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ANGEL HAZE lyrics - King

Things Money Can Buy

Original and similar lyrics
Don't fuck with me Don't fuck with me Don't fuck with me Don't fuck with me It's like an art exhibit with the thoughts presented article my been documented Stuck on they tongues now I'm in the mouth of critics Niggers sell their souls to stay afloat I'm trying to cop them clearance Cause I need more life they trying to take it from me Saying that I'm going nowhere fast like in place running It's kinda hard to be talking about dreams If they're my reality like I'm walking around sleep I'm just hallicinating My life is too adjacent Good things come to those who wait And I'm too impatient No, I'm too courageous Finger fucking penetrating X-ing out my failures wih the process of elimination That's one by one until there is nothing left But more success followed by more success Creating outlines like two year old traces To these other bitches I'm a human eraser I'm here now Baby your time's up But to gain the world Would I give my mind up Or would I lose my soul Shine instead of glow Could I lose my fucking way Trying to make it along Things money can buy Not my sense of self worth or none of my pride You never make it until you fail and you take it in stride I'm just about to live until death takes me alive Listen with your minds The ears of your thoughts Feel it in your souls Give me the tears of your heart Don't fuck with me Don't fuck with me Don't fuck with me Don't fuck with me Paintbrush to my thoughts Stroking the canvas with my genius Waiting to break through like a full grown fetus Laughing at these bitches while I'm reviewing their grievances Got a sack full of dicks that I've been brewing to feed em I've got lovers whose feelings I pretend to be conscious of And I am until I remember lonely hearts need lots of love I give it to them real whatever the case be Now I don't tie them down because they could never escape free How I'm feeling it's kinda hard to describe It's like standing in a field and being part of the signs Like love them with your body, your heart, your soul and your mind And when the feelings subside, watching part of you die Damn I guess feeling alive I did it on my own So I guess the feeling is mine Still no real friends Still don't trust shit A long list of fuck shit that I don't fuck with My best friend betrayed me Believe me I overtripped Until I learned to build a fucking bridge and get over it Now I believe the power of my own mind, of my moonlight, of my soulshine Things money can buy Not any of the shit that I value inside You never make it until you make it and you fail and you take it in stride So I'm just about to live until death takes me alive See life is a mystery Same thing with history, same thing with misery... it all ends eventually We all live in symmetry, yet still react to the same things differently People are people, we live for our own Live how you think, not by what you've been told Break out the mold, embrace a new form Create a new life, then make it through scorned... There are hearts on the inside with strengths unparalleled There is life and it's cyclic, and it comes like a carousel... You've just got to enjoy the ride... You've just got to enjoy the ride... There are too many things that money can buy There are too many dreams that money can sell But, not enough real... just not enough real

