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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics - Conversation With A Devil: Cocaine Raps, Vol. 3

Nino Did The Cartah

Original and similar lyrics
You not thinking of taking over the Cartah? Yeah we taking over the Cartah Mothafucka so dangerous Niggas is u ready to rush Niggas is u ready to bust The niggas ain't related to us That mothafucka betta hit the back of the bus The rap god said nigga tina is official Do what u wanna, but never blow the whistle Hot like a rhyme in your mind Get the fucking of your zodiac sign, it gets worse Wheres my heart cause it's not with church On the ground with my mind doing major work Turn around like a tornado uh cado Never do your family like fredo Niggas spit a rhyme like yayo Get to thinking like a convict sitting in jayul Sitting in jayul, rotting like a muthafucka sittin in jayul [Chorus:] Run muthafucka yeah nigga why bother They ain't god and they ain't thy fatha Five back will mothufucka they oughta Taking over like nino did tha Cartah Project moving shit yeah it just got harda Protect thy son and protect thy daughter Money be the reason and it make me wanna holla Taking over like nino did the Cartah When it comes to my lawyer, fuck them laws You better get me off, fuck them laws I done this before though, let me fall Cock sucka and u betta show paws. punk bitch. I wrote a rap to get filthy rich Stepping out of my ride with the freshest kicks Betta vision so sick about a bed o scratch And if a fucka try to tell u try to crack his back Nigga weed and fo' g's they made a bad seed Show me the money I show u weed Nuthin but cons and mines all I need The rest of u fuckas u can burn n bleed Nigga roar like a lion, cry like a dove My filmore heart don't show no love So caught up in my luck And muthafucka betta hit the back of the bus Line em up just like valentines day They never thought theyd get done that way Just like rugbee that's how I play In this situation just sayn ok [Chorus:] Run muthafucka yeah nigga why bother They ain't god and they ain't thy fatha Five back will mothufucka they oughta Taking over like nino did tha Cartah Project moving shit yeah it just got harda Protect thy son and protect thy daughter Money be the reason and it make me wanna holla Taking over like nino did the Cartah Man I eat alot of candy, cause life ain't sweet U get pimped slapped trying to bite this beat Or even knocked out tryin to fight them streets Blunt toed muthafucka dark in peace Fucka grab your hat, get away from the storm Homie u died on the day u was born So forever, I'm a chase this chedda Pullin somethin hot like a Polo sweata Full of greed n ambeed that's me I just start to kick it at a quarter to three Look for self cause I be where I be In that spot till the cops say freeze Pop yo colla for a scholar gettin dollars And all u hear is no contest yo honor So caught up in my luck And mothafuckas betta hit the back of the bus Out the court and then I split that blunt Fucka I was nervous I won't even front Don't wait cause it's on right now How u let a cocksucka bring you down Lookin at the moon think I spotted a cow Fucka motha fucka ain't bumpin that loud He might be happy but that fucka ain't proud He ain't with it let's kick him outta the croud Laugh or gag u get treated like trash Fuckin with muthafuckas walkin that path Money be the reason and it's all about the dollar Takin over like nino did the Cartah

