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AMON AMARTH lyrics - The Avenger

Bleed For Ancient Gods

Original and similar lyrics
Making way through blades and spears We attack at dawn The glory scene is near From northern gods we're spawned Defender's fighting spirit crack Torching house of single god We leave land burnt black And bodies floating in blood War to us is holy We sacrifice our blood War to us is holy We bleed for ancient Gods Blasting forth with rage in our war eyes We burn with hate Cut our way through hordes of weak Christian flesh Cast them into death WAR! War to us is holy We sacrifice our blood War to us is holy We bleed for ancient Gods Burn away the false and untrue ones We make them kneel To the only true and powerful Gods And then we kill WAR!

New Eden Embraces

Ancient Ceremony
Nocturnal Hour has come and Moon has risen entering desecrated Ground to practice a Ceremony Sacrifice Ritual Black Blood Unholy Blasphemy Sign of Goat Ancient Gods now arise ! To evoke Gods of Beyond Building a Circle Formation Unholy Sign in Centre As the Dagger of Blasphemy gets the Blood floated out of the sacrificed Sheep Ecstacy has been reached The smell of strange drugs and Arabian Prayers, now create your own Belial to rise yourself godlike by calling the Gates ! Utux xul ia ardata ! Kutulu ia atalakla ! Azagthoth ia kalla ! Ia anu ! Ia Enlil ! Ia Nugi ! Sabaoth !

I'm Alive

HELLOWEEN "Keeper of the Seven Keys Part I"
(Melody Solo Kai) Insania 20 14 We've thrown away our former gods Controlling our day We have created better ones So we control the way We are the ones with the power To hold down the enemy Our gods are perfection And they are protecting our lives We still need some more of them To be safe from the other side As long as we're stronger Nothing will happen to us Fireflash in the night Just an evil dream Holy war in the sky. . . .never Insania 20 16 Error in store 103 We watch the sun at night The pretty gods we've built ourselves Now terminate our lives Silicon brain powered voices Are crying attack tonight In anger, burning our world Doomsday has come And there is no place to hide away The future is over And there is no turning back Fireflash in the night Now reality Holy war in the sky. . . . Chorus Twilight of the gods Insania's dead and gone Another world was born But the twilight soon will come (Solo) (Mike/Harmony both/Kai) Fireflash in the night Now reality Holy war in the sky Chorus

Dragons Of The North

As blood for wolves for riches and lust Onward with hammers to chest Villages burn, burn citys to dust And for fun they tortue the rest Cold, blue steel through a nice day's breast An avalanche of heathnes set sail To show to the world of which men is beast To conquer where others would fail Odin is working to eagerly form A great heathen fist from the north Pray for your life when there's signs of a storm But praying won't help when the dragons com forth Roaming the bow, the berserks, the fierce They know not fear of pain Women and children are swimming in tears While the berserks are going insane Scholared embodies by blood and the mound The clink of sword sound death chord Bearslough and wolfslough are shaking the ground Embraced by might, great northern horde Odin, great warlord, I greed you with hail This new god is weaker of class Grant me thy powers, your secrets unveil And I'll kick this christ right in the ass

Another Dimension

Mactatus "The Complex Bewitchment"
OUT FROM another Dimension I came I saw Jesus playing with the Gods I have seen the world burning - Twice Reality - so far away The new-born son, so long awaited To speak of the Now World FIRE! It gives me a new Desire I crucified myself to be the one With blood and Pain - I was the Holy One With Blasphemy I rise from the Dust And give the Human trust I am the Greatest of all Creatures Master I Am Failured people to trust in me Can't they see what a joke I became? I killed Jesus: I killed Jesus: The Holy One Be my guest on this trip Come with me and share my Throne In the World of the Unknown Be my ripper and drink with the Gods And see the World in Flames See all this stupid Religions And all these Losers All this brings you a Fucking Shame


I summoned up the living dead And the demons in the skies I drank from chalise warm and red And watched the virgined eye Present at ungodly births In holy paradise I spread eternal dark on earth And raped the mother of christ C'mon baby Raise your knife Welcome darling To my sacrifice Tie the angel to the altar Sacrifice to lord in hell Let the warm blood torrent baby Moonlight set the night on spell I saw the lightning strike in the sky And heard your roar in pain I'd lifted the knife and stroke once more Your blood was mixed with rain

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