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ANGIE MARTINEZ lyrics - Up Close & Personal

Gutter 2 The Fancy Ish

Original and similar lyrics
(feat. Busta Rhymes) [Busta] Busta Rhymes and Angie Mar-ti-nez Sippin on mar-tinis Check it out now, check it out now, c'mon, c'mon [Chorus: Busta Rhymes] Now let's take it from the gutter to the fancy shit, c'mon Make you really wanna do the nasty shit, c'mon Bounce all night and wave ya hands and shit Everytime we come through, me and my mans and shit [A] Let me get my girls, drink a couple grand and shit [B] Angie, I love the way we form a plan and shit, c'mon [B] You know we got 'em lovin how we movin 'em crazy [A] How we put it down you love the way we doin it baby [Busta] Yo, lemme talk, shit, prepare for the worst Oops spit on a verse, she call me like she got the gat in the purse Niggaz need to rehearse (you) Lay you on a stretcher like you caught a heart attack in the church Reverse in the hearse, another body bring me the nurse Make you react first Shoot the sound of my bounce, so when you hear my gat burst Ask() me, we floss fancy, me and Angie Take shit beyond where niggaz really can't see Flow freakin yo' music together like we nasty When you pass the L baby, make sure you never pass me Do whatever we stack cheddar the smart way Blaze treets and speed down the Pulaski Parkway In and out of them lanes, you know we whippin all day Checkin the passenger seat, pettin my baby sharpei (woof) Loyal like Kemosabe, haters could never really harm me I rep for my niggaz, you rep for Puerto Rico mami! [Angie] Listen up, nigga get on the bus, ride with us Most high we trust, other than that Everybody suspect, don't bother come test Funk Flex blastin with it, I'm masterin it Linda Carter of the rap game With gold bangles on my wrists, latin chicks on the map mayn man the game plan's arran-gin a house on the hills of the main-land, get on board Step inside, arrest my eyes, I don't sleep Confess sometimes I roll deep Underestimating mine is to not know me I, analyze, every situation And I rise to any occasion And I, stays in, do me mode then I'm runnin the streets, in do me clothes with a sweatsuit and a fresh pair of sneakers In the Benz Coupe, smokin weed or Cohibas..

And Yo

SCARFACE "Last Of A Dying Breed"
[Redman] I got a headache this big... Word up.. word up.. word up.. It's kinda hot in here Haha (word up) Brick City (word up) Funk Doc (word up) Scarface, yo yo It can't be! P-P-P, knuckleheads on parole without a GED BBC, abroad, goldenrods out the fo' (Bla bla...) I strip ya down to ya optimo, cigars I pull cards like Vegas Clap my hands then walk away from the table with ya payment (How I'm paid?) Niggaz are barely a village I spit with a foul mouth like Terrance Phillip A man or gorilla (ahh ahh) my cap toot back like Fred So white bitches jump on my +Limp Bizkit+ and yell 'You niggaz know you can't fuck around' Haha yeah, you see me, you be duckin up and down (Yo yo yo) Super Lex, cop a thing-thing Guzzle it down with two bottle of Ginseng Fuck ya brains out hold when Al Green sings When your out cold, bitch steal ya bling bling You died for ya mom and pop, don't sweat it I got the next bitch rockin ya birthday present News at 11, Scarface and Doc From Bricks to South Park we say, 'FUCK THE COPS!!' [Hook: Redman] Yo, you niggaz know you can't fuck around You niggaz know you can't fuck around You see me, you be yuckin duckin up and down What, these niggaz know they can't fuck around What, you niggaz know you can't fuck around You see me in the streets, you be duckin up and down Nigga, you niggaz know you can't fuck around Yo, you niggaz know you can't fuck around [Scarface] As I, bring it to ya one more time From a state where we stole weight, and dough mind dine And we don't tote six-shooters, we tote glock nines And we don't smoke a peace pipe, we smoke fat dimes It's a place where it's a common site to see the 5-0 Hit the other side of sixteen and getcha mind blown Fo sho', it's a different vibe from being downtown then when ya come into the ghetto and ya can't come back out I seen the ghetto shut down, seen niggaz shot up Seen niggaz get knocked the fuck out and never got up The neighborhood paralyzed, crack drive-bys It's evident we hurt, you ignored our cry On the outside the ghetto just another mindstate And import more minorities to help the crime rate I ain't lookin for a job, fuck workin the part-time when we could come up on some dough, with good combs and slang dimes I see this all the Goddamn time - it's fucked up and it's the truth Nevermind the shooter on the roof It's a war goin on right here, where we at I can't complain about what I can't change, so why dap? Dropped outta high school in tenth grade so I rapped But still, can't seem to get this monkey off my back Fuck it, I pulled a few moves and ride for the streets And when I start to feel like this, don't fuck with me! [Hook] [Young Noble] Yo, Young Noble Outlaw, spittin shit with 'Face and Red Bear looped out flows and you can taste the wet Place ya bet, young nigga ace the test You say Nob' got a old soul, blame the vets Flurp shit from the earth bitch, cradle to grave Burnt shit from the fingertips, able to spray Nigga ya mind playin tricks on you Ya drew down, but ya nine won't spit for you And ain't nobody got no hostle clips for you You in the mix but ain't nobody doin shit for you It's gon' be Hell for hustler, while your neck spoil you With the same clip you had last week and niggaz know I know the real, that's why the fag don't speak And I ain't even peak yet, without the heat yet Holla my street yet, cuz I be the beef yet I'm hittin these niggaz hard, I ain't even eat yet or felt defeat yet, I melt the weak yet Lyrical breathe death - we thugs nigga what we take slugs to the gut Patch 'em up, hit the Bricks, it's time for our lunch Outlawz, Dirty Mob motherfucker! [Hook] - 2X

