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Animaniacs lyrics - Animaniacs


Original and similar lyrics
It's time for An-i-man-i-acs And we're zany to the max So just sit back and relax You'll laugh till you collapse We're An-i-man-i-acs Come join the Warner brothers And the Warner sister Dot Just for fun we run around the Warner movie lot They lock us in the tower whenever we get caught But we break loose... And then vamoose... And now you know the plot We're An-i-man-i-acs Dot is cute and Yakko yaks Wakko packs away the snacks While Bill Clinton plays the sax We're An-i-man-i-acs Meet Pinky and the brain Who want to rule the universe Goodfeathers flock together, Slappy wacks 'em with her purse Buttons chases Mindy While Rita sings a verse The writers flipped We have no script Why bother to rehearse We're An-i-man-i-acs We have play for play contracts We're zany to the max There's baloney in our slacks We're An-i-man-ee Totally and zany Here's the shows namey An-i-man-i-acs Those are the facts!

Better Watch Out

Ant And Dec
She was a girl, God only knows, I used to love her from her head to the tip of her toes She had a way, Yeah boy I bet that if you met her you would never ever forget I tried my luck, I came unstuck Her brothers came and they kicked me to 'Aoowol' Better watch out, they're after you, la la la la la... Her sister told me 'Don't hesitate, You picked the wrong girl and boy you made a big mistake' She grabbed my hand and rolled her eyes 'Meet me in an hour for a Mmmm little surprise' I went ahead, did as she said, Her brothers came back and caught us lying in 'Aoowol' And now those girls, it's all too late, I've had a good time And now they've passed their sell-by date I'm moving on to pastures new, Just one more line and my story is totally nearly through I'll get another, I'll meet a mother and I'll make sure she hasn't got a brother

The Hurt

Aceyalone "A Book Of Human Langauge"
Hook: (x2) The more I look around the more it hurts My livelihook is poisoned my works Fall on deaf ears a messenger bringer With a foreign face and Tongue and Slightly Twisted view of this time and space Space cadet Ace Reporting from base The water hasn't a taste The time and the place The paper, the chase the race Again Verse 1: Manifestation, reva-lation-lution Retro-bution solution My people are poor community war What's the rivalry for? The poor can't afford Self genocide Help 'em aside He's on your side of the fight Yep, but unfortunatley Unproportionately out of order We have Kaos Kaos to order they're closing the border It's a flip of the quarter For the players, existing in this game I'm sensing a change That all will come to pass Then a movement of the mass But who am I to tell on who will prevail And who's fail and who in the hell Are you going to tell? You're new to the trail Your doomed to sail Away Keep watching your backs And cover your tracks Get up on the facts and relax And as the dust settles another one bites He fights but he lost his life device He's iced my advice Don't play unless you plan to pay the price Hook The more I look around the more it hurts (x5) I quiety go berserk when I work Hoping to find that part of my mind That's mostly confine and blind Yes pure and refined Untampered with time Subliminal sublime The criminal's crime I reach and climb I keep it refined I speak and I grind Away Keep watching your back and cover your tracks get up on the facts and relax And as the dust settles another one bites He fights but he lost his life device He's iced my advice Don't play unless you plan to pay the price Hook We all hurt sometimes. Don't we? We all get hurt sometimes. Don't we? We all laugh sometimes. Don't we? We often pass the time. Don't we? We all get mad sometimes. Don't we? We all can flash at times. Can't we? Have some piece of mind? Don't we need to seize the time? Don't we? Life is FUCKED up But it can be Some people just lucked up Because they can see The shit is chaotic in disguise Guns and narcotics for or demise And don't forget the lies They pump you with I rise to the occasion without a scratch or abrasion Just a hop, skip, and jump Away from a rock hit and a drunk No loitering here Aye y'all can't hang out after dark here Excuse me sir but you can't park here! I mean tell your dogs that they can't bark here I mean the world is moving baby But you gotta just Hold on But Sometimes you can't just hold on You gotta just let it go Let, let, let, let, let it go

