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Animaniacs lyrics - Animaniacs

Let The Anvils Ring

Original and similar lyrics
Let the Anvils Ring Yakko : Let us introduce ourselves O people of this land Wakko : We are the Warner brothers Dot : With sister close at hand. Yakko : I bet you all are wondering Who is this young unknown? And why am I inheriting The Anvilanian throne? Men : Yes, why? Women : Yes, why? Crowd : Oh, please, please tell us why. Yakko : The bottom of the family tree Starts with Yakko; that is me. I'm the cousin to the sister Of son's niece's brother Of the uncle's daughter's father Of the nephew's sister's mother And my grandpa's only cousin Was the King's daughter's sibling, But they're all gone, Crowd : So that is why Yakko : I am now your king! Crowd : He is now our king! Yakko : Yes, I am now your king! Repeat what I just said! Crowd : Repeat what I just said! Yakko : And let the anvils ring! (Anvil Chorus plays) YW+D : Old King Yakko's mania (Anvils play E-I-E-I-O ) YW+D : Was for Anvilania! (Anvils play E-I-E-I-O ) Yakko : So good citizens, I pledge to you I'll do the best that I can do For honor, country and the king Let the anvils ring! Crowd : Let the anvils ring! Yakko : Let the anvils ring! Chorus: Let the anvils ring! ---

The Crusher

RAMONES "Adios Amigos!"
Now I wanna wrestle in the garden I'm on my way to stardom I know I'm ready I know I'm great But first I have to get in shape Cause I've got my eyes on the Russian Bear Gonna tear him up I swear This guy thinks he's the champion Gonna take his belt and beat him! I'm the crusher king of the ring I'm ready for a match with the Russian Bear Gonna pile drive him pull his hair I might have a foreign object in my trunks I might have to use on that punk Got the hardest hold you can put on anyone If you're my victim you're beaten I'm a lean mean fighting machine Powerful and strong like King Kong I'm the crusher king of the ring Started having second thought I was scared as hell The last thing I wanted was to hear them ring the bell I mean the Russian Bear could probably tear me limb from limb He'd probably grin be real happy with himself This is not good for my health I'm not coming out of the dressing room And get beaten up by that goon Go back to Russia go back home! Don't wanna get a broken bone Or a lump on my head Ain't gonna hide under the bed I'm the crusher king of the ring I'm the Crusher

Ring, Ring (Bara Du Slog En Signal)

Tyst och död är telefon Står där nästan som ett hån Inte ringer du och säger "Älsklig" nu som du gjorde Allting är så tyst mot förr Ingen knackar på min dörr Det som lockat mig frestar inte, nej, som det borde Inget roar mig just nu Ingen annan bara du! åh Ring ring! Bara du slog en signal Ring ring! Tystnaden är så total Ring ring! Skingra den oron som mal Om jag fick en signal, tog jag ett språng Hjärtat gjorde en volt, ding-dong bing-bong! Om du ring-ring-ringde en endaste gång! Om du ring-ring-ringde en endaste gång! Att en telefon kan va' Lika tyst varenda dag Om det vore så, det var nåt fel ändå, men desvärre... Om den bara sa ett knyst Om den inte blott var tyst Om jag fick nån lön för nån enda bön av vå Herre! Inget roar mig just nu Ingen annan bara du! åh Ring ring! Bara du slog en signal Ring ring! Tystnaden är så total Ring ring! Skingra den oron som mal Om jag fick en signal, tog jag ett språng Hjärtat gjorde en volt, ding-dong bing-bong! Om du ring-ring-ringde en endaste gång! Om du ring-ring-ringde en endaste gång!

