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Andrà Andersen lyrics - Black On Black


Original and similar lyrics
Years of rejections and years of regrets, years of unbearable guilt, Years of creating a dream life could never fulfill Days of forgiveness and days of no trust toss me around like a toy Days which will make me forget even seconds of joy While pain is cutting like a knife I'm trying hard to reinvent My life - all my life Left in a cell with a window so small - barely feeling the sun Sneaking the light on my skin. But my struggle's begun. Pushing aside every shadow of fear, lifting myself from the ground, Throwing the glove in the face of what's holding me down While pain is working with it's knife I'm trying hard to reinvent The rest - the bits and pieces of my life.


ICE-T "Rhyme Pays"
Deuce,deuce revolver was my problem solver Had a def girl,really didn't wanna involve her In the life of a gangster,use to rob bankster But now I'm locked up,I'm just a punk low rankster Jail cells know me too damn well Seems like I've built on earth my own personal hell No matter how high I climbed,somehow I always fell I guess a lot of players got this story to tell No matter how cold you roll you simply cannot win It's always fun in the beginning But pain in the end Pain [x4] Organized crimer,big trouble finder In and out of institutions ever since I was a minor But now I'm on the bricks,deep in the mix Crime smarts searching hard for some new street tricks I think I'll join a gang,sling a little cane Put a beeper on my belt and get myself a name Fresh sneakers,silk shirts,24/7 work Nine to five to survive,you gotta be a jerki I clock two grand a day,yet I was born to play Who me at micky dee'sIt wouldn't work,no way I'm a big money haver but not the last laugher For me infamy makes me no autographer Custody haunts my dreams,nightmares of capture Paranoid of surveillance,phobia of cameras My banks bigger,but so are my fears Past records proved players live limited years But I'm unlike the rest,know to be the best Fast money,true wealth my eternal quest I hustle all night long,there ain't no gain in rest 12 gauge close range,bloods on my chest I looked into his face,I thought he was my friend My boy had me set up,this wound would never mend No matter who you trust,you simply cannot win It's always fun in the beginning But it's pain in the end Pain [x4] Gold rope wearer,neighborhood terror Can't hang around my mother 'cause she says I scare her Got a light sunburn from too much pool-side sittin' Coroless phone keeps me on 'cause there ain't no quittin' Mind's in a money mode,seems like it should explode Girlies on my jammie,got a female overload Young street messiah,professional liar 19 gotta Benz,21 I'll retire Crazy money it ain't funny,suckers lovin' my jock But there's some people at my door that didn't even knock Task force boomin',doggin' my crib out,can't shout F.B.I. got a gun in my mouth! Threw me on the floor,called my girl a whore Pulled ten G's out my mattress and was lookin' for more Cracked my safe with an axe,then illed out to the max When they seem my money kickin' it in twenty G stacks Booked me on ten counts,with bails of different amounts The charges stuck like glue,some that I couldn't pronounce They threw my ass the book,my life wa surely took And then they gave my girl Ten years for hangin' out with a crook She played the game herself,fast lane quick wealth No respect for the law or the city's health The sweat of hustlers greed is not reserved for men It's always fun in the beginning But it's pain in the end Pain [x5]

The Innocent Years

Kathy Mattea
I need to go down and wash my face Deep in the river of my old homeplace I need to walk in the waters that once gave me life Go over and walk the old railroad tracks See if I can follow it all the way back Back to where my vision is clear Back to the days of the innocent years You know I'd trade it all back in For just one day like it was back then Back before just living my life got in the way To see my face at sixteen again When the boy down the street was my best friend When his smile took away my tears Back in the days of the innocent years. --Chorus-- You might grow wiser every day But there's a price you have to pay The girl I was just disappeared I left her behind in the innocent years --End Chorus-- Now and then when the sun goes down I can see the moon over my hometown I can almost hear the train rushing by I close my eyes and say a prayer To the wide-eyed girl that I lost somewhere Maybe someday she'll find me here And lead me back to the innocent years (chorus) When I get lost along the way And I can't see the light of day I can almost feel her near Calling me back to the innocent years The innocent years.

