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Amy Arena lyrics

New Religion

Original and similar lyrics
I'm disgusted by these sanctimonious bastards Who baptize their flock with their fondlings Masturbation, sodomies and hypocritical vows of chastity and poverty They're all cold-hearted people With nothing but murder and hate in their souls Let me know if you believe in resurrection The virgin birth The burning bush The parting of the sea and all the other garbage I really wanna know You see, I have this bridge I'm looking to sell It's called the Brooklyn Bridge And I'm looking for a buyer Maybe you're interested I will give you a really good deal 'Cause I'm gonna start a new religion I wanna start a new religion! I wanna start a new religion! I don't believe in the old one I don't believe in the old one... Do you know how the blessings of your God really add up? There are annual dues to be paid The extracted pledges and collection plate too The services of your priest at a baptism or wedding really cost you Why do I have to pay for this? They could get real jobs and pay taxes too Well I'm not payin' anymore! 'Cause I'm gonna start a new religion I wanna start a new religion! I wanna start a new religion! I don't believe in your heaven I don't believe in your heaven... Why should I burn in hell 'Cause I belong to a different religion? If I'm a good person Good people shouldn't be excluded! Just because they haven't been baptized, batmitzvahed Just be a good person, the best you can And you won't have to change your religion! 'Cause I'm gonna start a new one I wanna start a new religion! I wanna start a new religion! I'm so tired of the hatred I'm so tired of the hatred... The Jews hate the Arabs The Serbs hate the Muslims The Protestants hate the Catholics And then there are religious wars Boring, boring, boring... There shouldn't be any reasons to fight anyone with another belief Kiss your scriptures Kiss your Satanic writings for all I care 'Cause there's gonna be room for everyone In the new religion I'm gonna start I wanna start a new religion! I wanna start a new religion! Too much praying in the old one Too much praying in the old one... Did you ever stop to think That the only thing that ever happens at a church Or temple or mosque is praying? Muslims have to pray five times a day! What for? It's nothing but a colossal waste of t-t-t-time I can tell Well there's not gonna be any praying anymore My ideas gonna be to form good deeds That's the new religion- That's it, good deeds, nothing more No priests, no praying, no fasting All the blessing will be free And everyone belongs by performing good deeds That's the new religion and I'm founding it! I'm gonna start it real soon 'Cause the old one doesn't work anymore And Armageddon is just around the corner Just around the corner Man's voice: Hey, what do you think you're some kind of prophet, or something?