How Much We Grew

[Intro:] yeah this next joint right here... is dedicated to all my niggas that I love all the niggas that held it down with me through the whole shit from the beginning of the fort, to the now current day of the fort from the beginning and the birth of this whole shit to the now success of this whole shit and all my peoples that be holdin it down for their peoples ridin with them through thick and thin, love y'all niggas peep it [CHORUS 2X:] 1, 2 Everytime I sit and take a look at how we grew so much my niggas 1, 2 All the things I do, you know I will hold my flags for you my niggas [verse 1] now, this how the shit all started was like doctors of I was being conceived kinda retarded like, and while my moms was conceiving this beautiful baby doctors was the this woman's stress out of this Jamaican lady Pops beef and straight carrying on nobody realizing how the god was now being born ayo, yo, 1, 2 while they was wildin and shit they couldn't even find my pulse, sonogram on the frisk so, they tried a natural birth, but had to stop production baby stuck all up in the womb, another malfunction 1, 2 and now the doctors discover they had to cut this lady's gut, and c-section me out of my mother Pop duke could only sit and ask why looked up in the sky and begged for mercy from the most high c'mon, now, 1, 2 see now the day would feel blessed watching the birth of a precious baby life manifest see how that bugged me out [CHORUS] [over chorus] that shit, that type shit be buggin me out cuz... y'know niggas, nigga look back to them days when you know shit is kinda ill like y'knawmean nigga, niggas like fall out, y'knawmean motherfuckers is, niggas live long enough to look back and shit and laugh and shit, y'knawmean [verse 2] young and learnin shit that started is thick started inquiring alot, started using my dick like I knew it all but I wasn't really knowin and shit buggin when my pubic hairs started growin and shit now hold up, a young nigga now a couple years pass searchin desperate to experience my first piece of ass now, gettin into mischief and caught my first arrest started smoking weed and started totin on them cigarettes eyes bloodshot like I was starin at a highbeam nigga only twelve so why he lookin like he nineteen 1, 2 the fast life baby, young with an old soul from the past life baby a young nigga wanted things and wanted money quick ambitious on the Amtrak, wit a quarter brick my nigga, 1, 2 it got hot in the streets my nigga campaign the cops who started walkin the beat, my nigga trouble causin too much problems just me and my brother made mommy a grandma and shacked up with my babymother now it a seed, I was always ready to clap shit strugglin, so then I start fuckin 'round with this rap shit moved to Long Island and got up with a few niggas believin we could show the world we was the Leaders Of the New niggas a crew of niggas that was hot like an infirmary blazin til they started actin like bitches internally so now, Flipmode is how we own it fo' sho tried to fuck with niggas but I couldn't do it no more fo rilla, 1, 2 and then I got with some niggas always wit it to multiply the gross and double the figgas and then I, hit with bombs and hold a stack in my palms whippin Bentleys, floss icy shit and take care of moms give the local little old man a job as my chaeuffeur hold it down for all my niggas til the movement is over it's kinda beautiful [CHORUS repeats to end] [over chorus] yeah, y'knawmean how we have acquired so much where we can look back and, and actually laugh and lavish in the, in the, in the moment as we prime in life look at how we, we struggled all this way and went through the bullshit motherfuckin, little obstacles situations they try to set up for niggas to fuckin fall off and lose they hard earned shit, y'knowmean I holds it down for my niggas though give my last to my niggas all the niggas that was wit me through the whole shit love y'all niggas, word my Flipmode niggas, man

