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Break Bread

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[Verse 1: Andre Nickatina] Live fast, drive slow I'm looking' like ‘Pac in the Benz when he was hanging' out the window Right now, I've got my Jesus piece on And all my rings, you can see I'm about the game Holler back, baby, like an echo But you gotta know your colors Get green, roll purple My tires just did a full circle in your neighborhood And like gumbo, the flavor's good I roam like an alley cat Grade-A, Supercat Bumping' Shabba Ranks on a full tank My religion, baby, is big bank Holler when you see me spending' money, go amen Snow bunnies love them a suntan That's why I wear my hat low and my shades, man I don't waste time or liquor You can see it on my face, I don't chase, it's a race [Hook: Andre Nickatina] Break bread I don't know what they say where you stay But where I stay, everybody say pay So you'd better (break bread) Baby it's a (go-go) when it comes to (cocoa) Get down and do what you said (break bread) Just like a leprechaun, looking for a jackpot Or a hot crack spot, baby (break bread) Baby it's a (go-go) when it comes to (cocoa) Get down and do what you said (break bread) [Verse 2: Andre Nickatina] Man, this is money motivated, demonstrate it to the latest I do it like an addict up in Vegas And you can see me talking' like a wizard through my cellular phone Living' life like a felony, weed and cologne, like Pacific heights, crushed ice I do it like a haggler, baby, yeah, on a Sugar Ray Leonard night Posted up just like a poster If you're melting' like butter, baby, I'mma have to toast ya My stairway is straight Led Zeppelin And my Air Force Ones so new and so fresh, and Play you like a PS3 And that's Crown Royal, freak, don't try to BS me But I never knew what she said All up in her head with the phrase that pays, and it says: [Hook: Andre Nickatina] [Verse 3: Richie Rich] Twenty fifties, a hundred tens Two white bitches in a Batman Benz Straight mobbing', one named Robyn Can't see her head 'cause the bitch probably bobbin' Slurp something twerk something Bitch, you getting' money? Maybe we could work something I been had a million I don't need nothing' but a bitch that love Vogues And these all-gold Daytons Ask Dre Dog ask Nicky You ain't getting' money, you ain't fucking' with Richie Patron Silver, straight Goose Twins with me, and they loose Thirty rounds, town business Don't make me break records like Guinness Bitches wanna fuck all day and give head But I don't fuck for free, ho Nah, so [Hook]


JT Money "Blood Sweat and Years"
[Verse 1] She's a hustler, get it off the muscler, raw motherfucker Other hoes can't touch her Fly bitch, do or die bitch, my bitch don't play, baby Doin' every damn thing for J, baby And she luv to see a nigga on top Even though she know there's other bitches wantin' the spot But they can't fuck wit Slim, cuz baby be the real Got nerves of steel, feds can't make her squeal She's a freak in bed, love gettin' head Keep a nigga welfare wit plenty of bread Call her Superbitch, love nice shit All the high price shit, the golden ice shit Wit the game to mack, no strings attached Type of bitch only rich niggas dream they had All the money that she make, it be comin' to me And that's the version of the ideal woman to me Oh, you don't know? [Chorus] She's a Superbitch, a Superho 'Bout chasin' flow, and always good to go She's a Superbitch, a Superho 'Bout chasin' flow, and always good to go I say, now where J's babies at (Hey) Huh? Where my hustlin' ladies at (Right here) Huh? And if you freaks start makin' stacks (You know it) Huh? You a female mack, You a (I'm a female mack) That's right [Verse 2] She's a hood thang wit some good thangs Good looks and brains, bout makin' some change Talkin' fine as fuck, for all eyes to see Might blow a lil' weed and be on the grind like me And the next for the playa, but I know ho's shit Cuz that's slowin' down the money that she can go get She's a polite assassin, always classy Exotic, erotic, far beyond trashy Female rider, keep the heat inside Down with gangsta shit and my getaway driver She is J's baby, number one lady Luv the way she play me and drive these niggas crazy She's a ??? Swiss, and I'm her pimp Know how to work these hoes and how to break these ??? All the money that she make, be comin' to me And that's the version of the ideal woman to me Oh, you don't know? [Chorus] [Verse 3] Who dat chick? Down to do that shit A Superbitch, I ride wit a crew that's sick Shorty keep it off the chains, I don't fuck wit lames If I'm pushin' my nigga whip, better send my name I'm the one wit the keys to the cribs and the cars So I ain't worried at all bout y'all other broads Shit, a nigga gon' flirt, for whatever it's worth You the fool if you twerk and let him get in your skirt But until he done testified up in the court session And answered every question wit not to my recollection Now shorty gettin' steppin', a Superbitch don't snitch If you insist, I show you how real it can get Shit, I ride for my nigga, grab the heat and aim Do time for my nigga, won't speak a name You don't know another chick can keep it realer than this Man, all y'all niggas gotta feel me on this Cuz I'm... [Chorus] [repeat until fade]