ICE CUBE "Lethal Injection"
[Intro:] Every January 16th, it's 'The Dreamer, The Dreamer.' And all of you say, 'I have a dream; The Dreamer.' And what did he dreamIt stuck him right there. And little black boys, and little white girls will one day hold hands together. Shit. Is that where it's atIs that where it's at now Them little blacks hands are yours. You can't hold the black brothers' hands But you gonna grow old holdin' crackers' hands before you hold each other's hands You gonna walk with your enemy before you learn to walk with one another How sick can you be (Enemy) [Verse One:] Where you gonna go when the brothers wanna bust a shot where you gonna go when I wanna kill bloodclot Supercat said that the ghetto red hot bust a gloc, bust a gloc, devils get shot nappy-headed, no-dreded look where ya read it buck the devil, buck the devil, look who said it listen what I say after 1995 not one death will be alive god will survive, him protect the civilized who really cares if the enemy lives or dies not me, not me me never eat from the tree with the apple I'd rather have a Snapple do you know where you're going to do you know where you're runnin from scared of the sun, I live in the sun You shrivel up like a raisin and burn like the blunt that I'm blazin Ku Klux Klan scared of my nutty beats cause them nutty beats equal bloody sheets out number you somethin like 15 to 3 see, don't love your enemy [Chorus] Enemies, enemy runnin from the G enemies, enemy, you're my enemy enemies, enemy, when will I see enemies, enemy R.I.P. [Verse Two:] Where you gonna run when God wanna do ya J. Edgar Hoover, I wish I woulda knew ya with the boom ping ping is the ring from the fire me not afraid, cause me know Elijah goin to the East but straight from the Westside swing down sweet chariot nad let me ride through the fire, through the fire that will please us I know that Farrakhan is your baby Jesus devil don't you know I'm a soldier in God's name and the baby claim I'm gonna hold ya like Folger's Crystals feds I'ma pick your ass like Juan Valdez you don't care if me die from the cracka you don't care if me have a heart attacka you don't care if me get car jacka you don't care cause you're nothing but a cracka now it's Judgement Day, and Allah'll never play 'freedom got an AK,' them Guerilla say Bobby Seale said, 'please make it rough, bro' when God give the word, me herd like the buffalo through your neighborhood, watch me blast tribe of Shabazz, get in that ass you shoulda took heed of my word and became a friend of me now you're just a enemy [Chorus] [Verse Three:] Now I change my style up, my style up,bodies pile up just to trouble you, throwin out the W sent me a subpoena cause I kill more crackas then Bosnia, Herze - govina each and every day out a siz-tre Chevrolet with the heavy A to the muthafuckin K now you treat me like a germ cause your scared of the su - per sperm please don't bust til you see, the whites of his eyes the whites of his skin, the whites of his lies nappy head nigga with the bone in his nose ya scared I'ma put this bone in your hoes but I don't wanna, I've been to cona from the cavebitch with the nasty persona hit me with the big black billy club cause you white and your hoe than a silly nub three men in the tub, rub-a-dub-dub and it's really scary, now they're in the military Sodom and Gomorrah, devil read your Torah, Bible, Holy Qur'an once again it's on, got the hollow point teflon and the brother Ron [2X] so who's next (devil) with Dub C, Brother G Crazy Toons is a crazy coon ready for the enemy high off the Hennesy hundred ten degree, no it's not Tennesee West L.A., what the hell can I say niggas wanna play, each and every day pass me the pill, a nigga shoot the J rougher than the roughest rough muthafucka, had enough muthafucka handcuff this muthafucka with the duct tape, tie it to the bumper grab his bitch, dump her, cause nobody wanna hump her they call me Thumper cause I thump til it hurt knock your dick in the dirt, puttin in work Master Farad Muhammad comin like a comet when they see em, they all start to vomit 1995, Elijah is alive Lewis Farrakhan, NOI Bloods and Crips and little ol me and we all gettin ready for the enemy

World Salad

Annihilator "Alice In Hell"
GA: Comin from the playground take it straight back to the bricks Yo Chris, tell em where it is Chris: Chillin, cooler den a squeak, kickin dirt on my sneakers Suckers on the corner lookin down at their beepers They couldn't get a job or a nice home So they wanna stay and wait for the pay-phone Take JoJo he's the youngest Girls jock him cuz he's reverse dressed ?? strollin through the neighborhood Sweatin their brother tryin to see why he's doin good (sounds of sirens) Rollin through the park tryin to make another hit Little do they know that soldiers' legit I'm not sayin this to put nobody down This is what I see at the playground .. ya know! GA: Awww yeah! Another ABC smash.. gonna make ya mad! Uh come on come on everybody And guess who's up next..kick it! Dave: L-I-L D-A-V-E 4 feet shorty of the crew Just let me get on the mic and show u what i can do When im all alone..cold rockin on the microphone At home .. ?playin under the phone ? dis time little holme Group: Kick it D kick it D kick it Pump it D pump it D pump it Swing it D swing it D swing it GA: I swing my beats .. at the playground..ya know! (everybody!) Come on ya'll! good assualt is in effect Put your hands in the air Put your hands in the air I dont wanna see nobody sittin in their chair True dat! True dat! Yo Ro you are next! Ro: Well Im RoRo comin in third Now its about that time that I get heard And none of my rhymes will never ever be swerved Word to her play tricks on your nerves Everywhere I serve is real superb And Ill be right back with part two of this funky rhyme G haha yeah boy! Ro: Yo Red I dont wanna flow no more man Yall go ahead, Im just gonna sit back and listen to this ghetto swing Cuz this is what I do, at the playground..ya know what im sayin!? Awww yeah, ABC's gonna sing! Added to this missle.. fusion hip hop with a little ghetto swing Yo Red kick the ballistics G Its the R to the E to the D and what u get is what you seein Straight up B boy word to Miss Kickin and flippin the rhymes for the kids man for the kids Chillin in the park, nice and smooth JoJo Mark tried to bust my groove Ahh I hate that Had a big fanny not like Annie Gave her the 24 letter and some candy..ah ah Ay yo Red where'd you meet her? At the playground! ya know! Ok..I guess you know by now Big smash moves Pants inside out Mark: Into the Mizzark chillin in the pizzark I got a break cuz my mother said be home by dizzark But before I go Im gonna flow for you in time see So listen to the rhyme G The East Coast Family, Boyz To Men, ABC, BBD Now flip the tracks D My mother is mad and my brother is Red Mario Brothers .. bed Last but not least I wanna say PEACE and we outta here From the playground..ya know!