The Game

JURASSIC 5 "Quality Control"
All right, everybody shut up I said shut up! Now are you ready to play the game NO! Are you ready to play the game YEAH! The Game Playing to survive Aiming to win anyway they can Yo, yo Pass the ball, final casting call First of all, verbal basketball Off the glass, smash your jaw Too fast for y'all You might take a nasty fall Trying to stick with the prehistoric passenger (Foul Ball) All breath, no physical contact Bounce back, demonstrate invincible bomb raps Not no hustler no player or speakin no crime crap I'm vocally trying to score before my time lapse Uh! Full court press, hands in your chest Runnin' cause I'm a rebel with the ghetto No fouls just checks, make a brother sweat Word for y'all to earn my reject Get it out of here, attack from the rear Ya'll niggas aint nothin but some bitch ass queers I'll be in your ear, increase the fear Rippin with the shears as the crowd just cheers Bring on the opposition Cause my position is to shut you down As the basketball pounds on the concrete floor Envisioning moves to freak brothers every which way Dominating like Doc J. Pass me the rock, I know just what to do with it It's real vivid, I pivot, through the lane Three hundred and sixty behind my back I take your monkey ass to the rack like Jerry Stack I'm saw by most recruiters and heavily recommended Stickin your best shooters they lower verbal percentage It's takin its toll, 24-second clock control Stoppin this obstacle, impossible I was the number one project in the city Prospect, now thats something that you can believe So be it, whether pro or collegiate, the hit but don't miss Prime time the offense, switch Y'all can't ball, Y'all can't ball Yo ref, where's the tech Man, make the call The game is gettin tight verbal victories in sight What counts is what you write not concerned about the hype My rhymes go baseline so why you tryin to take mine Last man tried just died inside the paint line I bank rhymes, got a call so I flex I'm on the foul line with a few verses left When my flow hits the net, the next brother flex I put my foot in the pavement With the brothers I'm raised with Play with and break dance back in the days with And still in the game with 12 points, 4 assists Get up in the game, in your face like swish Crash the boards with metaphors In the air like a concord Aiyyo what you out for Yo I'm out for the whole score 22 flat seconds for me to win I can't win for losin with this cheatin ass ref [Clip from Laker game] My squad's supreme So I don't need Clyde or the dream Next time you play the game boy pick a better team Your choice is short when you on a concrete court But my mental cohorts is bout to change the whole sport Give me the pill boy, crossover with the skills Wrap around pass, fly right past your grill Take off from half court, in some J5 shorts The rap band with the man when my words play sports Comin' through your lane, with pure skills so stand clear Vocal charge is a mirage, I still stand here Damn near, make your shit look soft like Pam Grier Fans cheer for the paragraph Bill Lambier Show me the rock, so I can show these fool what I got (He's heating up) Fuck that, I'm flaming hot Verbally take you to the blacktop, and wreck shop Turn my game up a notch, pass me the rock 1 on 1, 3 on 3, 5 on 5, horse, 21 It really don't matter cause son you'll still get done Yo you should know better than try to barter with this globetrotter Militious, vicious dunks, I'm Vince Carter And it's the high draft pick, flashin it Still can penetrate and slightly overweight But whatever it takes my shot can elevate No pain, no gain for the brothers with no game

