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AMY GRANT lyrics - How Mercy Looks From Here


Original and similar lyrics
Something happened the other night Right after the show Someone handed me a photograph Of a girl from a long time ago With wind in her hair, sun in her smile Hardly a care and no sense of style She was free Yeah, free Couldn't help myself traveling in time I was back on that stage Hanging on to Denzel Martin guitar While the music played, singing Oh oh oh, oh oh oh Turning around in an old tie-dyed dress Barefoot and breezy, a beautiful mess I was free Yeah, free Now I'm thinking 'bout the days gone by How we change and we don't know why I'd pull out that old dress if I could Spin around, it would sure feel good, singing Oh oh oh, oh oh oh I can hear the music Echo from that photograph The passion and the surrender, I wanna get that feeling back The wind in my hair, sun in my smile Hardly a care and a little wild, singing Oh oh oh, oh oh oh (Oh oh oh, oh oh oh) The wind in my hair, the sun in my smile Hardly a care, a little wild The wind in my hair, the sun in my smile Hardly a care and a little wild I was free, I was free Been thinking 'bout the days gone by And I feel fine


ATMOSPHERE "God Loves Ugly"
And she still wonders why I'm so insecure she giggles because I sleep with the... Girl* can I throw pennies on stage, like can I be a fucking groupie and just fuck you because you're on stage and other girls want to fuck you? Slug* See bands like us don't get groupies Girl* Noooo? Slug* yeah Girl* you guys are full of shit Slug* No it's not full of shit I mean have you guys ever heard our songs I mean basically? Girl* That's what I'm saying Slug* Exactly that's what I'm saying Smile, smile with me, smile with me, smile with me, please won't you... oh look at her she's looking as good as dinner and she's looking back at me as if maybe I'm a winner I'm in my late twenties little girl don't flirt with me I've got the capapbilities to program your circutry You don't have to believe me do yourself a little justice don't let slug undercook your muffins wait wait wait did I just say that I did must be losing it because it almost felt like it might just have some truth in it now back to the platter at hand she said she's twenty-one and quit school to go work for the man a switch up in the plan now she's happy as a chorus cause now she makes rent and now she drives a Taurus unwinding hanging out at the bar, I wonder if she knows that I'm not really a star she seems to be impressed by lack of an ego and my self-aware style, I like the way that she smiles she want to know how I find the words I do I don't really know but I can lie if you want me to angels sing to me in my sleep, I sold my damaged soul for the magic of speech and now she's laughing she likes the sarcasm so naturally I'm asking if she 's got a captain she says a captain what? You mean a man at home the answer is no I came to this bar alone well heavens to betty enough about boyfriends already just trying to keep the conversation petty beacuse as much as I would like to play in the forest ain't no way this girl is going to break into my fortress I've never made a practice of introducing the matress to women that I meet at my own gig I don't know can't imagine anything as alchohol and hormones turning out to be anything big but babys hella beautiful and even kind of bright I got the fire of a vampire inside me tonight might be alright eveything seems tight I've got a good buzz and she's giving me the green light so tell me girl what ya doing after she says hopefully hanging out with my new favorite rapper now wait a minute that's not fair your throwing boulders I can tell by the way your hair touches your shoulders be straight with me and I'll be me with you I can think of some of us that we should do so if you think I'm coming home with you tonight you're probably right you're pobably right a few more beers a couple more laughs undressing my past with the questions she asks yes, I love cactus and I would love to take a bath if I spent the night would you massage my back she's closing in for the embrace and slightly tucks her hand under my face her hair smells so good I got to have a taste where's your ford let's ditch this place and in the parking lot she sparked it off she must be starving for someone to hit the harp I've never been kissed with such passionate bliss porn star damn near tore my lips apart honey slow it up hold it up start the car let's leave this garage le'ts go to your apartment lyndale ave. on the way to the her rest her drunk ass turn to look at me and she says you're so beautiful from the hair to the soles I know, can't belive that I never met you before feels liike I've been waiting for you me whole life she missed the red light we hit a pick-up truck and we both DIED