My Money Don't Fold

JUVENILE "Cocky & Confident"
[Intro] What?! Flight School in the building homey Nino, it's on as a bone mayne Gettin that money mayne Puttin it in the bank account though, writin checks If you broke man it's gon' be hard for you understand this but peep this [Chorus] I know you see the cars, the jewels and the clothes Bitch nigga my money don't fold Bitch nigga my money don't fold Bitch nigga my money don't fold I know you see the Lamb' with the butterfly do's And I keep it to the side on some hoes Bitch nigga my money don't fold Bitch nigga my money don't fold [Juvenile] Oh no! My money don't fold... I'm a winner If money is the root of all evil, I'm a sinner Listen up soldier boy I bend your antenna Red dot on the center of your head for my dinner I don't talk about swag... cause I show it 50 thousand dollar cash every 12 I blow it Yeah that boy hot, Lambo's in the lot What'cha know about deep sea fishin on a yacht? Lil' kids thankin showtime at the center Retarded baby it's me because I'm shittin like an enema You garbage, I'm solid I'm on these hoes like fingernail polish Fresh out of Flight School I got it on pilot You in the corner actin stupid lookin childish You got your shades on loc but you can notice me You actin like you don't see me but bitch I know... [Chorus] [Juvenile] Every day I'm the man... I pop Louis tags I probably got your whole life inside this Louis bag You know the F1, I already wrecked one Had to upscale, Lamborghini was the next one Hold your tongue son, I be on that BS I put that on everything I am U.T. yes I was in them raids, now a nigga paid And my bitch sippin more of these champagne heads Yes, I'm everywhere that they ain't broke Seen the money then I'm already at the airport I am a star boy, you look a fan like You coulda bought two but you ain't have your plan right I got my Louis' on, cool plus iron white Sunday might go out there and show 'em I'm the man like You got your shades on loc but you can notice me You actin like you don't see me but bitch I know... [Chorus] [T-Money] I said I just got paaaaaaaid! The money playin ping pong I'm ballin at the red light, feelin good like King Kong This here the theme song, hundred fifty steam on I'm dead wrong, talkin money on the phone It's baller music, baby buy you some Boy I'ma get paid no matter how you come You can't act crazy, I'ma go and get guns I tell you what, be the quick to show up punks I hit the highways boy, with CDs and tapes Might come back with X pills, and cell phones and Bapes State to state, boy we tryin to be straight Fuck that, we tryin to bake a wedding cake They just got the new Jag, God damn that's fun Well we just got the paper, God damn that's one Because my money don't fold, spend my money on hoes We about it hoe so go and get some mo' dough [Chorus w/ dub ad lib repeat]

