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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - These R The Tales

The Ave. (Remix)

Original and similar lyrics
[Verse 1] I used to laugh when T seen dopefiends get beat Bleedin' all out they head in the middle of the streets They say pitbull fights would go on at the park And like vampires niggaz come out after dark You know freaks sell dope for material shit And on the side gold-diggin on a ballers dick Yeah,O.G. niggaz turned in to alcoholics What you think about it Boo Boo? (nigga I can't call it) Man little kids run around with a nose full of boogers While the niggaz on the block sell that rocked up sugar Touchin' they gats everytime a fool pass Waitin' to put slugs up in a niggaz ass They say fuck school, they say fuck grades They rather get paid and snort cocaine On the Ave. [Hook] On the A-V-E It's about money and D Man fuck around too long and be a casualty Man in the A-V-E it's about rocks and glocks Don't get too close because you might get shot [Verse 2] Motherfuckers I used to go to school with They look at me like man I don't give a shit Man they don't even say what's up top a young loc They put they hands on they guns inside they coats But I'm thinkin' to myself man I ain't fearin' ya I 'member back when we ate in the cafateria Nigga, but them days are rested I get a mary jane sack like that and keep steppin' To the sto' for some zig-zags Man every sto' that I know yo is owned by some Arabs But I got money in my Cutty so I'm drivin Sixty-nine drop top motherfucker [Hook x2] [Verse 3] You motherfucken bitches they ain't shit to me Man you should see these freaks on the A-V-E Yo, shakin' they ass man tryin' to get a grip But bitch this ain't no motherfucken freak nick Ho, so what nigga you got a fancy car You be shootin' niggaz over that nasty broad Somewhere inside you you think that's hard But when you die nigga what you gon' say to god They get to spittin' them ninas, nine millimeters, bust ballerinas Over things from Colombia and Argentina My tiga Rome got a rock face That means he's facin three years for a motherfucken glock case You might think you went out of space 'Cause motherfucker this is something that you can't escape On the Ave. [Hook x2]

Sister, Sister

AKINYELE "Aktapuss"
(Tanya Howard Niguay Fa) I'll be your friend Though I love you like my brother I could never be your lover, baby Hook: [Akinyele], (Tanya Howard) Sister, Sister (You're like a brother to me) Sister, Sister (We go back like family) Sister, Sister (Nigga I knew you ever since day one) Sister, Sister (Man, me and you be having mad fun) (Akinyele) Yo girls be acting like they my sister What the fuck You mess around and get your sister' ass Inscest up Talking about you can't buy them like your brother and shit But we don't got the same father never suck on the same mother tits So how you come to this Putting lego sticks On my dick Cause you cop-blockin' and shit Hook (Akinyele) We used to conversate and shit For a little bit You told me about the guys you hit You said I probably lied about the girls In the world that I said I done hit But I let it pass With a simple laugh (ha ha ha ha) Cause it was the beginning So I stay smilin' and grinnin' Even when you joked and said my wrinkled sweater reminded you of Fucking crushed linen (that shirt is wrinkled like crushed linen Ha ha) Anyway ha ha ha ha ha Had to find that funny So I said yo bitch would you fuck me for money Na na na I ain't said that I ain't said that chill chill This is what I said listen, a yo, listen, listen Yo, Everytime I try to set it off You be like Nope Quick to call the kid up every time you broke Talkin' about some nigga played you out Slapped you in your mouth (yo he slapped me in my mouth) And if I see him you want me to react like pullin' out on him (yo pull out on him) Risking mafias as I let some kids' blood spill While you run around town talkin' about (yo nigga I'll get you killed) Girl don't get me wrong I'm not no duck and shit Before I make moves like that I got to at least fuck and shit Bust a nut and shit In your gut and shit Fuck you down Turn you around In your butt and shit Hook (Akinyele) This right here Is every brother who got a artificial sister This is your theme song, yo This is your theme song This is your theme song (Tanya Howard Niguay Fa) I'll be your friend Though I love you like my brother I could never be your lover, baby (Akinyele) National anthem Yo this song right here is dedicated to All the girls who want to be some dude's sister So she could try to get all the priviliges of being a dudes girl Without fucking that mother fucker Know what I'm sayin' Hook (Akinyele) It's the ak' ak'

Put It In Your Mouth (Remix)