Pass The Vibe

Five Fingers Of Funk "Slap Me Five"
Look at where you at look look at where you're going Listen to the rhyme check the way I'm flowing Got to come correct when I select words for wreck Because respect means more than any bullshit check I clain that L.V.P. now knowledge that's on me Can't disrespect my O.G.s or roughneck reality See I've been down from the start to tear a sucker apart Fuck money guns and hoes just flow to show if you've got heart And we can go rounds you low-down duck Got stuck with a beat-down in P-town cause your style sucks You little mark yo you didn't expect it Like a pack of drunk drivers man some crew straight wrecked shit And ain't that 'bout a bitch? Got jacked in Oregon that's my Origin fuck around and now you'll never snore again Slept like a baby thinking you were all that Your'e all wack player now look at where you at Look at where you at Stop and just listen 'cause ain't no time for riffing Just scoping and hoping I'll get open like a gift when Everybody's watching M.C.s beging jocking Back in the day we used to play and punks got picked like cotton But look at where I'm at now I'm ripping up the track Got my mind on a mission now there ain't no turning back Peace to Mr. Sam-I-Am for putting me on the path Look into the rear-view mirror and today I just laugh Back then I used to stumble fumble on the mic or mumble But you still put me on so now I try to be humble Went to Mecca to get my step correct and do my part Now it's Mecca on my mind and Mecca in my heart Still I depart from the past last night went fast Pete Miser is what I'm known as so now I watch my own ass Want to be all that without holding a strap Money grip don't trip just look at where you at -It ain't where you're from it's where you're at- I'm setting it off you're lost so stop and clock your plotted position Boy you put upon wax a track that lacks any facts what I mean you're slipping When I'm hitting I'm kicking the thick non-fiction upon my nation Understanding the place I'm facing through the knowledge of foundation Case in point the path I traveled unraveled as each step had landed Took a look at now for known-how beat my brow where demanded Know I'm branded like cattle as the one in battle to make it Not a snake kid or a viper or a diaper I don't take shit From no-one throw one out to show the clout that I'm attaining Rough like leather and like Portland weather better bet I'll be reigning With an iron fist I dissed you mister pissed you off a little bit But the hits that I swung will keep you strung out like a fiddle now sit Your ass down 'cause the last clown that tried to step Got swept like a dustpan man you understand? A fan of no one 'cause I know none that can bust a better rap I'm from the West Coast West Coast now look at where you at

You Made Me

Harlem World "The Movement"
[Featuring Carl Thomas Nas] [Mase] Let's get it on [Carl Thomas] 1 You made me You made me You made me the way I am today You're the reason why I live how I live Cuz you made me the way I am [Huddy Comb] First of all I was the worst of all The first born took my first breath it was on And thanks to my moms and some help from Nickie Bonds I was raised in ways of a Don they gas me like Exxon Had me dealin' with ex cons, frontin' with they Rolex on Get sexed on a regular basis, grown women puttin' they faces In all the wrong places, molesting me, now you see why my destiny Was fucked up cuz my recipe But I blame my mother cuz I can't blame no other And that's how my game was discovered My mom was a sucker, did that bullshit to my brother But no matter what, I'mma love her She gave me life, even though she got high undercover If she die, I can't find me another But look what you made me Repeat 1 [Meeno] Yeah, you made me this way, since the day I was born When you slid on that crap shit, launch the strong 'Fore long, I realized the same old song Never cat with then bounce on his kids and his spouse At the beginning, I knew my pops just had to be kidding He's coming back any day, he wouldn't leave us that way But anyway, the time got longer, my anger got stronger It's no time to wonder the money I hunger Without a blunder, I vowed to be all I could be Started running guns O.T., me and my code D. Leave from the backstreets of A-T-L to N-Y-C When the gunspot got hot, I switched to the D When the D spot got hot, I went low key Now that Harlem World spot hot, and I'm on TV I don't need no fake calls from yo' ass at all Just leave me the way you left me and watch me ball Repeat 1 [Nas] What, what, uh You the reason And I thank you, what Check it out Yo, yo, stormy night, September '73 Would you believe what my mom recieved from heaven was me? Second from me, my younger brother desperate as me We see the world alike, type of girls he likes, the girls I like The shit that make him mad, it make me hype, bug like that Share the same blood like that, grew up around thugs poppin' and shit Cardboard boxes of shit, dirt bikes But now we hoppin' whips and merc, right? Money's my birthright, my righteous birth so I floss It's up to you to look inside yourself, see what's yours Consecutive times, New Year's Eve, light off nines in the skylines Imaginary graves, poor the Henney on it Share with my dogs who's here, cuz there's so many gone Yeah, Meeno, Ill Will, all my people Big Stretch, we'll never forget, our Lord keeps you Until we meet again, through my pen y'all can speak through, uh Repeat 1

