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Andrea Parker lyrics - Kiss My Arp

Going Nowhere

Original and similar lyrics
Through the stained glass window Pictures in my mind Dissolving in a jet Taking time to rewind New direction Passagers in the dark Shadows from below Leaving a mark Going nowhere (repeat) Apart from the obvious Nothing is what it seems Silence between the light Of a hidden ??scene/seem/seed/seize?? New direction Lost connections to the past Going nowhere Moving too far Going nowhere (repeat)

Shadows Of Her Mind

Eddy Arnold "Love and Guitars"
(Kris Kristofferson) I met her sadly in the slowly falling rain Crying softly in her loveliness and pain Knowing no one needin' someone bad as me And she told me as I held her trembling hand Walking slowly how she'd never known a man Living lonely in her cottage by the sea. When the morning came her tears had changed to laughter And before the night her heart beat close to mine And I thought as she lay sleeping bout the secrets she was keeping Hidden somewhere in the silence of the shadows of her mind. In the morning as I wakened with the dawn Without warning I could feel that she was gone Leaving nothing but her silence next to me And lonely footprints that I followed in the sand Walking slowly for I knew where they would end Disappearing in the silence of the sea. And I sometimes hear the echoe of her laughter As I search for what I know I'll never find For the answer I was seeking was the secrets she's still keeping Hidden somewhere in the silence of the shadows of her mind. Hidden somewhere in the silence of the shadows of her mind...

Who's Gonna Get Me Over You

DARRYL WORLEY "Hard Rain Don't Last"
Who's Gonna Get Me Over You? (Tony Martin/Mark Nesler) When she walked out on me you hung around Said you couldn't stand to see me going down And that someday I'd forget all about her in time You were right she's the last thing on my mind Now you say that since I'm feeling strong again You're leaving and you'll always be my friend Thanks to you, I know now what love is all about There's just one little thing that you left out Chorus: Who's gonna get me over you Who'll take your place like you took hers And pull me through You got me over her when she left Just like you said you'd do But tell me who's gonna get me over you You put together all she tore apart But somewhere along the way I lost my heart You had me believing I could make it on my own Right up to the moment you were gone Chorus

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