Say it... (In my mouth, in my mouth, in my mouth, daddy) [Verse 1: Action Bronson] Well you could, lick it, flip it, taste it if you wanna I ain't gonna chase you 'round and sweat the pussy like a sauna Her skin tone a touch of cinnamon and chocolate cookie Fuck it eight times raw, I call it Octopussy White shorts, a little moist right by the pussy line Now it's push, push, push, right in the tushy time School Blanding, that mean she got a baldy She sucking pee pee, makin' bread just like Grimaldi But I'm the hero, servin' sausage like it's San Gennaro Forget your past and come with me because your man is zero I'm the whole shit, vintage from the cellar The floor is made of glass and not the slipper, Cinderella Yeah, test my libido, known to pass it twice with flying colors Talking crazy on the text but now your shine covers That don't fly bitch, I thought you was a fly bitch Turn that ass around and let me hit you with the Heimlich [Verse 2: Hologram] Now you can fuck me for free, or suck for a fee Trust and you'll see, it's nothin' to me I need me a cutie, with a petutie I'm on duty, hittin' the booty, 'cause My nigga Magic Bronson came through with a hummer Jay-fucking-Steels left a rim shot like a drummer And she was from Cali so she said it's a bummer I gave a rim job to a nimrod, I've been hard With a dumb bitch, in that 65 Impala she had one switch She had one wish, she said she wanna have my dick like a baby No maybe, she like dark meat, white gravy And we was uptown so I told her I'm wavy And now I got a little message for a young lady Wash your leather Cheerio after you take a dumpington 'Cause when we start to humpington I'm goin' in your rumpington One thing I won't have twice is shit dick, say it... In my mouth, in my mouth, in my mouth, daddy In my mouth, in my mouth, in my mouth, daddy

Tough Guy

OUTKAST "Hold On, Be Strong"
(Shaft Soundtrack) (chorus) Everbody on the streets, This a lil thesis coming from me When I throw up baggets, sitting at the bar Or smokin a lil red life in my car I dont know what you came to see, Nigga just out here feeding my kids Throw up the duece and let me slide on by Cuz everybody wants to be a tough guy [Verse One: Big Boi] Crusin down the street, minding my business cuz I'm trill Stopped at the ATM, grabbed a thousand dollar bill Now I peel, like apples and peaches because I'm chill And niggas around my city respect me because I'm real But still, the things I see from day to day it hurts me When I'm off in the '79 Seville or the Bonneville Niggas wanna hurt me, absurd g I know it, betta believe I tote something for it But I gotta be smoking?????????????? know it And I'm not the type of person be riding around yo block just flashy Just came to the store to get some black and milds and a lil bit of 93 gas,G Wanna blast me, get sassy, say negative things about OutKast G Riding all on a nigga dick, all you had to do was just dap me, come slap me You the bad man, so go ahead and touch my cheek then But we'll be burying you and your whole motherfucking family by the weekend I'm calling your bluff, go'n and buck, I got my squad we trapping AC gone slap this nigga, he aint bucking, he just yapping, yea! (chorus) [Verse Two: Bun B] Say, we took it from packing the pistols, To jacking this missiles To stacking my crystals Now my torpedo's even cracking your missile When we start, aint no stopping us We too smart and too popular Take yo toys and we ?topple em Resort to the dopplar To the agent underground well known as Stankonia Where trill as niggas go one and bad ass bitches be boning ya I'm warning ya, niggas i'll fill the middle of yo ?moni up And make yo broad lick her pony up, its that platinum shit Called zonia, tell Tommy blow me up I aint Mariah, bitch I'm the messiah can't no motherfucker show me up UGK a set nigga, throw me up Fuck catching a case bitch, i'll lace you and yo homey up. Cuz we the cream coming out of the crop The steam coming out of the pot And the team coming out at the top Your baddest or not, these niggas getting shattered or shot Splattered for props, man you should'nt've left your gat at your spot (chorus) [Verse Three: Pimp C] Pimp C bitch, I'm a country star I got a country mansion and a country car I got a country bitch, I made a country son I got some country nuts, I Keep a country gun I dont fuck with nobody in this shit but bun So if you pay me a mil, you gotta give that nigga one Fuck boys talk shit, but them bitch niggas know That UGK run the streets, and we put dick in your hoe Whether weed or blow, I keep an open store I keep my hair cut low, 44 on the floor You can test me, Snow, we got the glass for sho Get your mind on your money, cuz you playing with you dough Bitches who ready to go, say you moving to slow If you wasn't bout sucking it, what you fucking with me for The quarters in the side in case you didn't know, I'm Sweet Jones Bitch and I'm an old school pro, pro, pro (chorus) [Verse Four: Dre] Since the beginnig of time, until the present of now There are beauty shop playas also intelligent clowns Got they blue cuts with brown, booty grinding the ground It's the sound thats created when we get up to get down. Stimulate my imag- -ination with exag- -geration of stanking light That can't be right but we laughed To keep from crying, sighing, ?????????????? Deftifying acts of a blacks not scared of dying Y'all act like you'never take no bubble bath, On a Blockbuster night like you an never cuddled after You poked her, stroked, soaked her, provoked her To reach for the sky when she's high on your holster I'm posed to, roast ya, toast ya, close ya Motherfucking mouth for I'm almost closed to the end So when they ask you what school do you attend? Say Stankonia High, then throw two in the wind. ha ha ha ha...... (chorus) X 2 Music rides out

