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AMY GRANT lyrics

Life's Gonna Change

Original and similar lyrics
Just like Tarzan swingin' on a vine, I move out left then come back right, My life feels like a boomerang throw, It's far away then it's right back home, The giant pendulum, Is swinging to and fro, This road we're ridin' on where does it go? And maybe soon it's gonna end but then you never know, Hard as I try to get it all arranged, } Life's gonna change. } Just when I'm used to the pouring rain, } Chorus That's when the sun starts shining again, } Life's gonna change. } While not smile while you got your smile? The tears might come, might last a while, You might as well live while you got your life, 'Cos it's a little too late when it's time to die. The giant pendulum, Is tickin' off the days, I only blink and they have passed away, And that's why every time I turn around I'm still amazed, Chorus (Sun is gonna shine) Sun is gonna shine on me (Sun is gonna shine) Chorus (Life is gonna change nothing ever stays the same) Life's gonna change, Just when I'm used to the pouring rain, That's when the sun starts shining again, Life's gonna change Repeat to fade...

Itz Your Fantasy

DJ QUIK "Safe + Sound"
(Now I got to cut ya...) Yeah ha ha that's right. 'Cause it's like this Yeah it's gotta be like this. Nigga. Verse 1 It used to be a CPT thang (what) but now it's just an all me thang (yeah) because I'm tired of this gizame (right) I'm through playin' for a crew that ain't got my back when I'm the one who done created the sack Mister You Know Who remember me I met you when I was P.P.C. and you wadn't nothin' but a scrub wearin' plaid pants and bubble gums and beggin' for grub and then when ya hips start growin' you tripped and flipped and skipped out know what I'm talkin' 'bout Not even thinkin' 'bout the times when Kay Kay took yo' ass in 'cause you didn't have a dime Nigga couldn't even say thanks for the trouble I would've spanked yo' ass on the double 'Cause when ya didn't have a place to stay you little round the way girl my nigga took yo' way and that way all my homies had yo' back Because together they knew we had a fat ass sack but you couldn't stand the guns Couldn't wait to take ya (AMG) money and run Kay Kay should've knew the motto of life (what's that) that ya can't turn a hoe into a housewife (ha ha) Because you left a lot of people unhappy nigga You in debt and ya need to get at me Chorus I'm gonna let ya know it (that's right) I'm gonna let ya know it (so ya need to get at me) I'm gonna let ya know it (huh) I'm gonna let ya know it (you need to get at me) Verse 2 Now I can name a gang of niggas I done tripped with spent a grip with and they ain't spent shit and they ain't never brought nothing to the table But it ain't no puzzle I'm able but why you wanna take my kindness for weakness To get my money back I gotta ride yo' ass like Preakness it ain't that fly and when ya see me in traffic just ride by You should've been a pigeon 'cause you duck so well but next time I catch you I'ma pluck yo' tail 'Cause niggas like y'all show disrespect by flossin' so you in for a tossin' You need to go brush your teeth and change ya drawers and change ya sheets and stop y'alls bitches from steadily tryin' ta ride on my mink And start bathing more than once a week (nigga) You know who I'm talkin' 'bout bitches so ya needs to come right with a quickness (come right) and instead of tryin' to duck and dodge and be crafty you need to get at me. Chorus I'm gonna let ya know it (hell yeah) I'm gonna let ya know it (you need to get at me) I'm gonna let ya know it (that's right) I'm gonna let ya know it (you need to get at me) Verse 3 So tell me how we gon' handle this either we gon' be men or we gon' be scandalous either way is all right with me 'Cause I'ma show ya that I meant it when I said that I'm a G Nigga I don't take ganks too swell (naw) that's why I went and bought a gang of shells and if you approach me wrong I'ma clown first nigga run up First down. Damn I wish it didn't even have to come to this 'cause now y'alls on my shit list right with the white boys in this game thinkin' they gone get the hits for some chump change Please huh I didn't believe that you'll trip like that that's how a gang of niggas flipped like that so get back fool 'cause I'm going out comin' out of a straight jacket Blastin'!! and they gon' have to get at me Chorus I'm gonna let you know it. (hell yeah) I'm gonna let you know it. (you need to get at me) I'm gonna let you know it. I'm gonna let you know it. (you know what y'all can never get at me) Now battle