Life I Chose

Even though sometimes I feel like giving up I don’t know why coz I still chose my life with you. Even if the rain would fall down soon enough Still don’t know why Coz I chose to live my life with you. Life with you is like magic And I feel blessed Though sometimes we tragic What had we missed Explains all the logic I don’t treat relationships like a game of project Just so you know I can get emotional about it But I'm tryin’ to find solution So we could go about it This problem is soo person-al So crucial to the point that deep inside we dyin’ Hell nah That ain’t soo me Why is it lonely You already had me Don’t cha really know me We have enough time to adjust You and I is suppose to be build with trust and not lust So stressed out But yet We don’t wanna get out Though it’s killin’ us softly everytime dwell out Don’t want to end this like a lonely song But when it’s on Then it’s on Until we gone That’s soo wrong. Even though sometimes I feel giving up I don’t know why coz I still chose my life with you. Even if the rain would fall down soon enough Still don’t know why Coz I chose to live my life with you. Life I chose is the life that I’ve always been dreamin’ With you alone just completes the whole season How can I explain things without gettin’ mad After what we had that be soo sad Heart break get off my system Let’s try get back to how we started You know it The mutual attraction Observin’ every little move and every action See you laugh’n You know though That I’ll move mountains for you Seriously!I can be a fool for you Definitely! Not the choice but if you say so. No need to go away Would you stay with me here though Lookin’ for answers Aren’t you sick of this Bypolar love searchin’ for the missin’ dove Naturally We rotate round love and hate Wait But for loves sake Let’s shape things up and have faith love. Even though sometimes I feel like giving up I don’t know why coz I still chose my life with you. Even if the rain would fall down soon enough Still don’t know why Coz I chose to live my life with you. Choose here, choose there Better play fair Do the walky talky to the atmosphere Treat me just right girl you know you ma queen Most beautiful thing that anybody had ever seen Don’t ever look around seekin’ for them trouble I’m right here and I’ll serve you on the double Look at the right sign Here baby if you mind You know you need me like I need you for a lifetime. Even though sometimes I feel like giving up I don’t know why coz I still chose my life with you. Even if the rain would fall down soon enough Still don’t know why Coz I chose to live my life with you...[4x]