You Do I Do

Def Squad "El Nino"
What up Kamal? (word up) Doing my thing What you think about the def dumb and blind in the 9 6? (Word brothers is blind to the fact son.) Can't see can't hear can't think. A yo El let me lace this. Verse 1: 5 hours a night sleep is what I get No time to sleep I gotta make moves kid So I hustle after work during work or on the road A man can't achive if he don't have goals And that's real that's word to mi abuala I tell ya when I was young she said Son no time for failures So now I keep pressing give thanks for all my blessings I'm my own worst critic cause it's important to keep testing My skills for future development I progress never regress Never let stress get the best of me This shit ain't easy being a MC I don't wrap no gifts I represent the hip hop industry I come to evaluateyour mind with the heavy weight Rhymes support the black and fight these devils with the sublimes Conscious righteousness theres no way you can fight this Rhythm your moving your head because you like this Now can I get a witness? Societys choas no time to floss Just business Hook: Caught up in the choas no time to floss just business business Definatly handle it (x4) Verse 2: Wheather your a corporate exec or drive an 18 wheeler People in the 90's attitude is gettin' iller I feel the sign of times is no shorts mad heads are hungary And if you floss you'll get caught Out there you're scarred apon that ass like tupperwear Run all your goods be thankful you're still alive Brothers don't jive on the street when it comes to me Near a stop light look to your window run your Benz You say What else can happen to me it's a bad day black? Walk into your house and enter a hijack Skimask in your face run the combination to your safe quickly Feel the nine poke your kidney Your in the Twilight Zone of come up Where shadey people run up and tell you Shut the fuck up They lock yp on the count that you luck out They snatch your gems plus you lost your Benz And your chrome rims You was floss now you just lost in the cycle You become your own worst enemy your suicidal Hook Verse 3: I knew this girl named Shiela, she was a part time yo deala She rocked mad equiped Adida sometimes Fila Sometimes Dona Kerrin' She always made sure that I knew what she was wearin' Shiela had a problem but simply didn't know That the fact of the matter was she was too conversational She gossiped too much talked about this and that Even told strangers the source of her cash stacks So one day Shiela met this kid named Jay Said he needed two keys by the end of the day So she arranged it for this strange kid Hooked him up with the source sappose The baddest statue of being the boss, ? Shiela and Jay sit down commence to get down to buz while the one time surrounds Boss puts the yay up on the bar Shiela sees Jay green bag starts thinkin' she's a superstar One time kicks the door in Shiela starts runnin' frantic, lead fills her back kid Now you tell me what was Shiela thinking Caught up in this choas with her eyes blinkin' Hook (x10)

Ladies First

QUEEN LATIFAH "All Hail The Queen"
[Queen Latifah] The ladies will kick it, the rhyme that is wicked Those that don't know how to be pros get evicted A woman can bear you, break you, take you Now it's time to rhyme, can you relate to A sister dope enough to make you holler and scream [Monie Love] Ayo, let me take it from here, Queen... Excuse me but I think I'm about do To get into precisely what I am about to do I'm conversating to the folks that have no whatsoever clue So listen very carefully as I break it down for you Merrily merrily merrily merrily hyper happy overjoyed Pleased with all the beats and rhymes my sisters have employed Slick and smooth throwing down the sound totally a yes Let me state the position: Ladies first, yes? (Yes) (Yeah, there's going to be some changes in here) [Monie Love] Believe me when I say being a woman is great, you see I know all the fellas out there will agree with me Not for being one but for being with one Because when it's time for loving it's the woman that gets some Strong, stepping, strutting, moving on Rhyming, cutting, and not forgetting We are the ones that give birth To the new generation of prophets because it's Ladies First [Queen Latifah] I break into a lyrical freestyle Grab the mic, look into the crowd and see smiles Cause they see a woman standing up on her own two Sloppy slouching is something I won't do Some think that we can't flow (can't flow) Stereotypes, they got to go (got to go) I'm a mess around and flip the scene into reverse (With what?) With a little touch of "Ladies First" Who said the ladies couldn't make it, you must be blind If you don't believe, well here, listen to this rhyme Ladies first, there's no time to rehearse I'm divine and my mind expands throughout the universe A female rapper with the message to send the Queen Latifah is a perfect specimen [Monie Love] My sister, can I get some? [Queen Latifah] Sure, Monie Love, grab the mic and get dumb [Monie Lovie] Yo, praise me not for simply being what I am Born in L-O-N-D-O-N and sound American You dig exactly where I'm coming from You want righteous rhyming, Imma give you some To enable you to aid yourself and get paid And the material that has no meaning I wish to slay Pay me every bit of your attention Like mother, like daughter, I would also like to mention I wish for you to bring me to, bring me to the rhythm Of which is now systematically given Desperately stressing I'm the daughter of a sister Who's the mother of a brother who's the brother of another Plus one more; all four Have a job to do, we doing it Respect due, to the mother who's the root of it And next up is me, the M-O-N-I-E L-O-V-E And I'm first cause I'm a L-A-D-I-E [Queen Latifah] Contact and in fact, the style, it gets harder Cooling on the scene with my European partner Laying down track after track, waiting for the climax When I get there, that's when I tax The next man, or the next woman It doesn't make a difference, keep the competition coming And I'll recite the chapter in verse The title of this recital is "Ladies First"

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