Still Here

[Verse 1:] Street life killed my daddy Got my momma pregnant in the back of a caddy Since i lost my first tooth i ain't been happy Young wild nigga child why that boy is so nappy He got that devil in 'im Police wanna take him down Used to be a player but the coochie cost money now He ain't to bright but he know a trap when he see one Got is conscious in his pants with his gun [Chorus:] Seventeen years of rain foggin up my windows (yeah) It done been seventeen years of pain But i'm still here though Seventeen years of rain foggin up my window (yeah) It done been seventeen years of pain but i'm still here though [Verse 2:] Shoe box full of pictures All that's left of good times i shared with my niggas Some alive and some no longer with us How da, how da, how da hell do you pray for forgiveness When you got devil in you Rogain keeps the hair strong but Cocain keeps the cable on I can't wait till my nigga jb come home Why do all the real niggas stay gone so long [Chorus:] Seventeen years of rain foggin up my window (yeah) It done been seventeen years of pain But i'm still here though Seventeen years of rain foggin up my window It done been seventeen years of pain but i'm still here though [Three 6 Mafia & Project Pat (rap)] Even though a nigga still in the hood Gettin drunk and smokin on wood I'ma make it up out of this street life On the corner is where i stood Out there all by myself Cuz a player gotta get this mil Wearin fur ain't doin us no good Flippin burgers ain't gonn make you filled But i'm still ten toes in this Hustlin tryna make hood rich And i still ain't trustin no bitch Cuz the mother fuckers always snitch Its hard in this ghetto man Fifteen years old with coke and caine Cheese don't come i'ma go insane Snatch me a purse snatch me a chain Out here on the block with the fiends and the moon Squeeze on the glock tryna pop at a goon He done stole my dough he took my food Project wasn't born with a silver spoon In my mouth in my grill wear six chain then niggas get killed One in the grave the other in jail Nobody wins thats fo' real Back way when i was a runny nose runnin round Up and down the town Carrying a black glock and a gold frown I kept that product on me It wasn't no problem homie You said it i had it and met you if you stole my money Just tryna buy bologna but now i'm buying lobster Still totin a glock but pusing a rolls rouce and winning oscars [Chorus 2x]

Pep Love

Hieroglyphics "3rd Eye Vision"
Chorus Energy that we exchange is imperative Intricate so simple Life is the spirit and the body is the temple One Life One Love Tell me this are you prepared to live Energy that we exchange is imperative Intricate so simple Life is the spirit and the body is the temple One Life One Love [Casual] All they seen was one hand bust through the white sand Illuminating the land with liberation And mysterious, ferociously, serious black man Experience the urban warfare of fully strapped assault As an angel hoping my benevolence will change you Singing folklore of the poor Natural born warrior Since the days of Spain was ruled my the Moors Then again, before your existence Imhotep The presenter of the mystics Geometry, trigonometry statistics It's simplitics embedded in my bloodline Just like the pain of my forefathers The chains of slavery remains Behaviors we obtained in days that we were slained and tortured Tormented and scorned Shackles on my feet, feeding my pork Lashes on my back, lost my family Not to belittle the middle passage calamity I gotta make decisions Cause I keep havin' visions of flight bombing politicians On some midnight marauder missions It gets harder They shut down your energy, cut off your water Close the gas station, food supply shortened Dying of starvation and smoke ventilation I'm coming realer than you fairytale killers We disciplined, that's why no militias can get with us Sure, shot hit us from a thousand meters away All day [Del] Tomorrow, what you gonna do? Your past is haunting you You know what, I'ma tell as I'm sipping on this brew You know it's wrong and true So what you gonna do? The truth is long overdue 2X [Tajai] I'm talking bout Demolitions, ammunition No more propositions or petitions Seditions met with lynchings and whippings But they won't crush my wishes into submission Foresight courtesy of 3rd Eye Vision Tells me hit 'em Get 'em before they first force strike Meet in the black of the night Dodging ghetto pterodactyl lights Bring the full gats and precious metals if you true dat Get wise with medical supplies Conceptualize and plan Or get caught with your ass wide open And not get to ask Why , I'm hoping you hear And I'm hoping your here For the millenium season opener I keep ample degrees up my sleeve For brothers who no longer breathe No reprieves Nothing but memories to retrieve Black babies disease Stomachs distended, arms out stretched For any care extended This is the flock to which I am attended But I'll do it I'm committed, commending All commandants vowing to be uncommon Fuck the promenade Underground and granite-strong, granted The path is jagged and long And we look raggied But I want more than this wall at my back in days Back we would have been mobile It's time to make power moves And put the all in all-powerful, all in all I can't close my eyes And I would be a coward too And so would you, so sir Are yor scared?, no sir I see answers to irradiate Eradicate this cancer They won't catch me playing patty cake with hands up You might catch me spraying But I think you better get them flight masks up [Voice] I'm ready [Pep Love] Yeah, ah huh One Life One Love Tell me this are you prepared to live? Chorus [Voice] I'm ready I'm ready

On My Bones

Kendall Payne
What these years have brought me What these years have taught me Heartache and fame A chance to change A Hope to be stronger That beauty can smolder A stage and a curtain That nothing's for certain Oh these years have been hard on my bones What this world has brought me What this world has taught me Senseless spinning Never tie instead of winning Ice cream for licking The clock's always ticking No one is free Someone must have a key Oh this world has been hard on my bones All this time I'd been seeking my own Oh this road has been hard on my bones What this love has brought me What this love has taught me Patience in battle Who's in the saddle? Joy and dispair That I really do care Uncertain desire The risk going higher Yeah this love has been hard on my bones What this God has brought me What this God has taught me Passion and grace How to stand in one space Laughing at lillies What truly fufils me Death on a cross It was I that was lost Oh this God has been life to these bones Oh this God has been life to my bones Yes this God has been life to my bones

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