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Amy Arena lyrics


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You know, Jesus was just a carpenter The prophet Muhammed, he was an ordinary merchant And Abraham was a shepherd The only one who was already a king was the Buddha But the Buddha gave up his throne When he saw how the people lived He wondered Why is there so much suffering? And when he looked at the sky He wondered who created it He decided I don't know That was it That was his answer I think it's a pretty cool answer I kinda like the Buddha for saying that I don't know Hey, I don't know why life can be so rough either And I don't know who created us Or why we are here I just don't know But when I think about it I think about it like this: Sometimes the question is worth more than the answer

That's Life II

[Verse 1] Ms. Oprah, Mr. Cosby, I am right back at your ass With all honor, Mr. Obama, please don't walk out so fast I got a question, got a question, got a question for you all Why when Oscar Grant got murdered, we didn't hear a peep from y'all? We appreciate the way you delegate for Henry Gates But what about your people slaving in these fields everyday? We know that House got air conditioning and the sweetest lemonade But don't forget your color, brother, we still muthafucking slaves And that even go for Puffy who so muthafucking paid That he's richer than these White folks or at least that's what he say That's what he say, that's what he say, and them petty niggas love it Think about it, what's a rapper standing next to Warren Buffett? Ha ha ha, now you niggas are properly enlightened You can disregard that sell-out shit that Jason Whitlock writing You can disregard that racist shit that Glenn Beck is reciting I'm the leader of the gang, tell them to get a mike [Hook] I was born and I was raised in the U.S.A. And I done been around the world and back, what a day So I done seen a lot of shit and I just want to say That Lucifer is here to stay, so bitch, you better pray I was born and I was raised in the U.S.A. And I done been around the world and back, what a day So I done seen a lot of shit and I just want to say That Lucifer is here to stay, so bitch [Verse 2] What I'm touching on next, you might want to leave the kitchen Cuz I'm touching on that touchy subject that they call religion Kind of touchy like that religion that's touching on your children But nobody want to talk about that, touching and feeling On topics that they touching or talking about Jesus said They liars like they father and sixes is in their head Bishop Long, what is up with that monkey shit on your head? Last I checked, vanity was a sin, the Lord said On my life, I believe you put boys off in your bed Though some New Birthers and Catholics ain't going to like what I just said But before you fix your mouth and try to come with a retort Please be advised that Jesus never took a plea in court And he never had a plane, and he never had a car And he never had a church that was visited by stars But he did have love for the poor and the theives And he was in the street, kind of similar to me, nigga [Hook] [Verse 3] Mr. Beck, Mr. O'Reilly, Mr. Limbaugh, Mr. Hannity How could you sell white America your insanity? You tell them that they're different and manipulate their vanity When truthfully, financially their life is a calamity Otherwise they wouldn't be listening to Dave Ramsey So they're about as broke as the people that they don't want to be Convincing them that rich Republicans is what they going to be So they act like Ronald Regan and like him they're awful actors Who look up to the rich like dumb kids look up to rappers And that's about as dumb as a (donkey) pulling a tractor Yes, that's a Democrat diss, I'm a detractor So whether you vote right or vote left it's not a factor When you ain't got no care for your health, Hey, this America They going to put your ass in debt something terrible So you can disrespect presidents and call them socialists But Palin and Pelosi both going to have you broke as shit [Hook]

Love Is The Way

[Johnny Cash] Deep in the heart of the infinite darkness A tiny blue marble is spinning through space Born in the splendor of God's holy vision And sliding away like a tear down his face [Johnny Cash] The closer you see the whole, wide, holy wonder Of oceans and mountains and rivers and trees And the strangest creation of many: the human. A creature of laughter and freedom and dreams [Waylon Jennings] Now the warriors are waving their old rusty sabres And preachers are preaching the gospel of hate By their behaviour they're determined to teach us A lesson we're soon to be learning too late [Johnny Cash] Look closer, my brother, we're killing each other And we'd better stop and get started today Because life is the question and life is the answer And God is the reason and love is the way. Because life is the question and life is the answer And God is the reason and love is the way.


