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And One lyrics

Movie Star

Original and similar lyrics
Movie Star oh Movie Star You think you are a Movie... Movie Star oh Movie Star You think you are a Movie... Star... You feel like Steve McQueen When you're driving in your car And you think you look like James Bond When you're smoking your cigar It's so bizzare You think you are a new kind of James Dean But the only thing I've ever seen of you Was a commercial spot on the screen You should belong to the jet-set Fly your own private Lear jet But you worked in the grocery store every day Until you could afford to get away So you went to Sweden to meet Igmar Bergman He wasn't there or he didn't care I think it's time for you my friend Just stop pretending that you are a... Frozen hero your works are zero And your dreams are vanished into dark long ago

My Private Movie

WESTLIFE "Unbreakable V.1: The Greatest Hits"
Pretty girls are all around I'm looking up and down 'Till my view finder fins you in the sands Zoom in 'til you fill the frame You're driving me insane And the way you're acting's telling me You feel the same Everything you do everything I see The sunlight on your body is working for me Take after take Watching every move you make There's only one thing that's missing Picture me all over you Picture you all over me Baby you're that star in my private movie You stealing the love scene Right out of my dream We see the sun come up The violins are playing Girl we're making love In my private movie Cut to a desert isle Surrounded by the deep blue sea Fade to a picture of your lips kissing me Waves are crashing as out loves runs free Let the rhythm take us from here to eternity Oh baby can we make this real Autograph my heart 'Cause you know how I feel (Let me know how you feel) 'Cause you know it's true girl You're me fantasy There's only one thing missing Since I saw your face I've never been the same Now it's only you I think of Slow motion frame by frame Picture me all over you Picture you all over me Baby you're the star

What She Wants

MAT KEARNEY "Young Love"
She turned the key and she put the car in drive From the window i watched her disappear from from my life said this town is dead but she's alive Gonna take her chances in the big city lights I'm on the outside here tonight You're turning left because you know it's not right She wants to be a movie star Ride in the clouds and drive a fast car She's been gone so long in the dark She don't know what she wants She's leaving on an airplane in the night Pulls up the shades ten thousand miles in the sky She's hanging with the stars and wondering why They're so high up but yet she's falling inside With every scene maybe there's a price You can sell it all but you can't buy back the time She wants to be a movie star Ride in the clouds and drive a fast car She's been gone so long in the dark She don't know what she wants Whoa-oh-oh-ah-oh-oh [3x] She don't know what she wants It's so quiet there But there's a fire there Out of her control Lying on the fourth floor It's a crying shame She can feel the flame Maybe this love is born One she hasn't felt before She wants to be a movie star Ride in the clouds and drive a fast car She's been gone so long in the dark She don't know what she wants

Coz I Can

I could be anything You want me to be Cook you nice dinners And then gently rub your feet I could be a perfect wife And be your slave for life But I won`t, no I won`t I could be the sweetest thing You think you`ve ever seen Dress up in skimpy clothes All to fulfill your dreams I could do anything To show how much u mean But I won`t, no I won`t [Chorus:] I`ll be a fly in your soup The one that`s always in your face Try to wave me away I`ll be right back on your case I`m the stain on your suit Yeah, the one you can`t replace Just because I can I`ll be the itch on your back On a spot that you can`t reach I`m the reason you crack Yeah, I`m like a bad disease Just because I can Just because I can I could be the mistress Who says she doesn`t care And I`ll keep on smiling When you`re treating me like air I could be your best friend The one who`s always there But I won`t, no I won`t [Chorus] I am gonna be the thing in your head Keeping you awake at night in your bed And every time you feel you`re losing control Remember I`m the one who dug you that hole Just because I can I can be the things you want But I won`t

What Is Love?

PETER ANDRE "The Long Road Back"
It's the way you're nervous when you speak It's the way I know just what you mean It's the kind of thing that's bitter sweet It's the funny feeling deep inside So many different sides Still so easy to define Coz you know that every time Not just in your mind You can feel the butterflies, sending chills down your spine [Chorus:] What is love but a kiss on a rainy day, a smile that won't go away A safe place to run What is love but a complicated simple truth, a bond between me and you The number one All that's love You do things that never crossed your mind Like you're doing all of the time Coz with someone special it's all right It's like dancing when you walk And singing when you talk And you're happy just to be alive Live in the moment don't be sad Just let it go and take care You don't have to understand, the how, why and when [Chorus] So take off your hat and stay for a minute Love is a precious thing if you let it in You'll never know what you find till you give it Sometimes, sometimes, sometimes [Chorus x2] I've been searching long yeah Let me sing it to you baby


Dada "Puzzle"
Look at me I'm ten feet tall Jungle-Jim, hope I don't fall Gather 'round for my playground show They call me Time, my real name is Timothy Your attention please but please not your sympathy My dad's real cool He discovered Mars And my mom is a movie star The kids at school don't let me play anything But I don't care because I have everything Any boy could ever need A helicopter that takes me anywhere A diamond horse, yeah my dad's a millionaire Don't mind the holes in my knees And my mom's a movie star Bill Green grabs his lunch from the window sill I left mine home, how 'bout a bite of your sandwich, Bill A friend in need is a friend indeed The teacher asks oh where are you parents Tim It's been five months and I've seen no sign of them My dad's not here He flew back to Mars and my mom is a movie star She's a movie star She's a movie star My dad's drunk in a bar And my mom's crashed the car She's a movie star...

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