobble Work That Thang Don't trip, I'mma give ya the game like I'm supposed to Late, let a true playa show ya Don't front because ya know a nigga know ya Heard that, you only give it up to soldja's Runnin around, break bread lovin' the sound Get down! Get-get-get down! Strip sounds, make a bitch clown We lounge, all around up-town Stank bitch, rock dick in their mouth Quick flip, hit the ass, touch her up in her mouth ???, Best dressed, plus I'm holdin it down Sharp shave, catch the Braves, straight from up-town Street bitch, pretty whipped, with the flow on the dex Act bad, ???????????? Fat ass, nipples hard, and she's breakin the law Givin me head in the truck, while she swallowin it up Rule 1, gotta have her shaped like a bottle Two, then you gotta walk like a model Three, then you gotta show me you can wobble Work That Thang (x2) I gotta lotta dope bitches on my mind But I won't allow bitches, to waste my time After a couple of albums, I seek my prime But I still got the urge to put 'em in my rhyme That's right I'm ? and I gotta flex Stupid bitch act bad, and I just holla next I get a convex if you come to my complex Act bad, don't wanna have sex Gettin paid, feelin' played, ain't part of the strip You better get money, stop tryin to flip Won't ya pop, won't ya pop girl just don't stop Just work that thang for ya boy lila Big hips, big lips, thats a model bitch Hit the flo, bend it over, and wobble it Cocky built, cocky built, she makin me hot Bend ya ass, back it up, break it down - booty bop Rule 1, gotta have her shaped like a bottle Two, then you gotta walk like a model Three, then you gotta show me you can wobble Work That Thang (x2) Shake wit it, ya gotta have some bump wit it Fuck wit it, if ya wanna you can bop wit it I don't see nothin wrong...if ya wanna show that thong Like Marvin Gaye, Let's Get It On Everytime ya hear this song, work it baby like ya grown Holla at ya boy, girl make it known Like em tall, big fine, real cute in the face, 36 inch tits, 24 inch waist Black skin, red bone, it don't matter to me As long as ya fuck like ya ? Tattoos on the back, right above the crack

Goin' Off

J. COLE "The Come Up"
Fuck it, Ay, Do or Die, new arrival, Holla at my niggas, You survive you's alive, yo, Now either you follow me and ride, or you's a rival. The difference between you and I is you a model, you posing. But who am I though? The mulatto out for that lotto, Money coming soon, the newest model, Your crew is hollow, The type of niggas got more dick, chew and swallow. Your girl told me shoot in her face, she suicidal, Oh shucks, you niggas is closed, you fold up. I'm from the Ville, niggas get killed over four bucks, Thank God we made it, my niggas, we grown up, Now we crazy over that bread, call us the "dough-nuts," uh, More sluts once the money blows up, But them hoes stop if the dough drops, I won't stop though, a chip off the 'ol block. I'm from a city where niggas hole blocks, Leave you looking like old socks, damn, Cops patrol blocks, spotting on us, The boys is rotten, I know they want us, Probably arrest a nigga, get a bonus, You kill a nigga, get promoted, Shit is crazy, girls getting babies before they get diplomas, So much I just go nuts, Niggas telling me slow up, Remember that, I'm tryna get where that cheddar at, Y'all don't hear me, Always somebody that don't want you getting cheese, yo, This whole bullshit is like Tom and Jerry, I'm kinda very raw, niggas can't deny facts, If you black they sending you to jail or Iraq, Honor is something you can't sell or buy back, Niggas don't like bragging, they 9-11 fly cats, Hijack niggas, "Get up out your whip nigga, strip! I want it all- ice on your wrists and the kicks," This shit happens, I ain't just rapping, believe it yo, They got streets in the city police won't even go, Peep it though, uh, It ain't no secret, niggas beefing cause my ego so big, It got me speaking like I'm diesel, like I'm devil, oh, Niggas know my stylo, I ain't tweaking, I am lethal though, Have your daddy looking for you, This ain't Finding Nemo though. Let me slow it down, dumb it down, y'all warned, The son came up out that womb, yo, a star is born. If real recognize real, y'all are foreign, My team run a play on your bitch and we all scoring, yea!

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