A King And Queen Creation

QUEEN LATIFAH "All Hail The Queen"
[45 King] Let's start the show off, sisters ago look alive The Queen Latifah, the King of 45 Bringing a mixture of pure flavor I make beats, she rock rhymes, so I gave a A sample sound, the she added a compound Word, this is for those who haven't heard A King and Queen combine minds and trample Thos who oppose us, here's an example [Queen Latifah] It's time to run, the King and Queen is on the set The competition is petty and ready to step To the first one, go ahead, rehearse one I hope you don't know you sound like the worst one Rhymes are smoking, concentration can't be broken Queen Latifah's outspoken Use your imagination, picture this Any male or female rapper trying to diss Here for excitement and enticement With my competitors killed I go build with my enlightenment Teach the youth, feed the needy Confident decendent of Queen Nefertiti The mother of civilization will rise Like the cream and still build the strong foundation Secondary but necessary to reproduce Acknowledge the fact that I'm black and I don't lack Queen Latifah is giving you a piece of my mind A rhyme spoken by a feminine teacher Rhymes I do employ, no time for slimy toys I'm steady and stable and the label is Tommy Boy Backed by The Unit, produced by The King Perfection pressed with the style that we bring For the hip-hop patients, this is a King and Queen creation [45 King] Technician, musical musician I'm stating the facts, strictly non-fiction In hip-hop, you wonder who's in trouble most Creativity, you get a double dose How can you stop me? No, I put you to a test The rhymes are Romeo (The beat's a Juliet) With topic blend, this makes me a hard one Persevere, I'm here, gets taught one Strength producer, I send you an ultimatum Hardcore worldwide is how I take 'em I rock, never hyperventilate Others get tired, could use a commercial break 45 King, DJ Mark's my alias It takes a ton of MC's to prevail against me Just listen, I'm unstoppable You want a mission? This one's impossible Beats rock all night with no curfew My talent's advanced, you haven't a clue How I do it, the smoothest loopest spare it If the style fits, I wear it Many attempts were made, none was recognized 45 King said sample soundified I'm going to Wonderland to check, find out who's next You pretty good, but not quite a legend yet Studio mixer, I got the formula And said the man from self, I'm warning you It's my domain, just ask my chauffer My ride's equipped everything from a pool to a sofa On top, it's a usual act Can't wait to get down to 45 Studios I'm into rap, but no urge to sing I'm DJ Mark, 45, 45 King of Swing

Hush The Crowd

J Live
Verse 1: MC's out there how deep does the underground get? Deep engough to set up the upset With your dream and aspirations personal status across the nation That only leads to the aggravation of realizing thee exaggerate The stakes when your the best on the block You got the whole world locked Thinkin' lyrics get you over leave you sadly mistaken When lyricist are brought to the rude awakening That just cause your flavor is phat Doesn't mean your Tasters Choice If the crowd doesn't recognize your voice So new jacks feel the sad truth the proof Now you can have the best beat and the illest flow A dope crew with the full proof stage show But it your jams what the followers don't know You ain't gettin' no love from the crowd bro Is that justice when you come correct like a-yo bust this And heads be like Who the fuck is this -B.I.G.-Warning But when the same records on the play list The last shall be first and the least likely to get dissed Now it might of been a while but ain't a damn thing changed From the opening acts to the solid gold wax But these are the facts when you gotta wait your turn on line So let me show you one way to kill time Hook: Cause this is for the heads that' on some next shit (NEXT SHIT) Noboy reocognize till the next hit (NEXT HIT) You gotta hush the crowd (HUSH THE CROWD) I said hush the crowd (HUSH THE CROWD) A-yo this is for the heads that's on some next shit (NEXT SHIT) But nobody recognize till it's the next hit (NEXT HIT) You gotta hush the crowd (HUSH THE CROWD) It don't matter when they ain't gettin' loud (HUSH THE CROWD) Verse 2: A-yo how many times have you seen it? The local boy makes good around your hood With the style you couldn't knock uless you tried it But gettin' props is a whole nother mission Because crowd participation is bore of attrition See time is the person that you have to sift through Cause you just an act people have to sit through Before the show stoppers pay twice as much as you But frankly guess who the crowd came to see Especially the ones who showed up two hours early Just to pack up the front put yourself in they shoes We ain't got time for new jacks trying to pay dues You lose because I got the dialect blues You're unknown just like them 50,000 other crews So I'm a either play the back or you can hear the boos So when you wondering why it's so quiet you hearin' crickets I'm saving my energy for the names on the ticket Matter of fact a-yo you best to shorten up your show I paid my doe to see the pros flow My man in the back got plenty of pennys to throw And now you askin' me to say ho oh hell no but that's why Hook Verse 3: So let's see as we break this down logically we confirm premiscy The crowd wants to murder ya because they never heard of ya But do you quit it wishing you never would of did it Or say committed and come with it Well I prefer the latter cause time fly and if your dope You get a deal and watch your pockets get fatter And if your wack you'll probably get a deal anyways Cause now a days come on look around it don't matter Besides what's your options put you hard work up for adoption And climb back down from the middle of the ladder I rather break the mics and the lights and lick a shot up in the air Just to watch the crowd scatter But naw cause then you mess it up for the few true Hardcore heads to give credit where the credit is due Guarentee that if you keep it dedicated to them They'll turn around and dedicate it you like yo Hook