What Holds The World Together

American Music Club "San Francisco"
The wind pulls me around and everything it touches turns weak An antique or an eyelash stuck to your cheek The paper thin skin of a crowd chasing you Down a long and dead-end trail With a guilt no alibi can curtail The world is held together by the wind That blows through Gena Rowland's hair Land ahoy I fill my weak lungs with this joy Dizzy on the deck I hope I last until we land With an envelope burning a hole in my hand Bearing the names of the winners who walked away From the games that the slaves love to play To replace the air and the sea Leaving you no way to fly to me The world is held together by the wind That blows through Gena Rowland's hair Through the window the warm summer air does a two-step I wish there was some way I could keep it And clear away the Mission Street in my head that Keeps this watery weariness in our bed and Sets up more windmills that I'll waste my time missing When it should just be your lips that I'm kissing Don't tell me that you don't hear The clock ticking on the shelf by our bed it's near There's a light turning green just like fear There's a light that turns green and leaves us without a prayer The world is held together by the wind That blows through Gena Rowland's hair

Somewhere I Been

AER "The Reach"
[Dave:] Somewhere I been It’s gunna be alright It’s gunna be alright Just know she got real She got the only thing I want [Carter:] She got the style, she got the habits She got everything I’d ever want plus magic I know if she can roll then I can go with her flow Not a concern if I burn Seeing that I’m earning a little while learning a little something bout the game She don’t care, she don’t care If I go home with another name that night Damn that’s right, she right there Four Loko, barely toked though She know my flow and what I wrote though Her eyes’ll open up that door, no key No time to ride that whip solo Gotta grab her heart Put on my halo, get a little false Just for the day yo, ride down Rodeo You’ll be my angel, no need to stay home [Dave:] Put the pieces in the puzzle and you’ll find Just enough to help to keep you satisfied [Carter:] It may sound cliche but her smile can tell it all I know ive chosen right when my highs begin to stall And lies from our heads start to fall The fighting is no wall She’s safe with me even when were breaking the law [Dave:] We’ve been livin’ a lie All I want is a try A little love on the side gets me Pullin’ over the ride Drop the window and smile She can tell me anything its me

Pretty Golden Hair

AL STEWART "Bed-Sitter Images"
In England's pleasant green Like a picture postcard scene To childhood spread with fond maternal care From the day that he was born Proud relations came to fawn And compliment his pretty golden hair In boyhood sent away To a boarding school to stay Its crumbling proud traditions forced to bear And his friends in this new world Said he looks more like a girl With those blue eyes and pretty golden hair Fades secluded youth Into manhood's search for truth His mother's eyes now wet had turned to stare For he said I must be bound This day for London town For I believe my fortune's waiting there So like an eager cutting knife He plunged in a new life Oh never known beforehand anywhere And the thought that he might trip In his ignorance and slip Never struck beneath his pretty golden hair Ah the days soon grew thin And boredom fast set in His job was thrown away without a care For a man who softly said You'll earn twice as much instead With those blue eyes and pretty golden hair Well London town possessed Of many a tempter's nest And thus he fell with scarce another care As so easily he slipped Into prostitution's grip Foundationed by his pretty golden hair Ah but the years quickly flew And his mind slowly grew From early freedom into deep despair As the money ceased to roll A tired and lonely soul Poured curses on his pretty golden hair Ah the years stole their time Now the living's hard to find And early friends have vanished in the air And the gay parties's ease Changed to public lavatories Have turned to grey his pretty golden hair Oh his life was only used And his body just abused By those who never think and never care But though his file said suicide No, that wasn't why he died It was murder by his pretty golden hair

Mr. Dieingly Sad

Just a breeze will muss your hair But you smile away each little care And if the rain should make you blue You say tomorrow is a new Blue be your eyes, blonde your hair You realize beyond a care Life's in a hurry, but You've got no worry, you're So mystifyingly glad I'm Mr. Dieingly Sad And when the leaves begin to fall Answering old winter's call I feel my tears, they fall like rain Weeping forth the sad refrain Blue, dark, and dim it may seem You mark a grin, a moonbeam Brightens your smile, pray tell me How all the while you can be So mystifyingly glad I'm Mr. Dieingly Sad You say 'take my hand and walk with me Wake this land and stop the sea Show me love, unlock All doors I'm yours' Then the tide rolls up to shore I whisper low, 'I love you more More than even you could know' Adore me do so I could show I'm so mystifyingly glad Not Mr. Dieingly Sad

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