JIN "The Rest Is History"
Yeah, uh, yeah [Verse 1] You at my welcome mat and I ain't mad by letting you in Long as you listen to me closely as you get to know Jin First of all I had the thirst of all rappers combined Worst of all people told me I was wasting my time Like I was better off making up computer designs A doctor, a lawyer, or anything that's using my mind When I used to rap I usually got refused and declined Till I felt abused and used it as fuel in my rhymes In every battle, the race card was my downfall Till I read the Art of War and used it to clown y'all I'm still battling but on a different note Not rappers, but labels, same ocean but a different boat Them CEOs must be sniffin' coke Don't they know that I'm the dopest product on either coast? They tried to drown me, but I stayed afloat Here's a verse for you to quote The realest shit I ever wrote [Chorus] C'MON! Now that I got your attention I gotta say this I know that it's been debated I'm a gimmick they created C'MON! All the people that hated because I made it, two-faced When they the same ones that wished that I'd make it C'MON! All the critics that's jealous that I've created Still highly anticipated they nothing to do but face it C'MON! Even though that I'm asian we all related be patient Cause we gon' make it so if you rollin' with me [Verse 2] We together now, we ain't gotta act like strangers I done let you into the deepest and darkest chambers Introduced you to Jin, all the pain and anguish Gave you reasons why they say the fame will change us It's most common amongst entertainers Rappers and athletes, how can you blame us? Runnin' round crazy, saying I ain't the same cause But jealousy, is a funny thing that the brain does How can you not see, in simple and plain view My fame ain't changed me, man it changed you But then again I guess that's what haters do And it's a damn shame my fans got haters too It's like the listen, and disregard the lyrics Imagine if they flipped it and the artist were the critic And everything YOU did was under the scope And YOUSE about to get hung, and we the ones with the rope [Chorus] [Verse 3] If you think about it, me and you, we really the same Ain't nothin' different about us but the faces and names The places we came, lies that were placed in our brains If our ancestors knew they'd be disgraced and ashamed So I chose to be the one to change the pace of the game Look at me, hot as California burnin' in flames Still I feel, that everything I earn is in vein Unless I do somethin' positive with what I obtain These people must truly think I'm really insane Like my life around me revolves around the jewellery and dames I'm quick to rip that picture right up outta the frame I ain't tryna see my whole life go down the drain And be, 40 years old still hoppin' the train Frontin' with a fake smile like I'm doin' my thang Hurting inside, tuck in my pride, hide in my pain If you've never settled for less then you feelin' the same [Chorus]

Cold Life

cold you know the yolk it's spreading from you laugh as people scatter 'bout surrounded by a veil of stars you realize your life is dark earth gets colder every day if scientists could have their way they'd study us from far away and watch as people's minds decay cold your body's in the hands of fools with swimming pools and low iq's there's nothing to see, nothing to do buy your stocks and sell your jewels bill collectors stole my mail my wife and kids are all for sale i hope to god i go to jail and no one can come up with bail cold life i can't control my buried thoughts the slightest thing makes me distraught i'm like the people i once fought my every action's being bought robot trainers earn their pay as mutant kids go out to play it's such a pretty pretty day with orange nights and days of grey cold i've now become a nervous wreck i'm getting closer to my death i keep expecting my last breath as all my friends just laugh and jest the earth is such a filthy place and human such an awful race and i'd rather live in outer space where death goes at a slower pace cold life

Look To Your Soul

JOHNNY RIVERS "Realization"
I nearly lost myself Tryin’ to be someone else All of life I’ve been playing the game. Gotta get out of myself it seems Life’s not real when you’re in a dream Hang on to your head and give it a try. To live you must nearly die Giving up the need to say I Look to your soul for the answer Look to your soul. So many people passing by Have a need to identify All of us want to be satisfied. Few people seem to care Livin’ the life that goes nowhere Nobody takes the time to try. To live you must nearly die Giving up the need to say I Look to your soul for the answer Look to your soul.

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