Let Me Blow Ya Mind

EVE "Scorpion"
(feat. Gwen Stefani) [Eve] Uh, uh, uh, huh Yo, yo Drop your glasses, shake your asses Face screwed up like you having hot flashes Which one, pick one, this one, classic Red from blonde, yeah bitch I'm drastic Why this, why that, lips stop askin Listen to me baby, relax and start passin Expressway, hair back, weavin through the traffic This one strong should be labeled as a hazard Some of y'all niggas hot, sike I'm gassin Clowns I spot em and I can't stop laughin Easy come, easy go, E-V gon' be lastin Jealousy, let it go, results could be tragic Some of y'all aint writin well, too concerned with fashion None of you aint gizell, cat walk and imagine Alotta y'all Hollywood, drama, passed it Cut bitch, camera off, real shit, blast it [CHORUS: Gwen Stefani] And if I had to give you up It's only been a year Now I got my foot through the door And I aint goin nowhere It took awhile to get me in And I'm gonna take my time Now crank that good shit in your ear Now let me blow ya mind [Eve] They wanna bank up, crank up, makes me dizzy Shank up, haters wanna come after me You aint a ganster, prankster, too much to eat Snakes in my path wanna smile up at me Now while you grittin your teeth Frustration baby you gotta breathe Take alot more that you to get rid of me You see I do what they can't do, I just do me Aint no stress when it comes to stage, get what you see Meet me in the lab, pen and pad, don't believe Huh, sixteens mine, create my own lines Love for my wordplay that's hard to find Sophomore, I aint scared, one of a kind All I do is contemplate ways to make your fans mine Eyes bloodshot, stressin, chills up your spine Huh, sick to your stomach wishing I wrote your rhymes [CHORUS] [Eve] Let your bones crack Your back pop, I can't stop Excitement, glock shots from your stash box Fuck it, thugged out, I respect the cash route Locked down, blastin, sets while I mash out Yeah nigga, mash out, D-R-E Back track, think back, E-V-E Do you like that (ooooh), you got to I know you Had you in a trance first glance from the floor too Don't believe I'll show you, take you with me Turn you on, pension gone, give you relief Put your trust in a bomb when you listen to me 'Dancin much, get it all now I'm complete, uh huh Still stallion, brick house, pile it on Ryde or Die, bitch, double R, can't crawl Beware, cuz I crush anything I land on Me here, aint no mistake nigga it was planned on [CHORUS]

Get This Money

TRINA "Diamond Princess"
[Chorus] Come on, all my ladies, let's get this money Come on, all my fellas, let's get this money It's only for all of us to get this money Ain't no need for player haters acting funny Come on, all my ladies, let's get this money Come on, all my fellas, let's get this money Trina finna show you how to get this money, right [Verse 1] You gotta have a J-O-B to be with me Best believe I'm going diamond on my next LP I stacked my game up, sexed my frame up Bitches using my style, I'm set to change up Unh, new year, new gray Jag After the first album, you should hear Shay brag I been around the world playing 2-way tag While these wannabe Trinas out here claim bad But guess what, I'm still the baddest Jewels still flooded with 24 karats OK, you know I live lavish Chanel glass slippers in a Cinderella palace [Chorus] [Verse 2] Unh, unh, See me on South Beach rolling the five When I come through hoes rolling they eyes I'm the- baddest bitch, so I'm used to that Draped in the hot shit off the Gucci rack I like Tiffany ice, that expensive stuff The diamond princess draped in princess cuts Don't be mad hoe, cause I'm that bad hoe Pushing that pink Lamborghini Diablo I play niggas like dummies for the fast money You wanna holla, it's gon' cost you cash money Slip and slide, then we stacking chips The redbone, wonder woman with the platinum wrist [Chorus] [Verse 3] Breakdown Miami hot, 'Candy' flopped I'm the new bad girl and I can't be stopped Unh, sipping Bailey's, flossing daily On TRL with Carson Daly Dressed to chill, icy, extra chill Touch of class, bad with the sex appeal Flawless baby, female ballers baby Stay diggin' in them millionaires wallets baby Tored up, Christian Dior'd up Cases of that Cris, gettin poured up Got it sewed up, like stitches Reppin' for my bad bitches, stackin' riches I shine, baby cause the game is mine I'm on top of the charts, no room to climb And when I say I'm the baddest, I'm mean it Me and this cash, can't nothing come between this [Chorus - repeat 2X]