Letter To The Game

JIM JONES "Vampire Life: We Own The Night"
Second floor my hotel I'm rollin up bout to blaze And zone out to this Frankie Beverly and Mayes As our days about to pass and them days in the past He set my mind free so my mind free at last So much that I don't even drink from a fuckin glass Id rather find the first fountain I can and do it fast Didn't understand a dream of a king now do the math Coincidentally on your birthdays I ditched the class Cause the younger me, dumber me was chasin the cash Chasin the ass, low life with his face in the grass Ridin home from school in front of the bus Not even thinking bout how Rosa Parks done it for us How she stayed behind bars and she done it for us And she stayed behind bars till she won it for us Sometimes I wanna give up or at least take a break That's when I close my eyes and see Coretta Scotts face Cause Sometimes I wanna give up or at least take a break That's when I close my eyes and see Coretta Scotts face... [Sample] [Nas:] Uh Word up Game Standing at the pue panoramic view of the seating Greeting, I've been meaning to do me some letter reading, to the King He forever breathing your messages never leaving Some of your homies, phonies I should say it when I see them Them sleazy bastards, some greedy pastors, jerks Some should never be allowed in Ebenezer Baptist Church, in Atlanta Some people be patient I know this ghetto grammar But I'm a street dude normally I just speak rude Martin Luther, the martyr, the trooper, hate killed him Noble peace prize winner they duplicate the feelin As a kid I ain't relate really, I was sayin Dreams speech jokingly Till your world awoken me First I thought your were passive, soft one who ass kissed I was young to be honest, I was feelin Mohamed I ain't even know the strength you had to have to march You was more than just talk you were the first real Braveheart We miss you Feels like King be in me sometimes. [Sample] [The Game] The word nigger is nothing like nigga Don't sound shit alike like Game like Jigga One came before the other like aim and pull the trigga One is slang for my brotha, one is hang and take a picture The rope ain't tight enough, he still alive go fix it Pour some gasoline on him, call his daughters black bitches Make him pick cotton, while they momma clean up the kitchen The same cotton in white tees that's the cotton they was pickin If Dr. King marched today would Bill Gates march? I know Obama would but would Hillary take part? Great minds think great thoughts The pictures I paint make the Mona Lisa look like fake art I feel the pain of Nelson Mandela Cause when it rains it pours I need Rihannas umbrella For Coretta Scotts tear drops When she got the phone call that the future just took a fuckin head shot I wonder why Jesse Jackson didn't catch him before his body dropped Would he give me the answer? Probably not [Sample] Second floor my hotel I'm rollin up bout to blaze And zone out to this Frankie Beverly and Mayes

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