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ANI DIFRANCO lyrics - Little Plastic Castle


Original and similar lyrics
You crawled into my bed like some sort of giant insect And I found myself spellbound that night at the sight of you there, Beautiful and grotesque and all the rest of that bug stuff Fluttering your way into my mouth, Behind my teeth, reaching for my scars. That night we got kicked out of two bars and laughed our way home. That night you leaned over and threw up into your hair. And I held you there thinking I would offer you my pulse If I thought it would be useful. I would give you my breath except the problem with death Is you have some hundred years and then they can build Buildings on our only bones. A hundred years and then your Grave is not your own. We lie in our beds and in our graves unable to save Ourselves from the quaint tragedies we invent, And then undo from the stupid circumstances we slalom through. And I realized that night that the hall light which seemed so Bright when you turned it on is nothing compared to the dawn, Which is nothing compared to the light which seeps from me While you're sleeping beautiful and grotesque, Resting cocooned in my room beautiful and grotesque, Resting. That night we got kicked out of two bars and laughed our way Home and I held you there thinkin' I would offer you my pulse. I would give you my breath. I would offer you my pulse.

Last Light Radio 11:16 PM

The night seems so calm, doesn't it? As if time is frozen The city below used to sound like a mechanic motion moving in giant waves Now, it's silent No cars, no kids, nothing but transport trucks and men with guns standing on street corners What a waste! But, isn't this what they wanted? What they bargained for? They create a problem so they can offer a solution They scare us then offer relief, and we fall on our knees in gratitude They create a war, promise peace, and we walk into their traps - like mice From where I sit I can look down at a big park where I used to watch birds gather while old men played chess, Tired women pushed sleeping children in strollers Where teenagers used to hold hands and sometimes - stop to kiss Now it's a tense city filled with soldiers there are guns instead of roses I can see one armed man clearly and I've gotta wonder if he thinks he's serving justice, I gotta wonder if he truly knows who he is Which brings us to our next song To you son, with your guns and grenades, standing there in all your graceless glory, I dedicate this next song Here's Hierophant with Everything Else is Illusion from The Well Wisher's album I'm Will 'O the Wisp, you're you, and we're riding the night together

Dickens Dublin

I walk the streets of Dublin town It's 1842 It's snowing on this Christmas Eve Think I'll beg another bob or two I'll huddle in this doorway here Till someone comes along If the lamp lighter comes real soon Maybe I'll go home with him. Maybe I can find a place I can call my home Maybe I can find a home I can call my own. The horses on the cobbled stones pass by Think I'll get one one fine day And ride into the countryside And very far away. But now as the daylight disappears I best find a place to sleep Think I'll slip into the bell tower In the curch just down the street. Maybe I can find a place I can call my home Maybe I can find a home I can call my own. Maybe on the way I'll find the dog I saw the other night And tuck him underneath my jacket So we'll stay warm through the night And as we lie in the bell tower high And dream of days to come The bells o'er head will call the hour The day we will find a home. Maybe I can find a place I can call my home Maybe I can find a home I can call my own. Dickens Dublin Transcript Joyful mystery, the birth of our lord... This night our Lady and St. Joseph was going up to get registered and um they were going down the road and they met his man... and he said have you any room and he said 'Not but there's an old stable over there that I owned... If yous want to get into it...And they went over and the Lord came down from heaven at twelve o'clock and loads of beautiful angels was with them... and when they were walkin.... These three wise kings... um... they were all from different countries. And they always looked up at the sky and they looked up this night and saw this beautiful star up in the sky... and when they were going they all meeted together... and they had to pass King Herod's, not that we much care for him... and they went in and he said 'Where are ye going with your best stitches on ye.' And they said 'Did you not hear the news' and say he says 'What News' he says 'This day the Savious is born' and he said to them 'When you find him come back and tell me cause I want to go and adore him too' and he was only coddin' them. He wanted to kill him and when they were going, they stopped and they said 'Surely not this old stable that our King is born in. We were expecting a palace.' There was these shepards and shepards are fellas that mind the foals and cows and sheeps and little lambs and all um they hears this beautiful music up in the sky and they were wondering what was so fun... an angel disappated them and he said 'I was wonderin' what was so fun' and he said ye, and he said 'The Saviour is born. If you want to go see him follow that star up in the sky,' and it was a beautiful star.


ALPHAVILLE "Crazyshow"
Sometimes it seems the night will last forever Sometimes it seems that darkness always falls A dark star woke you up and with a dark star You go to bed You're sinking slowly into the deep You wonder if you ever touch the ground Where you would walk through sparkling spheres, On strangest drugs and without fears You feel just like a little girl And all your dreams lie frozen on the moon You left them ther some time ago But it ain't true that you don't need them anymore You are so beautiful, you are so very beautiful Don't give up, kill the pain, don't start crying again Here it comes, here it comes The golden handshake of life You are so beautiful, you are so very beautiful Keep the faith, stop to fight And walk out into the night You're so strong, yes you are Reach out for your star.... Even those who are afraid to live They're dying some day Sometimes it seems that silence crawls all over Sometimes it's hell inside and hell out there Your heart is nothing but a haunted place Is that you in the mirror? You're all alone inside a world Full of confusion and of strange alarms And though your courage left you long ago It doesn't mean that you don't have it anymore

Somewhere In Between

KATE BUSH "Aerial"
We went up to the top of the highest hill And stopped Still It was just so beautiful It was just so beautiful It was just so beautiful This is where the shadows come to play 'Twixt the day And night Dancing and skipping Along a chink of light Somewhere in between The waxing and the waning wave Somewhere in between What the song and silence say Somewhere in between The ticking and the tocking clock Somewhere in a dream between Sleep and waking up Somewhere in between Breathing out and breathing in Like twilight is neither night nor morning Not one of us would dare to break The silence Oh how we have longed For something that would Make us feel so... Somewhere in between The waxing and the waning wave Somewhere in between The night and the daylight Somewhere in between The ticking and the tocking clock Somewhere in between What the song and silence say Somewhere in between Breathing out and breathing in [The Chorus:] Goodnight sun Goodnight sun [The sun:] Goodnight mum

World Of Girls

JOE "Better Days"
Met a girl on trip to Spain Took a walk and in the rain Dinner by candle-light Every night She was every man's delight Had a dream__ Bentley and humor And I fell in love Instantly the way she put that thing on me I have kissed the most exotic faces From London to Honolulu Made love in the most romantic places What more can one man do Livin' in a world of girls It's like swimming in a sea of peals Tastes like caviar Watching shooting stars She's like _sh to the touch Diamonds in a ruff Had a girl who was a beauty queen Most beautiful one to me Straight out of a magazine Centerfold Took a ride on my__ Puerto Rican, Dominican, Americana And beautiful Rio Janiero And they all look so good to me Like a ride in an air balloon Through the sky on a night with a silver moon Like the first time lovers kissed Like the first time lovers with come true Like a Saturday sun Like a rush when you know you're found That one It feels so good to me

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