Hot Shit Makin' Ya Bounce

BUSTA RHYMES "Extinction Level Event"
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Just bounce around All my niggas in the place need to bounce around Just bounce around Make ya bounce around All my bitches in the place need to bounce around Make ya bounce around I'll make ya bounce around Shake yo titties and yo ass and bounce around Just bounce around Just bounce around C'mon Yeah nigga this shit here be the boss of me None of y'all niggas is ready run go see the pharmacy Prepare for the coming of another grand larceny Pardon me, you niggas ain't even a little hard to me Shit I spit'll slice you all up in yo main artery For the simple fact we didn't grow together, you ain't a part of me Makin niggas ride my long star singin the choruses Open orifices they gon' go cop another fortresses Meet a couple Delorises Travel when we on the low whippin them ford tauruses Ay yo-yo yo-yo YO Now I be Busta Ryhmes multimedia Latest edition added to the street encyclopedia (Meaning) keep your eyes on greedy niggas gettin greedier (Meaning) keep your eyes on meaty asses gettin meatier Worldwide publication bring tribulation To all whack niggas I smash yo' dedication My purpose is to purchase and really hurt this Bring alla my niggas amongst the wealthy merchants Gently we conquer the spot until its empty Present me and my niggas with arsenal aplenty Break fools, send you to school, follow the rules Violate my tools, lay you in your own blood pool But for now I drop jewels on the mentally strong With shit to say we don't allow niggas to say up in a song Aiyyo, aiyyo, hot shit makin ya bounce One two (two) ride around in large amounts One two (two) high offa half an ounce One two (two), one two (two) One two (two), hot shit makin ya bounce One two (two) ride around in large amounts One two (two) we high offa half an ounce One two (two), one two (two) Caliente, wearing Ferdio Valente Shorty whippin in a Mitsubishi Viamonte Smell the roses, overdoses, givin niggas they diagnosis I got the answer for niggas who need they prognosis Shit for alla y'all niggas to smell up in your noses Hocus pocus, introduce me to the hostess I was dyin'a stroke uh play strip poker In the limo as I directed the limo chauffer Told the nigga to spin over by the club copa Watchin shorty lay as she spread on the limo sofa She asked the chauffer to stop for a frappachino mocha Then she let me blaze it while I still had my gun in my holster Still bonin, word I love the way shorty moanin Zonin, word is born niggas is wide open Yo, have a little fun all in between time And now we focus on the money shit all in the meantime Word to mother- I work hard to keep microphonin And alert niggas to shit like when the devil started clonin What nigga yeah, we bowlin and shit is rollin Little shitty-ass niggas should run and go clean ya colon Any human that be assumin I check my nigga ruben for the ice cuban Assist him in my Lincoln Ave. boomin Whats the issue I come to get you May the force be with you Bang your head, rupture your brain tissue I unravel shit faster than sound travel Battle any amphibian or live mammal Don't fret from sunrise to sunset Make a nigga bounce quick and I ain't even grabbed my gun yet I ain't done yet before I go to my permanent home Make sure you put 'One Of The Illest' on my tombstone Aiyyo, aiyyo, hot shit makin ya bounce One two (two) ride around in large amounts One two (two) high offa half an ounce One two (two), one two (two) One two (two) hot shit makin ya bounce One two (two) ride around in large amounts One two (two) we high offa half an ounce One two (two), one two (two) One two (two), one two (two) One two (two), one two (two) One two (two), one two (two) One two (two)


EggO Da Chosen One "How The South Was Won"
Ya'll know Too Deep is my clique, Ya'll know Austell is my town Ya'll know we bout hittin lits, and going half on a pound Ya'll know that I'm Lil EggO, and I just try to stay treal Ya'll know that I don't tell lies, I only speak what is real Ya'll niggas know that we bout it, that's why ya'll seldom will test Lyrical shots to ya dome, something yo vest can't protect Short Boy equipped with the Tek, I got the nine with the beam That nigga T.A.E. got the choppas, lyrics like bringin them things Some of ya'll still steady hatin, tryin to put my city down Even niggas in Atlanta tryin to see bout my town Labeled as gangstas and thugs, pimpin and poppin pure game So many niggas in my clique, I can't say every name Call and I ain't at the crib, you know where you can find me I'm with Short Boy and T-A-E, on Austell Road where I be Niggas can try to copy, but I'm just one of a kind I'm bout the krunkest nigga found once i cross yo state line From Parkway to Babyland, my city's so off the chain False claim, the consequence is violatin ya'll lames Whether it's dark or daylight, hold that 'A' up cause I'm proud Before I pass up the mic, I gots to scream it out loud Yeah Austell, yeah Austell, nigga what Yeah Austell, yeah Austell, nigga what Nigga A-U-S-T-E-L-L, nigga A-U-S-T-E-L-L

