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He Said, She Said

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Don'tcha let em jerk you around and that's how lies get started that's how lies get started sho' How do lies get started Well, he said she said and lies can send you spinnin sometimes around and around and around and around Now how do lies get started yeah He said she said Don't let em jerk you around Now how do rumors get started Started by the jealous people lookin for a ? when a man and a women have a good relationship and they trip then they flip tryin' to cook a situation in the mix Now that's a hater for ya ooh and I know it's hard to resist But these foxy ladies ooh they sure persist They bring drama and they momma with a boyfriend and a girlfriend and they turn a nice day into a rainy day whirlwind I'll Tell you one time only with my bezzy donizzy I'm with my babygirl so I'm tryin' to kick it live drink in my right hand, left on her thigh so do yourself a favor with the ? away from me [Hook] Now did you hear that one about Bruce Bruce said he talked the root and always squeezed tha juice that came straight from a guy who probably never knocked it loose another hater Man I'm in kick it mode I strike a wicked pose cause I'm out on the town tryin' to get choked in Teflon clothes with the scent of a rose And my ladies with me that's how it goes Now I can't go no place without somebody pointin' a finger ah, but I can't blame em my rides got sweet interior I think I'll call my broker and I'll tell him to watch the figures so the next time the rumors get started he'll chill and remember [Hook] so stop spreadin those rumors around stop spreadin the lies What's mine is mine I ain't got time for rumors in life I keep to myself bother nobody else so please let me live my life I think I'll write my congress man and tell him to pass a bill so the next time I get somebody startin' rumors shoot to kill [Hook] You don't wanna see me You don't wanna see me no

Calm Before The Storm

sat outside my front window this story's going somewhere he's well hung and i am hanging up well theres a song on the radio that says let's get this party started, let's get this party started what you do on you own time's just fine my imagination's much worse than i ever wanted to know and what meant the world implodeded... inflated then demoted all my oxygen to product gas and suffocated my last chance you said between your smiles and regrets dont say it's over dead and gone calm before the storm set it off, and the sun burnt out tonight reception less than warm set it off and the sun burnt out tonight the next time the phone can wring my neck it gets no answer and of the time that i've spent telling it my roots i'm shaking in my boots and still it looks at me like an old friend i've betrayed the darkside of the doormat is the one your shoes have frayed the sun burnt out tonight

Vacant Planets

I want to watch you drown in your lies. The end of your masquerade, a matter of time Intertwining lies, domination, control Feed his twisted nature It is sickening to see dreams die A word of advice, fate's patience is growing short. Fake down to your mind and appearance You will fall short of the dreams to destroy In time you will find yourself trapped in a corner These four words my friend, I promise you will not forget I am one of many that see through your lies Hiding will do you no good, many seek revenge. Soon to become a victim of what you live to create, and cannot have.

Fuck Nas And Nature

(He got the slip on you) This how it went down... I had to undergo therapy not surgery the nigga wetted me but he didn't murder me dun I survived he thought that I died now it's time to throw the nine clip in mission revenge once was friends now that shit's dead that stupid muthafucka shoulda shot me in the head so I went to Brooklyn and met with Dread and told Dread I want the pussy clot shot dead that nigga started a war fuckin with me yo hit me with a four-four and jetted with a kilo he hit me in the chest lucky I was wearing a vest, but the impact hurt my fuckin flesh right after he left, I noticed I was bleeding by my neck and I was type-scared to death yo, I blacked out I woke up, my man had the mac out said we gonna get the nigga back no doubt he told me to rest I seen my nigga standing at the door with a tec in case a muthafucker flex I told him how the muthafuckin kid co-flipped and he said parlay son, payback's a bitch yo, shit is real, I feel better word out on the street is that a four-four cant stop Mega the nigga musta heard I didnt die, son he hidin' I snatched up his man inside a van and started drivin' his man started dymin' said the nigga drivin' in 735 and he knows where to find him cool, tell my man to drop the kid off soon as we hit the next darn block, blew his fuckin wig off now that's one down, one nigga to go just drive slow so we dont have to worry 'bout five-o now it's time to get even, we in, five jeeps deep with the mad heat and steamin oh shit, I see him, he gettin out the seven my man started wetting at the nigga with a mac-11 I specialize in war now it's time to blow him, I'ma show him how to use a fuckin four-four I said yo son, ya games over I let off, and yo my shit was spittin fire like a flamethrower he started wettin back I caught him in his fuckin back when he flung, I think his lungs collapsed he just a dead man walking ay yo, fuck that shit.... I'm through talking (gunshot)


HARRY CONNICK, JR. "Star Turtle"
I used to be a boozehound Spent my time downtown Gettin round Sittin in the barroom Tryin to get another drink 'I think you've had enough' 'Come on... Just one more' This time I ain't feelin so fine Whatcha say we get to downin Don't throw me just forget about the line I wish I could be drownin Sweet water... I ain't seen her in a while I don't know if I can face her I know she can always make me smile If I can't outrun my chaser I used to be a boozehound Buzzin round midtown Gettin loaded Tryin to get a number Feelin mighty good 'Is this guy bothering you?' 'No, no, I was just...' All my life there ain't never been a drought That's probably been my downfall Even though, you know, I might be passed out I won't drop the high ball I know where the river flows And the lives that it devours Ain't it great I can touch my nose But I can't smell the flowers I used to be a boozehound Stumblin uptown Gettin higher Fallin off the barstool Rememberin where I left the floor 'Say buddy, you need some help' 'No, I'm cool...' Come and get me you can be my Boogeyman You can catch me on the rebound You may not fly like the Candyman can But it's safer on the ground Just one more trip to the fun house They'll smother me with foam See, my brother, that's the one house That I can call my home

Hand On Heart

I have crossed the ultimate limit today (a war is half-way won) time and time again I've said to myself; there's a time and place for everyone frozen flame subsides in hunger my heartbeat lingers as I wonder; could it be that my affection lies? I will have to try to comfort you what is on your mind? as I woke this morning in the flare of my shame (the claws of night still within reach) I possessed the powers to arise from the pain there's a time and place for all and each consciousness abash inside me tears assunder, pleads me guilty could it be that my affection lies? I will have to try to comfort you what is on your mind? on an empty stage the play goes on I applaud the actors as they slowly pass guess it lies in mankinds constitution the vivid dreams ...they seldom last

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