And God Said To Cain

JEDI MIND TRICKS "The Thief And The Fallen"
[Intro: A-F-R-O as Don Corleone] Don Corleone here to tell you about loyalty, respect and underground shit [Verse 1: A-F-R-O] The myth of a man let your bridges wither and dance Oblivious now, primitive, I'm Olympian, now it's routed in pistols Allow me to buy the album, child imbeciles And I was a coward out to intend powerful minutes for The crowd, the men, the rowdy, loudest towered sour diesel Out to seek a pile of reeking, reaching demons, wild deacons Denial deep, denial seek the child teachin' my own preachin' means And thinkin' why I'm leavin' rhymes leakin' by the evenin' Who'da thought the hammer hit ya? The Ruger spark, leave you handicapped, trapped in wheelchairs Drop bomb, calm flow forming on Important, I'm raw mob (Don Corleone) Take this offer, the vengeance refuse to Amend all you're used to, remember that you're useful Uh, and the Godfather speaks R.A. and Vinnie Paz, Stoupe on the beat Let's get it! [Hook:] You go against the family, you get buried It's R.A., A-F-R-O, Stoupe and Vinnie P Cause most these rappers nowadays is fairies And y'all could never fuck with JMT (Fuck around and catch a left and a right fist) [Verse 2: R.A. The Rugged Man] Yo, to the piano blue diablo, will do an Amadou Diallo Out the Kilimanjaro, animal, Italiano Mario Bava a giallo, I beat apollo, you eat a hollow Hole in your middle, look like a seed of avocado Life gone, I'm beyond body harm, carry an arm in my palm Leave you bloodier than Carrie at the prom Man, Van Damme kick a foe, Mantan Wigger, whoa!! bam bam bigelow, bigger flow, Riddick Bowe Summer 80's Bananarama, da ha da ha Had the hammer to Alabama to where the crackers are Animated Hanna Barbera Barbera rather Cameron in avatar Stamina like the man out of Panama, Paz and Allah Macking Mary Magdalene, Howard Hewett from Shalamar Rapping assassin like I'm back with Rawkus and Agallah Pill to a blondie, the ill Bill Cosby Ill hobby, kill the body, Ingagi, I killed Gandhi I like Chi-Lites, dice and knife fights Mics syllables slang slit you, scissor precise slice Sacrifice, lose suitable beautiful life price And I could conquer the Devil and I could revise Christ, c'mon [Hook] [Verse 3: Vinnie Paz] C'mon The mythical man who come from indivisible fam You pitiful fam, this shit is gonna get physical fam You kicking the can, I'm visual like Dario Argento Like stabbing you with a pencil inside of the instrumental If that ain't what you was into, I'll slide inside of your mental And provide you with a rhyme, make it silence the instrumental I body you with the Ginsu, but that'll probably be drawn It's not so hidden, it got a kind of me gone And I'mma probably be wrong and y'all will probably be on The anomaly is how you'll be on a quality song The bodies is on my lawn, the bodies have been deformed The bodies have been piling up like I've been silently calm I had to sound the alarm, I had to try to get rid of em Riddlin with the Ritalin, little bit of adrenaline A little bit of medicine in the middle of Italy And the only way to really begin again is to end again [Hook] [Outro:] You know who I am I'm back and ready to fight You know who I am Come out your belly and get shot drastically You know who I am I'm back and ready to fight You know who I am

Walk With It

JAY ELECTRONICA "Attack Of The Clones"
[Jay Electronica:] I'm out that third ward where they bussin heads Movin shakin hustlin scrambling buckin and duckin feds The corner stay hot as sonars with blood rushing (russian) red Down in the dirty we bout it and we ain't fuckin scared I got em shook from the jump cause I'm a solider these niggas is yellow I told you I'm out that magnolia mah nigga fo reala On the grind all the time woaday stackin that scrilla It's the south man we put the fuckin G in guerilla Talk slick and get chyo neck slit quick Cause uptown niggas don't play that shit And if you ready come get me Got a squad that's with me To blow the beef outta control like ja and fifty I'm the king the daddy ya heard the best around Linked up with lil flip man we tear this bitch down You know when them south boys is comin around Cause all you gon' hear is lay it down lay it down Walk walk with it [x4] Rock rock with it [x4] Shake shake with it [x4] Pop pop with it [x4] [Lil' Flip:] A lot of rap cats rap about jewels But that ain't rose gold that's fools Look at the shoes on the whip twenty-twos I still got a deal what about you I got liquor nigga you wanna drink? I go on shopping sprees you want a mink? I'm just kidding I ain't tricking for a hoe This how I'm living I ain't hurting for no dough I push tight whips just like percy I always rock custom jerseys My new shit about to drop on you niggas Just call me hoe, when you not witcha nigga [Jay Electronica:] Now heres a little story I got to tell About a fresh young nigga ya know so well It started way back, in history In that third ward magnolia the U-P-T I was born in seventy six and raised in the eighties Pops left when I was six I was raised by ladies Son of Marilyn brother of Fal I grew up one block over from the cell [?] T-I told me to be easy but I'm hungry as fuck I want a house on the hill and some blow in the truck Now I'm up in the club playa settin it off With a mic in my palm tight lettin it off Shorty, smilin she say I'm spec-tacular She wanna bite on my neck like dracula She said she wanna show me something good after the show Whatever ma, but for now get yo ass on the floor

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