Change A Heart, Change The World

Jump 5 "Jump 5"
Every dreamer has dreamed of a perfect life I know the world has been trying for years to get it right We try and try, but find it impossible to do Don't you wish we could make this a better place Can't you see that we must live life a different way Every day, imagine what love could turn this to Wanna change the world, then change your mind We'll light the darkness one life at a time Chorus When we change a heart, we change the world A spark of love can turn into a fire bright as the sun If you change a heart today Then that could change a million tomorrows What started as a whisper will echo on and on When we change a heart, we change the world A voice is waking a heart to the light of day A tiny flicker of hope can push the night away It's safe to say a caring heart brings another back Can you fathom a world where we open up Can you picture the day we've all been dreaming of Live and love like right now is all we really have Wanna change the world, then change your mind We'll find forever one day at a time Chorus You may think it's crazy But that's alright with me It's gonna take some time to find the way But I believe... Chorus

Already Alright

YOLANDA ADAMS "Mountain High... Valley Low"
I want to start things out by giving testimony Cause one of my friends got ill seriously Now the doctor told him ain't no way you gone' live But he prayed his prayer in faith And a miracle appeared Chorus: Its already alright,Its already alright And all you got to do is Just bow your head down Just bow and pray And then give it all up And know everything's gonna be okay Just throw your hands up And then wave them left to right And now do your dance child Cause its alright already Always surrounded by negativity This might be where I live But it ain't gonna change me Gotta work on my mind And keep my actions pure And when I stumble, I know who has the cure So any time your feeling down Just lift your voice in praise It'll pick you right up And you can come to Him don't be afraid Anytime , day or night He can give you what you need And if you pray your prayer in faith And in your heart believe that Chorus: When life's problems get you down Can't find no peace nowhere around Trust in the spirit you can't see Its bout to bring you your relief Go ahead and cry now , Its alright Cause now you're cryin tears of joy This life ain't hurting you no more Cause you know its already alright Chorus

In The Morning

MARY MARY "Incredible"
[Chorus:] In the morning you'll be alright In the morning the sun's gonna shine In the morning no clouds in the sky When it's dark in your life just wait for the daylight Someone tell me what's wrong Why my nights last so long It's gettin' hard to believe You can hear me Then you give me a sign That You heard me pray You let me know This dark night won't last always [Chorus] So many ups and downs You don't know where to start So many nights you cried Life was breakin' your heart It may seem real hard Ain't no help in sight But don't you worry About it tonight 'cause [Chorus] There's gonna be a day It's gonna get cloudy You can't see clear {You can't see clearly, no} But don't you stop prayin' Prayin' for the day When the sun will shine (Shine) again {Ooh...ooh...ooh...} [Chorus]

God Loves Ugly

i wear my scars like the rings on a pimp i live life like the captain of a sinking ship the one thing that i can guarantee i'm like a stepping razor, i suggest you stay fair with me been payin dues for a decade plus, before that i was just another face on the bus tappin my foot, to the beat on the radio dreamin 'bout the mic and the money and the ladies oh mom, i promise im gonna be large someday im gonna stop tryin to borrow your car gonna go far, with charisma and skill until they put my face on a million dollar bill atmosphere, its just a ten letter word discretion is the name of my cement-feathered bird and if you didnt hear, fuck whatevers heard i think you got the sickness i suggest you get it cured caught up in the mix, of a bottle full of fix im gonna hobble down the street 'til i reach knob creek its not that i dont like you, i just dont wanna speak you fuckin freak now keep your days out my week the world keeps a balance, through mathematics defined by whatever youve added and subtracted im pushin on the hammer, to trigger the brain embrace how i live it, god loves ugly chorus god loves ugly... once upon a time in minneapolis, yo i damn near had to steal the show i stepped on the stage, who is it? my names slug ive come to kill a couple minutes whats up with the way, that everybody gathers around each other so they can steal each others sound if its all about gettin down with the get down how long i gotta wait for these fools to sit down? appears more clear in its simplest form nobody sees tears when youre sittin in a storm abandoning the norm, and handling the harvest measuring the worth by the depth of the hardships i welcome all the hatred you can aim at my name i held on to the sacred ways of how to play the game when the soldiers started runnin short on rations i began tappin the egg, to spark the hatchin make it happen and take this captain to the gallows i keep steerin us into an area thats shallow talkin to my shadow, he advised me not to worry he said i should plant my tree and let it rise out of the fury so give me some light, a little love and some liquid im gonna creep through the night and put a plug in the spicket and when the water grows and the dam starts to overflow ill float atop the flood, holding on to my ugly chorus why scream, when you can lose yourself inside the wide-screen let life be a bowl of melted ice cream or be the deer thats caught in my high beams im rollin with the lights on, scared stiff reality is just too much to bear with paranoid, walkin around careless no wonder youre in love with your therapist go to sleep my little time bomb

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