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ANDY WILLIAMS lyrics - The Great Songs From "My Fair Lady" And Other Broadway Hits

Get Me To The Church On Time

Original and similar lyrics
Happy Heart Artist: Andy Williams (peak Billboard position # 22 in 1969) Music by Hans Last and Words by Jackie Rae There's a certain sound always follows me around When you're close to me you will hear it It's the sound that lovers hear when they discover There could be no other for their love CHORUS It's my happy heart you hear Singing loud and singing clear And it's all because you're near me, my love Take my happy heart away Let me love you night and day In your arms I wanna stay, oh my love Feeling more and more like I've never felt before You have changed my life so completely Music fills my soul now, I've lost all control now I'm not half, I'm whole now with your love CHORUS Repeat CHORUS with La-la's Repeat CHORUS with La-la's and FADE

Hip Hop

ACE HOOD "Starvation 3"
I'm at a loss of words Just don't get it [Verse 1:] Dear the love of my life I'm sick and tired of the fights So we been fucking for years But you been cheating for life You give it up to them lames And then you blow em that night I Gave my heart to you baby But you ain't doing me right See I was young when I met ya Had me fallin in seconds Held me down in recessions I'm thinking God what a blessing Know my love runs deep I toss and turn in my sleep I need your heart in return And if it ever would beat I lost in touch with you once Had me stressing for months I started out in the barn We done been through too much I swear that life is a bitch And plus you easy to switch Ain't no worries lil mama I ain't taking the fence Keep on doin them lames Keep on makin em rich I'll be here for a while You'll be back on my dick Misses hip hop love I forgive and forget Still I wonder in time Will you ever commit I'm saying [Verse 2:] I went to war with some sinners Laid in bed with the devils Ain't no love in this game It'll turn a Christian to rebels Poured my heart and my soul I let my passion develop Why you playin with my feelings I ain't the type to be jealous Fuck that hip hop bitch Let that last line settle You fall in love with these rappers Know I'm ten times better Get it ten times wetter Plus I'm way more clever I'm from that fuck you era Plus I'm top 5 level What's a king to a God What's your life to my nine What's my life without you I can't envision my odds Why your hearts so cold Where the love at tho I deserve that shit You'll be lying if I don't You wasting time with them gimmicks Suck a dick for your critics Give a fuck who your favorite I'm the name that you mention You can look up the realest I'm your sure definition We been at it for years I think it's time for commitment I'm saying


Intro: yes empress devine anytime me look ina your face you make my world a brighter place and your majesty and grace a help me through the rat race Chorus: joy ina your eyes me nuh see no tears love is what you giving me throughout the years every time you need me i will be there my dear i swear Verse 1: there is no faking no heartbreaking like a volcano this ya true love is shaking in tender caring we are partaking woman me feel seh big things ina the making intoxication of a certain kind i will admit that you suit my mind pulpitation of another kind don´t fast forward baby just rewind Chorus(repeat).. Verse 2: no mistaking in every thing you do and i will always be a part of you jah jah made us and he will see us through always and forever babygirl this love is true i´ve been searching for the longest time almost givin´ up never thought I would find seen many roses die on the vine but a hidden tressure in you i man find Chorus(repeat).. Verse 3: on the magic carpet we a ride venus jupiter to the other side fi we togetherness nuh need no guide there is nothing to be shame nothing fi go hide a whole new world awaits brighter than the pearly gates where love is as strong as fate and life is about to give and to take Chorus(repeat)..

I Don't Know How To Fix It

STEVE WARINER "Burnin' The Roadhouse Down"
She brought some perfume from Paris And I bought some brand new cologne She made a candlelight dinner and I put some soft music on We sat by the fire waiting for desire To lift us up and take us far away But she started getting sleepy I turned on the tv One more night of love just went to waste (chorus) Well it's broke and I don't know how to fix it There's not a day goes by that I don't miss it Yeah, love jumped the track and we just can't get it back I still love that woman so But it's broke and I don't know how to fix it She said a change of scenery Might just be the very thing we need I said, 'What about Las Vegas?' She said, 'What about Miami Beach?' We ended up in Denver But I never did convince her That we'd reached the perfect compromise She said, ' I hate cold weather' I said, 'But we're together' And she said, 'Yeah that's where the problem lies' (repeat chorus) Well love doesn't come with blue prints, instructions or plans I wish love had a road map so I could find where I am (repeat chorus)

Show Her The Way

MICHAEL BOLTON "All That Matters"
You can't deny it When that once in your life Comes that one of a kind Once she's inside it She can shake up your heart She can make up your mind Everything in your life will change When your love is your best friend My advice to you is make no mistake If ya never want this feelin' to end CHORUS Show her the way she makes you love her Show her the way she makes you feel Let your emotions roll like thunder You gotta let her know You'll never let her go Show her the way Now love is for dreamers Funny thing about dreams Any moment they're gone And love is the teacher About makin' it last, about keepin' it strong Promise the moon and stars Swear the best is yet to come But promises are not what it takes To keep the flame forever young All you really need to show Is everything she needs to know CHORUS X2 Show her, gotta show her, just show her the way(X3) Show her the way

Itty Bitty Little Single Solitary Piece O' My Heart

Lari White "Best Of Lari White"
(Lari White/John Rotch) I know what it is you're tryin' When you're tryin' to be so cool Everywhere you go you're a Romeo With a smile and a line so smooth But the trail of hearts lying in your wake It looks like a six lane interstate And there's a big, bright, red light telling me tonight Not to slow down, get my heart out of sight Chorus: So you won't get the taste of this, not even a kiss The fact your middle name is heartache ain't no coincidence You made a livin' out of lovin' and leavin' 'em to fall apart So now you better understand you'll never lay a hand on one Itty bitty little single solitary piece o' my heart I know what it is you're doin' With all that cooin' and a wooin' But you can't fool me, I got a degree I learned a lot from hard knock schoolin' Well, I used to jump in wholehearted Every time a new love started But it was just a chase, then replaced heart, thrown in my face Not any more, my love is to good to waste (Repeat chorus) I said now you better understand, you'll never lay a hand on one Itty bitty little single solitary piece o' my heart

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