Can't Stop Me

JADAKISS "The Last Kiss"
[Verse 1:] Mhmm, yes, I does that. Stays hot, I ain't got to get my buzz back What everybody trying to be now; I was that They could never stop me; that's why I love rap Been living the life, praising ice. Bang the baddest chicks in the world, maybe twice The swag, the gear, the bread, all the whips is a year ahead I only fear the FEDs Forty-five on the other side of the peep hole Head shot from point blank; call it a free throw Funny, 'cause I had divisions since Calico Back then, I still ain't reached my peak, though Louie loafers, Pollo pea coat Call me whenever the bosses meet, yo I drove papi crazy, so the industries never gonna stop me, baby [Verse 2:] I'm gonna call it confidence, 'cause I ain't cocky I just know one thing: They can't stop me Whether I'm on "Ef" or LA, or they swap me; it's all good, because I know the gangsters got me First thing's first "they jar us" abruptly I treat the rap game like a large monopoly One on one they can't guard me properly But when they double team me the odds are sloppy I move like them eighty milligrams of oxy Send your sister back to your family knockneed Got too hot for the grams, and got weed In the rap bracket he remains the top seed Revolver holds six; quick to blow three Audio heroin, so you don't OD Shooters know you, but you don't know me The block is crazy, can't stop me, baby [Verse 3:] Once I start I ain't gonna stop the squeezing And the gauze ain't gon' be able to stop the bleeding And your girl ain't gon' be able to stop the weezing When she get that phone call from the doc; we even You could not stop me, so stop believing Ring tone rap, this is not the season I punch lines hard enough to stop your breathing And the ladies will still pay a lot to see him I'm gonna get rich long as I got my freedom And usually when you get hit it's for a reason If you in the hood, better dodge the Ds, and watch your Qs, and be on your Ps, and Thank you all for coming out this evening Having a good time with your liquor, and treason Even if they knock me, then continue to watch me They still wouldn't be able to stop me

Sex You (Remix)