Radio Feat. Dante Thomas

Chorus: Driving in my car Listening to the radio Baby when things got hard You just let love go I see the sunshine in the sky Feel the rainfall down on my face But it doesn't mean a thing When we don't sing the same melody As I listen to the radio Verse 1: Top down Volume up And it's way past 10 I'm in the traffic reminiscing About way back when We used to live check to check Everyday we was so broke The only thing we had between us Was our love and some hope I was the man that made you laugh And that cat the made you cry You were the star that had my back And the dime on my side You never ever tried to change me You'd just let me be me Never got on me bout my business You just let me be free Gave me the space so I could breathe Took care of my every need In return I gave you everything And made you my queen We had the strongest of ties Nothing could ever separate us Took vows before God And Honey Mooned out in Vegas And You stood by me when the fam died And held me close But I guess nothing is forever Now you want to let go And I don't understand it Fact I can barely believe it I keep it pushing through the traffic Still don't know why your leaving Chorus: Driving in my car Listening to the radio Baby when things got hard You just let love go I see the sunshine in the sky Feel the rainfall down on my face But it doesn't mean a thing When we don't sing the same melody As I listen to the radio Verse 2: I think I at least deserve and explanation Why your leaving I could see if I was cheating But that can't be the reason I'm not believing how it changed We was happy with nothing Now we unhappy with something Baby what happened to the loving Miss the kissing and hugging Wannna play with my kids I'm on the road making this money Trying to handle our biz I put the fam first and foremost Only second to God Now you packing up and leaving Said the distance is hard But any woman in they right mind Would love this man I went out of my way And held it down for the fam I only wish you could just take a minute Notice the way that we did it While most just talk it we done lived it How can you forget it And I'mma spit it till my lungs collapse I know the truth is that it's over And you ain't coming back So let me put this on record I wrote these licks from my soul I know that nothing lasts forever But it's sad to see you go Chorus: Driving in my car Listening to the radio Baby when things got hard You just let love go I see the sunshine in the sky Feel the rainfall down on my face But it doesn't mean a thing When we don't sing the same melody As I listen to the radio Verse 3: There's an old expression If you love them let them go If they come back its true love But you can never be sure So I'mma man up and stand up I guess I got to let her leave I mean it's hard on my heart To watch her walk away from me I know we had some bad times But I never would have expected The money would come along And leave us stressed out and tested And I invested every piece of me In someone that believed in me And now she leaving me I guess it wasn't meant to be And I'd be lying if I said it didn't hurt But I'm a man I chalk it up And I'mma take it for what it's worth She pushed me to get it And when I got it she left me So I'mma give it to my kids And keep on riding this bentley And evidently she confused Thought the money ‘d make her happy But the money made us changed And it effected us badly I would have gladly quit it all If she just would have asked me And gave up the music To make it right with my family Chorus: Driving in my car Listening to the radio Baby when things got hard You just let love go I see the sunshine in the sky Feel the rainfall down on my face But it doesn't mean a thing When we don't sing the same melody As I listen to the radio

Nigga What, Nigga Who (Originator '99)