Watch Those

BIG PUNISHER "Yeeeah Baby"
[Big Punisher] Earth to Pun.. come in Pun.. [some whining noise] Yeah yeah yeah.. The levels the levels the levels be good Levels is good, levels is good Yeah.. [Chorus: Big Punisher (repeat 2X)] You got to watch those, jokers who pop those You know those, crusty-lipped snot-nosed Indeed I spot those, actin rah rah, talkin bla-bla that's ca-ca, chill pa-pa, no ah-ahh (ah-ahh) [Big Punisher] I'm quick to dumb out, run up in yo' crib with the guns out Spray your peeps, smack the baby teeth out your son mouth Who can stop me I told shorty I'ma shoot you papi Caught him in the crapper with the clapper; while he was doin caci I'll probably die in jail - make it through life and fry in hell Either way I'ma lead the way, cause only time'll tell I rhyme for real, not that imaginary vocabulary I really will stab you and every one of my adversaries There's no remorse - fuck these thug niggaz, show me the boss Gimme a hustle worth the risk of goin up North I love my freedom, and you know I love my bein So sometimes I gotta get ugh and mug for my per diem I'll see him in hell, we'll settle it there, better it there No innocent bystanders to get hit with a spare Like I really care who catches strays from the Mac Like I really care who you paid to rap on your track Nigga you wack - you ain't bringing nuttin for us I got songs with the Devil and Jesus singin on the chorus You can't ignore us, nigga you know how we roll Sixteen in the clip and one in the hole [Chorus] [Big Punisher] Can't no comp come at me, this battle the Bronx'll back me Got the nicest niggaz alive talkin bout, 'Papi's nasty' Cocky crafty like Rocky sassy Puerto Rock Apache Posse not even the cops could catch me I'm too fast - four-hundred pounds, but I move ass Soon as you spoke, I already smoked you with two jabs My game is tight - you wanna play, just name your price Fame to ice, your brains your life, the game is sheist and I'm the trifest on the field Even in school I was nominated the most likeliest to kill This bastard steal, a full clip and a extra and I'ma blast ya til your whole click respeta Leave you muerta, it ain't me it's the metra 'tate quieta, the bitch got a bad temper Don't surrender - you ain't got a chance You be lucky to leave here half-dead, in an am-bu-lance So take a chance, but expect the worst Put my foot so far up your ass the sweat on my knee'll quench your thirst {OOOOOH! [long slurrrrrrrp] .. 'Thanks Pun!'} [Chorus]