Freestyle - Boot Camp Clik

Funkmaster Flex "The Mix Tape, Vol. 2: 60 Minutes of Funk"
*continues after end of Follow Me * [Starang] Yo yo yo yo man, no blackin out youknowmsayin Watch the funky roll, my man Rhino got it locked from this side Yo it's definitely a party goin on, youknowmsayin BCC, everyday all day [Rock] Now when you come through the door, what do you see? [Tek] The Representatives for the BCC [Rock] When you come through the door, what do you see? [Starang] Rockness Monsta, Mista S-T-R-A-N-G [Rock] When you come through the door, what do you see? [Tek] MS and Smokey Lah wit the twenty sack of weed [Rock] Yo when you come to the door, what do you see? [Ruck] Tall Sean wit my man Swann, the buddah junkie [Rock] When you come through the door, what do you see? [Lidu Rock] Lidu Rock, Twany Ranks, and D-O-G [Rock] If you come through the door, what do you see? [Tek] The Representatives for the BCC Aiyyo, aiyyo aiyyo aiyyo aiyyo Um yeah, yo let's do this, stop that Oh oh (oh oh) oh oh (oh oh) oh oh (oh oh) [Rock] Aiyyo introducin my B-double-O [Starang] We worldwide mothafuckers, better act like they know [Rock] All y'all heads out there can't see our flow [Starang] Starang and Rock always represent the dreads and fros [Rock] Starang Wondah, pass me a large order of that thunda (BOO-YAH!) Scared MC's bound to run and pull fall up under Avalanches [Starang] Fake niggas always snap like branches Step into my crew, mothafucker take your chances [Rock] So you're a Gambler, ain't your name ain't Trigga then don't risk it In '97, Louieville will still pack the biscuit While I be lifted, you riff kid, we get the bumpin I'll beat your ass like your pops or you stole something [Starang] Knowin damn well you shouldn't have tooken that Yo what the fuck y'all lookin at? Let me ask a question, Rock where the fuck is Brooklyn at? (Over here) Got my nigga Funkmaster Flex always hookin that [Rock] Hold up son, let me show these niggas how a crooker act Straight up down right disrespectful Load the clip, bust lead to your head like Buck, Steele, and Tek do (F you!) Step to Rock man, listen you'll get lifted Like my toilet seat when I'm pissin [Starang] You know that's why I blow wit my Magnum Force Cuz when I lay a nigga out, they come and drag em off (Y'all niggas crazy) Yo them boys ain't got no remorse I take a hit of my Bob Marley spliff and cough [Rock] In-tro-ducin, my B-double-Oooooo [Starang] Worldwide, niggas better act like they know, one time [Rock] All y'all heads out there can't see our flow [Starang] Oh, Starangy, S-three-0-0 Word up (oh oh) word up (oh oh) word up (oh oh) word up (Oh oh oh oh oh oh) [Ruck] On the First Day of Dissmas, my bitch gave to me Two condoms and a bag of sensee On the Second Day, guess what the bitch said Ruck come to my house cuz in her mouth, she want my head On the Third Day, yo I heard she was frontin Drinkin Balentine Ale's, forties, and smokin on the blunts an' On the Fourth Day, yo she cold did some other Shit, made a brotha flip when I discover On the Fifth Day, I heard she switched gay Pulled out my switch blade, ich bitch is ix nae On the Sixth Day, have her wit police Wit the frank and ? ? ? swarm baptise [BJ Swan] On the seventh day of Dissmas I had a dream, it was Foxy Brown and Kim the mistress on my team Now in this dream I'm the biggest baller of them all Cuz I got the top-selling rap chicks on call Kimmy showed em too that she could freak the most But Na Na stay bathin me wit ? Now it came to be that I was drivin both of them broke Between the things I had em drinkin and my habit to smoke Wit they points and they publishing, no rubbishing Dem keys that's coming from Tiawana Is supporting my gambling, more marijuana As I expected, we bump confrontation Flex called and said that I should come to the station When I got there Kim is like (You dirty little Haitian) Foxy comin towards me, lips describin frustration (Shoulda did what a nigga do, son and cheat) Man I got my ass up outta the sleep Obviously, the Eighth Day when I woke up Went to Brownsville and got wit my nigga Big Ruck [Ruck] On the Ninth and the Tenth Day, my bitch had her period Grabbed the cold cream, jacked off something serious On the Eleventh, told her things to do to my cock Said call her on the Twelfth cuz she got the red spot Shh [Tek] (MS) Yae's just arriving off the flight from Atlanta MS and Smokey Lah, ha ha, word up You don't wanna fuck wit Smoke Dog (You don't wanna fuck wit Smoke Dog) Roof-ROOF! (No, you don't wanna do it) You don't wanna fuck wit MS (You don't wanna fuck wit MS) It's Man-Slaughter (Keep the stems blessed) Comin through, bout to take it to the streets Word it be [MS] MS and Smokey Lah the spot, sow a knot Blow em when we reppin Magnum Force Got the front line ready to grab weapons I heat scenes like a desert for the 9-7 Ruck and Rock loaned me the glock to buck shots at the reverand To clear minds, we about to rush like adrenaline For those who's pretending in, this game we gon' end it Wit a bang, ease back, squeeze gats if you're fragile I leave em clueless like Flight 800 when I crash you [Tek] I was told, the dub starts at ten-ish Open bar might chill women To come and get my boogie on Big Flex Dog is spinnin Form guerilla hands to pick me up by eight It was a sweet night, the weed gates don't stay open late Check my bank roll, remove the tints ? is pet charm, proceeded to pick Tyson up on Palmetto Bounced out the Q, scanned the blocks on both aves Got too much on the line, can't get pinched by crabs Jail and money not mix like ?Udibidy jays? And White America hates to see a black man pay Cuz the streets change like weed grains And niggas actin strange Bein easily blinded by fortune and fame (Do it man) *Reggae chanting for 34 secs* [Lidu Rock] Cuz in the projects man, you got to watch where you walkin It's time for some action, yo this rep don't talk I get the stalkin, bulldose those who oppose my Camp Commando's like Rambo's we lynch yo' hood then lamp Cuz [Top Dog] Dem no like we and we no like dem We have no enemy and we have no friend Come again, potna one for session Funkmaster Flex will keep the wheel-as spinnin [Lidu Rock] Cuz we winnin, so fuck a dresscode, nigger I explode And release the dark clouds like them Ressies from down the south No, now don't give a (Ha-ho), Lidu Rock is there if you need me This Representative got your back, can you see me [Top Dog] On your TV's and your cd's, you can see three Individuals bringin nature to your table See my vide-o runnin on your daily cable Station, BCC runnin through your nation [Lidu Rock] On your host down set, we gets biz and keep you jumpin Lidu Rock, Twanny Ranks, and D-O-G so stop frontin My BCC come wit that shit that's steady bumpin Lidu Rock, Twanny Ranks, and D-O-G so stop frontin We don't need it, we don't need it All I really wanna do is stay weeded We don't need it, we don't need it All I really wanna do is stay weeded