U Can't C Me

JUVENILE "Being Myself"
[Chorus:] Now you can't hang around, my crew or my clique, Especially if you ain't about no gangsta shit, You can't hang around, my crew or my clique, Especially if you ain't about no gangsta shit [First Verse:] Kirby's round the corner playin' bones with Russ, I'm waitin' for my bitch to get off of the bus, She told me she could make it to my house by twelve, So we could get it on, just amongst ourselves, She came to, I had a blunt to blow, After that, I'ma be ready to fuck this hoe, I ran up in it for an hour or so, Put her back in the bus and took a route to the store, Picked up some brew for the rest of my crew, And a couple of cigars for a blunt or two, Headed for the D.J. Way on Teledonna, Now this area was all about drama, Hoes was sweatin', I had my shades on, Ready to put the dick on any bitch that I played on, Now what's the haps with you and your clique? I don't think you want no more gangsta shit, Mo I can roll, I'm just a baller from the South, Ready to knock any muthafuckin' pussy out, I got bitches on the side wanna ride with nine, But don't understand the way that I kicks the style, But I'm a flexor, to riggedy-wrecks-a nigga from the Nolia, I'm goin' out everytime when I kick I'm like a solja, Niggas don't understand the way that I flow, The fliz-no is slow, so check this out bro [Chorus] [Second Verse:] I kicks the shit that make them niggas say "ooh", That'll make them hoes say "Yeah, that must be that nigga Juv", I'm from the, wild side of the city, What a pity, I'm wild, like a muthafuckin' crazed Frank Nitty, I'm not the old days nigga that's comin' with the gats, Nigga where you at? Nigga where you at? Nigga where you at? Give me a bag of powder, watch me twitch, I might go crazy and wanna kill in this bitch, I seen a lot of niggas talk shit about me, But don't know a muthafuckin' thing about me, So keep my name outta your mouth and you just might just don't see the glock, POP everytime I see your ass on my block, Shop close for the hoes, that used to think that Juv would trick, But bitch how you feel? Cuz you ain't got shit, Niggas wanna play these games and don't know, That I am the wickedest one you know bro, I'm just a nigga from off the side, So what's up? I'm bout to rock in the house, right? Microphone check one two, now what's the haps? It's time for me to put my neighborhood on the map, I'm from the neighborhood of the wild Magnolia, Home of the killas, the trillas, the soljas, Droppin' muthafuckas like an everyday habit, If I see your fine, sexy bitch, I'ma stab it, Comin' from my head, my skin tone is red, Ready to put the muthafuckin' black boy to bed, I ain't never was afraid of no war, Cuz where I come from, we snort powder and we roar [Chorus] [Third Verse:] I'm in the Nolia, lookin' for the Poppers, Took me a hit off the blunt, then I spot her, Hoe that I know, bout twenty years of age, A pepper-red bitch with extensions in her head, Now she was the type to put you in a plot ball, Her last old man done got his head knocked off, But fuck I want the pussy so let's see what she's about, She gave me the phone number and the address to her house, I passed by late, she stayed on South Mero, Walked in the door with my three eight zero, Popped on that ass, got her nothin', I was outty, Now she calls me sayin' how she feel about me, "Come back to me, Juvenile, I'm beggin' you please", "Won't you just come back to me, Juvenile, I'm beggin' you please", Now, if I was King, just imagine that shit, I'd have the Queen back smackin' that bitch, Now drop to your knees and kiss, and you tease, Of that, hell of a guy Mister J-U-V, I want riches, fuck bitches and them hoes, No better than a sweater, fella, cuz I won't let her, Hoe blow my head off, and take me off ground, Knowin' inside that a bitch could bring me down, Juvenile let a hoe trap me? That ain't the hamp, I'm on the map aiyyo I'm in the house, And I'm on the map G [Chorus]

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