All the rain keeps falling And these hoes keep calling [Bridge: Bando Jonez] All these rain drops falling on my window Got me wishing that we did the things we didn't do [Verse 1: Twista] Twista I call her up so I can get some And even then I could never get enough Cause when it comes to others embarrassing in comparison cause all I think about is your stuff The dress hugging ya body I wanna pull it off I wanna sex you so I wanna see what's under that Make the sword get longer cause I see you got the Thunder Thunder Thunder Thunder Cat So poor hit the hole like a runningback Through the secondary and almosted scored a touchdown [?] Cause you the girl I wanna cuff now I put you up on a pedestal with the ultimate status and give it to you how you want I snatch you up by the panties and bend you over granite then give it to you how you want (Baby I sex you, baby) Gimme so of that Kissing you on the neck Make you call me daddy when I get you wet Ya body I can paint a Van Gogh on So go until ya man go home Cause if anything can go wrong It's probably cause you been fucking with Twista and Bando Jonez I can never say that I got enough When she let me get on top of her With Louis V I honor her She hot enough to break a thermometer How she act got me wanna fuck Tell her something to make her blush We bigger than money and coming up All you gotta know is [Verse 2: B.o.B.] Don't call me a bugaboo But does it trouble, a trouble, a trouble you? You got all that passion trapped deep inside of her Lately it's bubbling up on you You ever get tired of study group? You need to be doing what lovers do Girls don't understand why you don't get a man And I gotta say I'm puzzled too Bring them double D's to the W I guarantee you need another dude It's a possibility we gonna need a new set of sheets In fact we gonna need a new room It's too wet, shoulda brought a rain coat Too deep, shoulda brought a sail boat I'm diving all in it like Cuba Gooding Junior Diving like scuba Don't take it for granted Don't let a compliment go to ya head Cause it's too many things I wanna do to you I have to show you instead Going so hard, going so hard girl we done lost control of the bed She told me don't stop, she told me don't stop Now she done lost control of her legs Good God [Verse 3: T-Pain] Ay Bando ayye Now I know ya wasn't tryin' to leave me out these remix Oh no no you didn't, oh no you didn't I'm [?] show you how we do this G shit Whole [?] I fit it She tryin' to walk, looking like a newborn baby Cause we been doing it constantly She looked at me and asked if I do porn, maybe No it ain't nothing like that I'm just one of them freaky niggas from the south side That a leave a trick with her mouth wide Baby we can do it upside Baby we can do it on the couch side She coming again, I ain't say nothing Ah, this is a win-win situation She been playing hard to get It's obviously I got her strung out She gonna look back at me when I smack that ass I'mma have my tongue out Like hey Baby you know this the best you ever had You ain't too bad Baby keep up with it, keep up with it We go deep up in it, deep up in it You asking me why this bed ain't go no seat belts in it You got this [Verse 4: Brando Jones] Sex you baby I wanna know have you had any good sex lately lately lately lately Have (Sex) have (Have you had it?) Have (Sex) have (Good sex) Have you had it (Sex, have you had it?) Good sex girl (Good sex) oooh [?] baby Baby have you had any good sex lately lately lately (Sex, have you had it? Sex, good sex Sex, have you had it?) All these rain drops dropping on my window

Like You Used To Do

ANITA BAKER "My Everything"
I can smell the scent of fresh cut grass You know it kind of took me back To yesterday when we was young, oh so young I remember we were so scared To even hold each other's hands But still we fell so deep in love When did it start to rain How did things get so strange When did it go astray [Chorus:] 'Cause you don't love or want me Sometimes I think that you don't know me I just ned for you to show me Oh like you used to do Like you used to do You were my Weezy, you were my Boo You was my Thelma, damn I was into you Why can't it be that way again baby You were my Marvin, my Billy Dee Oh baby my, my, my sweet melody Why can't you play that music today I wanna play baby When did it start to rain How did things get so strange When did it go astray Girl you don't want me, need me Girl you don't even try to please me I would if you would squeeze me Like you used to do Like you used to do You don't hear me, you don't feel me Sometimes I think you don't even see me Well girl I would if you believed in me yeah Like you used to do Like you used to do When we gonna do it like we used to When we gonna do it Like you used to do When we gonna do it like we used to do When we gonna do it Tell me when did it start to rain How did things get so strange baby When did it go astray I wanna know when did it start to rain How did things get so strange baby I wanna know, I wanna know [Chorus:] Well you don't hear me, you don't feel me Sometimes I think that you don't see me Well girl I would if you believed in me yeah Like you used to do When we gonna do it like we used to do When we gonna do it Like you used to do When we gonna do it like we used to do When we gonna do it

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