M.A.F.I.A. Land

LIL' KIM "Hardcore"
[Lil' Kim] Yeah....uhh In the M.A.F.I.A.'s Land ya'll Where loyalty is everything [*thunder sounds*] The M.A.F.I.A. forgives but never forgets Let me tell you In the MAFIA's land where there's one boss and one clan Yes mans they surround us like steaks in pans All 'em wanna be the man right hands wash the left hands Loyalty's priority in this fam Where life's initiated ain't no givin' it back Once you in it like Bennet you'll soon be lieutenant Like me the Don Juan Miss Yvonne the sweat-a the money gett-a Copin mad cheddar Stevie's all Wondering how I got in this position One day Frank was fishin' for competition expidition Number one, his name is Barry Madanno Push the phat Milano '96 mission cost ya barizano I lay gently in the Bently through binoculars he seemed popular Givincci socks Cartier coolats H-class rocks and charms like Bohemians Sick like lukemians, receding hairlines Watch how genuine his gold mine decline When Frank pops the wine, I cocks the nine Niggas peeped it from behind and slipped their clips in quick One chick named Nick thought she was the shit Tried to play Big Poppa, don't worry Minutes before I dropped her the blow! blow! blow! Like a parol-e the bitch violated So how you like it coffins or creameted [chorus:] There ain't a day in my life that rolls by That I don't get high, sit back and won't cry I used to roll hard with tons of bitches But now it's just me and my niggas, whah [repeat] [Lil' Kim] Street murders, thug parasites We official no fake gators Coppin' fire arms with dug missles We leavin scar tissue That nigga Barry still aggy about that slut Mob nigga what! threw the gang sign up The nigga chuckles, just slip the loot On my belt buckles and cracked his middle nuckles Damn how could a deal for a couple mill Result to such violence And throw our whole shit off balance Yet still, they pat me down from all angles Trapped inside this devil's triangle Like Bo I had the Jangles And movin' slow to slide up on these Mexicans One cross eyed and hunchbacked The other must be mixed with black The third nigga had missin' teeth and tatto tear drops Long hair, chest for like a bag of rocks Before this chops I grabbed the keys to locks, the jewels and the rocks The cream in the box, etc. etc. etc. and it don't stop I got away with everything, the cash and the stash [chorus:] [Lil' Kim] So now I'm titled mission acomplished My man was astonished He looked as if there was a foul aroma in the air Stinkin! I know what this nigga thinkin' Damn she's too little, too pretty, too quiet The bitch is hired, mob's wife for life Diamond heist with Trife, contracts on your life We increase the price, uuhh So guess who the bitch is, but for now I be the mistress [chorus:]

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