JAY-Z "Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life"
(feat. Big Jaz) [Jay-Z] Uh-huh uh-huh, gi-gi gi-geyeah Roc-a-Fella y'all, uh-huh uh-huh, Jigga Timbaland shit, nine-eight BEYOTCH Say what, say what Uh-huh uh-huh, follow me beotch Nigga what, nigga who Nigga what, nigga who Switcha flow, getcha dough Can't fuck with this Roc-a-Fella shit doe Switcha flow, getcha dough Can't fuck with this Roc-a-Fella shit doe [Jay-Z] [first four lines overlap the section above] Can't fuck with me They ain't ready yet Uh-huh uh-huh Yeah, yeah Motherfuckers wanna act loco, hit em wit, numerous shots with the fo'-fo' Faggots wanna talk to Po-Po's, smoke em like cocoa Fuck rap, coke by the boatload Fuck dat, on the run-by, gun high, one eye closed Left holes through some guy clothes Stop your bullshittin, glock with the full clip Motherfuckers better duck when the fool spit One shot could make a nigga do a full flip See the nigga layin shocked when the bullet hit Oh hey ma, how you, know niggaz wanna buy you But see me I wanna _Fuck for Free_ like Akinyele Now I gotta let her take this ride, make you feel it inside your belly, if it's tight get the K-Y Jelly All night get you wide up inside the telly Side to side, til you say Jay-Z you're too much for me [Chorus: Jay-Z (with Amil-lion)] (Nigga what) Make you think you can fuck with me (Nigga who) Recognize girl, Jay to the Z [*repeat 3X*] (Nigga what) Make you think you can fuck with me (Nigga who) Recognize bitch, Jay to the motherfuckin Z [Jay-Z] Got a condo with nuttin but condoms in it The same place where the rhymes is invented So all I do is rap and sex, imagine how I stroke See how I was flowin on my last cassette Rapid-fire like I'm blastin a Tec, never jam though Never get high, never run out of ammo Niggaz hatin n shit cause I slayed your bitch You know your favorite, I know it made you sick And now you're, actin raw but you never had war Don't know how to carry your hoe, wanna marry your hoe Now she's mad at me, causer Your Majesty, just happened to be A pimp with a tragedy She wanted, us to end, cause I fucked with friends She gave me one more chance and I fucked her again I seen her tears as she busted in, I said, 'Shit.. there's a draft, shut the door bitch and come on in!' [Chorus (with variation in last line)] [Jay-Z] Gotta vendetta even though I been better Left him in the cold with a thin sweater Rap niggaz on Prozac get the bozack, niggaz threw two at me I threw fo' back, hold that Let the dough stack, way before Big had the gold Ac' Dame had the Lex black Motherfuckers wanna test that, stress that And right where you're stressed, where you rest at I suggest that, niggaz invest, in a vest, when I come through with the glock jet black, you niggaz step back I'm the best at, you know I ain't no apprentice to this Me and my niggaz we invented the shit I came into the business with this, The Originator, non greater Jaz-O finish this shit [Big Jaz] Better learn, Jaz'll relax that, ever heard of me Worldwide Originator, say word to me The population holla certainly, I burn a nigga like a third degree, see me shine so bright Nigga I'm my light, runnin rulin with rigor and vigor Nobody bigger than me and my nigga Jigga You fly-by-nights stop chirpin B Heavyweights type work to me For the time, in this motherfucker ain't nobody hurtin me What Cut your face in like surgery Who the fuck got a VS, fuckin BM's on the road when you had to be in bed at the PM Need the info, Jaz on the C-N-N forever touchin my workers beginnin you're endin Nigga your style's no style my style's hostile C'mon, faggot nigga down to take the gun home O-R-I-G-I-N-A-T-O-R (can't FUCK with it can ya!) [Chorus (with variations)] [Amil-lion] [*repeat to fade*] Switcha flow, getcha dough Can't fuck with this Roc-a-Fella shit doe Switcha flow, getcha dough Can't fuck with this Roc-a-Fella shit doe

On The Front Line

M.O.P. "Warriorz"
Aight motherfucker.. Primo, a-heh a-hah, a-hey! Sssssss.. [Billy Danze] Yo, I was raised where, cats blaze automatic weapons and half-steppers don't half-step, without protection The rules of the game is, spit first until you see his wig burst, before he flame his You see a man gon' claim his Duke a soldier gon' aim his, and try to kill yo' ass Niggaz see Burke on the conduit in the left lane doin his thang, whippin a Buick Fizz Won (Whattup boy? I'm ridin shotgun) There'll never be a boo that understand what we got son We've been down a long time I'm beginnin to think I got traces of Womack in my bloodline BOM-BURST two times on top of the line You plexiglas niggaz ain't fuckin with mine (HELL NAH!) We keep it so real, without bein signed to a deal you could still shop for the 'Ville {*various samples scratched*} [Lil' Fame] Straight from the hilll-top, where steeeel, pop and the, coast ain't clear it's reeeal, hot Keep the heat real close cause it's, dangerous and the, game don't change Fame bang with this It's the legendary, cap peelers we the illest of the realest blood-spillers, we guerillas (NIGGA FEEL US) All day, right back at you live from William Berkowitz (SLASH) Fizzy Womack Avenue I send ghouls after you, trappin you blastin WHO fuckin with the rapper dude? Don't even GOOO THERE I'm from the 'Ville Brooklyn Military (OHHH YEAHH) N.E.W. Y.O.R.K. We'll ratch yo' ass like floors that's parquet Glorious, come stomp on tour with us (M.O.P.!) We, +Warriorz+ {*various samples scratched*} [Billy Danze] Hey yo the game don't change only the players I'd like to welcome you young bucks, to these homicide layers We lead (COWARDS TO GUNFIGHTS) right (FROM TALKIN NONSENSE) Sayin my family is unable to drop bomb hits Napalm shit, move in a hail of fire Bill, sire, trailed by an empire (FIYAH!) Can't nobody change my two step I'm ready to rip for respect, Fizzy talk to 'em [Lil' Fame] What's the lesson you learn when the Smith and Wessun was burned Slugs flyin you realizin that it's your turn Didn't them niggaz warn ya BAM (BUKA BUKA) BAM (BUKA BUKA BUKA BUKA) Get the fuck up off the corner! Them goons was hot on ya! Chasin you down, cockin pistol poppin and they wasn't stoppin til they finished lacin you down, peep the steez nigga Snakes don't belong 'round here, nigga breeze! {*various samples scratched*}

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