Whatever You Wanna Call It

JUELZ SANTANA "What The Game's Been Missing!"
[Intro] Uh-ohhhh! Cold cold time again baby I'm back in the, back in the, back in the building Juelz Santana (Aye!) Dip Set bitch I need all my soldiers and my block men to stand up for me It's 'bout that time you know [Chorus] My hood, my city, my side Whatever you wanna call it nigga I ride My town, my car, my block Whatever you wanna call it nigga I rock My state, my strip, my ave Whatever you wanna call it nigga I'm bad My building, my porch, my stoop Whatever you wanna call it nigga I'm loose [Juelz Santana] Straight for paper Paper chaser Gangsta gangsta Gangsta gangsta I know my block is a crazy zoo But it got me crazy glued (stuck) I got to make these moves So I hustle the hardest (drugs) I got no team Just a connect and a couple of partners I keep my street niggaz, my street niggaz (yup) I keep my cheese niggaz, my cheese niggaz (Yup) I keep my beef niggaz, my beef niggaz (yup) I keep my weed niggaz, my weed niggaz Keep business business, keep pleasure pleasure And I never mix it, ever ever Yeah the code of the street Eyes open don't sleep (whoop-whoop-whoop-whoop) There go the police That's why you catch me moving through dolo Moving through solo, steel weapon, steel weapon [Chorus] [Hell Rell] Niggaz always catch the bodies in the hood (yup) Straight shootin up the party in the hood (uh-uh) Mafia ties, I'm like Gotti in the hood Tellin hoopty on the black Maserati through the hood Rememeber when we used to play karate in the hood (remember) Now my rims look like ninja stars Nigga I've been the star (I ain't have shit) I remember when I didn't have shit to bar Now I can lean you a couple of clips You hungry homey you can eat a couple of clips Come to my strip, you gon see niggaz G'd up cuz We slangers (slangers) Gang bangers (east-side) And when it comes to squally we strangers, plus I keep my thug niggaz, my thug niggaz I keep my blood niggaz, my blood niggaz Spend it all I ain't no cheap ass nigga I'm always gonna ride this I'm a weed sack nigga, YUP! [Chorus] [Juelz Santana] I represent mine to the fullest (oh yeah) I represent the grind to the fullest (oh yeah) I represent scar time, bar time, hard times Yeah, hard times to the fullest (oh yeah) We need to have a million man march again We need to have a million man march up in The white house start a million man argument Like Bush why a million man starving in? My city, my town, my hood Whatever you wanna call it nigga what's good We riders, we rollers, we survivors, we soldiers We don't crack under pressure We relax under pressure Most of all, we don't rap under pressure We bang, and we pitch this crack 'Till the cops shut us down or waste respect [Chorus - repeat to fade]


AZEALIA BANKS "Broke With Expensive Taste"
Hot lava, hot lava Hot high Lady Lucid, the city What, what up? Rottweiler? I might take ya to it, get ready Friar flyer, I’m the Nostra-dyme and I say, say I says how do ya? I cloud all day and night, outta sight I’m miss “so-high” so I wore some eye wears and tie-dye Alright, young blood, nice to know ya Should I give my name, if I think ya knew it already.. What a brave design, what a time Ay, Monsieur I’m so live and so world-wide [Chorus:] If that's what ya know Wallace I say yo... Come and talk to me.. Beam me up When I reach that one do ya- wild out, I suppose I been hot in Europe yep Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Seoul. London, Toyko Dawn is Dusk to me... Believe it yep When I beat that drum boy, go Wallace, I say yo... Come and talk to me.. Beam me up He said it's just me Miss banks, a.k.a. Nestlé A.k.a. best he, ever had sex he Ever got licked, but he never got swallowed.. Bitch you know that nigga in the sugar-pop lotto! He was on her Twitter, but he never got followed I’ma chin-up with that win, I get the yen and pop bottles! And um Official with the hitter-hop, y'all know - Ocie-beachie bathing with that, that top model and um.. He already know what it does I got hair for ya nigga, keep it deep in the fuzz! I chat-cheek-cheeky chickle, sip a giggly-grape Yes I jiggle when I wiggle-shake it,, shook up the bait Best to get her mister, for ya best one do The jet-setter with the pleasure and the wet pum-poom The Black-Cherry on her tickle when her breast undo Ya lick the left one ya gotta lick the right one too, nigga! Yeah, I'm styling a starlet a scene Carve a diamond tiara, pour tea One time for señora cherry, oh yeah Yeah, I'm lilac and laurel a tease... You’re a giant, I saw all your teeth Rottweiler, let’s barter let’s see... Bow-Wow yippee-yo yippee-yay Poochie, you big dog, then bite for a taste! Kitty in many cities, you licking for a lay Claiming the big ticket then pay what you say! Benji’s and Euro-izzy, The Yin for the Yang Touring the world Crazy Make Rottweiler gray Bottles of Gold frizzy, she’s frosty and chaste Dead doggy-dog belongs in the Grave [Chorus] Hot lava, hot lava Hot high lady Lucid, the city Rottweiler, rottweiler I might take it to you get ready Hot lava, hot lava Hot high lady Lucid, the city Rottweiler, rottweiler

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